Rabby & Chinkoro : New Version (3)

2018-02-08 16:24:36 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Consecutively, Miyuki and her team members got shocked at Shirakawan evil attempts.
NANKO Mountain range is now in danger because of Nimrods' stupidity! Help the region, especially, all pine trees!!!

They put the rice straw belts for the protection of the trees against insects' attacing in winter, however, now, crazy stupid Alzheimer idiots take the belts as the marks of cutting! Stupid! However, they now work in this line! Help! Stop the evilest devastation of the NANKO silver lake region's mountains!!!!

We declared the total vanishing of the all nimrods, already so many times, however, they act like that! Kill all inmrods, immediately! We all hope your help to stop the devastation!

Miyuki, this morning, got attacked by her own parents, and shocked so much. At 7:00 oclock, they came to her hutte, opened the doors against her will, and the rope gate, also. They unlocked the doors, using the special tool to unlock the doors, And invided into the hutte, searched her objects, broke them, put them in disorder.

Miyuki was sleeping at that moment, and they threatened her to obey them. Terrible order they ejected, and she was almost killed by the old Alzheimer parents. After her recognition of their attempt to kill her, smiled, and tried to erase the fact. However, Miyuki got shocked and tried to make all her efforts to survive, praying for Gods of Justice, so many times.

They tried to call to the police, under the name of her health problems, like cold, losing driver's licence so on, and also attempted to call to the hospitals. Stupid and terrible, however, they really threatened her to do as they liked. With a steel bar, KOUJI, her father, tried to hit her to be killed. Miyuki recoginzed it, and he stopped, with a bar, almost 1 meter at length.

They are mentally illed, and for KOUJI, number 110 on the telephone is so common to use. For Harumi, Miyuki did know well, however, also for KOUJI, number to the police is the short way to be rich, killing Miyuki and gaining her succession.

This is MICCHIKU family, and Miyuki didn't know the fact at all. Whole my families are Nimrods, in short.

Thus, we should speed up the process of total vanishing for Nimrods, as much as possible! Terrible Alzhemer patients, and no guy can stop their evil wrongdoing now. The hutte is attackable for them both! Not only Yukari, but also Kouji can kill Miyuki with violence, and also HARUMI, has possibiity to do so, physically, yes!

Thus, please inform the facts to the suitable guys to punish them immediately! They are so dangerous, and we are in the world of horror done by Nimrods, especially, old guys at the age of 70 years old over!!!

See you soon! We all expect your participation to kill these terrible Nimrods so soon, all in a body!!!

VANISH! DDMS! You are so ugly, direty, cruel family killers!!! Save us please so soon!!!

From Dr.Miyuki SATOW, and her reliable team mates, Rightous Brothers,
With Big Big Love!!!!!

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