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2017-05-18 09:04:25 | 日記

18/05/2017 (Thursday, morning) It's rainy. In the early morning, Miyuki got up with the sound of steps outside in the ally between our office and KOJIMA house.  Oh, the KOJIMA hermit again? Miyuki got upset, and she decided to confirm it. Thus, she got out of the mail house, with a camara.

 She found the white car of number 44-67(?), however, couldn't find any man at all on YAOYA-CHO block.

  But, our friends mount doves coockooed several times, thus, to search them, Miyuki went forward and turned to the office. On the side of SHIBUKI, the contrary to KOJIMA, she found a cat, which she had seen yesterday with a ring-bell, a nasty whitish dirty gray one, without any bell now. And it was stuck on the earth, or rather, on the concrete cement, without any movement. Oh, you? The domistic animals who perticipated in the DDMic army, it belonged to. And it would be superior to our DDMic familie members. Intellectually, probabaly. And morally more degraded, thus she led the two both under her control.

 Miyuki got to realize the fact and took the picture immediately. And Miyuki remembered the pose were really resembring to the cat illustrated by Mary Poppin's books' illustrator, as "Queen' Cat".

  Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, where have you been?

  I went to London to look at the Queen.

  Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, what did you do there?

  I chased the rats under the chair of the Queen.

 Oh, Queen, I made a big mistake! Not Testacle Pets, you had! You had a pussy cat!!! Femi-Les pussy cats, they are!!!!

  For them, making a love with male is absurd. Thus, they scolded Miyuki harshly, and contemted her in front of the nurses in HASEGAWA Hospital, because of her prevention kit holding. For her, nothing at all. Just "I am scientific and more cautious than you, mother". type sloght nasty feeling.

  And they concealed her kit until now. Why they are so insistent not to have it? Miyuki got in wonder. Oh, OBATA type is the leader of Femi-Les movement. KAKISHIMA, not at all. She bought male prostitutes often. Thus, Femi-Les provided female friends to the DDMs. For them, more enjoyable rather than Testacle pets.

  And they failed all in one at once. They divided ther roles into female one and male one. And sometimes they changed the role each other. And for them, some role play game inside the house.And always male role actor behaved violently to others.

  Thus, YUKARI sometimes got violent, and sometimes calm. And her mother also. Changeable was their point. And the pussy cat who belonged to SHIBUKI family was their leader of this goddamnit block.

  She could do it, Miyuki really felt. She is more than 30 years old, and considerably young, anyway. Oh, Monstrous cat! Forever young type, even it was messy dirty one.

  In Japan, from old era, cats were said that they could turned to be a monstor. Miyuki read some books on their story. They trained for turning to be so. To threaten human beings, also included. And they drank oil of lantern. Miyuki read the book of this type of training when her kids were infants in some book shop, open to consumers. Oh, Andersen Park in Funabashi, probably. A big vast place with athletic games outside, and a some wooden facilities inside. And it turned to be raining, thus, they took a stay in the facility, and they found the book, and read together.

  Oh, 陽だまりの彼女, the real version. HIDAMARI-NO-KANOJO or She was in a sunny side. The same contents of Alzheimer process, sobstory romance with illustration. They were the exact type of this.

  Miyuki read a book review on ASAHI ONLINE version. A Todai related journalist, commic addicted, wrote it by his own will. He is a maniac like Alex. And thus Miyuki decided to educate Alex and Clare one article written by him, however, they didn't show any interest at all. Thus, Miyuki just gave up, and recognized the efficiency. Own leaning is the best. Even with my selected paterial, for them, less than zero. In this case, I waste my time, money and energy. They should learn by themselves as they like. Thus I will concentrate on my education on me, Miyuki thought. This is the best way for us three, and for the future.

 Thus, Miyuki dislikes education by others. Even in the best case, it would be less than self education. At this point, Miyuki is a pragmatic pioneer. Only when they show their interest, she accompanies to help their own education. Just a bit of comment is enough for them all. Don't touch their sacred zone type respect, Miyuki always has, because she is disliked the same by others.

  However, DDMs didn't respect others, and couldn't at all, and can't forever. Clare is our promissive, thus, they wanted to kill her, they thought, Miyuki really thought this morning.

  DDMic dream she has this morning, soon after her first performance in the 5:00 in the morning. Miyuki was in the riverside. A nasty dull tiresome faced flamboyant woman was there and her daughter was absurbed into the ditch to the river. And she said, "Oh, my daughter is just playing." And she watched two men near, saying, "Oh, we are both liberalists. We dislike to be interefered by anyone. She says her daughter is playing. Thus, as liberalists, you should keep away from her!", with threatening voice. Oh, they are killers, and at the same time, took advantage of the victims' parents' liberalism.

 They commonly used the strategy to liberalists. Thus, kids under liberalists were easily targetted by them, all DDMic army. Thus, they should vanish immediately all in one at once in a body. And they insisted on their animal gene related maternity, thus, DDMic animals participated in their side. Sly type, they were. And they should be punished as soon as possible.

 They sold Miyuki's materials as much as possible, and they failed. The proofs, we called them. And they themselves showed in front of us all. Oh, hot hand crime actors, they are!!! And prevention is the highest price belonging, according to their theory. "To show Miyuki's insanity!", they really insisted, and they failed all. All Alzheimer patients, who forgets we are in the 21 century. Even in the 20the sentury, it was already common sense. however, for her, even now, formidable evil proof of Miyuki's bad conduct. Any single mother couldn't do it type oppression existed in this goddamit country called JAPAN. Miyuki explained too too rightously to others. Jealousy, DDMs have, in the extremest version.

  And they should vanish, right now. Miyuki didn't know the system at all, and they believed that they were genuine virgin Maria. AVE MARIA!!!! PUTA MERDA!!!!

  For them all, oppressed unintentional marrage is the extreme proof of love, and their unhappiness especially in their sexual life is the pleasure of their whole family. Thus, Miyuki was a target of them all. Attractive, anyway. They agreed, with gramzy face. Miyuki laught at their skewed oppressed feeling, and analysed that unsatisfaction to others two, was their catch copy.

  I can't get no satisfaction! Mick Jugger.

  Oh, double negative? Portuguese type! Probably, popular British uses it like Portuguese, Miyuki presumed. And Oh, BINGO!!!! Anyway, if it were the contrary, totall loss of Rock music world!!! type question.

  She tried the meaning in gramatical way, at first, however, she was not persuaded at the result. Anyway, the sound of the extasy. Why for unsatisfaction????

  Scandalous theme for Japanese public law world, her proposed, "Sexuality in Constitutional Law". ???? Just a not focused field I want to deal with type challenging job, Miyuki wanted to do so. And I am knowing a lot of good examples on the matters. Laughing jokes included of course. My friends would like it type book, I would like to write.

  And they all failed at once. Oh, I am TOHOHO! Unfortunately, it is the fact. For them, no excuse at all type her confession here and there. Miyuki is virgin? Unfortunately, even now, yes....I want to try it, however....

  Chinkoro serves her confession turned to "Wanted!!! You, candidate!!! The youth, OK, the experienced, OK!, all OK!!! Friends, anyway, at first. Then, feel it! If we could, do it!!!"

  Chinkoro should appologyse her obvious expression of desire. She is too too new at this point. Even I, did know at least the mechanism, and she, nothing at all type...We rabbit is a bit different. She has no it. OK, thus, different!!! I am sure, she has no!!!!

  Thus, even FAUNA & FLORA should get to wonder her coolishness against their common army called DDMs. Spontaneously, Miyuki responds, yes. And honest, probably in the highest class. And thus, they liked her so much. Thus, they wanted her to be their informant.

  If she were our army, she would be a good supporter of us all, even we are only few, they thought. And they tagged at the matter. Miyuki should be clean forever program. Thus, they concealed Miyuki inside her own house. And they took advantage of it, showing their faked superiority with threatning. And Miyuki did a good job. Just ignorance for them all. DDMic response not at all. They accused her by her "OK, you thought so, and you said so to me" type OK, and then, if she denied their unkind offer, they accused her not to be kind to them all. Only reply for the sake of DDMs were allowed her situaion, they planned, and they failed in a body. She is resistent type, and her sister is robust. Good. YUKARI the broken robot is the best selection for her family.

 And now, Miyuki is hearing the yelling done by Sakuma faked family. They are moving again, probably. Precarious, why? To price up the value of town, only at the moment of classification, probably. Real Estate businessman would know it well, presumably, however, I could presume it like you, father!

 Miyuki is too too right to say so. For her, unusually high populated Shirakawa, and they were stolen and sold the most important things to the IKKYO betrayers. We should protect ourselves, Miyuki really thought, and they sold at the moment of their departure, at the highest price. Oh, me???

  Clare thought Miyuki, and Miyuki thought Clare. Spontaneously. And for each one, they fought, because the other is more precious than ourselves. Not so brave activity, however, at least, under the certain situation, Miyuki made her effort. And Miyuki realized the fact. Clare was almost sold by them all????

  Miyuki did it, because she is a liberalist, is their reply. And Clare talked with her, and Miyuki disliked any insurance system at all. And this morning, Clare was not in her house, however, her grand father didn't say anything at all.

  They really did it??? Not at all. She is more precious than I, thus, she should be protected by Gods of Justice, more than I.

  Miyuki is safe, and probably, she is safe, yes. The last ones should be the evilest nasty ones. And Miyuki disliked both from the bottom of the heart, yes.

  Nasty, however, as a family member, I should avoid any attacking done by them both, is her real feeling. And this morning, at least, they admitted their failure.

  According to their faked conversation,  yesterday, their formal male superior, namely my father, scolded them both, because of their easy quick way of doubling the keys of office and so on. "Oh, I was scolded harshly in vain", Miyuki's mother said, laughing, as if, it were nothing at all for both. Oh, they are the real Alzheimer patients, who couldn't protect their precious family against the enemy from outside. Rather, they are easily taken from them, DDMs, Miyuki really felt so in her bed, hearing the conversation.

  "He said why you didn't understand such an important thing at all!", and they laught in a body. Alzheimer patients, in the serious case. They sold their spirit yes, and now, they wanted to sell other members of their family. Thus, they should vanish immediately.

 And now, abrupty, a road desconstruction or construction process started. Miyuki took some scenes of their faked job. Asphart was cut easily like this type lesson for her. however, they cut in narrow lines. Why they cut in eac 10 cm's width???

 If I were them, I would split in 100 cm width anyway, then, I would pick them the surfice with shovel car, or just by hands in gloves. Easy, than I expected. Only one thing we should take care of. The cutter. Jason type should not use it type arms, the machines are. Thus, IKKYO believers, or betrayers, should not use them at all. Prohibittion would be needed immediately by the real authority. As soon as possible, or all of us are in danger. They should not use them not at all!!! For them, arms, yes. They are all Alzheimer patients!!! Don't forget it!!!

  Probably, YUKARI contracted with them to use the toilet of old the main house, by their own will, and faked Miyuki's name as alway, and they wanted to kill Miyuki before she got to know it. And the assasin failed, and they ordered the attempt again, and failed again. And the contracted IKKYO believers came with their machines, and didn't know what to do. How construct underwater route, they don't know, Miyuki really knows well at this point. They dig yes, however, they didn't know how to connect the pipes. She watched the scenes in MOTOMACHI area, and heard, "Oh, where is gus line?", from one of the worker, the faked boss at the scene, after they digged the earth already. This is IKKYO, Miyuki shrugged in reality.

  Miyuki at first similed at her charming mode, "Oh, SAKUMA Construction starts to destroy their own buildings. Both, altogether!!! Good!!! Nice!!! Go, Go, Go!!!!" with her punichings, kickings!!!

 And she watched the scene above. And really impressed that LESS THAN WEEDS!!!!, IKKYO believers are, in fact!!!

  Yes, weeds are our friends, yes, of course, however, as ammature destruction job participants, they did much better than IKKYO believers, and considering their size, weeds are too too stronger than them all!!!!

 Thus, we should get points at this field yes. Why they are to stupid at the last moment? Miyuki really is laughing at them both. Just want to our restarting jobs probably. Just a sound enough, YUKARI did the contract, as usual. And they came to do so. And they changed their mind. Alzheimer patients easily make a contract and they forget easily. and they do again and again, and they insist that "Oh, we are new at this point!". forever firgin type, they are.

  Miyuki did the theory well, and her father should stop their wrongdoing as soon as possible when he recognized it. Incapacity system for it, even under their own idiocracy. Not to damage their precious things. And for them all, the kinky old ladies are just factors of loss of the fortune. YUKARI did it three times already.

  According to Miyuki's father, they were cutting the road for the exchange of gus pipes. Thus, Miyuki told her real experience in MOTOMACHI above, and added, with her own sly and cute way, "I wish that their job would not be so rough this time! In Shirakawa, here and there, Alzheimer patients are there!!!!" And she stopped to say the matter. Her way of saying.

  Miyuki learned a lot from her harsh experience. She did know well at this matter, and in Shirakawa, some boss contracted with All Alzheimer workers to their own ego-centric motives. YUKARI-HARUMI like Alzheimer patients they are! Miyuki did know it well.

  Thus, they failed at all. Anyway, Miyuki did know well the power. And M&A is alway busy. Not so promissive at this point. They liked to proceed the process in the quickest way, by their own speed, yes. For CHINKORO, like a sleeping job, however, for DDMs, the best way to prolong their death. Brainless situation in Shirakawa, thus, they took part in the meeting, and thus, Miyuki was forced to be inferior to them both. For them, Miyuki's object is staying here to rule the town????

  This goddamit town? Stupid!!!

  However, for them, it was a belief to trap Miyuki. She would fail, and vanish immediately, and their FEMI-LES era would come soon. They were predicted by their faked Goddes???

  For them, any superior female is enough, thus, a pussy cat, yes, of course, probably. For them, incapacity is a kind of evasion. And Miyuki really does well on law. Any criminal law should be applied to all of them immediately, because they turned to be totalitarians, and changed their personalities easily, and transmitted the disease, also so easily. Thus, they degraded so quickly. Stupid, like my mother!, Miyuki was astonished at their behaviour, and they reagretted again.

  They refrained from her participation, however, they agreed that she insisted that she is sane in mental situation, because she is the other of Dr.Miyuki SATO, anyway. And they all fell down! ♫🎶

 They should know their own limit. She would be the last one, probably. However, Gods of Justice tried us all, and Miyuki and ADACHI chose the same way. And in Miyuki's case, the most laughing and slightest way. Adachi suffered a lot because of his post death treatment. He really did, however, Adachi is a kind of Miyuki, and his mother said clearly to her, "I became more stronger than after his death.Before it, I refrained from behaving as me, however, after it, I could get to do so as my will. " Oh, she could feel sympathy with him, and thus, she wanted to meet me.

  And she said, "I don't want sobstory on the matter. However, I colabolate you, within the limit. " Thus, Miyuki recognized that domestic wives should be divided into two, diligent worker type and indulged incapable one. Miyuki wanted to be frined with her, however, they couldn't meet so easily. Anway, we have business, yes. Thus, we should do our mission at first. And if we have time, we should plan the best measure for him, Miyuki started to say her.

  She was interested in Education, and after it, she continued to participate in some illminating education researching jobs by Todai KOMABA party. It means, she is interested in not because of her own benifit, namely, for her family's sake, but rather for the future kids. More generally socialized matter, she is interested in. And she is active, and swifted to do. And she has reliable friends.

  DDMs are sly and stupid, without exception, Miyuki really thought of it. Why they easily kill their own precious creatures??? They are fated to be cold to others, and to gain some affection to their parasite lives, they are obliged to pretend to be kind. They are forced to behave like inferiors, against their own intention. And if they gain some chance, they are revealed their own real personalities. Audacious, or bravity, they expressed it. however, M&A denied totally. Just an arrogance.

Beyond their ability, they want to do so, is the difinition of this word. With ability, it is a source of satisfaction. Thus, Miyuki trained well even in the domistic matter, because, for male Miyuki, this is a big weakpoint. And M&A tried their own experimental system on the cooking. Miyuki already showed her opinion on this point in front of AOYAMA GAKUIN versity's pupils. Scientific experiments are like cooking. Thus, all of you, who have some prejudice to this area, try it as experiment of natural science!!!

  After wathing a movie of Aljajira, a pupil showed in front of them as presentation, on how to be distriled cocaine in a poor family in Lima. Concretely the film showed up, and Miyuki really thought that the process was similar to cooking. And also, the family did the job just for earning money for their living cost. No way except it type necessity, and the father said to the intervewer, "I want to do this goddamnit job because I want my sons to be educated better." And any addictied one among their family. his face said, "I don't work in this area. I looked for some, however, anything could be found. And I need to feed my family. My family understand me deeply, and sometimes assist me. If I could gain a rightous job, I would work differently." with his sad, however, "I don't forget my belief" type starn face. This family is really protected by Gods of Justice, Miyuki really thought of it.

  In Miyuki's case, her family members were isolated, and they were forced to work independently. Thus, they took advantage of the situation. Miyuki should work inside the house, they decided immediately, when they got a notice of her discharge. And Miyuki was sleepy in winter, and suffered her chilblain problems. And after spring, Miyuki wears neatly, and started her own work. And they started to disturb again. Seasonal setting probably, Miyuki really thought of it.

  Thus they failed. The bosses tried to tame Miyuki, and they couldn't, thus they were shot immediately. And they pretended to behave to exist. And Miyuki disliked any of them, namely, all Kyorin staff, until the last one.

  And for them, even now, TAKAHARA is one of her favorite. Oh, yes, a kind of favorite. Good to amuse him. Shame collection no.1 type. yes, in this meaning, he is my no.1 favorite!!!!

  Better than Dirty Worm Penis Yoshihiko KOGA.  At appearance. At a glance, nothing at all type. Not so harmful, at a glance. Too too thin impression and spooky figure he had. On the contrary, Dirty Penis worm was a monster at a glance, with a sly dirty smiling.

  Thus, Miyuki's mother was disliked by others by her ugly sly smiling. "Please forgive me, I am so ignorant at this point" type expression, in the worst moment of them all. Oh, they came to take my father to the hospital, and she allowed them to do so. Why she did it? Because she wanted to be superior to him.

  Terrible experience among her family. And she believes that Clare is totally fine in body and mind, especially in spirit. She is strong type. Much better than I. And they failed.

  Miyuki should be the last one of her family. Oh, yes, I have my own family, and my family are ruled under Gods of Justice. And we are in a body, at this point. If we are betrayers agaist of Justice, we should vanish at once. As much as possible, we should make an effort. Not to exceed beyond. Thus, she should move quicker than their planning.

  Always they do after their mornng meeting. Thus, they wanted Miyuki as their advisor. And Miyuki refused to be a dumb among them. "Why I get up early in the morning at 6:00 to serve a cup of hot milk to my son, who gets up at 7:30? He is already 15 years old, and knows well how to use microwave oven. Too too strange."

  And then, Miyuki got to know that they forgot how to use micro-oven, and washing machine, and often pretended to move them as usual, without doing their own tasks.

  Just waiting in front of the turn table or the washing machine. Crazy! Stupidity, tatal!!! Laughing joke in the history of the universe!!!


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