YUKARI's End (83)

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 OYAJI is sometimes keyword to understand the people. DDMs didn't like some cool type. Thus, Miyuki should understand. And realized that the real life is so so interesting without DDMs. Thus, correcting jobs. We know the result  of DDMic idiocracy. KAOS, I know. However, we should avoid to the same mistakes, in a broad meaning.

  Everyone should do its own job, as it liked. Normally, they said. However, they did wrong. Now hormarine smell. A kind of sour one. And YUKARI did know that she is not ready to leave, however, should leave. She suggested HARUSAN to leave at 11:00 to meet her own friends to understand the situation and she did it. And failed. She just said, "Oh, my brother did it. And now again. Too much for us, however, we shoud put up with the situation. Now, we should cut the communication with them. They are dangerous. And no way for us. The public agencies have no power at all, as your daughter knows well." Joe type, IZUMI-san like an projective pragmatic persuasion.

     And Group Home, IZUMI-san suggested. Monitoring system. Now, which is the suitable for us, common people. THE DDMs should be monitored by us or they should be abandoned. they are really too too dangerous. Thus, group home would be a good ideal.

   Thus, IZUMI-san did say it. IZUMI-san is a reliable and especially for the parents. An common sensed adults type. Miyuki and Makiko are not so reliable for their parents, probably.

  Thus, Harusan was dissapeared. Junky, she is. And now, any public power is functioning.

  Recently, harusan doesn't watch NHK, because it is not reliable. Miyuki tried to persuade her, however, she couldn't. Only a suggestion is enough for her. Your daughter is junky. And HARUSAN thought that Miyuki were junky, at first. And the catch and custody. She thought that Miyuki were junky. Repeatedly, IZUMI-san wanted to explain, however, she denied. And now, another. Miyuki is a junky theory. Another catch is planned by AOKI company and they did the wrongdoing and another. They wanted to catch our family all, and the graduation ceremony. And they caught one of them, and the shaking. And they disliked his arrogance. Oh, OYAJI. Oh, homeless. Latent jobless. Oh, poor. Oh, nothing to be cared type. Oh, poorest. Oh, necessity only type. Oh, ceremony not type. Oh, US$2 thousand is too much for them type. Oh, vanishing is no costive type. Oh, DDMs should die immediately type. Oh, even the last one should vanish type. Oh, AOKI failed, and we would be happy type. Oh, found a proof type! Oh we offered our proof in public, ooooops, we didn't know type, AOKI was.

  And AOKI  was caught and the other funeral ceremonial system also. Why they were too too ceremonial and complements only world? And SHIKI-SHIDAI or schedule of the ceremony. Kyorin adopted it.

  Now, 21 of March. My dearest mother's birthday. In the middle of the equatorial day, she was born. Thus, HARUMI or beautyful spring. She would eat my DANGOs after the heating of micro-oven. Miyuki liked to know the appreciation of hers and heard. Yes, DANGO itself a kind of disaster, however, sweat bean paste was a kind of professional work, in a minimum level.

  Too too easy, however, the beans were too too solid. When they would be softened, Miyuki wondered. And heated and cooled down, heated and cooled downs, like process for 4 days. And got a good feeling last night and tried to use them this morning. After night, they came more sticky. One night sleeping would be good for beans cooking. Slow risers, Miyuki, Adachi, Moriko, and beans. And Adachi wanted to know, why you didn't like the smell of ash? Because not like a food one. Some ciagarett like one. And a burned part in some part. Anyway, sometimes the pacience worked.

  HAYASHI san explained that there was a package with old beans mixed. Probably, the package was full of old ones, probably. They knew the fenomema, including IZUMI-san, and couldn't speak of it. Someone should do it. however, who? Too much attractive, at the same time, too too dangerous for them.

  Conventionalism even in common people. And DDMs here and there. They reduce and increase and reduce and increase and  reduce and reduce and reduce.

  Thus, the reason that we don't watch TV. NHK failed with AOKI. They advertised the killing squad as natural way. For them, it was too too natural to do so. And they were dangerous. Eager to be arrogant. The worst attempt here and there. They didn't want to know that they failed. And the war should continue, they wanted to think. Like Liberal Democrat Party in Japan. "We will have a newly Meiji Constitution like one, refoming actual liberal democratic one." A audacious declaration of unconstitutionality by the party itself.

  And separation between politicas and religion. They did wrong and failed and failed. Concessive failures. Like YUKARI. DDMs falling up to the bottom of INFERNO.

  The only one personality, we said, however, they didn't understand and they tried to persuade Miyuki with strange facial ecpression with red eyes, which looked like tearing. And they failed. Sobbing, Miyuki thought. Threatening??? Oh, I didn't know that. I thought that they wanted me to feel some sympathy to them.

  AKAME-FUDOUSON, we called it. We didn't understand their preference. Just muck and kaos.

  And now, the smell of SO4 or so. Some match firing without the sound. Soundless world, we say. We need to put up with the silence. Of course, we should construct righout communication system. We have a lot of supporters and friends. now, we got one more. HARUSAN wanted to be more harsh to MIYUKI. OK, as you like. Inhumanity not at all. However, I need to learn more. However, some limit. Order, in case you have light, suggestion, anytime welcome. Miyuki decides type. Thus, she should be a kind of cheif householders, Oh, I thought so. And she continues to do so. OK. And Clare would help her, in case she has a time. Alex prefers to pay her sometimes, and sometimes he himself does it. OK, their problem. I would manage may income anyway, and I provide your living cost, in a minimum level directly to you.

  We should know that we are the last families in Shirakawa, probably. Miyuki was right. IZUMI-san said the double neanced feeling she felt when her sister in low said, "I am good at everything type. Thus, you should obey me..."Oh, KITADA type or KAMOI the Duchess Munchhousen. Now she got to know that she took an advantage of ruling the house and treated her mother harsh. And her death was caused by the sister in law. Squad no. However, she pushed her away to go outside when she wanted to be alone... YUKARI like evil one. And YUKARI should be punished by another crime.

  YUKARI was too too evil to the family. And HARUSAN didn't recognize the damage. She was too too kind so her. Miyuki at Kyorin like position. Abusers enhanced their arrogance and failed. Like a cow frog in Aesophos' story. Miyuki was too too brave to behave like that and failed sometimes, ADACHI says now. At the situation, recognized the photographer had a possibility to shot her. In the edge of the pia at South Lake. Nanko would begger like a big pond and would be cool to know that Miyuki did a good job. Finding a faked "Ho Place". ??? Totalitarian Declaration???? IMAI's name with actual major??? Deputy ITO's name in a side and another side, a lot of related names.

  Now, I should sleep. I commit mistakes more and more, when I want to sleep. thus,


  ZZZZZ....Happy Birthday, HARUSAN, both late risers Miyuki and ADACHI celebrates your special day.  


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