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2017-09-12 19:27:01 | 日記
12/09/2017 (Tuesday, afternoon) Miyuki was so shocked now. Miyuki's precious solders were killed and raped and kidnapped. Wild hare weeds and lemmon trees were picked and stolen by Alzheimer satans! Help! Vanish, Satans! Now! Go directly to inferno! No time for you, satans! All in a body! You shall die, at once!!!

Miyuki was so in rage and yelled out during 30 minutes, to calm down her fury. Precious our Imperial family members, Imperial soldiers, however, they came, picked and stole them...For Miyuki, sacred place, the courtyard, however, they did like that. So shocked, and even now, Miyuki is feeling nasty. Sad...Lonely.

You fought as much as possible. Survive, as much as possible, and see you again, in some place! We will see you again! U2.

YUKARI came to the office, and entered into the office room, to the bottom, and started to search something, and checked Miyuki. She presumed Miyuki didn't exist there, however, she found Miyuki, returning to see her, and got surprized, and shocked a bit, and then, as if anything happened, she went back from the

For Miyuki, shocking so much. And for others, also, shocking fact. They came again. Recently, they didn't do it, and today, did it. Another attacking, to show up their power.

At this point, Miyuki is no in wonder on their vanishing. However, so shocked, and she did a round trip from YAOYA-cho, Nengu-machi, Yoko-machi, Banshi-koji, Kaji-machi, Sokuzen-chou, Ima-machi, and in the end, Yaoya-cho again. So shocked, and yelled in each place, "Go to INFERNO, satans! You are ugly bitches!"

And encoutered with two bitches. One at Banshi-kouji block. She was slender type, with marifana cigarette in her right hand, and wore slender type casual wear, not OPPABU type, more urbanized type, which was so common in Tokyo up to 3 years ago.

At that time, suddenly, the fashion sense degraded vastly. What happened? This is Shibuya, not Tochigi! Miyuki got shocked. My dream fell down, Kyo cried. So shocked by Miyuki's photos on AOYAMA area. For Miyuki, oh, this is famous spot of high fashion? For me, just a street in a country town. Messy non-fashionable DDMic loose only rural bugs only type clothings were put on the dolls on the window. Miyuki lost the appetite of errand, watching these dirty wears.

The same type shock for Miyuki. Business, Miyuki started, and the price of commercial production is more higher rather than hobby, because Miyuki relies on the products. My seeds of eating! Necessity! And Miyuki's expectation is so big. Empire, she is now making as project, and they are all enterpreneurs. And they were stolen, rather, abducted. Crazy mad guys, they are! They shall die for now!!!

And another bitch was junior high school uniform wearer, and Miyuki watched her at KAJIMACHI area, and she was bought by a driver of a white sports type car. The uniform wearing bitch was waiting for a client, Miyuki presumed, and soon, the car popped out and slowly approached to her, and without saying, she entered into the inside of the car.

Miyuki herself was considered as bitch today, twice, and a bit surpresed, because they used the western style whistling. KICHIBUE, it is called. At Doujou-kouji, and at Sokuzen-chou area, They whistled toward Miyuki.

TACHINBO, or standing bitches, Miyuki already watched in Hachioji, almost 15 years ago, for the first tyme. Oh, "Midnight Cowboy" pose! Miyuki thought. All of the cases, they reclined to the wooden electric poles.

The mood of "I am selling my body" they had. And now in Shirakawa, so many such a type, rather young bitches are increased, and Miyuki recognized that today, the faked residents of Shirakawa, rather, arround Miyuki's house. Also many visitors on Shirakawa III primary school, with so many vehicles, even in the evening.

Today, in the dark, they popped out so many, and Miyuki presumed that they are the last precarious stayers from KOORIYAMA area. Miyuki cut the tie with IZUMI-san, thus, no safe place in KOORIYAMA, they thought. And Miyuki laught at Todai pimps, especially FUNADO, thus, after Todai raid, always cruel wrong attackings were done toward Miyuki's family. Thus, they combined, and did so wrongly. Imperial families were killed and raped and kidnapped! Fauna and Flora are so shocked also! Even they were attacked? How?

When Miyuki came back from her errand at 18:30, the rope of courtyard was taken, and left on the land. Miyuki presumed that some evil satans, who came to the Primary School took off, and left it as they did before. Thus, some guys attacked Miyuki's precious soldiers.

The former crime is called 不動産侵奪罪 or the property robbery. The sign of the land was taken, it is, in reality. Thus, the criminals should be punished harshly!!!

And the latter would be killed, Blasfamia, at first. Homicide, Robbery, Laticidio, Abduction, and so on. Marshall court should be used, because they attacked the Imperial Guard Soldiers, composed by Imperial Families. They fought aginst the enemy, namely, prisoners, bravely. And so much damaged. Miyuki believes that they would survive in any places, and she would see them in any appearance. They should concentrate on their survival, first. Anyway, live! Miyuki prayed so much!!!

For satans' understanding, Shirakawa is the world of Post Death of Miyuki, and the residents of Shirakawa live on Miyuki's succession. Thus, they all rely on Miyuki's family. Thus, Alzheimer previledge they enjoyed.

For Miyuki, just satans' illusion. Rather Alzheimers' desire. And Miyuki hates all of Satans, including her families! Of course, they should be killed immediately! They attacked us so much! Even now, they did it! After Tokyonians, Kooriyamans came again. Miyuki called them 香具師 or YASHI or I-Yashii or 卑しい or rather, Messy.

Miyuki hates beggers. They are beggers, and sell their body so easily. They stays only one night here, and vanish! Immediately! Miyuki said, however, one night unit, Fauna & Flora adopt, thus...Be patient, Miyuki...

Miyuki thought that the inferior local satans vanish, and left shit smell. Thus, so many shit smells, here and there. Muck, for local leaders, while shit, for the inferiors.

Miyuki imaged urine chemical particles were used for making rain drops, and she classified sticky sweet rain, smelly shit rain, LSD smelly rain and so on.

Not only rain, but also water, it is included. Urine water, WASHIO used. Oh, the technic which was used for deserts? Just purification type? Membrane was used for it.

In WASHIO, in the toilet, on the basin of washing hands, Miyuki tried to wash fruits, and twisted the tap of water. At the same time, from the tap, and in the tank of toilet, water flashed. She tried several times, and found that these are really connected. Rain drops, WASHIO used, Miyuki presumed. However, not at all! They used shit as their water. Enough for washing hands, they thought.

food providing supermarket, it is. However, they decided to adopt this equipment. Thus, flush should be necessary to furnish the tap water.

According to their explanation, excellent membrane is used, thus, No Problem at all!

Thus, Miyuki stopped to use the water to wash the fruits.

Today, WASHIO had only several consumers, and the number of clerks exceeded that of consumers. How they can pay for the clerks? Business should not be! They are playing the role of shop keepers, given tax to do so.

Faked, in short, and the same situation was done at Daiso Mega-Stage.

Miyuki said so, correctly. They want to play the role of Miyuki, yes. And they did, as they liked???

For them, abusing the name of the superiors are so common. Thus, they should be killed. They should not do so, however, they did it. No limit for them at all. Thus, blasfamia only.

No good point at all, for the inferior satans, and they are so cruel, and faking to be kind to others. Not beautiful, rather, ugly. No beauty at all among themselves, and too too jealous, they are!

Thus, they attacked so easily others. ブスの嫉妬 or BUSU no SHITTO, Jealousy of Ugly Bug. Thus, they turn to be shit. The kids? They turn to be pooh? Whinnie the Pooh, in Childish line?

Snow smelled shit, was Miyuki's discovery. Not at all! On the day, they vanished so many, and they smelled so bad. Their last products were muck and shit. they died, evacuating or shitting. Oh, ABE's pose in Super Mario!

Sticking comes abruptly. and they should put up with the pain. Heart Attack, it is called. Heart Breaking Hotel.

Oh, Elvis, you died uner 60 years old...You were fat yes, however, not so unusually fat. Alex class fatness...

Thus, Elvis was called victim...And Pricilla, his daughter, who got married with Michael Jackson. Faked, Miyuki thought. Just for show up. To call attention of several generations, Miyuki thought. Business partner type, not love nor affection, Miyuki presumed from the photo. the back of Pricilla was impressive. Photographic pose, Miyuki thought, and not familiar image between them.

Just a friend type, Kyo presumed. All of satans were not so dry like you, Miyuki. Affectionate, rather. And they are totally illogical. Affection only world, they live, and they move by impulse. Intention to devastate beauty from their jealousy by impulse. Thus, they should vanish. Anyway, harmful, and they themselves think kind existance. Nusance. They should not exist. Mistakenly, they came to the earth, and devastated it.

Thus, they should vanish. No attacking guys, they themselves introduced to us, and they did like above. They are attackable, and non reliable. Alzheimers are incapable and do wrong. Thus, their bosses should be punished with them, because the bosses should understand the damage and be responsible for their wrongdoings, and they themselves, also should be killed, because they would do the same wrongdoings for others again and again, because of their forgetfulness. By impulse, they move, means, they can't stop, thus, only one measure to stop their wrongoidngs was errase them all!

Thus, Miyuki should punish them all. As the boss??? Even now, materially, Miyuki is their boss. OK, then, I have done it as always. Vanish, DDMs! BUSU bitch Alzheimer satans! Go to INFERNO!

They want to be killed by Miyuki??? They thought that it would be fine for them. Thus, vanish! And they vanished, already.

BUSU bitches' dying message was "We are so wrong and ugly". Oh admittion. Thus, they should vanish now!

They can't recognize the importance of others' life at all. And just interfere others' precious energy, time, money, life, body, products, and so on. Just attackers, they are.

YUKARI should not attack Miyuki, however, she came to the office, and entered to the side of Miyuki's office, faking to look for some textbooks of Alex and Clare, and tried to see turning toward Miyuki's desk, if Miyuki was there, and found Miyuki, and got surprised a bit as Miyuki's existance, and she refained from the side of Miyuki.

She got out from the office, without doing anything. Toilet was not used. Probably HARUMI asked her to check Miyuki's presence, and she did it like that. Unproductive life, they spend, and just want to know what others do.

Monitoring job, we call it. anti-productive, and curiocity only. Miyuki started to put her shoes on the north entrance, taking them from the south entrance. HARUMI's chamber is located in the best place to check Miyuki's shoes, and thus, the kids started to use the sandals, indifferent from the colours.

They are so earger to know others' privacy. Extreme Peeping Toms, they are. And they don't monitor dangerous guys outside.

HARUMI started to leave the rope open, insistently. Against Miyuki's will is HARUMI's purpose, thus, everyday's attacking on ours. Inner satans, HARUMI and YUKARI are. Thus, they should vanish, immediately. Enemy inside the house. They enhanced gradually, and showed up their legs. No choice at all!

HARUMI should take care of YUKARI, while YUKARI, HARUMI. Mutual care giving, we expected, and they are both Alzheimer patients. Thus, they should refrain from the society completely.

Unkind and attackers. Shirakawans, in short. No income, and they relied on insurance and tax only. Their life is so ugly!

Without working, why you are participating in basket ball club activites, you, idol satans! Miyuki yelled toward gymnastic hall. TAGOSAKU, GOKUTSUBISHI, KUZU, GOMI, KUSO, FUNNNYOU! All muck words only! BAKAYAROU, in short!

KOORIYAMANs do the same, just the number is bigger than Shirakawans. The same repetition. How we can put up with this situation? They attack so easily others, without thinking of our future at all! They like to devastate happiness of others. Their purpose is pursue for unhappiness of others. Sobstory makers, they are! And Miyuki, just in rage! Soldiers, you should be brave now! Survive, anyway, in any place! We expect to see you again in somewhere!!!

Thus, they pledged to survive. You are victims, don't be ashamed to be attacked, killed and raped. You are brave, we believe you survive! Thus, they come back soon. Miyuki is in wonder, why they attack so easily on our team even now. They like to invade others' territory. Thus, explaration only world, they did.

New comers, they are. Came to KOORIYAMA recently. I...YASHI, or messy, because of it!!!

All over Japan, these wanderers come and vanish, repeatedly, to show up the population. Stupid system! And Miyuki found so many junior high school pupils in Shirakawa and in NISHIGOU. Near Shin-Shirakawa, Miyuki encountered with a group of pupils, and one of them yelled, "Recently I moved to the new house." as if it were so natural among them. Oh, moving from here to there, like wanderers.

This is the system of collective invasion into Shirakawa. New, and in each year, at several schools, they frequent and allow to be absent, as they like. Just register is sufficient for them. Thus, any empty house should be used by them.

And they sell their body, as much as possible. Thus, near the primary school III, so many vehicles were left, during the usage of gymnastic hall. They are waiting for the junior high school pupils to do it. Buyers, in short. Thus, after Miyuki's yelling, the vehicles refrained from the parking lots beside Miyuki's courtyard, and parked on the westside of the school.

Easy to crash, Miyuko's house, Miyuki got to know. A long type red wagon car almost crashed the house. And Miyuki did know that Makiko's house's gate was a bit inclined. Oh, already they hit and this is the result of the hit.

So many cars on westside now. and the traffic sign was changed because of it. School frequenters, they are, to buy the kids, and today, junior high uniform users used the gymnastic hall.

Now, TAKAHASHI, the advertisement company's president, is doing funeral. So few funeral decorative flowers were put in front of AOKI's main site. They put the name of female called Akiko. Only 6 flower decorations. Not so important guys, and one of them were put by 青木大 or AOKI funeral company's president himself. It was always put in case of some important bosses' funeral.

Yesterday, HARUMI put on black trousers, in spooky mood. For Miyuki, new to see them. And in everywhere especially at Mega-Stage shopping mall, black wearers were so distinctive yesterday. Funeral Sunday, Miyuki presumed. Just appearing on the party weighs a lot for residents, probably.

funeral going is so in boom in Shirakawa. Point getting rally is adopted. Who participates in the funerals would gain some points. The prize is cheap doll of AOKI, probably.

Thus, HARUMI tried to give it to Miyuki, as if it were valuable thing, and disliked by Miyuki. A key holder with a doll of old male figure! Terrible. "I gain a gift from Clare, a new key holder. Thus, I will give you this one, kindly." And she started to loose the tie from the bag, and said like above.

Miyuki dislikes figure in general. And old male's one, terrible bad taste one. My mother is crazy!, Miyuki really felt it. Spooky. Thus, Miyuki refused, "No, thanks. I don't want it. I dislike dolls." For Miyuki, usual to reply so, however, for HARUMI, the refusal is fatal.

Some guy took her skin bag, Miyuki sometimes feels so much. Oh, this is AOKI, himself! Thus, refusal was fatal for satans! The bosses were all denied their existance by Miyuki. Each per each, they appeared, and got declared "Go to INFERNO" without exception by Miyuki. They thought that HARUMI is Miyuki's mother, thus, Miyuki would not refuse HARUMI's order ever, they presumed! Stupid! Miyuki said clearly, "BUSU bitch satans! Alzheimers, they are! Go to INFERNO! You, HARUMI, trash! Less than zero! Fass, you are! Muck! Shit!!!"

Miyuki has inclination to dislike the nearest however betrayer type, so harshly. 近親憎悪 or Hatred against faked kins. Miyuki said so to her platinum mates, when she was a versity pupil. Miyuki did know so well her inclination. Thus, the bosses are so so idiots!

Miyuki said them all in Japanese, with threatening mode. Plants liked her male voice mode. Naniwanian, she turned to be. So many OOSAKA speakers, she knows. OKINO is one of them. They prefer speaking in their own dialect. Thus, Miyuki likes to speak in this language. SAKAI or NANBA? Anyway, Naniwanian.

She is not TOUHOKU tribe. Probably newcomer, and she is rough guy type. Thus, yankii, she is considered by KOORIYAMANs. "TAKAKUTSUKUYO!" is prohibitted word for them all! "My case is Business related. And expectation is so so precious rather than the actual situation. I lost the big business chance. Thus, one piece, at least 10 thousand times, it costs. You know, 一粒万倍日 or one piece increaces to 10 thousand pieces DAY. Today is the day. Thus, each seed should have at least 10 thousand lemons. And each lemon seed of them produces 10 thousand kids. Thus, 1 million times expensive rather than actual value! You should know what you did on me! And you are incapable, yes. In this case, your responsible bosses should take the responsibility with you, all together. Both should be killed, immediately. And your bosses should pay their own indemnization, beside your indemnization. And the delay of these execution cause another damge, different from the original damage. And each delay should produce interest. BUSINESS, thus, the parcentage of interest is higher than usual.

And criminal law, exists the punishment on Property Robbery. You should be killed for it, especially. You picked the stick from the certain position. You shall die for it! It means you did invasion. Too too primitive and big damage, thus, so harshly panished, you shall be. 死に腐れ!, or SHINIKUSARE, in short. You shall die, and get rotten as you like! We don't care your dead bodies! Of course, including my mother and sister! They are satans!

For you, satans, legal conceptions are too too difficult, yes. Thus, no value at all. However, Dr.Miyuki SATOW provides these knowledge for us, Rightous brothers, for free. OK?, I am doctor of law, which were obtained at Tokyo Versity. My consulting fee is ZERO for rightous brothers, and for you, satans, so so expensive, because you are all abusers. At least, one second, US$1000 TERRA dollars, OK? One second, not one minute! Give me money, at once, all in a body, or the interest would increase. This is my business, thus, the interest percentage is also more expensive for satans, you, OK?

Miyuki SATOW is now also farmer, thus, Miyuki's garden damage is so so expensive, you know! You should pay for all of your past wrongdoings, all in a body, right now! You yourselves are valueless existance, yes. However, you satans, you are integralists, thus, as total, you exist. Thus, you shall pay your debt at total. OK, satans? For you, too too dificult, yes. Thus, your bosses should pay because of your betrayals. Satans should pay all the debt immediately, completely, eternally, totally. You shall die for now, yes, and the debt shall be collected by us all! VANISH! DDMs! Immediately, and eternally! You are ugly butches!!! The bosses, many of them are animals like pussy cats, yes, however, you shall be punished so harshly, and even domestic animals, you should pay all of your debts!!!

Then, rightous brothers, you should survive! We expect to see you again tomorrow!

VANISH! DDMs!!!! Ugly BUSU bitches! Forgetful wrongdoers! Forever Jasons! Go to INFERNO!

See you soon, rightous brothers, all, in our blog!

From Uncle Emperor Miyuki, with her supporters Cyborg 009, with our Big Big LOVE!!!

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