Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (198)

2017-08-12 19:56:09 | 日記
12/08/2017 (Saturday, evening) Miyuki came back and ate her dinner. And now, her writing time!

Today, Miyuki checked the site of the disaster of one day before yesterday in 大町 or OHMACHI block. Miyuki found four pet bottles were put, beside the already left cherished flowers and Jagabee. Aquarias vanished.

And she found the pine tree was break of the crash. She traced the line of the wheel. In front of the pine, the car turned, and hit the tree, and proceeded 2 meters into the center of the road. No blood at all.

However, from 30cm to 1 meter hight, the big wounds of the skin of pine were found. Pine dews appeared to repair of the skin. Beautiful transparent liquid small balls, they are! However, Miyuki found the scars, from the left under toward the right upper, and 2 peaces of small glass peaces, whose size was almost 1cm x 1cm x 5mm, were left and it looked so similar to the dews.

And Miyuki found a water tap with long hose, in the same courtyard, in which the pine tree is, and confirmed that this is an inducing point for car crash disaster. After the crash, the water was spilt to erase the mark.

however, Miyuki found two marks on the asfart road, witch probably were made in case of the tires' attempt to change the direction of the wheel. Skewed asfart patchs, they were. The scars sizes were almost 6cm, both.

Probably, the driver tried to stop, however, the car had no function to stop, namely, non stopping mode or no break type like Race bycicles, and couldn't change the direction, and crashed on the pine.

Miyuki touched on the skin of the pine tree, asking his agreement, and probably, he was the most biggest victim in this case, She presumed. And watching his skin so well, and confirmed that he would 100 % would servive. Dew would work, absolutely! Scar would be his glory, in the near future. Scar face, he would be called!

Patched, for a while, however, not his shame. The trank is OK. He monitored a lot of similar kind of scenes there.

Too strange that the wheel line stopped in the center of the road. Why? Stopped? Probably not. Vanished, presumably. Satanic technicless car, encountered with some other cars, popping out of the corner on the contrary, and tried to move from the cars, and failed, and vanished, was Miyuki and her team mates' presumption.

And at the same time, the recently made asfart putting caused Miyuki's detective easily. Probably, newly made means "this site was hitting MECCA, and to conceal the disaster, we did this asfart putting job."

Thus, in Japan, always the roads have been "on the construction" or "In the middle of mending". Dirty workers, they are!!!

Miyuki remembered a painting called "Road mending warker" by Manet. Miyuki compared this painting of Impressionism with 15th century's Duke Berry's tapestoty, in her class, in front of 200 pupils. In her primitive understanding, they are good examples to show the difference between fudal era's farmers' life and late 19th centuries' workers' one.

Miyuki exagarated that in feudal age, workers can't move from their concealed place, and their profission was alreay desdained. Farmers in each aristocrats' campus only, while, in modern age, they could go beyond their birth place to gain new job in urban area, namely, near Paris, and the result, workers in road construction or mending.

Probably, already exist their predissesors. Disaster concealing jobs were needed in unrban area, was the rightous answer.

And now, in Shirakawa, less populous rural isolated villege, there are many nasty faked residents, almost all of them are composed by south earstern contries nationality holders, here and there, and they don't know how to live in this place, and how to fake the residents at all. Thus, the traffic accidents here and there. And concealing jobs, here and there, yes.

Already insurance oriented society was done. however, Alzheimer power holders and their inferiors believe that they cound gain from these sob story related disaster inducing business, thus, they play the show in front of Miyuki and Adachi.

Wet Adachi said, "My tear drops were already dried up in Shirakawa. Just laughing story. I couldn't cry with this detective story. I am turning from Auntie to Uncle." Chinkoro and Yacult yelled. "That's it, Adachi! Show your corrage!!! Don't show your tears, any more!!!"

Consecutive shocking scenes, in all Shirakawa area. And now, Miyuki yells in loud voice, "You, Shirakawa residents, are all Alzheimer patients! Your disease is already revealed! Alzheimer! Morally and intellectually degraded! Alzheimer! Alzheimer! Alzheimer! Idiots! Stupid!!!

Three times rule, they adopted. Thus, three times, consecutively. In any supermarket, Miyuki yelled, "Alzheimer! Alzheimer! Alzheimer! You are all Alzheimer! No future, no hope! Just vanish!!! All in a body!!!"

And now, quick news. The conversation between Alex and YUKARI.

YUKARI came here to provide her special dishes to Alex, with her crowling step mode.
ALEX : Where is the frozen product I ordered before?
YUKARI : Yes, it is it.
ALEX : Which one, it is?
YUKARI : It is.
ALEX : It is croquet. Not Ham Milanese, I ordered.
YUKARI : Yes, it is HAM milanese. (with small chuckling)
ALEX : Why you don't bring me Ham milanese?
YUKARI : Clare ate Ham milanese earlier than you. (with small chuckling)
ALEX : Why you didn't buy Ham milanese to fulfil the stock?
YUKARI : Because Ham milanese was more expensive than croquet in convenience store.(with small chuckling)
ALEX : Oh, you bought frosen croquet in convenience store? Croquet is cheaper at any supermarket than in convenience store.
YUKARI : Because last night it was rainy. I needed to buy the croquet at the convenience store in the morning. (With big chuckling)
ALEX : I asked Hum milanese, decisively, not croquet.
YUKARI : OK, Alex, I will buy Hum milanese, now. You are my boss. (With big chuckling)

In short, YUKARI couldn't remember that she was ordered to buy Ham milanese, and bought frosen croquet, as usual. And in case of accusation, she did her always only evasion, with lots of lies.

Good example of YUKARI's conversation. In case of perceiving her failure by impulse, she starts to chuckle, in case of Alex's accusation, because Alex is superior to her. Forgiveness giving mode, in YUKARI style.

With the relation with Miyuki, threatening mode only, because Miyuki is inferior to YUKARI now, according to YUKARI's primitive impulse. Hospitalized as mental illness, thus, I am superior to this nasty sister, is YUKARI's impulse related attitude. Thus, unchengeable at all.

Clare laught at YUKARI's strange replacement of the topic. YUKARI wanted Alex to accuse Clare, because of having eating Alex's Ham milanese. It was done so often recently. And now, Alex and Clare, are both, Miyuki's side. At least, Miyuki is only guy, who could yell, "Alzheimer YUKARI, Alzheimer HARUMI" in their front. How audacious!

Miyuki is good at running away from them both. They can't chase Miyuki any more. Thus, just going outside works. Miyuki goes out over 10 hours. Thus, they forget what happens in the morning, when it comes evening.

However, something nasty, they feel. What is difficult for them to remember, however, anyway, Miyuki is always nasty for them both. Thus, it works.

Today, exactly Miyuki was doing her detective search in front of the pine tree, which is really old Japanese gardeners love it type, with good long healthy however artificially skewed shape with good twigs with green long stings like thin leaves, as if he could encounter with EDO era's popular picutures or more artistic paper decorated fordable wall called Byoubu or 屏風 in Japanese, or BYOMBO in Portugues, suddenly HARUMI's small beetle like yellow car popped out from the corner, and HARUMI shaked her hand to Miyuki. "Oh, he recognized me!However, she forgot what I said in the morning. " And Miyuki showed her hip to her car, and took a picture of the back of the car, as a proof of her appearance.

The reason unknown. Just a coincidence, probably. And the direction was toward Shin-Shirakawa area from OHMACHI area.

Satanic technic to gain affection, probably. In vain, Miyuki always thinks. And just because of forgetfulness, she got relieved as always.

YUKARI's replacement is more popular in the world. Alzheimer replacement for evasion. And sly smiling is also. Now, for Alex only. Only Alex exists in her world. Probably Miyuki is just a nasty guy, like Clare.

This morning, Miyuki wanted to wash her used clothings with washing machine. However, YUKARI appeared when Miyuki started to prepare her breakfast in the office.

Satanic technic is strange. Always, when Miyuki gets awoke, some guy appears in the office. And always, when Miyuki gets up, some neibougher locks the trank of the car. Everyday, the same situation.

And in HACHIOJI, the similar. When Miyuki awoke, in different from time, the neighours started to act. Oh, my awaking is an alarm clock's equivalent?, Miyuki really thought.

Now found the big hit class discovery in the universal history. Satan's technic is so primitive. Just inner world's peeping Tom job, they have done from the begining. Thus, neuro searching is their technic.

Thus, satanic trading or negociation is always taking advantage of the critical moment of some guy, and asking their life, instead of their kind offer. In case of refusal, they need to refrain from the guy. In case of accordance, they take its life, immediately, namely, started to use its skin bag, and fake as if it were the original.

Exists a bit a bit of trading type. Japanese female bitch called Domestic wife has been used this technic. In this case, shrinks in each trading. Thus, they shrank.

For Miyuki, satans were more at least leaner. Thus, the prototype of satans was Lilis. And too too difficult to image "Ugly, nasty, smelly, dirty bitch, namely, muck, in the shape of plump, indulged, short, fragile, fat, big-headed, with big bust and hip" as the original version. OKINO and Moriko, also. Thus, all three cried. Tilda Swinton! Oh, Lilis, you are betraied!!!!

Thus, for Miyuki, they are just muck, and now, discovered. Oh, Gaia!!! So called Mother Nature!!! Oh, muck, yes! Salt of the earth, also. Necessity, it means, however, DDMs spread salt so much on the earth, and gave a big damage for us all!

Nature is more uncle, not Mother! Terrible! Any muck wanted to be called mother. Thus, YUKARI was so obedient to Alex. Auntie, she is. My mother is more cruel type. More Lilis like dried up type. She laughs so much at their vanishing. Spontaneous laugh. Thus, sadist, she is.

My Auntie is sadist yes, however, so wet, and her brain is made of muck only. My mother is called Miyuki, and too too thrifty up to the bottom of her heart. Genuine thrifty.

However, my gramma called HARUMI, and my auntie called YUKARI are both thrifty up to the bottom of their bottom, and at the same time, too too costive. Economically innneffective!!!

And YUKARI, to disterb Miyuki's morning dish preparation with her preciouos 3 sardine, semi-dried up type by way of her precious micro-oven, started to open the windows of the office all. Smelly, she wanted to say, at first, probably. However, Miyuki did the way to erase the smell, as much as possible. Fun, she put. Just turned on the switch as always.

Probably YUKARI forgot the switch, and the existance was out of her mind. Thus, she reopened the window, again, with her most roughest mode. Miyuki recognized that the door of the micro oven was open. And the door of the toilet, also. And felt strange.

If the roasting fish were smelly, the door of the micro oven should be closed. And the toilet's door was why opened???

Miyuki's presumption is as follows.
YUKARI wanted to open the window to show that she could feel nasty smell. However, soon, she forgot it, and her mission turned to be open some glass input door type existance. Thus, she opened the doors of micro-oven and of the toilet. Replacement, even in this level. Anyway similar is their catch frase. Thus, faking job, only. Can't do any ONE mission at all. she can't do バカの一つ覚え or "Stupid can do Only one task", any more. Half is already enough for her.

Alex is waiting for YUKARI's arrival with steamed up Ham milanese. She got out from the main house, yes, however, she forgot why she got out there, because she encountered with Alex there. And she refrained from the courtyard. Thus, Alex did know well that she would not buy his precious frozen Ham milanese.

Alex wants to accuse her tomorrow, saying, "You didn't make the errand which I asked for you." and YUKARI would do her evasion, again. A nice gag scene for him.

Yesterday, Alex said, "8 oclock in the morning, at Shin-Shirakawa, Auntie. Why you didn't wake me up? Why you came to ask me the time?" and YUKARI evased, "Because you said 8 oclock in the evening. Thus, HARUMI, your grand mother went to pick you up today in the evening. Do you remember?"

Oh, thus, HARUMI was driving her yellow small car this afternoon! Miyuki presumed already, and also presumed the relationship among HARUMI's unusual driving and her cheerful mode, and also Alex's remark on 8 oclock in Shin-Shirakawa.

Yes, satanic technic is as follows. They do their collective work. Thus, YUKARI asked, and HARUMI caught, and they planned for Alex's picking up. Thus, between Harumi and Yukari, all OK, in this stage. So so similar, their conducts are. Thus, so nasty. Clare spets! Miyuki spets, in front of satans, to express her denial against satanic behavours! Dirty, nasty, erotic! Ugly BUSU bitches, they are!!!

Muck, thus only bottom related illusion only! For others, nasty. And for them, not at all. too too nastural to ask such a private matter at all!

ADACHI would dislike it, of course! however, Miyuki can't put up with eather. Bottom parts are so important for them, because they are genuine muck!!!

Adam and Eve were made of muck, not of the earth. Eel like worms, they are! Clare spets!!!!

Eels like worms produce earth from muck, however, they don't produce anything at all. Less than Eel like warm, Clare.

Carel Chapek, famous check writer liked eel like worms so much, because of their function and of contribution for beautiful flowers. Admirors of beutiful flowers, they are. Thus, it would better to kill eel like worms, their working is confirmed.

However, exists satanic eel like worms, yes. Satanic snails also. Miyuki found satanic snake, and satanic ants. Alzheimer animals, they are!!! So shocked. Even animals suffer from Alzheimer disease, was Miyuki's discovery.

Yes, BSE, Mad Dog disease, already famous, animal neuro confusing diseases are. However, even lizzard species? Also ant species???, was Miyuki's first encounter with these types. And now, we need to take care of any fauna and flora, because they were also attacked with satans.

Plants satans exist. The dried up ugly leaves are the character. 99% of the targetted plants can survive, according to Miyuki's observation. And when you, rightous guys, find such plants satanizention process, yell the fact, "With some effort, 99% of your species are saved, already. Thus, try, anyway to survive! You can do it!"

Yes, 1% of victims, we should not forget, of course, at all, however, for the plants, in the middle of suffering, to know the percentage would effect yes. Miyuki watched the victim, one cherry tiree, one rainy seasonal flower, one flavory Japanese ceder. Exist more and more weeds victims yes. However, regarding to the garden related type, there three guys. Not species. Three trees, or three storks, exactly. Thus, they can survive, with their attempt to eject the poison, like producing fruits as a poison absorvent, groing up vertically, asking the neiboughers to give a crorela power a bit more for them, turning their leaves reddish to concentrate the poison, getting hole where they suffered the chemical poison and so on. Lots of ways exist. Thus, the possibility of the savival is so high, thus, try, to be saved!!!

For the 1% of victims, some excuse should be necessary, They were so shocked, just it. Not because of lack of effort, their death means. They wanted to live, yes, however, they were attacked more than others, or more sensetive, thus, not because of their indulged situation at all. They couldn't do it, in short. So so shocked, thus, they got in punic, and fainted, in short.

Satanic technic is Pearl Harvour, in short. Thus, they attack abruptly, in case of Miyuki's sleeping, sometimes. In vague mind, she would decide erroneously, or spontaneously respond in her positive mode. Their calculation was so rough, and all of their technics were already used repeatedly. Thus, no time for them all!!!

Sly, and liars, as always. Clare wants to say so every time. However, Miyuki doesn't believe their remarks as truth not at all. And even Clare did eat Ham milanese, in stead of Alex, YUKARI herself admitted the necessity to buy another Ham milanese for Alex, already. Clare is totally indifferent from the matter at all. YUKARI's evasion is always just BLA-BLA-BLA, without any connection at all.

Satanic ぱっぱらぱー or Papparapaa in Japanese should be translated as "illogical situation" by others. Any reasonan logical connection at all, however, to put their own crime to others' shoulders, they use the technic often. Appear proper name, and then they start to target the new name.

Thus, KUSIDAMARIKO of Tsuda Wemen's college ordered Miyuki not to mention to Kyorin's name at all, and yes to write in the vague way. Vague is muck's preference. Thus, they degraded so soon.

TAKEDA=KUSODA was a similar to Miyuki, the clerks rumoured. Miyuki graduated from Tokyo Versity, while KUSODA, WASEDA. Miyuki is doctral degree holder, while KUSODA, master degree. Miyuki teaches Constitutional Law and Administrative Law and Latin American Law in the class, while KUSODA, Constitutional Law only.

And Tsuda chose KUSODA, rather than MIYUKI, because Miyuki is superior rather than KUSODA. The opposite, they really sighed. Miyuki wanted to keep good relationship with clerks, as much as possible, because they were workers, as we all. Thus, Miyuki was saved. Always, she treated them as human beings, of course. And KUSODA, thought as if they were inferior to herself.

KUSODA wanted to take advantage of Miyuki's absence in public law, yes. And she couldn't. Why she planned to do so? Impossible! She was just incapable, like YUKARI. MISAGO was so rotten, and Miyuki deeply sighed, because the clerks needed pacience so much to treat it...Anyway, forgetful, and always, "I didn't know it. Thank you!" mode. Every week, they thought in detail, with the max politeness. They never said, "we said it to you, so many times, Prof!" at all. Miyuki watched it, and deeply got astonished at their pacience. Professionalism, Miyuki thought. They themselves wanted to sigh, yes, Miyuki observed, however, they could not express it at all. Against their professional norm.
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