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22/06/2017 (Thursday, evening) Miyuki made a round trip of the rural village called SHIRAKAWA also today.

She went to check the neibours, and found that a big van parked in front of KOJIMA's house, and a 30 years almost lady popped out from the van, and yelled, "Good morning! I came to hand you YAKULTs!" in a faked cheerful voice, and from inside the house, a male voice ejected, "OK, thanks."

These two days, in front of KOJIMA's house, there is no white vagon, number 44-26. Where is it? And today's white vagon had another name, and private use only type, not commercial use one. She would be a delivery prostutute worker, for the old guy. Fruit Quick Delivery in Big Comic Spirit, published by SHOUGAKU-KAN, read by Miyuki, in HASEGAWA Hospital, itself. Miyuki thought that the comic was degrated, and now, the same thing is appearing in the neighour's house. Fictuion, not at all. The reality!!!

This publishing company is accustomed to use some "realities" in some comics. Moto HAGUIO, is famous of this measure. Someone related knows well the reality, namely, SATANISM oriented world. Through the editors of each comic writers, they transmitted the ideology of SATANISM.

Too too similar famonenum appeared on the road, near MEGA-STAGE shopping mall.

Moto HAGUIO wrote a comic series called "Family of Po" Storange name, Miyuki thought. The hero was vanpire, and hie name was Edgar Portinello. Italian? Portugues? Why just on Po? Pooh???

Port in Negro? Por te to sleep or lie? Bed time story for Dracuras???

Anyway, according to her, Dracula can't reflect in a mirror. And Miyuki found so many vehicles, who didn't reflect in the curb mirror!!!! At first, Miyuki felt, "Oh, I mistook it?" However, she was there, and observed so many cars, and found that one third of cars were not able to be seen in the mirror. Oh, Alzheimer satans forget to immitate to reflect in the mirror, often, thus, in the house, mirrors were usually stolen or taken.

Because of ugliness, they prefered living without mirror, expecially, when Miyuki was in HACHIOJI. Why so many times mirrors were broken, or vanishing?, was Miyuki's question at that time. Every time, soon after buying mirrors from US$1 shop, the mirrors vanished from the residence. Thus, MIYUKI was obliged to buy the mirrors, so many times, repeatedly.

And the same thing happened on the sissors. Why??? As whe wrote before, some tabboo exists among satans.

In mirrors case, probably, they don't show their forgetfulness in public. Thus, they took mirrors from the village, as many as possible. And they went more forgetful, rather earlier. They got indulged in being forgetful without any accusation, thus, degradation only situation now appeared in front of MIYUKI.

Miyuki thought that DEVILs, in broad meaning, or LATO SENSU, include quick devils and idiot satans. Two deliberated tribes in Devils, they are.

And in narrow sense, devils are only quick type, who could assist rightous team, as perticipants. Satans were rotten devils, in lato sensu. Sexually degraded, especially, because no brain existance, and impulse substitutes brains. Thus, always hush-hush mode, and rough way of doing, in every field.

In this satans, most degraded version is Jasons. Cruelity only type. Jealousy turned to be the atomic bombs for others. Devastation only, they do.

And Miyuki asked help to every rightous guys in the universe, without exception. However, came so many not rightous existance, just on behalf of a big mistake. Heavy duty tracks, are such a kind.

MIYUKI said, "Any existance would be OK. Even you were killers, if you were not anti-fundamental rights existace, come and help me, as soon as possible!" And offered the possibily to praise them all, at US$30 per each, in case of one wrongdoer's killing.

And Miyuki calculated the value from her favorite Switzerland Army knife called SPALTAN, of Victorinox Company. When she bought it in front of AOYAMA GAKUIN Versity, in the main site of the importing company only of this brand, it costed US$56. However, last year, in 2016, she found that the price got down, and it was US$26, only! Half, she really got astonished. Why????

Anyway, she predged, thus, she will pay, of course, how many, the guys are!!! She pledged, thus, she will pay. Repredge!!!
Thus, almost all of plants would be praized by the prize. And she calculated that Miyuki's damage is really so big, thus, she will pay the total cost so easily. Thus, even though she is thrifty, in really, she is praparing for paying it. Plants yelled!!! Thrifty, however, reliable!!!! They said, "Because of her thriftiness, she would fail." ????

Always they calculate different. yes, thrifty, and this is a highly respectful value for her family. However, not only for thrifty, human beings live. Miyuki need to pay the burden to others, yes. And only for rightous guys. For the enemy? No burden she has. Just indemnizaion, she should require.

Thus, they calculated erroneously. Only burden Miyuki, they both called. Always she made a big mistake, including it. She should be killed because of it????

Yesterday, Miyuki hugged stone tumb, thinking as if it were a representative of diceased. And someone yelled, "Miyuki, you could do it with this guy!" Oh, thanks, I already thought of it. Oh, it's a good chance to try, anyway. Only rightous guys, OK, without exception. Diceised, of course, OK. common!!! And she found that upper position would be finer for her. View, wider, feeling like a much stronger, and in short, man....Just felt lack of P. Anyway, the shape. Thus, substitutable. hole, P, the same, as function. Just friction, lacks. However, imagination would be a kind of substitution. Thus, she felt good, and more and more, expects the real one.

And she made a big mistake in her image. She imaged chains of bone surround by air, and covered with the prevention. Too too direct image...Every one almost yelled!!!! This is the guy!!!! Stupid!!!! Too too man, beyond Guts ISHIMATSU!!!! Never exists!!!!

And Miyuki found that P has no bones. Chinkoro appointed it so politely. And Miyuki thanked to Chinkoro, so much, at the same time, confessed that, "Oh, I imaged P like a fossile of tail of DINOTHAURUS"...Super stupid!!!! Double triple male!!! Excessively male!!! Never exists!!! Praise, and critics, from the both side. Anyway, too too stupid, and too too honest. Too too TOHOHO, in short. Virgin, you believe!!! Believe. Vergin only could do it type!!! Even virgin, it would be super rare!!! Even non virgin, it would not be able to do!! Blasfemia!!! No, serious pure love!!!! Contradictional!!!! However, it's Miyuki!!!!

Who would be the substitute of MIYUKI was their theme, as usual, in the chamber of her mother. She is desqualified as mother. Thus, who would be the substitute?

Mother, no exist system, we are in. Why you two persist to the existance called Mother??? Alex attacked them both clarely, and pushed away from their chamber, and they started to talk on MIYUKI7s wrondgoings. Now he thought that Miyuki is too too right to insist so. Two are the same, and all in a body. They prefer being two, however, at tha same time, only one speaks. As Miyuki felt earlier. And it happend in the evening, when Miyuki came back from outside.

At first, someone was in the kitchen. Then, when Miyuki entered into the main house, it dashed into the chamber of YUKARI, it means that it is YUKARI. Immediately, Miyuki heard another sound in the kithen. Oh, the two were there in the kitchen? And then, from the back of Miyuki, Miyuki heard the sound of YUKARI dashed from the chamber.

Only sounds, Miyuki heard. No appearance at all. And so rushing rough mode. Two or one or zero???? Too too confusional fenomenum.

Alex thought that MIYUKI is really crazy, however, now, totally believes that Miyuki is the real guy. They are satanas, in the end. The same remark, that his dearest friend HOSONO I said, as his dying message.

Alex got along with him so much, because he was also team mate from HACHIOJI primary school days. And when he was in junior high, Miyuki met him, in front of the residence. Plump bigger guy. Common pupil, she thought.

And then, he was killed. Vanished, in practice. Alex didn't know the reason. he was killed, he thought. A kind of torture, to order others to vanish. Miyuki was such a kind of guys, they both thought. A devil, they yelled them both. Total banishment, Miyuki has as her protection. And always, she yells with these words. And Miyuki is alive even now. According to her super positive interpretation, some good rightous guys were killed, and concealed and protected in a certain meaning, in relatively safer place. And Miyuki believes that they would come soon, as some more enhanced or reformed version. And probably Miyuki would know which is which. Miyuki believes, and they tried to do so. And found. Oh, we could. Anyway, could. however, some limit. Don't talk to the others. Anyway, OK, Miyuki already knows, thus, needless to say.

Killed, in a certain meaning. And concealed, in a certain meaning. And reapearing in a certain meaning. And semi-gods like power holders, they are!!!!

Congratulations!!! Anyway, better than just a kind of devil's modified version called human beings. Miyuki thought that she is a kind of pioneer of this type. Mobil Suit Gundam. New Model...with good legs. Don Lemi. Don KONISHI. Super Model, Star is you!!!! By Moto HAGUIO.

She remembered that Sayuri, a Bambi girl. She was a friend of her junior high 1st grade. Cute face, and cute legs holders, and her impression was just BAMBI! like a little deer!

She was good at math, however, her inclination was more pratical matter, not abstruct manner, Miyuki perceived. And they were both good at math, thus, they were good friend at that time.

At the same time, Miyuki wanted to keep certain distance from her. Sayuri prefered to get along with only one reliable closest friend, thus, Miyuki tried to approach her more, and Sayuri found her ideal friend. Not physically promissive, however, reliable, thus Sayuri chose, Miyuki felt. And it's good both of them, because they liked some kind of mutual monopoly like friendship. A primitive type of marrige model, Miyuki thought. Not sexual way, more metaphorical way of saying. Who likes to monopolize the counterpart and to be monopoliezed by it, would be an ideal system, one vs one system, probably.

And Miyuki's case, it was a kind of ininteresting and burdensome. She imaged some patterns already. And found that some good guys, replaceable, and each one doesn't rely on others financially and osychologically, would be best for her ideal relationship. Too too affectionate is avoidable. Sometimes, causes erroneous judgement, fatal, sometimes.

Miyuki really and deeply thought, observing the relationship between YUKARI and her mother. Mutual reliance, among only dependents, and in the enhanced mode. Ms.Responsibles, they are now.

Thus, Miyuki's choice is so so respected by others. Plants like, they yelled. not rotten. More mature, rather than mutual reliance relationship, in a certain meaning. If it works, ideal for all of us...Probably.

Plural vs Plural, sometimes, included, Miyuki said. Not only in the bed. More methaphorical way of saying. Just reliable teams members would be best candidates of doing it, if both or all sides agree, sincerely, type image.

And Miyuki would be cruel to the others???? Not at all. Why she is so imaginally free? Imagination is her best strongpoint. A kind of special gift from Gods of the universe.

And they deeply thought. Miyuki is superb, and her hypotheses are almost so BINGOs!!!

Time bombers, they called MIYUKI. Nosferatu. Kraus KINSKY.

Dracura is mosquito, who absorbs others like paracite. Not Miyuki, they resisted, and they put them both in the dangerous situation. They put them in really to outside. In the middle of the night, in winter. Miyuki didn't know the fact. Recently, the situation changed. They felt so sorry to any accusation done by others. They didn't remember at all on their infancy. They were cruel, they said. "I was not fat. Slender. I was forced to gain the weight, because Miyuki said that Alex is overweight. We need to feed him to be a pig. Thus, we put a lot of pashed potatoes in front of him, and said, "Don't leave any bit of mashed potatoes, cute boy!""

Don't leave any bit, because it is impolite. Japanese way of saying. And in Brazil, "As you like. We have lots." Even NINOMIYA didn't oblige Miyuki to eat all. In China, also. Japanese habit is always torture for non eating type. And Miyuki got fat, during her forced rotten food period, during primary school days. Provided meals, it was called, and Miyuki disliked all because of the kinkiest combination between Japanese dish with bread.

For example, SHIRAAE, a crashed TOFU or soy card, with thin noodle like jelly like potatoe's products, sesame, suger, and salt, with shredded vegitables. Sweet combined with salty, an extra difficult dish. In case of the best combination of ingredients, and within the zone of the balance between suger and salt, it would be a marvelous dish.

However, only a bit of difference could cause a fatal messy terrible dish, and Miyuki and her mates were obliged to eat it all, during 20 minutes. Torture, especially for her, who have a good tongue. Sometimes, she was obliged to stay in the class room, until to end to eat up all, until the last bit, while other mates were playing in the courtyard, cheerfully. Takafumi is the same type. Deep sigh, and they anyway should have eat the messy dish all.

For her, the noodles seemed to be eel warms, and sometimes, another dish with scrumbled egg seemed a fatus of leghon. Sometimes, reisons seemed rabbit muck. Miyuki lost such appetite with such imagination, and could not stop immaging like that. Salive reduced only. Downward, they both thought. Sometimes, they were obliged to stay there in vain, without after lunch time play hour. Stupid boys, in this meaning.

Takafumi and Miyuki. So similar. And Miyuki thought that Takafumi is more brave in gymnastic matter. Miyuki remembers his jumping on 8 boxes, tall pyramid, and he almost failed, however, could escape the failure, and could maintain the balance, finally. And he made a success of this flying performance. Only Miyuki got impressed by his performance???? According to Miyuki, just like a way of saying, "Jumping lice!" in the all positive meaning. Takafumi liked the expression. Anyway, short, and good at gymnastics. The rest...dumb, in short.

However, at the standard of rural kids, physics mattered almost in all of the situation during their school life. Thus, Miyuki's high scholar activities were, in the total, the same weight of Takafumi's physical performance. As a result, always, "I am not feeling good in school" inside the heart. As always. Everyday. Thus, Miyuki calculated that the total of this inferior complex would be the same of that of Takafumi....with deep sigh.

How Miyuki is wounderful, Takafumi, thought. Good at almost every material, except physics. However, the same feeling that "I should not belong to this system" they held...Probably, the same quantity, Miyuki calculated already.

Miyuki did the calculation, because she was forced to do so, in 1997, in April. She suffered non sleeping mode with some noisy guys yelling like radio broadcasting mode of stadium of some event. Anyway noisy, and they yelled to calculate your past as much as possible. Thus, she did. Why, and why now, who are you, what is your legitimacy to do so? Question and oppression. And they were devided into two teams. yelling upward guys, and accusation only downward guys. And she couldn't sleep almost over 1 week. And finally, she dreamt so strange. YUKARI got married with her father. "Oh, I dreamt insest!!! I need to sleep anyway, or I would continue to dream this type of morally degraded nightmare." Thus, reluctantly, chose to go to Tokyo Versity's Health Center, to concult her situation.

Satanism, Miyuki didn't know at all. They wanted Miyuki to dream like YUKARI. ????

YUKARI already did know the measure. When someone really liked the guy, dreamt it, and killed it, immediately????

It was their way of technic to kill others??? Killing Me Softly, Roberta Flack?????

Killing means doing sex. And with medicine, they prefered. Miyuki was asexual at that day. Thus, for her, in her dream, no such sexual scene at all???

On the contrary. Dreamt sometimes, sexual scenes, and felt strange. I don't want to do it with that guy, completely not at all. Too strange to feel to do it. Why????

Tooru MOORI appeared in the illusion in the period. He had a slender balanced body, at that time, yes. however, his face was not Miyuki's type. Why he appeared so often, deispite of my total indifference on him? Yuki MATSUSHIRA has never appeared at all. Good grief. Sly, and arrogant, and messy. She disliked him, only after their curry supper, once, already.

He invited her to certain cheapish curry house, near Tokyo Versity. Normal common curry. He told the origin of 福神漬け or FUKUJIN-ZUKE or picked begitables, CHAZNE!!! It was imported by some hotel's chef, he explained. Miyuki did know that he confused by confectionarry called NAKAMURA-YA, in Shinjuku, whose 月餅 or GEPPEI or Chinese Sweets Cake, is famous and delicious.

For Miyuki, hotel is so common place in case of traveling. however, he mentioned to the word "hotel", with so stress. ???, was Miyuki's impression. He added, "Hotel is special place to do it". ???, for Miyuki. This stupid guy thouhgt of Love Hotel, when hotel was in mind, as always. Erotic skewed, Miyuki categorized.

and in the moment of the paying, Miyuki took the money for her curry. He said to her, "No, I invited. You don't need to pay any more." Thus, Miyuki put it in her wallet. He required the receipt from the casher girl, and they got out of the curry shop. After he closed the door, he declared to Miyuki, "Then, please hand me the value you ate!"

Absurd!!! For Miyuki, this guy is just messy miserable to be contempted by everyone type, she decided. Thus, no chance for him at all. Beyond it, Miyuki was asexual. Thus, of course, she tried to cut the communication with him. The worst of the worst!!! Miyuki hated him, already, with spet!!!

Then, several days after, while Miyuki was studying in her office room on Sunday, someone came in the silent mode, and she found that was he. Astonished! however, she was in the calm mode. She was reading a book on Japanese Constitutional Law, and he said, "Even you read it, you would not understand it." Like, you are stupid, I know well, like contemptious remarks, he did. howver, Miyuki felt some fear this kinky sly guy.

Miyuki asked him, a question, to try his intellectuality, "What is the main factor of Japanese development after WWII?" And his reply was, "Just a coincidence" like as, "You, stupid! You don't know such a trifle fact?!"like so arrogant mode.

And he confessed that "I was not popular at primary school. However, I had a chance to conduct class chorus in a school event. It was my hay day." Oh, already done type, Miyuki got astonished again.

and he esplained, "Baseball coach is the dream of all of males. Conductor or some general commender type, you know, this stupid!" And Miyuki thought, "I am not. YOUR Skewed Dream, not mine, or ours. I don't want to order to others nor to be ordered by others at all, you, stupid!!!"

And she said, "I want to have 180cm at hight." And his reply was, "Oh, no! Girls should be short! Short is ideal!!! you, stupid!!" Thus, she categorized that kinkiest young skewed existace called 変態 or HENTAI or abnormal, immediately.

And then, he asked in his so wet voice, "May I put my hand on your shoulder?" Why not?, Miyuki replied immediately. Strange? Putting on someones' shouldder is so special attitude? And he put his hand on her shoulder for a while, and left the room. Good grief, this spooky guy left, anyway. They should not have entered in the room, anyway.

And Miyuki remembered that at that period, so many books were stollen from the buildings of the faculty of law. Oh, he was the thief, probably!!!! Poor, he explained. Yes, obviously, Miyuki understood. And he was from SHIZUOKA prefecture. His major was procedural law. Probably he knews well OHTA.

After he left, for several hours after, strange sensation happened. A kind of explosion inside. Hot and cold, in turn, and it continued during several days. Miyuki felt fear, thus, she decided to visit YUKARI's residence, who were warking for Fundation related with JR railway company, in SETAGAYA ward, UMESATO, a kind of collective house for 4 families. It was rented by the fundation. Comparavely big residence, because Miyuki was living in Platinum Dormitory, and the house has only one common bath, like Platinum Dormitory.

Anyway, she told her situation, and streched her body on the floor, to take a rest, a pose that I rely on you like one. And the disaster happened. YUKARI stomped Miyuki's belly in her 24.5cm foot, strongly!!! Miyuki got so surprized, and said, "If I were with a fetus, how would you do???!!! It would be fatal for me, and the baby!! "

It doesn't mean that MIYUKI wanted to a baby not at all, at that time. "You would kill me, and others, all included. Are you all right, even though? Double marder, you would commit. It means death penalty deserved crime, OK, YUKARI?" was Miyuki's feeling.

And YUKARI replyed, as Miyuki wrote before, with her cute faked smiling, "Because your belly is so white and you are so relaxed, you stupid!!"

YUKARI's smile, Miyuki was so shocked at. The cruelist moment, she smiles, Miyuki realy thought.

Thus, Miyuki didn't rely on YUKARI at all, any more. Only I, of course, should be punished. However, including with others, she admitted. Serial killer's seed, she is, Miyuki got thrilled, and sighed. I came here today to be consoled, however, I should be going back to my dormitory.

Sly, poor, arrogant. MATSUSHITA and YUKARI are so similar. And thief, probably.

And MATSUSHITA, in another occasion, confessed that "I am addicted with video Game. My pupil of private lesson, my part time job, borrowed me a machine of video game, and I liked it so much. As a matter of fact, I can't stop playing it. Have you ever tried video game?" Miyuki's reply was, "Never, and I will not foever at all!!"

Total refusal only. Why this nasty guy behaves that she is already mine, to others???? Blasfemia!!! Vanish!!!

And she kept destance from him, as much as possible. However, on one Sunday, that "Miyuki was hit by Matsushita on her eye, and she got proud of the ble eye patch case" happened, as you know well.

Ego-centric, and always, "You are mine, already" type attitude. Miyuki refused so many times, however, so persistent.

Other guys also. In case of KIUCHI, also insistent. He invited her a meat supper, and he said, "You know, some guy sometimes loses his precious life on behalf of his own precious family. " Miyuki's reply was, "His choice."

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