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11/05/2017 (Thursday, morning) Miyuki got up at 5:30 almost, and she got to notice that someone entered in our main house. And then, it started to do something in the kitchen, thus, Miyuki found that it was YUKARI. And she began to confirm that she was there. Why she couldn't decide who it was immediately? Because it walked soundlessly, different from usual YUKARI mode.

  In these days, she walks so quiet. Why? Anyway, her stepping sounds are not be able to be heard by Miyuki, especially this morning.

  And Miyuki remembered that YUKARI was in the book shelves room in the office, when Miyuki and Clare were making a conversation cheerfully. She did it, in the MIYUKI's sacred place?! And Miyuki was so concentrated on her talking, thus, they should get to know to her in the different mode.

  Early in the morning, Miyuki got up, although she went to bed so late, almost at 2:00 oclock. Why?, her mother asked her in the morning, and she replied, "Probably I took a bath and cleaned up my body, and could sleep well."

  She, after hearing YUKARI's sneaking entering, she could combine with the last night's nasty memory. Someone was there in the shelves room, who?, in her vague mamory, she remembered the situation. Oh, you, YUKARI?, why you are allowed to be here?, she thought, however, she was so absorbed in the conversation, thus she forgot to inform this important fact.

  And Clare appointed to clean up Miyuki's working corner, anyway. Someone would visit to monitor something, like expression she did. Thus, Miyuki got up early, she thought. And at least, she cleaned up objects on the desk a bit, in her own rough way. The earlier than they thought, and at least they could recognize it. No objects at all, they thought. They wanted to get some precious things, and the precious things were not found there. For her, important, however, for them all, they were unimportant.

  and last night, Clare also pointed the stain of blood in the office, near the chair at the desk beside Miyuki's one. It's nasty dirty one, Clare said. Miyuki said yes, however, she denied that it belonged to her. Whose blood was out of her mind at that time. And then, she really thought, they struggled here, and left their proof, or YUKARI herself bleeded her nose.

  her nose was easily blooding, since she was infant. She is some kind of alergic against chocolate, peanut or so. Anyway, she bleeded easily from her nose.

  And now, her nose is broken, she said, and she wanted to be repaired on some clinic. They used the way to fake the clinic. YUKARI wanted to repair her nose because of her blooding, and they made another job, she explained. And the proof. She wanted to have another again.

  Oh, Gogory! You did know it?! Oh, U2!!!

  Where is my lost nose?, the messy poor public servant looked arround for it arrong the town, in cold Russia. Spooky, however, I like his taste of talking, an astonishing curiosity related tone in his fantastic rural novels. Thus, she started to collect his series. Why he is so interesting to me? And she did know well that he should be forced into the black hospital as the same reason like hers. Mentally illed? Oh, he? His novel is so clear, and out of mind type. And she really thought that he was quick type, and got to realize the fact of old Russia, in the rural town like Shirakawa.

  He is a kind of genous, thus he was put into there. And now, Miyuki? She was admirer of his novels, however, she isn't geneus at all! All of them agreed, including Miyuki. Kinky, yes, however, there are more kinkiest old figures here and there, indifferent from their apprearance.

  Old man in a dyed blond hair with a newly produced bicycle with the reacentest model of radio. Miyuki said in her cool way. however, at that time, for the three, Miyuki, Makiko, and IZUMI-san, thought, that he is really cool, and with an astonishing sound, "Kinkiest, he is!", shouted.

  If he were doing the same thing in the same town, he should be lynched by his strangest behaviours, without saying, they really thought. Why being cool is the reason to be punished?, we think in a sane situation. however, in an urgent moment, they fail, because of their panic. Out of mind situation.

  And Miyuki learned a skill to induce someone to do her favour. Speaking softly like wispering. Better than insisting the rightest opinions. And she would be the best soprano singer in the town, in the field of human voice field.

  yes, they, birdies could immitate the sound, however, they couldn't speak just like YUKARI. Thus, YUKARI spoke in a loud voice, and sometimes, in a soft voice. High pitch YUKARI for threatening, and soft kind voice YUKARI for being indulged.

  And now, she is in the process of moving, and the total confusion. Thus, they are so terrified with her bahaviours.

  Miyuki didn't know how YUKARI was violent! Oh, it

  Rain starts. I should refrain from my clothings from the veranda. See you soon! From MARC, with BIG LOVE!!! 

   My mother wants to induce me to thank to YUKARI, anyway, and she uses her technic at this point. And I refused to do so. The technic is as followed.

  My mother told her, "Oh, it's raining! Your clothings are on the verand. " Thus, she should be obliged to go to the veranda, because her mother is the superior, as her thought. And Miyuki went to pick up some of them, the front line ones. And she passed YUKARI under the steps of the stair. Miyuki ignored her entirely, as always, and she got to know that "someone" already picked up "her" clothings from the front line. Probably, YUKARI did it.

  However, she informed to the faked superior, namely her mother, saying, "I went there, however, my clothings were refrained from the front line by someone. Thus, I left them there. Anyway, I thank you", and bowed. 

  Then, her mother said to her, "The first line ones are mine. However, I don't know who took them for you. Probably YUKARI did."

  Thus, Miyuki got to realize that anyway, they want to be thanked by MIYUKI, and her mother lied by her sneaky trap. My things were refrained from the front line, yes. However, they were in the latest lines now. My mother's ones were not on the veranda, except someone.

  Oh, her ones are those that now YUKARI is washing again??? Oh, YUKARI refrained from them almost all from the veranda, and started to wash again.

  Strangest, anyway. however, she uses it, violence, in anyway. Probably, she wants to kill me, and threatens them to say, "I am the superior to her. If she doesn't admit this real fact, she would be killed by me for now!" like remarks.

  And Miyuki doesn't know her system at all. All neighbours are DDMs, YUKARI knows well, and she is the only insider one. She wants to trap them all, however, Miyuki is cleverer than them all in total. Even Chinkoro admits it type fact. Nakid fact, it is said.

  yes, Miyuki is not so quick in her ordinary way. However, she is quick theoretically, indifferent from her academic career, they deeply thought.

  YUKARI is the inducing factor, they deduced it. however, how inform this fact to her? And she learned it alone, with many friends' assistence, especially her family and her team members. She should know the system well. Why she is so slow? Anyway, she escaped from death type. And she encountered with such kind of dirty jobs repeatedly.

  Serious gag horror like life, she passed, and she thinks that she is happier than others, because she is alive now!!!

  She just doesn't know the system, and found some rules after the disasters. Always, without exception. Thus, for cool MIYUKI, the ending song of Lepin III, by Monky Punch.

  Why she didn't recognize the fact, and slept so well in the danger??? Clare really forgot to say her admiration. Anyway, good morning! We could meet you again, OK, you are alive, type slight shocking.

  They were threatened again by their evilest neighbours. Oh, the moving track came here to pick up our precious things, and YUKARI induced it probably. Oh, the track is for that. And the stain. She thought that YUKARI bleezed by her feeble nose. And Clare did know it now. YUKARI easily bleeses her nose since she was kids. Oh, thus, accustomed habitual bleezing for them all, probably.

  And Clare thought that the money was handed by her at the sign of total accordance of her dirty work. Only such a cheap money? Moving to INFERNO? Only she should go there, bitch!!!

  Oh, she called to the ART Moving center. She dashed to say so, "We should move now immediately to inferno. Please send the fast squad as soon as possible to Miyuki. OK, old guys!" Thus, they were so cheerful among them ourside. Old guys only day, it was. And she lost a handcarchief, given by Clare, an important object for her and Clare. however, after her research, she couldn't find it, thus she remembered the remark of her dearest grand mother, "I think that the lost subject or money saved your life and body anyway. A kind of substitute like SUGAMO JUZIU". And sometimes, she used the remark in her own life, especially when she lost some object, affected one.

  Thus, two consecutive experiences are too tough for her. however, anyway, better than body and soul, she thought like that.

  They also unchangeable, yes. However, more precious things are inside us. Life, Body, Soul, personality, being oneself and so on. Unreplaceable things. We are different from them, DDMs.

  And they were trapped again. Nothing happened. Just a omneous pattern. However, some facts were found. Her mother unnecessarily forced her to take the clothings from the veranda, and her father was also near the office, outside.

  Probably, YUKARI took off all of my mother's clothings from the veranda, and thought that they belonged to MIYUKI. And our mother scolded her because of her violent activities as usual, thus, she started her habitual job. She forgot to return them to the veranda, and started to wash again.

  Oh, she did again? After her being scolded??? Yes, she forgot the process, already. She is free from any thought at all now. She moves just by impulse, or operated by some evil others, in reality.

  Scolding by her mother is not effective now. It is the fact. How we can stop her wrongdoing? And her sneaky mode? And she got to start BLA-BLA-BLA as always. Thus, they could fake her easily. BLA-BLA-BLA is the sign of Muck, the MONOLIS aliens.

  It was fine in the early morning, and Miyuki got up early, thus, they, namely, Miyuki and her mother started to wash the clothings at the same time. Miyuki asked her mother if she were allowed to use the machine, while her mother was washing in the old type another machine. Oh, it works! Miyuki got pleased. Thus, YUKARI is not necessary to wash the dirty clothings anyway.

  Probably she declared her mother not to use the old type, because it was broken. And now, it was just a lie. She didn't want to use it type fact behind. And she took an advantage of washing the clothings of all the family. And she insisted to do it alone. And she gained money from them. She should use the machine as much as possible. It was their agreement. And she devided the money to others, thus, it meant as if they totally agreed on her dirty job. And they found that Miyuki didn't know the system at all. And they all got upset. Cheapy money for her faking dirty work? She is really mad dog. Useless, even in the most violent mode. She fights against her family, while, doesn't against her mates at all, outside. Thus, always they should compensate her failures and lost much money for it.

  She says, I am a kind of priviledged, thus this clinic is cheaper than other ones, she insisted. And reliable, she insisted. And she was revealed her own surgery trapping. She did it just for her smoke. She wanted to be cool, however, jobless dirty bitch, she could be!!!

  Oh, your nasty dream got realized. She liked California Story by Akimi YOSHIDA. Especially she felt sympathy to the lost feeble minded scareclow sub hero. Oh, a junky! yes she is now.

  And Miyuki thought that the writer is not her favorite. Yes, her design is promissive, however, she is cold hearted, and she liked to be praised it by others in public. She said, "Oh, kids harasment is a problem, however, I instinctively think that harasted one also has its own problem. Inducing factor of the result. " Nasty, Miyuki thought. Stronger type, she is now, and for her, weakers are losers, and she doesn't feel sympathy to the organizationally abused kids."

  Only her design. The contents are old conventional ones in the rural area. And the 吉祥天女 was also written by her. Why she got to know UMEMIYA, her ex-mate?, Miyuki really got to notice the resemblance. Her face, the heroine had, and the character. Adult like high school girl with slender body.

  And probably, there is some resemblance case or cases, the writer knew as her reference. Why 小学館 or SHOUGAKKAN, the publisher of DORAEMON series sometimes provides us the well know among us type stories inside the girls comics?

 Probably, someone wispered to some of the writers of them. And they wrote them, and thought that they were talented, and gor arrogant, and forgot even the process of gaining the source.

 Too too nasty, however, it is the fact type stories here and there since 1970s. Why they knew the system already type.

  and most of the ladies commic writers said, "Oh, I have the special ability to feel something unusual. Beyond the scientific explanation type. Like a expert of magic conducts."

  Oh, they gained popularity because of it. DORAEMON also. Thus, the later DORAEMON's inventions were so dirty and nasty, abuse itself type.

  They used the system already to take the data from all over Japan. And the editors wispered to the writer to accept the idea. Talent lacking type accepted the offer easily. Thus, kinkiest expressions were all allowed even by the conventional nationalits. And they got combined. Like a marrige, they easily got combined, and we call the process, decradation of morality.

  Subliminal system has an old history like TV system. Miyuki introduced an early exsample of Bewitched and Columbo, the investigator. They are prihibitted under the cold war period, however, after the fall of the Berlin, the big counries got combined, and even in the liberal country started to abuse the system, taking advantage of wi-fi and shaking system. Waves, anyway.

  And Today, YUKARI should continue to wash the clothings continuously to be electric stealing jobs by her mates. Better than body and soul, they should accept the situation caused by her.

  Lynch, they thought, and frightened. Miyuki thought it so trifle, and now she said why. Feeble nose, she has, she wrote. An important fact for us all, and for Miyuki, a common knowledge.

  Just a punch, she induced. OK!, Chinkoro started to respect this feeble minded superior. Why she is our superior? I am superior to her, and she recognizes it well. Why?

  And Rabby's words are as always, "Thus she was chosed by us. Inferior to all of us, yes, of course, and she likes this idea. A kind of pet for us all, and the commander supreme, anyway. Chinkoro, if you want to be..." Oh, no! Daddy, no! Thus, I avoid it and prefer to be her inferior, yes! Thus, Chinkoro, with his total agreement, he is doing assisting job for her.

  Feeble minded superior is the last one I would want to have, he wanted to claim. however, always OKOK type for him, and his critisism is fine for her, yes. How modest she is!!! And he realized the fact. Thus she is in the middle. She wants to be superior to us all!!!!

  Funny joke! They all think so. however, this is the fact, yes. She wants to be the supreme one, anyway. Thus, the top. Yes, she knows, how the way is difficult and far, thus you are here with me, Chinkoro. And he really got nervous. A feeble minded one is enough for our vistory, anyway. And now, she should decide. Which she prefers? Her chember or her one???

  No alternative??? This is MICCHIKU life. No choice at all. Thus, she prefers, can't do it type. They were forced to do so, and the substitute life, YUKARI played probably. Miyuki is enough for her family. However, coincidently she came. And Miyuki was almost 7 years old, thus, she didn't play with her so much. At first, a kind of interesting toy for her, however, gradually she turned stranger to her. She tried to get along with her, and failed repeatedly. And got to know the fact. She is the real muck.

  Now she is waiting for her leaving. Miyuki asked politely to put the lock to the shelves room's door. Not so much time consuming type job, and the precious things were protected by others. YUKARI didn't agree any MIYUKI's offer as always. Like Kyorin versity. And abruptly she changed her mind, or she forgot who offered the idea, and started to insist the contrary. Thus, they don't rely on her at all, yes. However, she broke many things abruptly.

  This is her habitual game, Miyuki knows well since she was a school girl. CARRY, she is indeed. She easily broke things, she really felt. And personal relationship, of course, yes. And sobstory maker, she is. Thus, tragedy she prefers for her final stage.

  And we will laugh at her strange vanishing. No room for you, YUKARI! She wants to change the house with more modern type, and she decided to do so with total agreement of her family at the cost of MIYUKI. Oh, how? Her plot was, "All plan was already prepared by Miyuki. We are just leaving and asking someone to build the new house, and then we will return to the same place. Thus she called to the ART moving center. And she got to realize that any of them, including MIYUKI, didn't want to change the house. Why now?, they got upset. And Miyuki is indifferent from the plan at all, as always. She is always out of mind type, thus, she forgot, and thus she was caught. Alzheimer disease, she suffers, YUKARI explained.

 And now, YUKARI is the real Alzheimer patient, it was revealed. Why she should change this house? Old, however better than MICCHIKU new prefablic house. And she just wants to move her bed from her other's chamber to Clare's one, just a bed clothings moving.

 Why she exaggarates Miyuki's moving so bigger? Megalomaniac, now she is, they really thought so. Thus, they should take care. And Miyuki did know the danger of YUKARI. She as always wants to catch her, and Miyuki continues to ignore her completely. And Miyuki expressed what she thinks in reality. Of course, YUKARI's lie, as always. However, this time, vast spending is related by her faked job. And Miyuki did so in public. This is my precarious place, thus, I don't want to change any of this house at all. Just want to sleep in safe. And she said that she had already gained Clare's agreement at this point.

 And after long long washing machine's use, finally YUKARI came to pick up the clothings, and she checked the door was locked obviously. Recently she repeated this type of movement. It was the sign for us all, including Miyuki. She should prepare for D-Day. And now, she is in her moving mode, anyway. for us all, not at all. however, for her, some change would be needed, the faked doctor finally admitted. And she would be caught by her own mates. And Miyuki would be targetted instead of her, their plot is.

 Thus, YUKARI wanted to conceal inside the shelves room. And they found her, anyway, already. Concealing spot for her, yes. And at the same time, picking job business school for her.

  Why she repeatedly bought German dictionaries?, Miyuki got astonished. For her, as usual. She wanted to be a German professor, and failed, and now, turned to be YUKARI the broken robot. Oh, thus, she did it? She left her deploma of 4th grade user of Germany on the living room. Why she wants to abandon such a glory, and chooses the wrong way as always?

  For Miyuki, German launguage is a kind of Greek, and failed to study again and again. In the graduate school, yes, of course. And finally, she gave up it at once. I am not so promissive on this language. Not cheerful leaning this one. Other lanugages are more amusing, even if my using is not so good.

  Der-Des-Dem-Den. She was totally in the loss of this language. With other's assistance, she couldn't. She tried many times, and didn't reach the point to feel amusement in the language. Lower than averege type non interesting however should study type threatening on this language was there. And the result. Oh, so good! I feel good after total abandonment of this language! I am happy not to have been born in Germany!!!!

 If she would be a German school, she imaged in her age. Because she liked Kestner kids' books. Some naughty kids were here and there, and they were praised to be audacious. Inner cowardness, she has, ADACHI declared. Thus she is Uri, in the novel. Chicken type small boy, and he turned to be a real guy, however, he broke his leg for his attmpt. It was a big bit for us all, however, he did it, and finally he turned to be bigger in mind, and was praised by others. He couldn't participate in the festival that year, however, he was really satisfied with the year.

  Probably, Uri was Kestner itself. Always he yells us, naughy boys type. Chicken naughy boy, she is, thus, she should experience some kind of trial, a bit a bit. And she pledged so many times. A bargain! They yelled. No! I spent a lot of energy, time, my life, my body, my soul, my money, and so on these trials. I don't want to lose any of them. Even one bit, I should not lose at all!!!!

  Memory loss, they explained. Thus, now, YUKARI is power holder of your family, they declared to her father. Oh, again? And they didn't believe the story. And the institute or the judicial or natural figure would vanish right now!!!

  And they vanished, anyway. Oh, Alzheimer, me too? Everyone has the same experience. Miyuki's case, she was YUKARI, the real Alzheimer patient. Thus, they couldn't find any false declaration on the legal letters????

  Alzheimer means God for them, thus, YUKARI is God now. Oh, evil faked God, yes she is absolute perfect complete Alzheimer patient.

  And they failed again and again. God like Alzheimer patient, here and there in Shirakawa and in Japan. Oh, for it, they came?

  Why Japanese were so arrogant? They thought. And now the fact was revealed. The real Alzheimer, she is!, they yelled. And Miyuki regretted her life. Chicken type is so. If others say so, Oh, I am imparfect, thus, I should take care of it. Not the real one, anyway, however, if I don't take care of, I would be it. Thus, warning, yes.

  Then they liked Miyuki, OKINO and MORIKO. They are at least modest. They know that they are ignorant. Stupid among them, yes. However not real Alzheimer patients, even among them!!!


  Thus they interpretated ACEPHAROS as Ace of Pharos holders. A praise for them. Thus, male oriented society, under the totally idiot muck non-sexual feeble-minded crazy kinky strange dirty ugly stupid insipid vapid flamboyant vague vacant vicious evil cruel coldhearted beast like just  muck only indulged feminine IDIOCRACY!!!!

  Undergraduate she is, they thought. And the reply is the real professor! BINGO!!!!

  They liked her face and shape. Not for adults, rather for more kids. Thus, they called her Madoiselle!!!! Slender, we say. However, she is lean, exactly. and she eats lot in reality. Thus, YUKARI should lose her weight abruptly. And she did it. Fat absorbing surgery, or fat vanishing process. Oh, do it more!!! Until total vanishing!!!!

  Miyuki likes to decrare their total vanishing. and they liked to imitate her way of life. Thus they failed. Versity professor should get up early in the morning, and she should study anyway. Oh, I do so as always, she said. Anyway, I can think in the bed before rising, and start my culinary experiments always, then sometimes, washing experiment, and closhings changings study, as my favorite study of artistic oriented esthetic practice, and my sanitary care study, especially evacuation checking, bacteria observation and feeding experiment also, and exploring our sense of taste related subject in practice. I am so busy all day long from the begining. And these studies continue even when I sleep. I should interprete the messages from my dreams, thus psychologycal analysis time for me, yes.

  Thus, I am a doctor degree holder. It means all of my condusts would be the object of our study. This is my divine mission. Thus, we should do our best as always, and we need to be praised by precious treatment.

  Thus, she would try her first cracker making study now!!!!

  She is hungry in vulgar way of saying, Daddy. Yes, thus...

  VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so vicious and nasty!!!!! Vanish all in once!!!!

  See you soon after our amusing study!!!

  From MARC, with BIG LOVE to you, our friends!!!!!

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