Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (328)

2017-12-02 20:16:03 | 日記
02/12/2017, Saturday, cold, fine, all day

Miyuki went to Chestnut Hill, and her hut floor wiping job. Done, almost 100%, thus, now, time to bring her objects into the hut!

She now uses her special "Snail Big Back Pack, made of genuine leather, bought at San Tiago de Chille, at Public Market." Good leather only shop, Miyuki found. And she bought so many leather goods, including two cowboy hats, and they were stolen by satans...Good brown one and anotehr dark brown one. SANKIN contributors, the Alzheimer ladies, in the main house!!!

Anyway, her "Snail Bag" is so big, and so nice! Just size for Miyuki, thus, as if he waited for Miyuki's arrival at Public Market, Miyuki thought!

Good qualitied leather, only. It is so rare even in Latin America. She relies on the quality of the shop, of course! Near "Versaile Palace like toilet" or Center Park of San Tiago. You should visit there! You would find so many good leather goods, genuine cow and ox leather type!!! Leather products lovers should visit the shop!

A robust middle aged lady, reliable guy, would attend you! Curled black hair with slightly dark skin westerner, she is! Miyuki offered a discount, and she agreed, and she bought so many goods only at US$300 in total! Oh, I would visit the shop one more time!!!! All leather, only! Genuine! No faked artificial leather! Confirmed type!!!

Thick dark brown leather big bag, it is, and no brand mark at all! Thus, she liked so much. Probably, some guy, individually, made it manually, and it is so functional, at the same time, so so cool, and simplest design! Thus, my line!!! And it seems like snail's shell, on Miyuki's back. Thus, with this bag, Miyuki turns to be "Miyuki, the Snail!" or MIYUKI TSUMURI, thus, moving mode Miyuki, she turned to be now!

And, Miyuki recognized today that Oh, also this time, rat chasing sound came to her. The earthquake like tunnel Missile like shaking of these days, is it! Oh, thus they yelled, Chinkoro King, now ordered his whole Rat Tribe to go forward to save our beautiful universe!!! Thus, Miyuki is moving now!!!

As much as possible, she doesn't want to buy anything, however, she wants to enjoy each seasonal or special events. Thus, today, she bought some special products for them.

Sliced Olives in glass bottle : US$2 from Italy
Prezzels, 10cm middle size : US$1.3 from USA
Lense Beans, canned type : US$1.2 from Italy

And to continue her job during day time without returning to the office, she bought cheese at US$1 of KOUBE. And Miyuki planned to collect some special delicious foods for herself and for her team mates, in this way:

If she finds some interesting or suitable products at reasonable price at shops, she buys them and stocks them in the hut, and she, sometimes eat, and, sometimes, especially soon before the party, she checks the date of expiration, and offers them, which are near to the date, to the next party, and we consume, and she buys substitutes instead. A chain cycle to be party organizer, forever type.

Thus, good idea, every guy apploused!!! Oh, how thrifty, and reasonable, and how cheerful!!! Chinkoro King likes her so much, up to her thriftiness!!! Thank you, Chinkoro King!!!

Today, Chinkoro king passed a bit melancholid time... He gained the role of Lolita, in "Cat's People" easily, because the director also targetted him only. And he posed, and the poster was already put. And so many guys stole the posters, in each site. So popular, and it was so liked by every guy!

And, Oh, Chinkoro King, you are stupid today. He was trapped, and agreed to perform another film called "愛のいい子だ!”or AI-no-IIKO-da!" or "Good girl, so lovely one!" directed by Naguisa OOSHIMA, again!!!

This is his third "AI-no" series. First, AI-no-Colida, the second, AI-no-Ricorder, and the third, this AI-no-IIKO-da. And his instruction was simple as always, in short, "Just in your own natural way, Cute Girl, Chinkoro KING!", and his one day, so so private common one, was filmed, and was put the title above.

Just a Disney Animal Movie, in short. However, he is so so cute in the film, thus, whole universe wants to see this film, and the way of viewing was different from Road Show type. Two in one type! And Miyuki remembered this type as 日活ロマンポルノ or NIKKATSU Romantic Pornografic films series.

In FUNABASHI, so near to the exist of JR station, there was a big cinema only for pornography type. She remembered that on the advertisements, thus, she knows "Female Prisoner, Scorpion no.28" of Meiko KAJI.

And so many PACHINKO shops were near the cinema, where, on her grand mother's back, Miyuki visited, when she was ZERO age.

Oh, thus, I can't speak in polite Japanese, when I visit FUNABASHI town...Miyuki recognnized. So so vulgar mode only, there. Even with her SARUSHI wear, she can't speak correct NHK mode Tokyo diarect at all! Just as in her inner side, exists magnet like strongest prohibittion to use polite NHK language. Too too strong, thus, she can't resist the order of prohibittion!

Thus, Miyuki imaged, that, if she were called to talk on Funabashi, in any culture hall, on serious political matters or legal study, probably, she can't talk in polite way, and the audience would get upset at her vulgar way of saying...Shame! After 30 years of study, her speaking would be worst poor guy mode only, in short...

Nasty, however, so so strange fenomenum. Thus, in Shirakawa, she can speak in Tokyo languages and others, except Shirakawan one. Just contemptious way, she can use it, in the most shortest frases.

Language problem, Miyuki suffered mentally, when she was so so tiny. Strange, however, understandable. A kind of TRAUMA inside the brain. No reason, however, happens sometimes. 江戸っ子 or EDOKKO is Tokyonean, in vulgar type. They can't speak NHK language at all. Thus, a bit nasty for others. Tokyoneans can't speak Tokyo standard mode, in short. Oh, old shopkeepers were like that, Miyuki remembered!!!

The same. Some nasty prohibittion inside their brain. They all understand that it would be better talking in both, however, they can't...Strange fenomenum.

So so strong to syntonize the local accent, probably. Genius Loci's naughty act, Miyuki thinks. A kind of. however, they are free from such an accusation. Only inside. Not outside matter.

Too too difficult to resist againt it. Thus, we can't speak NHK language in the most suitable occasions. Nasty, however, we can't run away from the situation.

BEICHOU or 米朝 feels that also. KAMIGATA language, or OOSAKA-KYOUTO-KOUBE area only language, he uses. And in Tokyo? Tokyonean, he was. However, KAMIGATA only. Forgotten? No. He can, however, can't with Tokyoneans!!!

Tuning change is necessary, yes, however, it is so difficult in some times.

In Miyuki's case, in her earliest stage, her language field of the brain was put vulgar FUNABASHI mode. Thus, already FUNABASHI diarect talker, as her standard language model, and even after her moving at 3 years old to SHIRAKAWA, she can't learn Shirakawan, exactly.

Alex and Clare don't speak Shirakawans, generally speaking. Their first dialect was learned inside the house, thus, mostly, in non Shirakawan, mixed Japanese dialects or near standard NHK type.

They were prohibitted to talk in Shirakawans, probably, by HARUMI, like Miyuki's case. HARUMI contempted Miyuki, when HARUMI recognized that Miyuki attempted to talk in Shirakawan diarect, intentionally.

Contemption is the most powerful tool to control others, yes. Some guys, who is really honour oriented type, would be killed by contemptions, yes. And the kids were treated just like Miyuki, on this matter.

And YUKARI, also. Urban type, they wanted to have, thus, they were brought up like that. For Miyuki, as they liked, and Miyuki only passed Subdays in Shirakawa, thus, not so interested in their diarects.

However, sometimes, Miyuki laught at their way of Shirakawan diarect, and she herself showed the way to say so, immitating the pronunciation. Diarect is interesting! So many different way of saying are in each region, was Miyuki's basic attitude. Like ENKA's KOBUSHI!

Miyuki laught at the kids' KOBUSHI using, spontaneous type, for kids' song. Humming like song, they sang with KOBUSHI skill, without notice. Oh, their grand father influenced so much! A kind of music education of ENKA, they learned, already!

Kids cute song with ENKA skill! Thus, shocking combination for her, thus, she laught at the fenomenum! Clare recognized it, and she got conempted so much...Sorry, however, I couldn't put up with laughing!!!

Nasty, however, the fact. Only old guy type music, however, the SEMI-Blood looking guys sang in this way. Thus...ENKA kids song singers, they were, at the past. And now? Miyuki doesn't know well. Anyway, we can immitate ENKA song, yes!!!

Miyuki is safe now from their accusation. They, the Alzheimer ladies, recognized how they did wrong for us all!!!

Alex wanted to live with them in Tokyo, he said so clearly, and they recognized that they were so stupid to say so. They planned to do so with others' money, after the guy's death. Miyuki was one of the candidate, and her father was another. They wanted to succeed the property and capital all, after his death. Sighs, however, they are like that.

And now, No Man's Land, at least, in Shirakawa. For Miyuki, praying other's death is out of mind, and goddamnit prohibitted act, in short. However, for them three, so common, and each guy pursued for their dream based on the supposed succession.

The commom purpose was living in Tokyo. 音羽 or OTOWA was liked by them, and it was explained as IKEBUKURO or 池袋 to Alex, because OTOWA was not known to him. Thus, they had a league to live in Tokyo in the near future. It means that they wanted to kill us two.

Thus, the end of the story. Miyuki hates this type. Unhappiness chacers, they are! And they should be killed immediately!

YUKARI is abnormal, and she was allowed to stay in the main house without working for more than 30 years. And according to her, she is always busy to work for the kids, because of their stupid irresponsible parent called MIYUKI. Thus, hatred only against MIYUKI. I couldn't get married because of the kids, she claimed now, every day.

Oh, get married at you like! You had lot of chance to do so! And you has, also! How about Yuuji KOISO?

Thus, the end of YUKARI, again. She wanted, however, she couldn't. Thus, she turned to be Alex chaser, instead of ideal husband, in her real life.

However, Miyuki thinks that according to MICCHIKU theory, when Alex was born in 2001, YUKARI was already over 30, thus, no chance to get married. And HARUMI disliked to hear on marrige of YUKARI or MIYUKI at all, as always. Not me, by your old mother, YUKARI, you lost chance.

Thus, the end. Alex did know well that HARUMI is super jealous on others, in sexual behaviours. She is frustrated old crazy cruel torturers, and bahaves as if she were some pure Sanata Maria!!!

She herself talks on bottom words, does pooh in front of others, however, she accused others, if they do the same as she! Terrible unilateral accusation was done by her, as always. Thus, Miyuki wanted to live away from her. Nasty attacker, and she obliged others to be free from any sexual behaviours!

She is peeping Tom, and popped out to watch Miyuki's cloths changing

Alex was attacked by YUKARI now. HE was in the toilet, and HARUMI got out from the bath room, and soon, YUKARI came to the office, and knocked the door of the toilet, and yelled, "Alex, now the bath room is empty. You should take a bath, immediately!" in a loud voice. Alex dashed out of the toilet, and replied in his most slowest way, "Yes, Ma'dam!"

Theatorically obedient mode was adopted for Alex. And YUKARI, got satisfied, refrained from the office.

Probably, HARUMI was disliked to yell to Alex, or prohibitted to speak directly to him, and after coming back to the main house, immediately, HARUMI asked YUKARI to say the words above, and YUKARI is now so so obedient to HARUMI, thus, YUKARI dashed into the office, so so soon after HARUMI's taking a bath.

Extremely, dashing mode, YUKARI is in now. Amphetamine was taken again for the task. Each, per day, the doctor recommended, and she took, when she felt necessity. Thus, one medicine per one task. Thus, they should be thrifty to work.

Probably, the system changed, and Alex is now obliged to take a bath, according to other's instruction. He was free to take a bath, up to recently, however, tonight, he was forced to take a bath, immediately after HARUMI.

Energy is lacking, in short. Thus, Alex should be thrifty, as much as possible. And no guy is so thrifty as Miyuki. She refused to use oil heater, and it was confirmed by any of us. She prefers to enjoy her whole life entirely, thus, so many fat clothings we have, thus, she wears so many of them, and her body temperatuere is kept, so much.

And electricity is not necessity in the second hut. Miyuki refused to induce the electric lines to the hut, and said to her father, "You can choose to induce it, at your cost, while I don't want any electricity at all there! I prefer non line situation here. Camping, I would enjoy!", thus, they decided to cut the oil lines for Sato families.

Only for casual use, they yelled, and Alex and HARUMI and YUKARI abused it. For them, casuality means MICCHIKU life, and Miyuki is alway's our side. Thus, Miyuki gained so much. She didn't take a bath, sometimes, and now, no guys want to take a bath, thus, they need to be thrifty to do so. Their cost would be paid by their selves, in short, was our order. Thus, Alex the tenth decided not to live any more here. As you like. And he decided to live in Tokyo. As you like. And he wants to go to Tokyo. As you like. And he starts to prepare for it. As you like. And he wants no money any more. Not at all! Thus, no guy could stop his decision. No, at all!!!

Thus, Alex regrets his behavours now. And he tries to be thrifty, anyway, thus, he is obliged to follow others' instruction, anyway. Be thrifty, was out order, and the three can't move in this line. Thus, they should be punished so many times. The main house is not lit at all, because the light is so costive, for her understanding.

And the heater is used only for Alex, thus, Alex is in trouble with others. YUKARI wants to pass one night with Alex, and he refused. Thus, YUKARI is in rage. Alex is sly, and YUKARI is prohibitted to use oil heater, because she is dangerous to use it. She lit the fire easily. Thus, she yawned, and she started to claim Alex, "My nephew is so stupid, and cruel for us all. So vast place, and only he can lit the fire. We have right to use the oil heater. And now, the oil is used by others, also. SHIBUKI family uses it easily, rather, steal, as usual. Thus, they claimed, and they said, "Yes, we have right to do so", thus, they forgave it.

They allowed to use the oil tank for them, as they liked. The stupid Alzheimer ladies were so so nasty cruel guys to others at all. Thus, no chance for her, and they are obliged to do buy oil for Alex. Alex claimed that this chamber is super cold, and others laught at his claim. Already we informed it, and Alex chose it, despite of the coldness. Thus, he can't accuse the coldness in the chamber now!!!

Today, in the morning, Miyuki caught the sight of husband of deciest YUKIKO, her aunt. Oh, he exists even now?, Miyuki thought. He didn't appear in the wife's funeral, thus, Miyuki thought that he had died already.

Probably, like Hiroshi, Seiko and Youji, he appeared to show the abusive power. Probably, he can't recognize the limit of the courtyard of his lot, and started to require to gain Chestnut hill. Miyuki found a strange tumb like tiny hill like patch and on there, trash was put.

Alzheimer abuser, they are! Thus, they took advantage of living under Chestnut Hill, and enhanced their territory illegally. And SEIKO instructed it.

MAYUMI and RIE popped out in turn. HARUMI said that these sisters lived in KAWAGUCHI, and they appeared in the house in turn. To occupy only. Thus, poor MICCHIKU related, they all are!!!

And Miyuki found that in the field of the hill, the stick with discription of Johnathan, the apples, fell down. Yesterday, it was in the standing pose. And now, fell down. Who did it?

And the car entrance along the mountain road was open. Some guy came and attacked in the smallest scale.

Miyuki found that in the tiny hill in front of YUKIKO's house, inside our Chestnut hill's territory, trash, as she discribed above. And probably, it was immitated by Miyuki's ditch making on the field.

Probably, he made a tumb for YUKIKO, and insisted that the space was theirs. Oh, the dead body was also used for their occupation, probably.

Thus, Miyuki's father said, "Not to put any plants near the margin", to Miyuki, and Clare confirmed it again and again. "It would cause difficult and costive situation for us all. Thus, take care, not to plant anything near the margin!", they warned to Miyuki.

Margin, which? With whom?, They didn't inform to Miyuki. Thus, Miyuki started to plant seeds, in front of the hut, anyway.

Probably, at first, he put the wife's body on the tiny hill, and then, he forgot. Thus, he watched Miyuki's ditch, and started to put the trash on the tumb, as ditch. Miyuki watched an egg cup on the tiny hill. Just trash, completely. Thus, they abandoned it, already.

Anyway, Miyuki took a picture of the husband of YUKIKO from the front. And thought, that he looked younger than his real age. It happened in KAKISHIMA and NISHIZAWA. Well kept, in short. Why?

To be photografied, they came. Oh, thus, today, during her errand trip, two males, in different occasion per each, popped out to be taken the photos.

One happened when Miyuki was at DAISO-Mega-Stage, and now there, the advertisement that "Photo taking is allowed" was read. Thus, for Miyuki, laughing change, thus, she tried to take the photo only. However, a male popped out and was taken by her photo with it. Oh, he wanted to be taken his own photo as dying message, probably, Miyuki presumed.

And another photo was taken, when she was taking the photo of strange suspicious car in front of Beisia Supermarket. A black wearing guy popped out, thus, OK, with you, satan, and she took the picture.

A kind of desire to show their proof of existance fenomenum happens. Thus, for her, OK, I take it, is correct answer.

And Miyuki encountered with popping up scene from INFERNO on the road from NANKO mauntain range to GYOUMU super market, at HIGASHI-OONUMA. In the slight darkness, in front of Miyuki, a black wearing guy, male, popped out, and she got astonished! Oh, he came from INFERNO to astonish me, only!

Some relation with Miyuki's menatal situation. Thus, so many commercial advertisements were put in her residence in HACHIOUJI, related with moving, when she started to think of moving. Information system, in the wrongest way, they put and connected with each other, without our agreement, nor recognition. Neuro inducing service, they yelled, and it was the biggest crime in the universe. Thus, they should be killed, immediately!!!

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