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14/07/2017 (Friday, evening) Memorial Day of French Revolution. Viva Liberte, Eguqlite e Flatarnite.

Miyuki got up 8:30, and got out at 9:00 in the morning. She checked her harb garden and orchards, and roman camomir was in the reconstruction process. yes, they suffered, however, they could survive. Lemmon baum lost some vivid leaves, however, also now in the survival period. Rasberry started to enhance a bit more. And lemmon shoots increaced more and more. Miyuki's citrus garden plan is now forward. Miyuki is good at citrus. Lemmon and grapefruits were already comfirmed. She wants to try with other citrus, however, so expensive, and can't eat any more.

Miyuki is always walking arround supermarkets in Shirakawa. And found the fact. North Koreans are managing the facilities, by their own non-liberal, rather flamboyant, faking way. The last days of Tokyo. Miyuki remembered.

Thus, now, there are many only walking as russeling machinery are walking here and there. Considerably longer leg holders, they are, and empty mind holders, also.

Miyuki remembered that Alex's teacher responsible OOKOSHI was this type. Probably, he couldn't understand Miyuki's joking gift's meaning.

Probably, for more than 40 years, Shirakawa figures have been in contact with North Korea. They explained as South Korea, however, as a matter of fact, North Korea was Shirakawa's counterpart.

And Shirakawa figures resided in North Korea, while North Koreans in Shirakawa, also. Exchange system, probably. Thus, Shirakawa Gakuen, the orphanage worked.

Probably, many mates of Miyuki at her primary school age were related with Russian blood. Thus, Fumio HAYATSU looked Siberian Husky Dog, in her image, and Yuko KIKUCHI was Bergian lady. By way of North Korea, they came to Shirakawa.

Recently, fat middle aged female bugs, and robust old male bugs increased in Shirakawa. Probably, meat eaters, they are. They eat anything, including human meat and fetus. Gun shooting is so common among them, and thus in Shirakawa, there is a gun shop, who provides guns and bullets, who wants to them, without any public licence. Under the name of hunting, they kill the others, and eat the meat, without necessity. Just they want to avoid to buy meat at supermarket.

For Miyuki and her mates, astonishing facts, man hunting and eating are. However, for them all, so so habitual and out of question type thing. And their shooting is soundless. Thus, Miyuki couldn't perceive their shooting.

Near the target, they eject. Thus, 2 shots are the resemblance. One for warning, the second for killing.

Power holders killed the cows and oxes as they liked, and ate them all, as they liked. And now, foods are provided by as charity.

today, at 9:30, Miyuki went to WASHIO, and found that in some corner, there are foods, provided by COSTOCO, were sold at so high prices. Oh, in WASHIO, Costoco is a departmentstore, which can sell the goods at the highest price as much as possible. Pizza is US$18, a half dozen of butter roles are US$4. Miyuki thought that "I can make these foods at half price. WASHIO doesn't know what is COSTOCO."

Thus, North Korea. Imported goods are all luxuarous precious things, including foods.

No management ability at all. Cockroaches resided here, and now, they all vanished. After Cockroach, from Tokyo, North Koreans came to take a management in Shirakawa.

Now in Shirakawa, the police, the fire department, the municipality, the prefecture, Post office, schools, kindergardens, and supermarkets and drugstores.

Funeral companies, and Clinics and Hospitals refraiened, fortunately, anyway.

Now, no industry, however, just survice providers and supermarkets world. Who can earn money? North Koreans can't think of it. For them, economy is just charity monopoly. And they gain money from tax.

For North Koreans, death is nothing. Thus, easy to replace one with another. Non uniqueness world, thus, easy to kill, and to be killed. Laughing Life, they spent. Thus, with the last laugh, they dies, fortunately.

Now, school kids were provided by North Korean companies. And they like to fake normal Japanese kids, and couldn't at all. Anyway, they are not good at physical movement. Soon after some movement, they started to sit in collective at a table, and stayed for long time. Even in the park, they played a bit, and sat for almost all of time all in a body.

They don't care at all at every matter, and if another already cleaned up the rental car, it started to clean the job again from the begining, according to what Miyuki watched from the park, which is located near JR-Shin-Shirakawa Station.

And "かず枝”or KAZUE, a restaurant, cheapish type, is a site of North Korean workers. They change the clothings, wait until the bullet train come.

They like to drive in a van. Miyuki chased so much by the vehicles with the names of ひもろぎの里 or HIMOROGUI-No-SATO, or 西郷社会福祉法人 or Nishigou Social Benefit Judicial Figure, and so one. So many times, the same type cars appeared in front of her, and sometimes, Miyuki could identify them.

Car number system doesn't exist for more than 10 years. They just put the number, as they like. Thus, the same numbers appeared, as they liked.

Car chasing means, "I will kill you, thus, you should prepare for it". And thus they should appeal their intention of anti-constitutional wrongdoings. Self confessions, the car chasing is.

Miyuki suffered Monolis sugar put rain again. During a day, at 14:30 or so, it rained suddenly, and soon after, the red hot sunshine appeared again. Oh, refreshing! 打ち水効果 or Effect of Spiling Water appeared, as the scientific textbooks said.

Romantic Rain, they called it? Sweet like Kiss? Anyway sticky. AMEMBO Rain, Miyuki said.

After the rain, some guys want to do it...Really? Miyuki didn't feel anything at all. For Miyuki, it didn't work. Just sticky. Oh, sperm??? Espermathozoide????

Not at all!!! Miyuki thought of LEDA's story. It was said that Swan was the victim of the rapist ZEUS. However, provably, it was replaced by Lilis's descendent. Swein, not Swan. Femi-Les Zeus raped SWEIN, because it is domestic animal, and it should be obey to Zeus or DDMs. Thus, male sweins did it with DDMs, is the right answer.

Greek Phylosophers regretted now. We should not have been in Greece. Don't be so negative. In Japan, the situation is similar. 800 gods did the same type of failures. Our shames.

Eve is Lilis, while Adam, male Lilis. Both Muck existance came from Monolis. This planet or semi-planet was prison or hell, and they escaped from it, and started to reside in the earth, separatedly.

And boy meets girl. ADAM met Lilis. And they did it. Liked it, and got addicted with it. Thus, shame. Idol, anti-prodictive trash did it all days and nights, and did no other things at all. Thus, decided to get out of the paradise, or plants world. Plants didn't push them out. They themselves did it. And they started to attack plants and other animals.

Miyuki's presumption is, marrige is so monotonous, thus, they started to abuse others, as passing time. With the same guy, each one got tired of doing it. Yes, they are so repetitive type, however, at the same type, no more amusement at all. Don't betray me, is the pledge of marrige. Thus, each one, monopolizes other's sexual behaviour. Thus, monogamy is the not good system, for them, who are degraded morally. For whom, morally respectful guys, it would be a mutual reliance confirming system, yes. However, for common guys, it would turn to be seeds of evil wrongdoings, including killing, robbing, stealing, threatning, abusing, torturing, and so on.

Thus, Eve and Adam, started to devastate the earth, and got to know that this is their mission done by Monolis's bosses.

And they spread sperm and eggs. And increaced satans in this planet, and replaced human beings with satans.

roughly saying, it is right. Thus, unhappiness is pursued by them, satans. Anyway jealous, and can't stop their wrongdoings. Minor change, they did. And they do, as others already did, in another place.

Miyuki watched some wrongdoings in the center of Tokyo. And rough works of North Koreans. BSE spreaders they are. Human meat eaters, they are.

At least, Jasons did know what they could do. And now, prohibittion of using chain sow again. However, plant cutting sissors were used by a rural DDM, near Shin-Shirakawa Station.

They are Alzheimer patients, and forget the taboos, thus, the orders were betrayed so easily. Thus, direct execution only, for them, all. Thus, total execution of Total vanishing, yes.

Miyuki felt anything fair at all??? Why? I am free from the punishment. Yes, Miyuki made a lot of mistakes, some of them were really sinful, however, Miyuki is safe from the punishment, at all. And Miyuki is protected by rigtous brothers in the broad meaning, including monogamy type, and go forward, Miyuki agreed to.

For Miyuki, nothing at all. However, for some guys, anyway, vanishing. yes, vanishing. Without it, KAOS spreads and it means the end of our universe. Until the last one, we should dispose satans. Or, we can't maintain KOSMOS.

Oh, Mr.Blue, I love you so! Etsuko YAHAGUI. Oh, Sky blue rain, hugging my sholders, kindly it rains on me. ♫

 The song was repeatedly played by Toshiyuki SHIBUKI. Not bad song, however, so so repeated on the Sunday morning, and Miyuki was fighting against the sound. Yes, Miyuki tried to be pacient up to 1 hour. And then, Miyuki consulted the noise to her mother. And her mother came, and HARUMI, Miyuki and YUKARI made a big sound on the veranda, and Miyuki yelled, "How noisy!" in a loud voice, and Toshiyuki recognized and shut the window in a loud noise and stopped the sound. And Miyuki got relieved. "Anyway, effected." And Miyuki turned to be a worrier of Exam War.

For Miyuki, direct nagociation was not so possible. And in this case, in direct way, Miyuki claimed him. And he understood. Miyuki and her family didn't claim to others, including his responsible at all. Of course, not to public organ, either. Just to Toshiyuki, informed to stop it. and he would have a head phone system, probably. Thus, not so harmful for his side, Miyuki thinks.

Miyuki is so so nasty to say so. Toshiyuki's skin is similar to Shigueko's. Tobe's is more plain. Some white guys had this kind of skin. More thinner than others, and a bit pinkish.

Miyuki remembered well on each personality. Probably, already, for her, no man's land. Thus, they exist already just in her memory type.

Thus, after cockroaches, North Koreans appeared, and the situation is same. For Miyuki, just a repetition, and their way is so rough. For them, no difference between life and death. Thus, Die for now!!!!

North Korean's skin problem should be appeared now again. Oh, cool air lovers, and no air conditional system, or the usage was prohibitted.

Both. And Miyuki recognized that Sarcozy's policy, to kill more than 50 thousand old guys in the mid summer.

Miyuki remembered that almost 10 years ago, it happened. And Miyuki also remembered that in Paris, during summer holidays, many dogs and other pets were left in the town, while the families made a trip to the seashore to pass marvelous summer holidays.

If human beings started to treat animals so harsh, inmorally, it would happen among human figures, it was said, by some phschological study theories, and YUKARI told it to Miyuki.

And Miyuki remembered that in her kids' infancy, they tried to feed a couple of rabbits, male and female. And they tried to have babies, and babies couldn't survive. Sad, however, this is real life, thus, we should accept the fact.

And one day, in late autumn, the two rabbits diseased. YUKARI said to Miyuki that "In these days, rabbits are different from old days of yours. Nowadays, rabbits are weak, and domestic rabbits should be feeded in the house, not outside. Too cold for domestic animals. Thus, who put them outside should be accused, including you, who agreed to feed them outside. "

For the kids, too too nasty to hear that. For them, feeding rabbits outside was necessity, and they all thought that rabbits were able to pass winter outside. Miyuki thought of Rabby, and only one night without giving foods caused his death, yes. However, Rabby was strong type. Thus, probably, in his case, only foods and coldness were not the factors. In this new type rabbits, might be cold winter the factor, however, in this case, for kids, no chance to feed animals at all. Too too nasty.

Miyuki herself had no right to ask her parents to feed some animals for the kids, at all, because Miyuki asked her kids to be feeded during weekdays, and animal feeding would be more burden for her old parents, beside the kids themselves.

However, rabbits' case, her father allowed to feed the rabbits responding to the kids' request. And Miyuki was in favour of feeding them, because it would be a good experience to have friends in the different species. Fur friends, would be good for their education. Thus, Miyuki was totally in favour of their feeding. However, Miyuki herself was busy, thus, didn't take care of the rabbits so much...Just sometimes watched their feeding scene.

They tried two times. Probably, Miyuki combined the two experiences, probably. Their animals, Miyuki thought. Not so feels like her own animals. Thus, confusible. Sorry, tiny rabbits. I remember your flaffy white hairs, and round ruby like eyes. However, as a matter of fact, I can't remember which is which...However, anyway, I think that feeding animals itself would be a good experience, to be respoinsible.

for her, not at all type accidents here and there, during coexistance with YUKARI. She, abruptly, put poison, without feeling any consciousness.

Probably, my mother taught her it. Poison was used to punish other families. Terrible. Miyuki thought that it had been crime. Homicide, not accomplished, or 殺人未遂 in Japanese, and never thought of it, until recently.

HARUMI did know from her family. Incredibly, Miyuki should believe that Ume YAMAGUCHI taught it. I can't believe it. She is not such a type. She was the nurse, yes. However, she would never be unkind to others at all. By another way, my mother got to know the method.

Miyuki believes that your grand mother is out of this poisoing. Yes. And your grandfather? Not at all. No reason to do so.

Miyuki is too too right to do so. Probably, industrial period, it was so common among female DDMs. And HARUMI leaned the skill by the same generation, Miyuki presumes.

Probably, the most possible way. And KINOHOLM was so shocking for Miyuki. Of course. "Oh, the notrious medicine to cause demormation of baby, my mother took!!! Big News!!! I was in the danger!!!"

For Miyuki, always, "Oh, big news!!!" however, for adults, "for us, it's too common" like attutude here and there. Miyuki thinks that HARUMI would be a wrongdoer? Yes. Anyway, she has not done anything productive during her life. This is the truth.

And Miyuki did know well, that YUKARI came back from the office, with a package of white powder, with more lighter mode, in December or January. With a red mark on the transparent plastic package. What's is the use of the medicine? White powder? Why she has in so lighter mode with the package?

For Miyuki, astonishing facts, and for others, also. YUKARI is abuser of amphetamine, and it caused her deterioration. Yes. And HARUMI allowed her to use it. Probably. HARUMI is also Alzheimer patient, and she couldn't recognize the difference between wrong and right.

For Miyuki, too too cold to say so. HARUMI wanted to keep you in her chamber, as a watch dog for night use, and a providor of croquets, yes.

For Miyuki, laughing story. However, for them, the best solution. Yes, for them. Always, they are so ego-centric. They can image as they like, however, they should not oblige nor threaten me to do so.

for them, always Miyuki should be obedient to them both. Then, For Miyuki, the two Alzheimer satans should not exist at all.

And they exist. Thus, they should vanish right now. And they refuse. No right to refuse it. Direct execution only type.

and they appeared in the office so often. I don't know. I am outside during a day. Thus, they thought that Miyuki disliked them both. Now, first? Alzheimer proved again.

For them, any reason would not be thought of. For them, not. Subjectively, they are queens, thus, they can't how others think nor feel. And these senseless queens are BUSU and BUCCOUZURA, or 仏頂面 or satanic face. BB Queens.
Dancing Pon-Poko-Lin!!! Momoko SAKURA.

Miyuki really likes to imitate Agnes Chan. Her expression of her singing mode is easy to immitate. Good instructor of kids songs.

Only kids songs? ENKA, olso. Don't coufuse Mina AOE, and Michi AOYAMA...So so similar, however, Yoguiri-no-Maichiru Teishabe...Chiyo OKUYAMA.

Like to sing pop songs? Like. However, not want to hear others singing.

Ego-centric. Yes. Private time. Thus...

Miyuki likes to imitate other good ol guys, yes. Bud ol guys also. Kenjis Leagues sue Kenji ISHIKAWA. Oh, Kenji, of Fabio, and SAWADA, and KEN-KEN, KEN 2???

Tiki-Tiki Machine Speed Race. A bit solid type movement. And thus, it combined with machine race.
And Miyuki discribed that Captain TSUBASA is the same taste of the combination of robust body and 2D face. The same as Tiger Mask...and in a certain meaning, my son Alex...

Any guy refers to the point. Too too nasty to think of it. However, after her appointment, it turns to be laughing mode. PErsuasive...Not contemtous, intentionally. However, spontaneously, the image appears, and it causes the laughing. Remembering professor no.1...non educative use only...Why you are so non educative...Because I hate teachers...

Teacher, teacher, why you are not so attractive? Because the pupils hate them by instinct.

Educational system in Japan. By instinct, it vanished.

Miyuki is the best educator, in a certain meaning. Only SELF type...独学 only type. others don't work at all. And probably, any guy is the same. Just Miyuki says it clarely. Thus, her disliking no.1 is HOTARU-NO-HIKARI or 蛍の光.

  Laughing situation. Teachers have forced the pupils to sing the song, which praises the teachers at maximum, in the moment of the graduation ceremony. Spontaneously, it should be, in case of appearance. However, in Japan, it was an obligation for the pupil to sing. Shame!!!

Say, "Fuhler is superb!" by Hitler. Siek Hile!!!

Story is different from Hitler Jugent. However, Japanese Education is North Korean type. Just memory works. And memory was replaced by wifi inducing system, and then, some reading tablet. Sometimes, thus, strange dream was sent by IKKYO site.

For Miyuki, always the significance is different. Miyuki was caught a story, a hunter, like Theodor Roosbelt, Teddy Bear's stimulator, was walking in a jungle. A guy, dead however not rotten, was in the cross, Miyuki encountered with, and felt that "Oh, mate, you are unhappy to be hung here. Anyway, I will help you." and did so, and put his arm on her own shoulder and started to walk forward.

For Miyuki's understanding, he was a victim of some prejudice and failed in the middle. Thus, Miyuki helped at least not to be contempted any more.

However, according to IKKYO's commentator, the dead body is religious leader, and Miyuki helped him.

OK, if he were the religious leader, probably, he had asked me to dispose the betrayers. And Miyuki combined ADACHI, namely, Miyuki in enhanced mode, a big guy, helped to do is. The same.

Anyway, disposal, cleaning up, sawage and so on. Not so different at all.

However, for IKKYO dreamers, it should be accomplished now. OK, Vanish! All in a body! IKKYO betrayers, Die for Now!!!

And they vanished. IKKYO believers are so so nasty to hear Miyuki's pop melodies. Why? Sairene. Marmaid, in River Rain. Say, Rains, it?

Miyuki is so quick at such a trifle joke. Think seriously. They both recognized their own disease. Oh, better that non recognition. And they want to go to Tokyo. Oh, better more. and now, you triggered their going. The best choice for them both. And they didn't know how to go. Just take a bullet train directly to Tokyo. Too too easy.

For them, not at all. Thus, you should be a victim of their leader. Probably, Alex or Clare would be so.

Miyuki is nto suitble for them both. Because they spontaneously attack Miyuki, forgetting what they are doing. Thus, Alex or Clare, in soft mode, take them to the train, and say bye, and turn to the house, to report the mission completed.

And them? BBQ party.

Hot plate would be fine. Do you have mine? Any way, meat. Agree. And now, they are going to sleep. IKKYO dream is so nasty to see, and today, Miyuki encountered with so similar scene of it.

Miyuki was watching the parade of infants, in several groups, in the dream. They were calm, however, only one group was yelling, "俺たちだってでっかいぞ!”or "We are also big, you know!"

Miyuki thought that the infant victims, who were killed by their parents, and almost all of them were shamed to accuse the parents, however, some of them recognized that vistims should accuse the wrongdoers, even the wrongdoers were their own parents, decided to act on the line.

Before the dream, another scene was sent to Miyuki. She was in a cemetery, old Japanese type, and infants were playing in a concealed narrow site, and a middle aged teacher responsible, a nasty spooky guy, wathinc them quietly. Miyuki thought that they were 水子 or MIZUKO or fatus group, and wanted to inform the fact for Miyuki, however, the spooky old bitch didn't allow them to do so.

Thus, diceised kids dream, Miyuki thought. And? Thus, as much as possible, Miyuki tried to pick up the wrongdoings, which they suffered so much.

And the missions? For Miyuki, mission dream. Suggestions. Not IKKYO dream, Miyuki thought.

Almost all of them were You Tube or short movie type. IKKYO dreams are more 2D photograph type, generally speaking.

Sometimes, film type exist, yes. However, in case of only non-moving, it would be IKKYO dream.

"Don't read loud!", in a train of CHUOU line from Tokyo to Hachioji, an old male faked power holder scolded Miyuki abruptly.

At that time, Miyuki was making light verse, with nothing in her hands, any book, any paper at all.

"I am not reading. You have no right to stop me!" Miyuki got in rage, and said so to this old strange guy, with his wife beside. The couple was talking loudly. Thus, he was not able to accuse me because of making a noise.

Anyway, the reference to "read" was a seed of mistery. And Miyuki presumed that in the society, there were some guys to "read" without any letter in fact.

Miyuki didn't know the reason at all, at that time. However, considering the satanic way, they substitute brain with this projecting system. Cunning machine, it would be called. With the machine, the guy can show up a genus with good memory, while, Without, he turns to be just a dumb.

Todai related used this system. Probably, Micchiku related used this cunning machine in case of any exam, thus, they could entere into some renoum versities, without any difficulties. Unfair, the exam war was.

And now, Alex is watching BUSU bitch voice actresses world type programs, so called NO PLAN, on TV. They probably took some amphetamine to be high, and just BLA-BLA-BLA type program. High tensed condition BUSU bitches talked, laught and so on. They are so evedently Muck world residents, and thus, NO PLAN.

Improviso, yes. And in the moment, their cheap cheap personality appears. They said that they are 27 old or so, however, according to their remarks, however they looked like 60 years over old erotic satans.

Their way of thinking is so so influenced by IDIOCRACY, so so divided according to its own sexes. Chao-Ribbon world's exstance, with the low level sexual jokes. They speak incessantly without any thinking. Impulse oriented conversation only.

Miyuki is sleep now. Thus, good night every one!

VNISH! DDMs!!! You are so so ugly erotical cockroach satans.

We are meeting tomorrow in our blog. See you for now!!!
With Big LOVE, from Wild 7 plus Yaculte. Smuck! Small Muck, not at all!!!
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