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09/10/2017, Monday, 18:50

When Miyuki encountered with YUKARI at the corredor in the office, Miyuki was attacked by YUKARI physically. So shocked at her audacious violence.

The corredor's width is only 80cm or so, thus, Miyuki tried to pass beside her, however, YUKARI, who popped our from the washing room to the corredor, hit Miyuki to push away, and Miyuki almost fell down, however, could keep her body standing up. Abrupt attacking, and Miyuki really felt that YUKARI couldn't put up her impulse related emotion to attack Miyuki. For her, MIYUKI should refrain from the corredor, on behalf of YUKARI's passing. Queen YUKARI, in front of MIYUKI, as always, and this Queen is so violent and rough.

Jason was made like that. No guy could stop her idol life at all, and she enhanced her only world, where all of others should obey YUKARI. Magic power holder, YUKARI recognizes herself, and others should not break her illusion at all! Thus, IDIOCRACY in Sato Family.

Irritation caused by us, for the Alzheimer snag Queens, thus, we are always in their chasing game. They soon forgets everything, thus, they behave as they like, according to their own so selfish and flamboyant feeling. No standard at all among them, at all!

HARUMI continues to beg forgiveness for us all. HARUMI shows up her feebleness, to gain others' mercy. Miyuki never forgives HARUMI, thus, all ignorance system at all now.

Today, HARUMI yelled toward someone near, "Oh, this sac of the rice is the last one? The next sac of it would be newly harvested one, presumably." and she showed up her pouring rice into the countainer, in front of Miyuki, as if, "Please help me to do this heavy job! I am feeble old lady, you know!"

Miyuki is free from anxiety of this matter. She doesn't eat rice at all now. And Miyuki got upset, hearing that HARUMI is requiring to have the most expensive newly harvested rice, as if it were so natural for her side.

They are big rice eaters, as Monstors in Japanese old tale "米喰い女房", or KOME-KUI-NYOUBOU, and their desire is obliging others to pay for them, bacause it would turn to be useless expenditure.

Along the road, Miyuki found so many advertisements on "Tour de Japan" and no remark on the date. Thus, "Go straight!" or "Turn right!" like sighs here and there for drivers. Confusional, however, for Alzheimer Shirakawans, this is all allowed, according to their childish understanding.

So many advertisements show that they just up them indifferent from the contents, or to make the targetted region to seem like normally functioning. Surperficially, satans think and do, without exeption. Thus, no any intergrity, nor reasonable explanation and the result is ridiculous jokes, which MAGNUM took the pictures.

Ridiculously superficiality only effects among satans. However, even on the surfice of superficiality, at a glance, satanic advertisements are really sbsurd! ridiculously erroneous, they are!!!

HAN-no-KI DAIRA or Alno Hill residents kids, were obliged to use the bridge near RAKAN Mountain, and the bridge itself is a trap. In one side, there is a pedestrian deck, while in another, only so narrow stripe for kids. And the guardrail fo the bridge is horizontal iron bars and the gap between the bars is so wide to prevent kid's slippery dropping from the bridge.

Alno Hill residents were targetted to be killed because their way of living syntonized with old Japanese type workers' life. Farming, in the old style, not mono-culture of rice. For satans, superficial precarious indulged life would be ideal to devastate human skin holders. Trapping point is "We will provide urbanized life with modern houses. How about you? You would earn money from apartment running business, thus, you don't need to work as farmers." Working was disliked by satans. Just faked working is suitable for you. Don't work, in short!, Satans induced the residents.

The residents resisted against the devastation project. Thus, satans attacked them in the most cruel way. Whole in a body, in collective, they explored the hill entirely with heavy duty vehicles, and lit the fire on the old wooden houses. Total devastation was done under the name of accomplishing the project of modernization.

Like this, old Japanese traditional life ended up in every village all over Japan. So called nationalists exgegarated the necessity of maintaining Japanese old culture, however, as a matter of fact, they praised just urbanized DDMic life, not rural beautiful culture, which co-existed with the nature.

Miyuki remembered that the ex-Dean Hirokazu OIKAWA's remark on the flowers. "I hate floweres. I hate nature. I am urban type." Probably, rural value was totally denied by satans, in short.

YUKARI disliked Mountains, saying, "I am afraid of wild plants. Especially, the smell. They are too too wild", and she didn't want to visit the mountains, even thought it is near the house.

HARUMI also contempted farming job, and didn't do any farming activitie at all. Rural type, she dislikes.

Adoration or yawning from "easy, quick, convenience only world" was so strong among them.

Picking weeds symptom, HARUMI showed almost 10 years ago. For 3 hours or more, every day, she passed time in the conrtyard, saying that it was the basic maintainance for the residents of big house.

Picking them with skrew driver or long big nails. So many hours, she passed in the courtyard, thus, Miyuki thought that HARUMI loved garden jobs.

however, not at all, as a result. She just wanted to behave as if she were doing some domestic job. Useless harmful attacking on the nature, she prefered.

This symptom, today, Miyuki caught the scene in YUKOMACHI area. An old Alzheimer male bug was picking weeds in the parking lots, filled with pebbles, in the sitting pussy cat pose.

Why they don't pass time in more productive way? Just fighting against the nature. Easy and quick, and so addictive. Like cosmetic maniacs. Trimming, in short. Estheticians, nailists, also. So indulged way of living, they chose, in short. Anti-productive and smelly, at the same time, superficial value only world's residents, this type are. Counterpart in rural area is weeds picking.

They promoted their way of erradicate the weeds gradually. Chemical attacking was chosen by YUKARI. Soap melted lukewarm water was spilt by her. Terrible smell, we perceived and got chilled, however, for the Alzhemier ladies, no smell at all.

Already when YUKARI was young, at her 20 years old or so declared to others that "I am not good at sense of smelling, you know..." Senseless, in every meaning, this guy is, Miyuki thought at that time.

YUKARI has no plesure of tongue, already. YUKARI was accustomed to eat so many bowls of rice with sesami oil only. Domestic wife, she identified herself, and her habitual eating was like that. For satans, it was enough. No pleasure in their life, and just jealousy only, they have as a trigger of their movement.

YUKARI was so quiet today, after Miyuki's attacking. Heptic mode, as always, however, this morning's violence was beyond the limmit of all of us. She couldn't put up with her impulse to attack MIYUKI. Attacking MIYUKI means killing of her. YUKARI's pleasure is Miyuki's death.

So near, thus, easy to attack, was satanic theory. And HARUMI also. For her, Miyuki is the target of contemption. "Anyway, she is strange, and not good at everything at all. Especially, cleaness. A kind of dumb, this Doctor of law is!" She liked to express Miyuki in public. I am superior to MIYUKI, was what HARUMI wanted to say in public.

And no choice for the twin Alzheimer ladies. Obedience was expressed by HARUMI, while violent attacking by YUKARI. Both were hated by Miyuki's side. Thus, Miyuki triggered another bombs against them. No Man's Land, thus. Quiet morning, Miyuki would meet tomorrow!!!

A bit a bit, the number of birdies is increasing. Bird Protectors are taken from the old houses, where they were put especially to push away from the old houses in Shirakawa.

Miyuki thinks of taking advantage of old abandoned house, wooded type, to live with her plants, especially with pot type. Southern windows are the most important to take the sun shine during winter. On the corredor called ENGAWA, Miyuki would put all the pots, and she would do her DIY works combined with cleaning up job. For her, these old house is enough to live. To cultivate, other spaces, here and there, and patches of vegitables, also, here and there. Berry field is also good for River banks, and she found anotehr Corn Field near Alno Hill. Small patch is enough for her various corn cultivation. Corn Flakes, she was accustomed to eat, yes. With so much milk, yes. She put dried fruits and nuts on it. Original Flakes, she was accustomed to eat in Busy Morning.

Not every day's meal, however, it is good as apperitif in the busy morning. Then, she does quick monitoring job, and then, the real breakfast with more dairy products and meat. Yawning to fresh eggs. No delicious egg at all in Shirakawa. Smelly and old, Miyuki felt when she ate it in these years, in HACHIOJI and in SHIRAKAWA.

Winter protection should be provided by vinil house, probably. Now with blue sheets, however, in the near future, with big transparent type. Gardeners, in short, actually. However, soon, she will turn to be the real farmer. She attacks snails, and now, almost all of snags ended up. Morning is good for Snark Hunting. And for her, burning is amusement, while stomping is not at all. However, necessity. Thus, she stomps them all!!!

Amphetamine was put on the kids to show up their jumping ability in the campus of JA related facilities. Two kids did a pole climing jumping, and the smell of amphetamine was so strong there, and Miyuki chose to eat an apple, walking on the road, quitting the idea to eat it at the table in the JA campus.

The kids are so accustomed to use it when they want to show their ability. Miyuki's coffee's substitute, probably. Up to the limit, Miyuki tried to be a better lecturer, and drank a cup of stronger coffee, before each lecture. And the result? Good, up to end up the effect, and then, anyway, she had to continue the lecture. Not so bad, and she gained so many medals as coffee user. Just two cups of coffee, in short, for her. And not so strong type. Gradually, Miyuki required this habit, and likes her Cafe Au Laite time so much.

Coffee is not inducing point for other addictive products at all. For her, each addictive has its own flavour, thus, some selective guys remain to be used by her. Coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, garlic, and so on. Eatable and drinkable type. Within the limit, she can enjoy her groumet life, without any patience. Why not???

Alex follows this line. Sensitive in every addictive. Thus, Tag chan was left for him. Coffee he tried and got burst in short. In the exact day of the entrance exam, YUKARI put coffee and Alex took and lost almost. Thus, no failure any more.

Unusual attampt was done by YUKARI and HARUMI. Devastating his life project. He would fail, and Miyuki would regret her choice, was their intention to put coffee on meal.

Crazy ladies, up to this point, every guy thought of. And for them, "We did our best for his happiness" only.

Kohei KIGUCHI is so persistent, up to the point. No oral admission at all on thier wrongdoing at all. And they vanished, entirely, all in a body. Good grief.

Show your own hay day, was the theme in Shirawaka, and their hay day was like that. Cruel selfish attackings only world, Miyuki experienced. Neat, their preference was. Not clean, nor hygine. Just all abandonment world, they prefered.

Purification is necessary for taking advantage of their vacancy. Of course, we do it! DIY is rather Miyuki's strongpoint. Primitive, however, it works so much. Only stupid guy could think of type conducts, Miyuki chooses as usual. Easy and quick. No necessary to pay so much. Thus, craftmanship prize, Miyuki gained.

Forever green field for her farming. For forestry, only for shoots, generally speaking, and then, only for selective guys like tropical type and semi-tropical one, she will provide special glass sun rooms in the near future. Precariously, plastic vinil transparent house would be fine, as pragmatic way.

So many pots in the couryard, and KOJIMA, the Pyong Yang Tribe watch them with gaze of envy. Terrible. They behave by impulse, attackers they are! And Miyuki contempted KOJIMA couple as she liked this evening. Thus, they were in rage. And they didn't respond at all against her remarks.

Miyuki said so in Japanese sometimes, however, they didn't respond at all. BUSU-BAKA-BOKE, in refrain, so many times, however, they didn't say anything at all. And KOJIMA family stole, robbed, killed, she said clearly in Japanese. With the name of their daughter's faked life, included. Go to INFERNO, also. However, no response at all from them. Why???

Snags! BUSU! Ugly life! Stealing jobs only! So many times, Miyuki yelled, however, they didn't gaze Miyuki at all. Strange, for Miyuki. No regret at all, it means. Their life was like that.

The extended version of weeds picking, they did in their patches. They stole, in short. KOJIMA didn't work at all, and just they pretened to be farmers. Why they could survive without working was Miyuki's primitive question, and they relied on charity and insurance was the answer.

Miyuki stopped the tap of water, yes. Miyuki predged, thus she did it.

yesterday, Miyuki prepared bath for others, however, only Miyuki and HARUMI used. Today, Clare only. Why Clare didn't prepare bath by herself, and her grand father prepare it for her??

For Miyuki, unusual. However, for Alzheimer twins, Clare should be treated like that???

Any adults should take care of the kids??? They are over 14 years old. Not infants. Alzheimer ladies consider the kids as if they were 5 years old. Too too strange for Miyuki.

For them, always 5 years old, and no chance for them. They wanted to stop their developping process, and they both tried all of the attempts in this line. And they tried to get Miyuki involved in their project. And they were totally refused. Why they adopted this strange project???

Always wanted to be superior to others, in short. And they themselves are entirely inferior to others, at all!!!

Terrible conceptional change they suffered from. For them, always selfish world, and no chance any more. The same class Shirakawans are diceising now. Good grief. Snags, they are!!!

Thus, see you soon, Rightous Brothers, on our blog. So shocking history, Alno Hill had. Old traditional Japan was devastated by cheapish selfish faked modernized satans, in resume.

VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so ugly, dirty, cruel, in short!!! Thus, satans!!!

From Uncle Miyuki with Cyborg 009, with Big Big LOVE!!!

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