Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (76)

2017-05-25 19:09:28 | 日記

25/05/2017 (Thursday, evening) It was rainy this morning, and turned to be cloudy. As usual, Miyuki had to pass her precious time outside the house, for the sake of her own life.

  This morning, the squad came earlier than usual, at 8:50 in the morning. She felt strange, "Oh, these Alzheimer patients came ealier unusually, it's too strange, because they are slow type, and inclined to be late, as their habit. Probably the evilest boss paid an extra money to ask them to come earlier than their 9 to 17 mode? Or, their physical body clock changed completely altogether?", Miyuki thought.

  Why they are so cruel? They love to kill as an amusing game, Miyuki really felt recently. And she found some clues today. Why birdies fly so low in the hight. And a crow stopped and walked on the parking lots. Miyuki yelled, "Oh, crow, get out from the evil parking lots, or you would be passed easily by these monstrous cruel cars!!"

  And she took a picture. Anyway, they wanted to tell me some fact. And found, that they are ashamed of the fact that evil wild animals participated into the DDMic army.

  Miyuki tried to persuade that it happened even among animals and plants. Not so often like human beings, however, F & F are not perfect, in some sphares. Thus, some evil tendencies holders did wrongdoing, only for their ego-centric motives. Don't worry. Your ex-mates failed, just it. Only some 0.00...per cent of error. We could manage the situation.

  However, you should prepare the harshest punishment to the wrongdoers among your own species. The rule of the same species' sanction. Of course, if you prefer, we provide assistance, as much as possible. Thus don't worry. We should fight together, as always!!! Upward, anyway! We need to develop our own system. Reliance, the evilest animals vanished. This is the shame for us all. Not only animals. They are evil cruel beasts, not wild animals themselves. Thus, we can catch them. Thus, they are so evil. Mad dog type. Out of mind type activities they tried also today.

  Squad making process. one, step up to disturb her step. and then, follow her. And then, yell some word to attract her attention. Then, the other yells, "Oh, she did it! Oh, she did it!", in the mobil phone. And the faked officer appears, and catch her and kills her all together. Then, run away.

  However, they changed their roles easily. And time is different among them. They adopt some physical feeling oclock, thus, sometimes they are not so punctual. Thus, Miyuki could escape from their attakings.

  The squad are easily comibned, Miyuki really thought. At 10:00, she was waiting for opening the public library, called Libran among them. "Oh, they put the name actually!" She thought. And failed. Just for this day. Liberalist should run away????

  She thought, "Oh, they are collected to do their OPPABU business in the library, probably." Thus, she took several photos on the scene. Two waves were recognized by Miyuki. And after Miyuki's entrance, another wave. 18 figures or so. They came with mobilphone in their hand. Oh, they came so instantly. Easy goers, they are!!!

  And she tried to read some books on Shirakawa region's old stories. And found that they are so evil since 1000 yeas ago or so.

  One episode is too too nasty for her. A KAPPA or River Frog Monster chased a horse, and he was found by the residents, and forced to give his precious thing, it was a cristal ball, like a Dragon Ball. Probably, boy with golden balls, it signified. And they brought up the boy, and he graw with his brilliant mind, however, they claimed, "Oh, you are not good at physics." And the boy met the KAPPA in some place, and the KAPPA brought him to the rightous place. Behind them, the residents got apalled, and vanished.

  Oh, adopted kids' story at that age. the promissive boyes they were, and the Shirakawa residents treated them so bad, thus, the KAPPA brought them all to their own places. The same thing happenen recently in Shirakawa.

 Which do you prefer? Being here, or evacuating to other places? And Alex said, "I want to have a miracle door to go everywhere. Omni-existance, I prefer." Thus, they failed. For them, Alex should be their kid, instead of Miyuki's kid. And Miyuki respects his independence. Miyuki left him in the hands of Gods of Justice. It means, "If he is good, he should be saved, and the contrary, he should be punished." Not to separation at all. Independence, he should gain, and he is sufficient to be so.

  and they all failed. She thought, at least, he has 20 brothers. Clare also. Thus, a lots of relatives all over the world. They can search some resemblance among them. A puzzle like pleasent interesting challenge of all of them. Of course, any of them have right to avoid to know the kinship. However, if they in secere agreement, they can travel all over the world, searching their brothers and sisters. Just say, "Oh, I am fine anyway today." is enough for me.

  And they liked the idea. Not belongings they are. Independent existance. And it would be fine for us all. If we are reliable existance, it would be possible. Not only kinship relationship but also friendship also. Changing kids or adults system, it works!!!

  And Shirakawa is desqualified by their evil anti-humanistic treatment for the kids. Especially for dark skin kids.

  Miyuki wanted to have a moreno type, if she had a chance. More challenging, and she was not ogliged to have some yellow skin type at all, because she was TOHOHO, and indifferent from any skin type, yes type.

  However, considering this situation, my kids are lucky by my just a hobby type inclination. Miyuki prefered caucasian type, because they are popular in California. In Clare's case, probably, south Italian blood is included, and south Italian has some south Asian type blood, Miyuki thought. Anyway, the south Italian residents are similar to Indians. And they failed. Skin type, they minded to much, like Ms.Responsible. Like a syntetic artificial skin, her face was, Miyuki got terrified, when she watched her face. No wrincle type, and whitish skin, without any concavos, no fleckes. And her foundation cream was so thick, and she seemed like a candle figure in Madam Tasseau.

  Android should be clean, at least, Miyuki had thought until the time. however, considering the location beside 日本未来館 or Museum of Future on Japan, in which two android ladies were there, the Ms.Responsible used the Android to regain her younger fisiolonomy, probably.

  Any skin type could be chosen, they promissed, and they chose no wrincle type. Thus, they failed. Madam Tasseau?!!! They got upset. For them, a perfect skin. And they should their limit. They used the skin of diceased kids.

  Oh, placenta treatment??? Why there are lots of "Anti-Aging" skin care cosmetics in Japan? It is sold any Japanese drugstore. And Miyuki disliked it, because for Akemi, her closest friend in Platinum Dormitory, said to her, "Non chemical type is better. " In case of soap. And for Miyuki, any product, less special ingredients is better, in a broad way. And OKINO said, "In averege, 2 or 3 kg of lipstics a cosmetic adorer eat during her life. Avoidable is the best, except in some special ocasion. And lipstick is made under the cost of US$1 in general."

  Thus, for Miyuki, for no interesting male at all like situation, avoidable to use cosmetics is the best policy, and she disliked "Anti-Aging" products. She bought 2 tubes SK-II tube to take her head wrincles, at the cost of US$100 per each. And confirmed that it was produced in Max Factor in USA, and it had no effect at all. Thus, she stopped to use it. and in other cases, she prefered not using placenta, or hiaron acid, or some special material. Anyway, neary water, but keeps skin moisture type is sufficient and nice for her skin, she decided, and did so as much as possible.

  Now, only flecles problem, she has, as she was in her teens. Fleckles, she wanted to avoid, however, always filled with fleckes. Her inclination is free from fleckes, however, for the object, she doen't lose any merit of her skin type.

  thus, they failed. They established an institute called, "Institute of Esthetics by Shiseidou or 資生堂" beside Teikyo Versity's Hospital. They wanted to catch Miyuki for the use. They lost mind already. Miyuki catch was started again.

  "Why she is so young?" Someone wispered to one of DDMs. And they asked wrongly. "Why you are so slender?" Thus, Miyuki told the fact, with some decorative expressions. "Oh, I am accustumed to do WINE DIET", and they repeatedly asked it. "Oh, Auntie, I replied it already" type reluctance done by Miyuki.

  And all of them replied, "I (or my acquaintance) tried to do it, however, we gained weight after drinking wine!"

  It all depends, she put as always. In my case, I got a success, however, in others' case, I am not sure if it functions or not. Miyuki said so, in sincertily.

  the more exact answer is, "I didn't want to eat at that time, thus, I didn't eat, and after, I started to eat lots, especially animal protain foods. Carnivoco, probably I am.

  And they failed. Meat eater, she is. And she dared to eat rabbit meat. And after his persistent persuasion, they agreed to help her. Miyuki pledged not to eat any rabbit meat intentionally, because reghon is its suitable better replacement. I will participate in some cooking festival type leaning however, in case of rabbit meat, I will use leghon, and I will cook the same sauce for Rabbit meat traditional dishes. Thus, I pledge, yes, yes, yes!!!

  Too too considerable, they all thought. "Oh, yes, I will not!" she should have said? Not at all. She challenged her pacience, and remembered the flavour, and made a compromise. Unintentional, Miyuki said. Sometimes, "ooops, I found that this food includes some unpredictable ingredients, against my belief!" type happening occurs. I this case, I , as a materialist, should say, "Oh, Rabbit Tribe, I ate your meat again, without knowing." however, as fur as I know, Rabbit meat is expensive, and when it is used, they are the mein dish on the table. Specialite, yes. Thus, I think this type of nasty happening would not be happening, I believe.

  She pledged!!! She pledged!!!! She didn't eat any wild hair!!! Some domestic type, yes!!! Probably. In case of Coimbra, we ate wine sauced domesticated rabbits, yes. However, in case of Japanese restaurant, Probably, it would be domestic type...Gibie exists in Japan, thus, I don't know how they gained the meat. Dos Gatos, the restaurant is called, located in KICHIJOJI or 吉祥寺. We, Alberto MATUMOTO, Kyoko OKUYAMA, Fuminobu OKABE and I were there, and dined Chocolate sauced Rabbit, according to Miyuki's, "Oh, I have never eaten it!" type request. For her, anyway, for the first time like food. And Chocolate was not sweet. Oh, Mixican tradition, Miyuki thought of.

  And she asked her spanish and mexican friends on the dish later in TSUDA women's colleage. They didn't know the dish at all. However, Mexican friend refered, "It would be Mexican, because of Chocolate use" and they all agreed.

  Miyuki presumed rightously. Not spanish, but Mexican. So new for the others, also. And how they gained the meat? Gibie or Domestic type?

  Chinkoro laught at Miyuki's sincerity. Oh, she ordered? Practically, yes. If I could, type proposal, yes. And always, "Oh, I have never eaten it! I want to try it, if you allow to do so..." Always, they have chance to recommend alternatives. Thus, Chinkoro appologized her. He failed at this point. Wild hair is eaten in Japan? I don't know in really. however, wild bore and wild deer are eaten in Japan. Bear, also. Thus, I presume the possibility.

  Wild hair hunting, the three men in Wales went to. According to their saying. And they are all crazy, thus, it is not reliable episode.

  Rabby liked his sonny's curiosity. And strict serious way to be bigger. Wild hair should be he, all type good boy type he is. And Miyuki is proud of his brightness, yes. And she pledges not to touch his hair without his accordance, as much as possible. She is really obliged to be pacient at this point. Chinkoro feels her "What should I do, if I want to feel to touch his fluffy hair. I should put up with the agnized situation. Yes, I need to do so, because I want to continue to be his friend. For me, non erotical significance, however, his fluffy hair belongs to himself. Thus, I should be pacient, anyway. I should be a human being, thus, I pledge not to touch his fluffy hair, without his accordance. I have a lot of substitutes. Cute, fluffy, yes. However, I should respet him, including his physical freedom. Body belongs to its own spirit holder, yes. Thus, even with some agony, I should put up with touching his fluffy hair, yes!!! Pledge!!!"

  Thus, they failed. Fluffy is her weakpoint, yes. However, we have a reason, to control her genuine desire. Thus, Miyuki doesn't jump to his skin to touch. Thus, Chinkoro likes her. Too too nasty for Clare their intimate wear cheking, thus, they should vanish immediately, she yelled, and they vanished.

  And Clare didn't regret at all, and Alex also did it now. This morning, YUKARI checked his used wears, and checked and informed to her mother, saying, "Oh, I can't find any...." And her mother replied, "Now, OK. If he refers to it, we should attend to it." What? They two cheking his used wears? Cruel!!! They are both peeping Toms!!! And her mother's threatening tone, "Now, OK, however, if he speaks on it, we will punish him" like cruelity she had. What?

  And probably, Miyuki thought that my desire to touch Chinkoro's fur is similar to the wrongdoers desire to interfare their privacy. Miyuki agreed that she should put up with the situation, to keep good friendship with Chinkoro. For him, necessity. Thus, she pledged, already. Too too cruel, subjectively. however, for Chinkoro, Miyuki has no alternative. Thus, Chinkoro likes her. In her case, a kind of some sympathy transimitting process to touch others. However, Chinkoro dislikes it. Thus, Miyuki avoids to do so. Friendship should be put priority against her desire. Modest one, yes. however, only Miyuki's matter. Chinkoro should be free from her attacking.

  For Miyuki, a bit agony yes. However, she passed such a kind of agony already, yes. Good bye to her velude cloth. Too too difficult, however, she put up with it. Accomplished already. Thus, she could put up with, yes.

  Nose touch, lip touch included, Chinkoro required. OK, your choice. Your body, yes, and your will should be respected.

  Thus, they failed. She prefers Chinkoro's friendship, rather than his fluffy cute hair. Of course!!!!

   I like you, type expression for her, Rabby explained. And for the past one, Chinkoro understood. And for the future, not at all. He declared. OK, I should keep your rule. It's your body.

  Dream is not included. And imagination, I try, yes. however, sometimes, I can't. Controling is difficult. yes, I use some substitutes, thus, in materially, you are assured at this point. Sometimes, I can't stop imagin the situation.

  thus, they pledged. She is normal. Stopping imagination is fatal for her. She is suffering from their audacious threatening even now.

  POST TRAUMA Symptom Disease, it is called. Now, they want to use this name for her next catching. Again, Auntie? You are now in custody. They didn't reveal it to her, however, you are a presoner, not she.

  YUKARI would never understand, they all sighed. Prisoner, why me? type. She ordered several attacks at the cost of her money, paid by Miyuki for discommunication total.

  She uses a lot of bottle of ditergent, liquid type, Miyuki got to know it now. Why again you used one package, and for what???

  She wanted to drink it, thus, she burned it a bit???

  for her, hot means to be killed. Thus, she should be cool down??? She coufused the cause and the result, probably. She took the ditergent, thus, she got hot, and agonized now???

  Right. Again, you did it, and got upset to do so. You did it, not Miyuki. For her, Miyuki should be killed. Why YUKARI herself should be killed? And she commited faked suicide again and again.

  Strange liquid drinkers, the final staged DDMs are. Miyuki did know the example.

  In Tokyo Bay Dentention, as I talked, a strange creature who had no maternal language stayed. She drank wocester sauce at almost one bottle full, thus the Ms.Responsible got in rage, and they killed her by  iron bars.

  YUKARI wanted to be killed, thus she wanted to kill Miyuki, because Miyuki is her substitute????

   Sacrifice, at this meaning. Miyuki would be killed instead of her, according to YUKARI's ego-centric theory. Strange religion she created. All for her, and nothing except sanction for Miyuki, she declared. And the others accepted. Why? Because Miyuki is the kinkiest among us, YUKARI declared. and they deeply sighed. For them, Miyuki is the evilest one, and YUKARI is not so nasty as Miyuki. Miyuki knows their secret, anyway. Alzheimer patients, anyway!!!

  Always ego-centric is its symptom, and Miyuki does know well in her Kyorin experiences. All of them turned to be arrogant, in the campus. The worse, the more arrogant, Miyuki really felt. Why they can say the false, already legged type lies, in front of the pupils, with threatning mode? Always, "OK for us all. Why you appoint such a trifle? You are nasty and crazy!" type attitudes they took against Miyuki. Especially, in female DDMs , its inclinations were too too evident.

  Female DDMs went more beyond the limit, they really thought. They thought that her grand mother were just faking to avoid YUKARI's wrongdoings, and they failed like Miyuki. Just a thief type, she is.

  Now she is in the last stage. YUKARI put some poison to her to calm down her anxiety. They wanted to be killed all together. Ribbon & CHAO tribe, they are!!!

  When YUKARI came in her house, she was in the danger of her existance. YUKARI was her mother's preference, Miyuki thought so, and understood. And Miyuki was not her mother's type, anyway. Miyuki stopped to dislike her, because it was a waste of time, and avoided to meet both of them. Just nasty existance for Miyuki. Too too conventional, and didn't understand any law and right at all, and declared, "law is too too difficult for me. I am out of it." Out Law, Miyuki's mother is, they deeply sighed. Why they are free from any responsiblity, and always accuse others so harshly?

  and Miyuki's answer is Alzheimer patients, they are.

  Too too misterious for others, because they are so ego-centric, in any means. Why you two don't pass time all together in the same chamber?, they asked to them. And they prefer to have each chamber. And YUKARI has already 4 rooms, and now, she wants more. MIYUKI wanted to rent some independent room, however, they obliged Miyuki to use the spare space, practically just the size of her bed, in her mother's chamber. And during day time, she runs away from the main house, because it is dangerous for her. And they wanted to enhance their territory into the office. And Miyuki wispered that Alzheimer patients are in the enhanced mode. And her predicts were realized in the skewest way. They said, "For her sake, we did wrong. MIYUKI should be responsible for us two!"

  Alzheimer patients are arrogant, and incapable. And they accuse others because of their own fault. Miyuki appointed it, and they did so exactly what Miyuki said. They accused Miyuki harshly and they forgot to be in custody. Now suitable place for the two anymore. the evilest cases, they are now. And Miyuki would say that they did it again and again. They called NISHiMAKI, IIMURA, SANKIN, SHIBUKI, NAKAJIMA, incessantly, and always they refused to cansel the contract. Anyway, my daughter is Legal Doctor of Tokyo Versity, and her theory is worldwidely prevelent. Now, we should oblige her theory, and she said, all of the contracts done by DDMic Alzheimer patients are uneffective. Nothing at all. This is universal, thus, you are already dead.

  The end. wrondgoers, they are. And repeated type. Criminals, yes. And crime law is different. In assistence of the wrongdoers, you all are criminals by yourselves. Thus you should vanish, also. And you should pay our damage at all. It means, you should pay to other damaged people also.

  According to my doctor in law, you are already dead, like King Rah, by Godhand HOKUTO.

  According to the doctor of law of Tokyo Verstiy, all of you, wrongdoers, should vanish immediately, and no execution or exacution delay would be another reason of punishment. It means the damge would be 100 million times increased in case of individual figure, and in case of judicial figure, namely, company or group, the figure should be more 100 million times accumulated. Thus, vast amount of money, you should pay immediately. And its delay cause another 100 million times or 100 million X 100 million times' punishment. And in case of the delay of the excasution of this delayed payment, ....and so on (to be continued)

  A vast math users would be fine for this caluculation. Of couse, we can use any tools, including our own head. Indians, or math caluculation liking types would assiste us to reply as soon as possible.

  Even in Shirakawa, we can buy some solar system, including the sun, the earth, the moon, the mars, the venus, the saturn, and so on. Pay right now, or....

  Vanishing, anyway, at first. The delay of this execution weighs a lot. And if you don't vanish now, each sking bag should pay 1 galaxcy per second. Or...

  Chinkor is now Devil of math. Quick type likes to be such a devil. Maxwell's Devil, or MATH Devil, anyway.

  Miyuki liked to imitate to write 安野 光雅 or Mitsumasa ANNO’s Maxwell's Devil in a green transparent bottle. Drunken, probablly. And wrote a lot of Devil's mark in her sketch book. According to her, Devil's should be stylish. At least, should be lean. No fat type.

  Thus they failed. Erotic Alzheimer old bugs, they are!!! Miyuki did BINGO as always. And she believed that we won. Why not? All faking, they can do. They can't produce anything. Anti-pruductive. No real economy at all. Just tax stealing jobs, they do. They are wrongdoers, faking some habitual movement, despite of their Alzheimer disease. All Alzheimer army, they belong to, and they are all forgetful. They forgot that they are the real losers, and now in prison waiting for the execution. They didn't vanish yet. Thus, another sanction is applied. We irradicate them immediately. At a glance. In a body. Group should be. And Miyuki and Adachi did already. They didn't hesitate at all. Already decided by Gods of Justice. We should cut the line, at one, all in a body, immediately, forever.

  Thus they failed. 神橋 or KAMBASHI was his name. Administrative law pimp he was.

  At first, as an earnest scholar, he insisted that Administrative law should be combined with Constitutional law. And then, he changed his mind, abruptly. He wanted to be a boss in the area. And he sold his spirit.

  5 years ago, he said to Miyuki, "I want to move to my hometown, to live with my old parents. I want to leave Tokyo, because I have seen all."

  Ih, Dr.FAUST, he wanted to play? He said in Japanse, 「見るべきものは見つ」according to Nobunaga ODA、a kinkiest soldier type semi-shogunate in Japan at late 16th century. He was betrayed by his dearest Testacles Pets, and got forced to be killed in a firing castle 安土 or AZUCHI.

  Miyuki watched a picture roll described the atomosphare of the castle city in some museum. A lot of people were doing business in the long paper picture. 市中図絵 or Painting of the city, it was called. Soon before, she watched the TV program on it, and got interested, because of the Portuguese's existance. Probably, with unbrella, and black boy with them type one's resemblance, Miyuki thought. The latter was seen in the National Art Galary in Lisbon in Portugal.

  Miyuki liked to go to museusm when it is rain mainly. In case of fine sunshine day, Miyuki prefered passing her time, mainly observing how the each people do as usual. At dinning table, in a turistic points, in a bar, in a cafe, in a shopping mole, in a public market, in every corner of each city. She liked to walk so much in other countiers.

  And Miyuki lost a possible love, because she faked a nationality. OK, we can dine with your wife!!! Miyuki is so kind to invite him. He probably recognized that Miyuki would not be a Ms.KIM, a Korean. And her impression is, just "LEAN". And strange kinky girl, funnly amusing type. Less Japanese type. Better than anything. Japanse, she wanted to avoid. And according to her fisiolonomy, she used her personality of a Korean. From her, she tried to be Ms.KIM. Always, "Oh, you are Chinese, aren't you?", Thus, BLA-BLA-BLA in Chinese to her. And "Sorry, I don't speak Chinese..." type confusion, she caused.

  A Brazilian taxi driver decided, "Oh, you are North Korean", thus, OK, I am North Korean, yes...

  Always anyway, not Japanese type offer. OK, I dislike to be a Japanese. IT would be better for us to my faking some Asian country menber's nation except Japanese.

  Thus, her impression is different from other averege Japanese. Probably, because of my leaness, and round face type. Leaness for Korean, round face for Chinese. And a match stick lady is ready.

  Japanese females are so plumpy in averedge, and short, anyway, Miyuki recognized it recently. I am not so tall, unfortunately, she thinks even now. However, Guliver's land, now.

  Clare said, "I am 166cm and I am no.2 at hight among all female pupils in our year in junior high. ????

  At that time, she was 166cm. And for Miyuki, there would be much more bigger girls in her class type slight strange impression she had.

  They should know the limit. Short is good type and big is nice type. Thus Japanese started to shrink.

  Oh, that's it!!! Soon after our era in schol girls, Japanese girls started to shrink. Eating more meat and drinking milk, why they shrank? Miyuki did think so. Oh, they didn't eat meat or milk so much. They got poor already.

  for her, developping process, however, for them, shrinking process. Thus they disliked Miyuki. She is always contrary among them.

  And now, its too quiet. They really want to live longer more in Shirakawa. however, no time for the losers. And they wanted to go together!!! Oh, Mass Death!!!

  Too too prolonged process is now in the real change. Why they should not vanish now? They claimed. Miyuki refered to Chinkoro's death. And they felt nasty, probably. Wild hare, kid type. So rare in the town. And he was killed on the road.

  Road disaster, it meant. Hot Road. The name of the comic. Ayumi TACHIHARA type more soft touch yankee girl's developping story, Miyuki grasped. For her, so tiresome, however, not so bad, she thought. A bit lyrical, literature type, thus, she could not put up with the slowness of the story.

  Rider boy, her boyfriend was killed on an accident by the track, and left heroine started to live independently. Not so nasty one. however, when she was replied, "Oh, I have a motor cycle's driving licence!" with her cheerful voice, the interviewers's attitude changed abruptly.

  She wanted to be praised by them, thus, she refered to it. however, the interviewers asked her, "Why you took it?" And she replied, with her specially lyrical way.

  "I think motor cycle is a substitute of horse. I can't buy a horse, thus, I prefered to ride on a motor cycle". However, the mood couldn't return forever!!!!

  The interview was done for candidates of employees of 東洋経済出版 or Asian Economy,Editorial Company. At the last stage, she failed. They said, "Why didn't you mention to your repetition of versty education. " And her reply was, "Because you didn't ask me at all, Sir!"


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