DoDoMerdas Love the Status Quo.

2017-01-04 19:31:47 | 日記
04/01/2017 (evening) DoDoMerdas love dull life. It means that they like monotonous boresome world.

They are obedient and rely on the atomosphare or power holders' flamboyant discretion, as I mentioned before.
They are likely to attach to their past or old days. They can't endure to new situation, because they don't have capacity to accept the change. Therefore, they are so conservative and not flexible in mind.

Japanese are famous for disliking to do impromptu. They like to prepare repeatedly before the performance.
In other words, they are lacking of capacity to perform without reharsal. For them, every performance is a kind of theater play, after many times of preparation.

Thus, just playing the role is their jobs. They play the role of politicians, of office workers, of public servant, of judges, of congress men, of medical doctors, of versity professors, of students etc. They are not the real ones, but the wooden actors.

I feel fairly spooky when I am in Tokyo. Why they can't do contectual approach, I wonder. Maybe, the reply is, they are just reading a script, written by power holder's pets, without understanding the meaning, because they are too dull to understand it.
They looks marionets combined with pappets, without brain.

When I got to know that versity professors were tremendouslly dull, I felt that as if they were highly rare type of acepharos, which are the oldest in the world in the history of our universe.

Sometimes, I feel that DoDomerdas are zombies. They are already dead. Thus, they can't learn new concept. They love to repeating the rotine, because it's easy. Each time, they do worse. They increase their disability everyday. They deteriorate each time. Even at their 20, they are already suffiently old to be forgetful. I watched many examples of the deterioration in Detention of Tokyo Bay and in Hasegawa hospital, and got terrified with the panishment done by Gods of Justice. Are they suffering from serious brain disease, I wondered, everytime I encountered the coldest scene.

Thus, they can't change their mind, while their feeling changes easily. They looks like broken CD playing machine, repeating the same songs every day. Who win the first prize of the copmetion of CD?

Out-put, only, In-put, no. This is their mode. They would be confused if someone says something different from the script.

Thus, the chairman, that dean, refused the request of explanation done by me, maybe. He presumably trained the role for one month full and couldn't change his lines. He couldn't do more difficult job than timekeeping.

Time should be kept. "Time, stop!, we can't catch up you.", DoDoMerdas shout with their fat waist. Time should be stopped not because of beauty, but because of their incapacity. Goethe would cry due to the miserable fact of Japan.
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