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Hi, Rightous Brothers!

This morning, M got shocked at the scene of the south courtyard of Yaoya-cho house. The two pyramids and the steel frame complex were all attacked, and the taps and the shelf were fallen in the earth. Devastation was done by some Nimrods in rage.

Since early morning, today it was so wendy. However, Miyuki found a proof of the artificial wrongdoings, on the courtyard. The vinil sac, big one, which was put into Miyuki's complex's drawal by Harumi against Miyuki's will, was put on the floor mat with a big heavy stone. Nimrods' work, it means, and Harumi was the team leader of Miyuki pushing away project from YAOYA-cho house.

HARUMI said last spring that she paid US$1.2 thousand for AKIYAMA stone shop to curve the letters on the tumb stone. How expesive!, Miyuki got shocked, however, according to HARUMI, at least, AKIYAMA didn't make a mistake to do so, thus, it was enough for Harumi's side.

This morning, Miyuki checked the stone tumb at CHOUJUIN temple, and she found that the descriptions are all the proof of shames in Sato Family. Meiji, Taisho and Showa were confused. The relationship of the brothers were erroneous. The age of the death was expressed wrongly, and so on. Whole tumb stone means that AKIYAMA is ilegible, and ALZHEIMER mason.

Alex and Clare were also got shocked at how the old guys were forgetful and arrogant and erroneous. Dangerous, they both categorized, and ran away, as much as possible.

They were attacked on the exact day of the new year holiday, and could escape, anyway, to their team mates' house, per each. Miyuki could survive also, anyway, despite of the extreme coldness.

And now, new fact was revealed. Much more shocking. Kouichi YOSHIDA, rather, teachers' league in Shirakawa tried to kill Miyuki in 1976, when she was in the 6th grade of Primary School Shirakawa III.

Kouichi YOSHIDA called SQUAD to kill her, however, she went back from school, rather earlier than their calculation. Miyuki was declared to quit the school, by YOSHIDA, one afternoon, and she was called to the class room to be contempted by the old satan YOSHIDA, however, Miyuki dashed into the toilet, because she didn't want to show her crying face at all, and after crying, she went back to her house, with her friends, MAKIKO and IZUMI-san, accusing how this old satan did to the closest friends, and Miyuki regained the power, and ate well, as usual, and slept well, also as usual, and then, the next morning, she got up normally, and went to school, as usual.

Straange to say, in the toilet, there were Masato SEKINE and Akemi KITAZAWA. Both Testacles' Pet type, however, not so cruel type, also. Why, only they were there, exactly, when Miyuki dashed into it?

Now, Miyuki found the correct answer. They were oredered to wait Miyuki to be monitors of her contemptious death. Death in the mack ditch, YOSHIDA wanted regarding Miyuki, thus, the squad should have come to the toilet so soon, after YOSHIDA's order.

The two testacles pets waited for several ten minutes, however, the squad didn't come, thus, they gave up and came back to their home, per each.

YOSHIDA ordered to kill Miyuki, on the exact day, however, Miyuki is protected by us all, as always. She also ordered to kill him to us, Rightous Brothers, and it effected, grdually.

Miyuki remembered that in the deep autumn, Miyuki ordered it to us, Rightous Brothers, on one Saturday, soon after KATSUMI's salometil case. So shocking, the case was for her. Unforgetful, ever!!!

Anyway, Miyuki did special ritual to kill _YOSHIDA, evilest satan, in her world.

Already, he was old and his leg was not functional at all, namely, amirodosis sticking, he suffered from, yes.

Gradually, the mentally illed satan got cruel and explosive, thus, he triggered to kill Miyuki, and the other teachers agreed her death, immediately.

However, Miyuki didn't know the existance of the league of the Nimrods parents. Miyuki was sacrificed already, and was sold already for satanic side, by way of her own families.

However, our protection was so stronger than Nimrods' attacking, and Nimrods were so stupid, and they made a fatal mistake in the assasin process. They took the order from YOSHIDA on the contrary, namely, YOSHIDA was taken as "The adressed" and Miyuki, as "The adressee". Thus, the confusion happened, so many among Nimrods side.

For Miyuki, all satans should be killed, completely, of course, however, for Nimrods, at least, her own families should survive, according to their so selfish understanding.

Thus, Nimrods wrongly chose the last one. HARUMI, her real mother, Nimrods chose as the last one. Persistant attacker, she is yes, however, she is totally skewed mentally, and forgetful anyway. Thus, all of erroneous situations happened at the past, regarding Harumi's life.

Dangerous mother, Harumi is. And she hates Miyuki, so much, and she believes that she is superior to Miyuki, perfectly.

Thus, so many confusional evasions, here and there, done by HARUMI, and Miyuki suffered a lot because of this forgetful erroneous mother.

Yes, Miyuki escaped the death, in 1976, however, Harumi wanted to attack on Miyuki, as much as possible. Thus, she ordered another tumb for Miyuki's only, taking advantage of the lack of the writing space on the old tumb, and she tried to do her best, thus, so erroneous letters on the tumb, and the kins criticised her so much. Terrible misunderstanding on Sato family's history, and HARUMI faked as if the errors were done by others. Thus, she ordered to bring salty sarmon once per year, under the names of some old ladies, saying, "These old ladies thank so much to be allowed to be beried in the same semetery of Sato Family. They are the descendents of Kintarou SATO, Miyuki's grand father. Sermons were the gift for it."

Miyuki believed the strange story, because no reason to complicate the fact.

for us, Miyuki's attitude is so common, however, the fact was totally different. Sato family whole wanted Miyuki's death so early, from the begining. Thus, they didn't want to show their faces correctly in front of Miyuki.

Miyuki remembered that in 1968, in the day of preparing for the new year, Sato family, enhanced version, held a Mochi, or Japanese sticky rice ball, making festival. There were so many kids, with the same age of Miyuki, almost.

Miyuki enjoyed the festival, however, in the end, she got nausia, when she ate sticky rice ball with sweet red beans, drinking MISO soup. The problem of conbination of the two different products, Miyuki understood. However, not at all. Miyuki suffered less, and other kids did worse.

Thus, Miyuki did know only Yuuji KOISO, as cousin. There were so many cousines, at that moment. Miyuki's vague memory on the amusing events worked so much! Miyuki remembered us, they yelled. Miyuki liked so much to play with them. In May and in December, in taditional festivities, they were killed by adults!!!

Always, with amature made sticky rice balls, Miyuki gained nausia and headache. Spontaneously, they put the powder, or poison, when they watched the products. Miyuki didn't know who the kids were. So many, Miyuki thought, however, in primary school, except KOISO, Miyuki didn't encounter with any of them.

They were adopted kids, and they were cheerful guys. So many kids, with the same age of her own one. Where are they? Who were they? Miyuki got in wonder. YUI, Miyuki thought. Rural tradition, and in every place in Japan, in the exact day of festivities, they were killed easily.

Miyuki didn't know how evil and rough, the rural Nimrod satans were. And now, no choice at all. Just for gaining money, they killed others, so easily. Alzheimer village, Miyuki categorized Shirakawa, and this is the averege scene of Japan.

Only for so stupid dumb could survive type village, Shirakawa was. Thus, Yukari survived on behalf of it. While Miyuki, according to Nimrods, probably, the same. However, Miyuki does know well that so many Rightous Brothers supported her, in every moment.

Revenge, Miyuki pledged. Thus, Miyuki does the actual fact finding series, or, shame collection to memorize satanic wrongdoings.

Sayo was killed, probably. And she was not Miyuki's grand mother. She was grand aunt, and when she was killed, any guy confessed at all yet.

Norio, was her husband, and he was killed also in 1945, in the 1 of June, soon before the end of the WWII. Only 31 years old. However, Miyuki was told another story by Harumi.

He died at 19 years old or so, in some South Asian country. The lowest ranking soldier, Miyuki thought, however, NORIO was expressed as a team leader of a squad, or HEI-CHOU, or 兵長, thus, not unintentional solder. Professional solder, he was.

Probably, ONOZAKI house was their house, and ONOZAKI attacked SAYO and killed her, and left her in some place. They were so rough, and Sato family kept the secret at all, because they were also black entirely.

Among them, killing each other, and robbing from the targetted guy were so common at all. Miyuki didn't know the system at all, and Miyuki's parents also contracted to kill Miyuki up to her 55 years old's birthday.

For them, Miyuki is over 50, thus, no value at all, and YUKARI, so young, only with 48 years old, thus, she should live, more, of course.

Thus, Yukari ordered to kill Miyuki, instead of Yukari herself. Yukari gained so much debt because of her consecutive errors, and she lost US$30 thousand, given by Miyuki, as the "disconection, for ever" money, without knowing. Thus, Yukari is in rage, and she ordered the parents to erase Miyuki perfectly from their society, including the history of Miyuki's career.

Thus, the parents came to attack her on the day 8th of Feburary, this year, at 7:00 in the morning, as Morning Raid.

Thus, the end of their deciesing process. So prolonged, and so shameful life, they chose. And they were just averege guys in Shirakawa and in Japan. Rural life is like that. Miyuki understood now, so easily.

Their rage caused the strong wind this early morning. They tried to adopt Neighbour Self Defense system, and got trapped and lost their vehicle, the red car. Alex wanted to drive it, however, Nimrods stole it, thus, he claimed, however, his grand father didn't take it seriously. "You should keep the stealing job, or, you would be damaged by others, OK, Alex?", Koji, Alex's grand father said.

Miyuki's way is so quick and efficient. Miyuki found the wrongdoers, and informed their wrongdoings, as soon as possible, for us, Rightous Brothers. Protectors, they are. And we all participate in the job, in turn.

Thus, mutuality works so much. They tried to trap Miyuki so many times, and they themselved were trapped by thier own trap. Cinderella's mother in law was punished by her own declaration of the punishment. the same happened, in the end.

We should support each other, the wrongdoers did say to Alex and Clex, one year before last year. And they didn't support at all, and stole the money as much as possible. Thus, they lost reliance, forever!!!

Old guys only world, Shirakawa was. No future at all, just like Florida, attacked by Haricanes.

For us all, good place to live, and the problem is just haricane attacking only. Brilliant sunshine, blue sky, beach with white sand, warm nice climate, and so on. Paradise like Hawaii. Why OMANKO journalism reported the nasty disasters' marking so much? Charity begging society, Florida turned!!!

In every place in the world, it happened, and Miyuki did know well now.

SAYO was replaced by ONOZAKI-san, and Sato family kept the case in secret. We would be killed like that, any Rightous Brothers felt it.

It worked so much. Nimrods channged the history, thus, culture blind world, they realized. Terrible torture for us, intellectual type. Thus, go ahead, Miyuki! You should gain much more rewards from both sides!!!

We should purify the nasty region called Shirakawa! Be responsible, as much as possible! Kill Nimrods, all together!!!

VANISH! DDMs! Ugly bitches! You are so stupid erotic satans!!!

Thus, Continue to be Miyuki's Valentines, all Rightous Brothers, as always! Miyuki will provide you delicious sweets, of course!!!

Bye for now, and see you soon!

From Miyuki and her enhanced team mates called TEN or The Perfect!, with Big Big LOVE!!!!
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