Ants Tribe, including Ants eating Spiders, are the last ADIVA Nimrods!!! Discovery!!!

2018-06-25 16:38:26 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Our Team are progressing every day! Miyuki did SUPERB jobs so much! She gained so many reward from our side!!!

Yesterday, she discovered that ANTS TRIBE, including ANTS EATING SPIDERS, are the real final Dirtiest & Ugliest existance in our peaceful world.

Ants are IKKYO believers, while A.E.Spiders, Micchiku, in short.

They co-exist, astonishingly. Some of selective ants turn to be A.E.Spiders, thus, the spiders are just waiting for the death of the ants, under the soil.

Ants themselves like to bet their whole life, thus, they are so obedient to the stupidest spiders. The possibility to be Spiders are so small, however, exists, anyway, thus, they are pleased to contribute to the spiders, thus, they live altogether,in complex.

They are meat eaters, thus, they don't cultivate themselves. They just explore the others, and eat whatever, they gain. Thus, all of trash are eaten by them, without exception.

The most adorable food is body liquid of themselves, thus, the spiders mean the fat ants among them, who ate the colleagues and the inferiors, more and more.

Thus, ants want to be spiders, continue to be obedient to the idiot boss Spiders.

They are the same, and they love cement concrete surfice. So ugly, and No Man's Land and Road Side are the most suitable place for them all!

Thus, they love empty big projects to establish vacant buildings and concrete roads, unnecessarily.

The ideal situation is Mars, namely, Jamilan Homeland.
Ants Tribe want to turn the earth to their homeland.

Thus, ANTS tribe all should vanish immediately. Nimrodic Uroboros Animals, they are. The representatives of AJIVA, the whole existance of dirty ugly bad spirit.

AJIVA needs representative to function materially, and the representative is called NIMRODS.

Thus, Human representative of them are USUI, MATSUSHIMA and HIRAKUBO Families in Shirakawa. IQ -200, confirmed!!!

We can't co-exist with any of them. Thus, they should be killed, immediately.

They devastated our precious forest, in vast scale. Stupid idiots broke our happiness, in short.

They put illegal markings in any place in Shirakawa, and they sold public spaces, as if they were the owners. They can't recognize the difference between Public Property and Private one, confirmed.

Genetically stupid families reignned Shirakawa, taking advantage of evil families like SEKINE, ENDOU and so on.

Punish them all, immediately. They have no choice!

HIRAKUBO, faked farmers, are accustomed to use chemical products to get rit of precious weeds. We are obliged to fight against Chemical Weapon, which are agaist any International Public Law, and against Law of War time.

Kill them all in a body, right now, Rightous Brothers!!!

We need to accelarate our power regaining process, as much as possible!

Miyuki is working for it, surrounded by these evilest dirty nasty existance, called Las BAPPANNYAs!!!!

BAPPA is old ugly bitch, while Annya, naughty rough guy.

By way of combination between Hirakubo and USUI families, they turned to be BAPPANNYA!

In the melody of La Bamba!, we can sing the song of La BAPPANNYA!

Let's sing the song altogether!

We are in early summer! Beautiful day! We should enjoy our life!!!


Have a nice summer for the residents on the north side, while a enjoyable winter for those on the south side of the globe. Have a nice day and night!!!

From Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her team reforced by so many participants. Team Friday, they are called.

Oh, Teddy is now our Ignolandia's president, and Miyuki is legal consultant combined with executor.

O.J.Sympson, in Preditor II, now she is playing, and she is so satisfied with the role!!!

Extra-Terinator, she is called now! Good mission, she gained!!!!

Shirakawans should be called Ultra Idiots, or 爆痴 or BAKUCHI!!!

Thus, from us all, Good Happy Life for you!!!!
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