YUKARI's End (82)

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20/03/2017 (Monday, Evening)


A big news! An advertisement of Assasin by Funeral Ceremony Company called AOKI in Shirakawa!!!

 They says, "One month earlier reservation with a disscount! For whom have old parents! "

  Disscount of the killing by professionals of homicide for the old parents!!! Incredible!

  The proof is here!!!!

  The children make a reservation of professional assasins for their dearest old parents. The Funeral Company is deeply related with the Major called Kazuo SUZUKI.

  For them, killing people is too too natural until to make a commercial for it, so obviously!!!!

  I have already informed that AOKI holds the ceremony for Mass Suicides earlier, and sent photos. Now, the company itself revealed their evil nature!!! Too too inhuman and incredible to see it!!!

  The company is proud of the killing reservation!!!

  Thus, mass reduction of population in Shirakawa happened. The major ran the evil company and forced the citizen to be killed or to offer its substitute. And If refused it, he or she was killed by the squad.

  They system was adopted by HACHIOJI also. Here and there all arround JAPAN. Do you believe it????!!!

  The major just wanted to earn money for the dirty job. Most of the citizens were killed by the sistem for 3 years.

  NHK, Nihhon Housou Kyoukai or BBC counterpart in Japan, helped the company by broadcasting the system on TV. Japan adopted the system.

  Do you believe the fact??? Incredible, however it is true now. With the advertizement, they all failed. How inhuman???? And they did it, as they like.

  Thus, new tumbs in Rakan Yama Cemetary are there. Only within 3 years, a really " mount full of new cemeteries" have been established.

  Why in these 3 years??? In 2013, what happened? Why they wanted to die and to be killed and to kill so much?  A suicide inducing program, they adopted, probably.

  His schedule of this year. Only compliments in event. Funeral Ceremony presentator like job!

  Only stupid can put up with it type.

  His predisecor ex-major NARUI was a killer doctor and now actual major SUZIKI is a funeral producer. Too too sinnistrous!!! The end of the world type. The finishing job of the world end. However, only the end for DDMs. They should not get us, common people, involved in their suicide at all!!!

  We are the victims of their self disposal. They should vanish, yes. However, their own problem. We are free from the matter. In my family, only YUKARI is a DDM. Thus, she should be punished and we are indifferent from her conducts at all!!!

  She participated in DDMic army, namely, just called to AOKI to make a reservation of me, probably.

  However, I am not DDM. Thus, I am not a Shirakawa resident. Thus, AOKI called to take advantage of my versity KYORIN. And the versity did the dirty job. And I didn't vanish, because I am a human being, and I was forced to be hoslitalized in the versity hospital.

  YUKARI called to it, because she hated me and wanted to get money from my deposit. And did it. Easy and quick, like a kind of trash collectiong call. "Please make a reservation of my sister's death. She is too too evil for me. " And she paid previously to the funeral squad from her money, given by me. Too too ironical. And she was totally satisfied with her job.

  Thus, I was caught by Kyorin university. At that time, here the funeral ceremony was in a fashion. Major SUZUKI did it as he liked and failed. Now, only his substitutes. Only compliments type, thus, the substitutes also this type.

  DDMic Funeral Producer is the same as their Wedding Producer. Eros and Tanatus again. They did their job as soon as possible. And Adachi failed. He was caught as a DDM and got to know that he was a human being. And they did their job again. Terrible. However, for them, too too natural. Until to die, indifferent from if they were DDM or not. Too too egoistic, and against their agreement. However, they did it.

  Miyuki got fainted deeply and lost all of her memory of 6 hours at all. Black fade out, they called. Miyuki faited as soon as possible, and when I got up, I was in a bed, with a strange Japanese pajama, second handed, in pink, and soon a 4 doctors came to see me.

  Why they came as soon as I awoke? Because they were DDMs. Only a sympathy enough type. Illogical and irrational. Thus, they failed. They played the role of medical doctors, however, too too stupid to play the role. No letters should be written. This is their rule. However, they wrote. They thought that it would be nice to copy the sign of others. Forgery, we said. However, they did as they liked.

  Fainted. It means unconscious. During this moment, DDMs could utilize the skin bag. Only several times, they thought. And they did for all her life, because YUKARI failed and promissed to sell her skin bag.

  Yuri KIMURA also did the contract, when she was in 11 years old. She wanted to commit suicide, if she couldn't pass the entering exam to Feliz junior high school. And she sold her skin bag.

  DDMs like to use these long life type. It is too easy to use in common. Thus, several DDMs used them in turn. Thus, each time, different BELL aliens. YUKARI wanted to know if Miyuki really had died or not. Thus, Miyuki is alive, and you, YUKARI, the skin bag, are dead!!!! BUSU!!!!! Ha-Ha-Ha-Harman!!!!

  Thus, the end. She did call to the company. She was dangerous, they wispered. And Miyuki with ADACHI didn't believe that human beings could do it. Miyuki was too too ignorant to know the fact.

  Even in Latin American countried, Costa Rica failed. Anglo-Saxson only version, it would be. And a bit of Latin flavour. And Miyuki was too too cute to do so. Oooops! I did it! And the silent night.

  Oh, thus, the capital city was so silent? I didn't know it. Miyuki was caught by them, they thought. And Miyuki felt strange, something happened in her mind. Animals love me! 

  I hated to study environmental law, because the subject was too too DDMic. However, welcomed by animals, I decided to study it and establish the newly created real environmental law by the supporters' opinion. Miyuki was so right to know that OKINO would understand the change. And informants here and there. YUKARI was one of them. And now, Miyuki did speak in public that the tumbs were newly built and asked why.

  And the end. Common people don't want to succeed the property and money from their successors. They DDMs didn't understand the system. And Joe did. "廃嫡” or HAICHAKU they call it. An abandonment of the right of succession. Miyuki was too cute to say, "the name is not pretty, however, materially, I am in favour of not succession. I like to be financially independed from my family. I am proud of living by my own income. Of course, I need to ask sometimes to help to others. However, I am ready to help others also. I want to do my job as I want and for the people. " Thus, not succession system type.

  And Miyuki would know that the system needed to sign of all of the people in the world. And only two refuse to do so. Miyuki and Joe!!! Oh, you too?!!!

  They are cousins and too kins. And not so good for managing everything. 不器用 or not good at all type, we said. And too too logical and rational type. Thus, the fenomena are too too strange and started to observe them. And found that ULTRA Q is now the real one. Oh, you too?!!!

  Only one kinky figure could understand the system. However, all the rest understood the system at all???!!! Some scholars would doubt at the point. However, in concrete case, they were chikens at all.

  Joe and Miyuki were totally contrary. Miyuki thought that in theory, succession should not be adopted. However, the status quo weighs a lot. Thus, it would be difficult fo abandon it. However, as myself, I dislike to gain money from my family's pocket.

  Joe is the same type. He is also chicken and too modest to say "I abandon your money." Because, his parents are poor in fugures.

  Joe thought, just in the name. The abandoned son...not cool one. However better than to espect their parents' death.

  Oh, thus, the declaration of 廃嫡 by Miyuki's father. Miyuki agreed. However, he didn't require my sign. I thought that he required it because of my establishing of new public register.

  However, Miyuki said dilectry to her parents, I don't want to succeed in your money, at all. Because I am rich and you are poor.

  Thus, Miyuki got a prize of honesty. She is too too honest to say so. And she know, financially, after her harsh working at Kyorin versity for 14 years, she got rich in figures. And this DDMic world figures weighs a lot. And Miyuki abandoned the right. Yes, I don't want to have it at all.

  Thus, they escaped from the death squad. And YUKARI was the suspect to call to AOKI. She denied because she is an Alzheimer patient. Just it. She forgot. They tried to recall her memory. However, she couldn't. Ignorant, they thought. However, Miyuki was too too right to warn that YUKARI is so violent, recalling her violent activities. YUKARI thraw the chair, a heavy one to Miyuki. Miyuki was safe, however, got to know, YUKARI is too too violent. And the door got a square hole. Alex confirmed it and got thrilled. Gee, YUKARI is really a violent character like a film protagonist!!! A thriller!!!

  And Alex got to know that YUKARI forgot almost all of things easily and said, "You should remember it, because I will forget it, I am sure." And her recognitive dissability was reviealed. HARUSAN tried a lot to save her memories, however, she gave up finally. A big punch from Miyuki. YUKARI is nothing for me. I just ignore her. I paid her to separate as far as possible. Even she provocated, Miyuki kept silent. Because that Miyuki wanted to be away from her. And they learned that she was not only a free rider and was really evil to them. All family like you, Miyuki. Miyuki is good to be a bad guy, however, she knows the rule. Just a kindness is enough type. Thus, no affectionate to YUKARI. We should be. We are responsible for our kind world. Thus, we should praise Miyuki's behave conducts. We are already in the new world. However, we couldn't start the new adequate job. Thus, Miyuki tried to work as much as possible.

  Too too tricky they projected. The new manual for the newly entering kids like Alex. And Miyuki was invited to participate in the explanation schedule. Alex said so and I should go with him.

  Not at all. they wanted to do their job within March. And they failed. The last project for the attempt of assasin. Another? Alzheimer, again. And got to know, the new world is always near type person took advantage of it. Provisional measures, they said. And did the dirtiest jobs in the world. Feneral Ceremony is not so humanistic. Just "Meus Pesames" type, spooky job. However, in Japan, the movie "TOMURAI-BITO" got a success. The serious scenes of the discription of the diceased family. There is no description of killing job at all, probably. Miyuki did't want to watch the movie at all!!! Spooky. Emotional type, is not my favour. Not for me type spooky film. Thus,  I ignored it. 

  A girl of Kyorin Versity got a job in a funeral ceremony company, impressed by the film. OK, her choice. At least, I know the name of the film and the hero was played by Masahiro MOTOKI.

  Miyuki liked his versity sumou wrestling club forcused film. And disliked tha nationalistic description on American club member's choice to take off the sports short and to put on diaper like traditional clothing only. Japanese members should immitate American's rational opinion, instead, Miyuki thought.

  Strange. In Japan, majority should win, DDMs believe and do as they like. Totalitarians. Kaos, should be.

  And now, the real KAOS. Only car runaway is allowed by them. Because they should appreciate the difficulties of homeless and jobless, latent included.

  And YUKARI did get to know that she is the real Alzheimer patient at all, at least. Thus, she surrendered. She resisted and resisted and asked her mother not to say it to Miyuki. Miyuki got to recognize it without any remark on it. Naturally and no other explanation at all type clarity. Thus, they decided to exclude her from our family. Too too dangerous for us to live with her. Sometimes, with impulse, she goes to do the dirty work. We couldn't put up with her kinkiness and dirtiness. Miyuki saved Clare's precious art work for her dearest grand father. Why YUKARI put it beside the muck plastic mug? The same shape. Probably, she made a mistake and confused them each other. Thus, Miyuki thought that Clare would feel sorry if YUKARI did the dirty work with the special mug. She did it once and washed and returned, saying, "I made a mistake and put a dog muck in your mug, my father!"

  too too cruel and thus, the work was put at the table saparatedly. And now, she did it again. Miyuki should agree that YUKARI was too too dirty and ugly. And she is out of tune, totally crazy.

  And now, she should leave. Too too dirtiest things in her chamber. And she conceased her precious things. In her mind. And she didn't want to lose it. Oh, she disposed others' precious things, and now, she didn't want to separate from them????

  Too too upset. Agony. She is a kind of failed skin bag. And now, a junky. Too too audacious to write on a paper. Yukari got upset. And she wanted ...No, no, no!!! She can't want any. "no will" figure. She should be punished to say, "I want" or "I would like to" like some requirement. Time consuming torture for us.

  Intentionally got dull type. To fake her idioticy. The reality. She just fake it as it were faking job. She was dull at all.

  Thus, she got to know that she is really an Alzheimer patient. And IZUMI-san liked her 大明神 expression by Miyuki and MAKIKO. In case of emergeny, ask her. She is for the object, like, a reliable type for kids and for parents. Thus, useful!!!! Not so abusing meaning. However, if IZUMI-san says, "OK, I will go with you!" means that the two kinkie girls are under her controle. Thus, not so dangerous for us all. This is the common interpretation of their relationship.

  And now, School of Medical Care in the middle of the town, inside a distinctive building of ex-ITO YOKADO, a kind of a department in the town. HARUsan worked in the building at the department of gentlmen's clothings. And she liked the job. Only US$5.6 thousand per year, she earned. However, she was satisfied with working with her colleagues and spent much of them for her own clothings bought in the same building.

  A kind of consumptious inclination, Miyuki knew. Some substitute of other desire. However, up to  a certain meaning, the habit is not so bad. Sometimes it works as a stimulative tool for amuing the life.

  However, she used her own money and not others. She had a right to buy something as he liked. Just it. I didn't criticise her because of her modest comtemptious behaviour at all. good. Not my type, however, you like it.OK, your choice type.

  Miyuki was too too cool to deal with YUKARI's problem. Only abandonment. Not a lynch nor punishment. She chose it and we do it. She abandoned her life and now the result she should suffer.

  She is good in some days, bad in other days. It was their explanation. Not at all. Just svasion. They are DDMic friends of hers. And they failed altogether. They were crazy to imitate her life. DDMis sympaty effected a lot. And now, they did the dirty job. DDMic family concealed the fact type. They didn't want to reveal the dirty job and SUZUKI confirmed that your wrongdoing were not be revealed at all, and gained the supporters at all.

  Miyuki should know that Miyuki is too too right to do so in some thing. Not at all. Sometimes failed. And now, Miyuki's trial. If Your kind mother did the dirty job, it would be punished? Killing humanbeings?  She would be handed in Gods of Justice. Any family, and I, also. Evenness is equality of law. We should be punished by our wrongdoing. We are protected by Gods of Justice and Gods of the universe, because of being not doing wrong to others in this world.

  Thus, YUKARI should be punished because of her wrongdoing. She forgot. Thus, we should investigate her call by tracing the phone record and check it. After the confirmation, she would be executed immediately.

  Only her spontaneous forgetful symptom will not excuse her from her sin. Spontaneous, is one point, and when she did, she was too too inmoral to chose it.

  I was haterid of her, however, any family could be her object, because of her eager flamboyant sense or impulse. Why me? Because of inferiority complex, money I have, "I can do, thus I am allowed to do so" like easiy thinking. Not reliable and dangerous. We can't establish any good relationship with even other family members. Always, "he should steal my notes" type suspicion, caused by her. And always she is arrogant. She oppresses us to get away from her sight. She should get away from us. We, don't do that.

  She was too too clever to conceal the fact??? The Shirakawa's falling. DDMs all. And also now. And the invitation from DDMs again. And they wanted to try the same evil trick again. And with enhanced mode. Terrible. And Gods of Justice are really in rage. They should pay more attention to Alex's behaviour at all???  Alex was in the crisis, however, he decided to live better. He did a good job. He is only 15. If I were he, I wouldn't be sure that I could do behave so collectly like them, Alex and Clare.

  Miyuki would get to know that the situation was too too evil in every place in the world. Adachi triggered the pistol. They should obey, now I type. And KITAMURA failed. Miyuki felt that "Kyoto High School pupil" is Kitamura and he probably was jealous to Adachi. Miyuki imagined that Adachi said some prohibitted remark on him, and he asked the squad and Adachi was caught.

  Adachi didn't know which one he offended KITAMURA's feeling, and probably, KITAMURA either!!!

  Thus, Todai TOHOHOs failed. Why and which one, they didn't know. I tried to dig them out as much as possible.

  In FUKUDA's case, perhaps that his pointing "You can't read Latin, can you?" is the killer word. Thus, FUKUDA was too too happy at least with Miyuki's understanding the situation. Roman Law professor didn't know Latin language at all. Alzheimer anyway. And the squad came to kill him. and he was said, "heart breaking" or "suicide by hanging" or "being killed". The rumour inclination society, they lived. The habitual forgetfulness here and there. Strange spooky mood.

  Some contract expiring time was the year 2013. And it should be revealed by tracing the DDMic discriptions. They wanted to erase the history. However, they should be punished by this contemtion on history.

  And probably the Contract between ABE and Moon Seng Ming. I found it in the Hachioji PC set in a department of municipality. The last resort, they called it. And the condition. If they give a damage to others, common people, different from you, you should vanish.

  And DDMs played the dirty work to conceal the fact. Already the condition was done. however, they betrayed. And failed and betrayed and failed and betraid and  ∞.

  This is the last stage. Many DDMs wanted to rule the world and failed and betraied and failed and betreaye and ∞.

  Never ending story like DDMic my sister YUKARI. And the last stage they want to repeal. The remark "You did good job. Now, we are expecting the new series" type cruel expression. Insencerity total. And they failed. They should vanish now. They should vanish immediately.

  Wandering cars and lots of cleaning machines spots here and there? Why? They are nothing. Why they need washing? YUKARI did a good job at this point. Just faking washing at all. And explained I ommited to put the powder in the machine. Just it. Why not? We should be eco-conscious anyway.

  Scolding was her haterid. And now, she called again. She should know that she took a power to suggest that Miyuki was too evil to get absent to the school graduation ceremony. And HARUSAN got upset easily. She wanted to get Miyuki away from her house and got dissapointed. Why? She got cool down. And said. Miyuki is different from me. She was too too cool to say so and I am not. I should be obliged to persuade her to be obedient to me, and failed. Thus, you should teach her that Miyuki is the only one parent of her kids.?????

  Miyuki is not able to understand the feeling of an extreme protectionist. And Alex can. Thus, Alex is good to accompany with her. Alex is good to manage people anyway. He liked to talk with others, of course, at the distance from the danger.

  Sometimes, they tried to touch him, and he thought that they were sexual abusers. And said to his teacher responsible. And he said, "Use condom". It's enough. he is lack of recognition on the bady liquid at all! Oyaji is always like that!!! Miyuki was right that OOKOSHI did his job, anyway. I don't know the reason, however, he did as I asked. Thus, I am satisfied with his job and thanked to him.


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