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 Miyuki made some misakes to cook her delicious dishes. She is forgetful. She left the office to pick up the tray without bring any food from the fredge. In the kichen she got to notice it, and came back to pick the all of the foods needed to the cooking. Now, we should decide the menu before leaving the office, Miyuki should be more quicker minded, anyway.

  Now early summer is comming soon. Thus, foods are easily getting rotten. Thus, we need to take care of it. She really learned from her own experiences.

  And memory? They should be refreshed yes. Rotten means useless. Thus, we should try to remember proper names as much as possible. However, we have limit yes. Thus collective memories are meanful for this case.

  Miyuki was lonely today during in her nasty chased kids' situation. She was walking toward UMAMACHI or Hourses block from the river side. And found the coincidence of the combination of the disaster of her ex-mate, deciesed one, cycling boy, she calls him as usual. They induced him into the ditch, Miyuki got upset and nasty to know the fact. For them, as usual like thing, the disaster was, probably.

  The road has no pedestrian deck at all, instead, the tap of the diches chained incessently until the last part, only 1.5m from the end of the road. At the exact site, the guardrail starts, and no tap ditch also. They did know the way to induce cycling boys into the ditch.

  And more accute proof of the case of today. In front of the non tap ditch, there is a house with two cycles, and onw of them are the fatal type. Bar stand only type. They looked nice, yes. Many boys did know the sansation. Stylish, anyway. And the disaster. After it, even now, this type is sold yes, she did know when she made a short trip arround South Lake.

  However, she got nervous, the conbination of the inducing system and the cycle, really makes kids' families at the bottom of the inferno. They loved the cycling, thus, the parents did buy for them, not knowing the fact, and the public servants, probably in the same age of the parents, induced them to be killed. Jealous servants, they were, probably. Skewed so much sexually. IKKYO believers, at that time. They could not have any kids at all, because they pledged absolute loyality to their bosses, and cut their penis, in the metaphoric meanings. They should not have any kids forever, they were fated for it, they declared. Thus, they tried to kill Miyuki's family again and again.

  At first, the parents didn't know it. And then, the parents turned to be IKKYO believers. Then, the reproduction of the disaster, here and there. Unhappiness was required under the idiocracy.

  Oh, my family is, yes. Everyday, we suffer lots because of IKKYO believer inside the family. For them, praying  unhappiness on others are natural course. They can't stop it, anyway. Thus, from outside, they should know it, others really do so.

  however, in Miyuki's case, Miyuki is free from this type of worry at all. Oh, no alternative except my formula. Total vanishing is the best solutuion for us all. Why not?

  For them, no explanation is needed. Just do it type they are. They should be obedient to their boss, was the past. Now, just lies, accumulated, and everyday, they challenge in different way. Threatning is needed, they thought, and Miyuki was really good to perceive that YUKARI is not free from her own tasks at all, thus she continues to exist even now. Only one situation, she wants. And she is just only one now. Thus, her dream came true. Thus, she should vanish now!!!

  They are already dead in body and soul, thus they could do it, without any strange feeling at all. Resistance against any authority, we need. Without it, we continue under the control of all idiots IKKYO believers.

  They are so idiots. All Alzheimer patients constructed an army, probably. Thus, the most kinkiest idiot is their leader. Their IQ is LESS THAN ZERO type. They were majority, yes, however, now minority, yes. however, they act in collectiveness, thus, we should resist against them in collect, of course. Thus, they cut our communication system, by their own will. Intentionally, and under the evilest intention or jealousy, they did cut our communication, because they are LESS ZAN ZERO, or MUCK, namely.

  Harmful, in anyway. For us, the facts are revealed already, however, they just deny the facts. Thus, we proved them, instead of the brainless IKKYO believers. Thus we should awake from the fakedly informed situation.

  Even after the recognition, some figures chose to die with their adorable IKKYO believers. They are semi-IKKYO believers, IKKYO kids included.

  And now, Miyuki is a bit sleepy. Full of stomach sytuation, and she wants to sleep well yes.

  She brushed up her brilliant teeth for her clean image. And she is not sleeping now.

   And she found that IKKYO believers were delivered by Ministry of Land and Transportation. The system is called Activating the used building policy. Thus, they did their financial stero-typical wrongdoings in the last period of the calender.

  The faked public servant type of yesterday handed the guidebook to the each family in this block probably. And the Ministry did inducing jobs as their tradicional skills. Thus, they could construct Trick Art Museums here and there in Japan.

  They are maniacs, also, and likes railways, especially. and they like Emmanuel Sex yes. Moving is the best way to substitute their oppressed desire.

  They should pledge their intellectual dishonesty to the minister. For the ministry, just a trash they are. however, for them all, precious golden eggs. They could vote, anyway. Thus, transportation was their common use of the above time consuming repeated wrongdoings.

  Even under the IDIOCRACY, March was famous for their wrongdoings. unnecessarily they came and did the construction jobs along the roads. Why they could live was our common question. They were feeded by the ministry. Thus, they could do wrong in the extremist mode. They are also junky, addicted type, yes. And moved easily from somewhere to other places.

  Like swallows, they wanted to be called by us, and Miyuki disliked them because of their immoral life. Oh, YASHI or 香具師 they were called. Faked families, they had yes. and they provided their own kids to treat their superiors and themselves, yes.

  Thus, YASHI lost their skill so much. Miyuki got upset, watching they forgot to move swiftly. And their way of working seemed so reluctant.

  "Sweet and dangerous flavour, oooooo...." ♫🎶 by Kenji SAWADA.

   He once forgot a frase in the annual singing competition party called 紅白歌合戦 or Fight between Red team and White one by singers.

   Then he were provisionally retired from his profission. Just a frase, sometimes got a reason of being killed. Just a mistake type cause of killing is here and there all over Japan. Why? Because they failed. Just it, and thus all of IKKYO believers should retire from their lives, all in one, at once.

   For them, reading is prohibitted. Just a reading is allowed. Why? Because they were made to do other things. Reading is another IKKYO believer's job. They can't criticise each other, and they should be hugged by their family in any moment, according to their believer's instruction.

  IKKYO believers could not reat nor write, was a good discovery by M&A. They just artificially colabolated photos, files on PC.

  Now, Miyuki is really sleepy. We have to take a sleep well. Sorry for stopping the jobs.

  We are studying how swiftly she could adopt the new system, they both explained to others. And others explained the situation. And they didn't understand at all. And them, any explanation is sufficient to believe that they are not IKKYO believers. Just a slight faking is the source of popularity anyway.

  VANISH! DDMs!!! You are too ugly!!!

  See you next morning. Good bye, Good by, Chao-Chao!!!

  From Quartet MARC, with a big LOVE!!!

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