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2017-05-14 10:03:03 | 日記

14/05/2017 (Sunday, morning) It is cloudy today. Miyuki has a slight headache this morning, and ate a bowlful of oat meal with boiled milk, and a half cup of caffe au lait. She took an early morning walk arround three public schools.

  Oh, IKKYO believers do faked jobs early in the morning!, Miyuki got to recognize it. Near her house, at 7:30, there was a sound of many pupils were playing in the courtyard. At 8:30, she found that only one pair was doing catch and ball, as if they were the beginners of this play. IKKYO faked family, confirmed. Old man with young one, adult. And their kids were out of the play. Just faking as figures type rough way of faked job, they are doing now, Miyuki deeply got impressed.

  Then, from where, the voice came? Thus, Miyuki started her detective jobs. Even only in YAOYA-CHO block, there were lots of evil faked figures related to IKKYO. Why abruptly, on Sunday, after golden week? Too too evident the reason is. They are called to came to fake us. Strange immedite change of this rural town, from no man's land to populous urbanized town like SAITAMA, vice center of Metropolitan Area. They confused Shirakawa with Saitama? And living cost in the former is less than Saitama, they thought, and moved from the latter to the former????

  And Miyuki found the site of the sound source of Sunday morning. Shirakawa Chuo Junior high. The IKKYO boys played the role of Baseball Club members, however, their way of cathing was worse than Miyuki's. As you know well, she is one of the worst catcher in the world. however, they were worse!!! She really thought, I could be a promissive pitcher, Ace, among them, and she showed contemptious poses in front of them. Saturday Night Fever of John Travolta!!! And laught at their least abilities. Probably, their body would be sticky, not flexible at all. Thus, they are fated to die earlier than us.

  Muscle Power Jistrophy patients should participate in the game, probably. They were born with the disease artificially put in their gene, when they were fatus, on behalf of their life time insurance. They were asked to do so, and agreed to be. They wanted to live a short reluctant nasty life rather than active healthy life.

  Thus, they should be in bed, however, the bosses ordered them to participate in the evil game to torture Miyuki, for the sake of their greedy desire.

  Miyuki wrote to her friend Bianca, a ex-immate of Tokyo Bay Detention, as if she were in custody among the evilest medical staff in the kinky mental health hospital called HASEGAWA Hospital. Total isolation from any relevant information was already done there, and after discharge, she was isolated in her original town called Shirakawa.

  She tried to get out from the rural town, seeking a good place and a site suitable for her, however, any versity in the world accepted her kind offer. Living cost and a slight luxuary is enough for me, and I can work more than any versity staff in your versity, she assured. And she was monitored by everyone in the Shirakawa Town. She was not free from any secand from their monitoring system. From 0:00 to 24:00 system, they adopted. And why? They couldn't explain her at all. Just the system changed, they said. Why, when, how?, she asked, however, anyone responded at all.

  And they are vanishing sudddenly, yes. For us all, this is a lucky information. And for them all, not so much. They did downward face, as usual. Nasty, not good for us type expression entirely.

  And she got to know that in this Shirakawa, the situation is worse than other rural towns, in which her ex-mates of Platinum Dormitory live. She can't take enough foods, they really thought. You should put only one extra milk here, her evil mother ordered to her. Thus, she should get out every two days, because of buying milk, at least. And also her mother claimed her, "Your foods ocupie our frege so much. You should collect your foods in the tiny limited place in fredge. OK, I did, she responded, because she is now obliged to sleep under the mother's feet. And her mother likes to sleep in the bed, in the higher place than she. It means "I am superior to you." And she got upset at her doctral degree holder related remarks. Thus, she didn't refer to any more, and should learn her domestic skills, and they are now superior to her mother's ones.

  And now, disaster. Her mother got to revealed that she is the evil existance itself. She hated to stay with her supeiror, and wanted to live with her inferiors. This, she chose Alex and Clare as her mates, and both of them refused to be so. Her only inferior is YUKARI, the mad dog like junky, and she prefers to live with this junky YUKARI rather than Miyuki, thus, she protected YUKARI, and takes advantage of her violence to attack athers. YUKARI is some kind of her legs, metapholically saying.

 Oh, kind girl type turned to be an indulged faked MICCHIKU DDM, yes. Now the atomosphare changed, Miyuki really thought. Her mother has smart phone, now. Miyuki heard the phone call of xyraphone, which represents the arrival of the message. Oh, you sold your spirit already at the cost of the cheapest value, and chose the easier life with your mad dog, probably.

  And they all fell down. Miyuki got upset at her, not her own mission????

  She should do so, anyway. And she likes to imagin every situation, thus she does as always. And she doesn't rely on anyone, exept her real friends. Quarted is her closest friends, yes, and her supporters yes, and Gods of Justice, yes. however, the rest? I don't know. They are individual existance, and they are in the hands of Gods of Justice. Thus, they themselves took care of themselves. Not I. I am busy anyway.

  And they all fell down. The sound is produced in some place or in a virtual world, or innmer world, she got to realize it also. And she is targetted to be killed by others, especially who got contempted by thier own stupidity and got upset to the figure which had pointed the reality to them. Easily, like impulse response, they took a phone to order a squad to kill the targetted ones. Terrible, however, Alzheimer patients have no pacience at all. And they forget the important decision immediately, as always. Thus, they called, and the squads did, ans sometimes they failed, and thus they are escaped form death, anyway.

  Probably many supeirors orederd them to kill her, thus, she is always surrounded by the snypers, she got to know the system. Easy calling, they did call it. and they do it twice, three times and so on. And it is not counted as a success. And IKKYO believers are totalitarians, thus they can change their members. Thus, all squads system, they adopt now.

  Thus, they use the system in a whole. Why today Shirakawa is populous unnecessarily?m was her first impression. And cloudy and cold. Symbol of MONOLIS. They came from this evil cloud like muck. No skin bag so much, thus, their roles were played wrongly, she deeply thought indeed. Why middle aged son did catch with his faked father?, Miyuki got astonished. They voices were the kids, however, only adults did it. Starange fenomenum. And earlier than watching them, she heard other sound like gymnastic festival marching. Probably they use the sound illusion system again, she really felt.

  And she remembered, first Sunday is the gymnastic festival of Shirakawa Primary School I, and second is for II, and the third is for III. Thus, not III's marching day.

  And then, in junior high, she watched the bad training scene of faked baseball team, and got to hear the lesson of some brass musical instruments, and then, she found that the Gymnastic hall III is located really in the campus of Junior High. Thus, the the graduation ceremony were held there and in another hall. Double, triple facilities were used for one ceremony unnecessarily.

  Spooky and crazy, because this rural town is suffering from Alzheimer disease, probably. Like Tokyo, OOMIYA, YOKOHAMA, and KAWAGOE and so on. Almost all of the towns all over Japan are the same, probably. And IKKYO believers could shift under their prohibbited conducts' instruction.

  I am not your inferior, Clare declared to the both, YUKARI and her mother. And she was caught and at least was forced to injure her foot. Disaster, Miyuki would get terrified, they thought. however, for her, not at all. Just a slight blue mark. Yes, it pains well, however, not so much. I had several already.

  And they were revealed to be bag skins. Every day, they changed their opinions, including on their favorite foods. For Miyuki, astonishing. However, for others, as usual. They are just flamboyant minded, thus, they were caught by their own religious leader, probably, they predected their fate already.

  And Miyuki should know the reason. They wanted to live in Tokyo, yes. And they did so, already. Oh, well. And now, they came back unnecessarily to monitor their family???

  For them all, OBON-GAERI was common, and it was nasty to us all. Muck, they are. They used the diseaced's skin bags, and they were killed because of it. And they took the place of them, to play the role of the diseaced ones. Oh, probably right to say so. Alzheimer patients forget their own life, and their affection to others, including their own memories, and just love themselves, thus ego-centric, Miyuki really thinks so.

  Attacking her on the weakest point. It would be her own family, they presumed, and did it. And Miyuki is free from their presumption. Imagination, she has, and she did know well on each other, and they can't do more than it. No alternative at all these prisoners in the planet. Muck should get away from out beautiful universe, any muck, her own family, of course, included!!!!

  If my family were muck, they would be pusnished harsher than others, because they know at least who am I, and our side is rightous one. Nevertheless, they chose the way. Thus, they should be punished harder than in the usual way.

  This is the rule. Apes were praising her audacious attempt to live here in our own universe. Why they collect the trash, expecially paper boxes, in collective? They explained to contribute to the public schools which their kids belonged to. However, not at all! Just they wanted to earn money by way of other's kindness. And collecting pet bottles, their taps, separatedly, of course. All collecting jobs were contributed to them.

  Miyuki knows at this point well. Oh, Kouichi YOSHIDA did it. Charity, he explained, and ordered to make a bank to them, and MIYUKI's bamboo one, made by her own father was praised by him, because of his own Japanologic taste, probably. And we contributed some money and he said that he donated to some orphan called SHIRAKAWA SCHOOL.

  The same thing we did in winter. Collecting dried up orange peels and tea leaves. He explained to feed White Swans in the big pond. The kids were not brought to the pond at all. They said, we were praised by our kind activities.

  They always do it. In Kyorin campus, smoking in a limited area was their order. They set some messy equipment for smoking. And outside, they should not smoke at all. And HARADA was liking to warn the pupils, picking up the nearest abandoned used cigarette, "Don't smoke outside the determinated area!", in a loud voice, with threatening. And they should obey her, at least in front of her.

  And she herself smokes, according to her, in the prohibitted place. for themselves, no taboo at all, and for others, strict rules should be applied like attitudes, here and there.

  Kiwamu FUJIWARA faked their collecting trash job with his team of the favorite pupils. They collected the trash in the pond of INOGASHIRA Park, once every month at least, according to the versity. They faked to be kind. And thus, they should be punished harsher than others.

  Sticky feeling inside their body yes, however, for us, not at all. Muck is sticking now. Thus, they are in the team. Their body should be collected immediately before others recognize it, or, they vanish.

  Oh, I have already seen sticky scene, and the bodies. They collected them like trash.

  Sticky skin is not needed. Only flexible one, they wanted. And some of them sold it by their most highest price. And they laught at their victory. Their own families sold their skin bags, yes!!!!

  And they were trapped to do so. For Miyuki's sake, they said so as usual. And they confirmed that Miyuki is free from this case at all. And each one should pledge their cleaness. And now, YUKARI did it again. She already pledged her cleaness, and she is not reliable at all. Why did you ask her such a stupid thing? She is always doing wrong type. Unnecessarily to say, type. And Again, Auntie?

  Always, when Miyuki makes stewed beans, it happened. And today, nasty feeling, cold cloud, headache. Why, always they are combined all together???

  Sometimes happens as coincedence. however, so frequently??? Since she started to make DANGO in March, this fenomenum repeated in her house.

  And Miyuki recognized that always on the top of the big pressure pan, there are thin layer of white powder dust. Why so oftern? Always after YUKARI uses something, the place gets this type of dust. Miyuki brushed up the top, one week ago. And already white powder again. Why??? Cocaine??? Or some different type of chemical products?

  Only a bit is enough to stop her step, they told her, and gave her for free. And she used it once a while to lynch her. From inside, she should be broken, they ordered her again, by way of impulse. Again, Auntie? Miyuki doesn't look good today. Like old guy like fashion she does, they got to know it. Nasty face. Why today? Yesterday, already a bit, yes. However, not so much, and prediction. And she stewed it the day before yesterday, started to eat yesterday.

  The same thing happened when she drank a bit of white wine in the end of year in 2016, and ate white cheese. Ih, this Seven-Eleven wine is not suitable for me, Miyuki thought. And she put it in her cram shell soup, and the taste would be fantastic. Exactly she ate in her house in FUNABASHI, when she was an infant and child.

  The same type, filled with ORTININ. yes, cram soup is tasty, however, the flavour is a bit superficial, Miyuki thought when she drank her result before. However, the cram soup was different. The same sea like flavour inside her mouth, and this is the taste, Miyuki deeply got to know it.

  And now, why she got so often to feel nasty with her own stewed read beans??? And this is the fact. YUKARI did it as usual, and she tried to do so for several times, and only Miyuki ate it, because she paid for the ingredients and wasted energy and time to make it. Why not?

  YUKARI's jealousy is so strong, and she is vanishing now. Chemical YUKARI, she was called herself, and she was mentally ill, yes. And now, all of them were free from the suspetion. YUKARI did it again. She always does it after her night walking. On the moon shining night, she came back late. Soon after Miyuki, at 20:00.

  And one week earlier, she received something under the name of Alex, in the courtyard in front of backhouse, from her mate like DDMic YAMATO faked delivery service woman. Her father attended her at first, and she said, "To AKI, at the exchange of his money." And YUKARI dashed into her, and paid some money, and received it.

  Probably, this is the system. She bought COCAINE to trap us all, to make Miyuki's COCAINE user suspect, and they all fell down! ♫🎶

 And Miyuki got nasty feeling and wants to drink milk. Thus, she has to get out now a bit. Anyway, cafe au lait, she wants to have it some.

  When IKKYO believers come, YUKARI got nervous, and she did wrong, as usual, and Miyuki got slight nasty, as usual. Why they blame MIYUKI because of her being bed, Clare did think so. Alex accused her, especially. Miyuki is idol, thus, she is in bed like remarks everywhere. And he was trapped already. Just nasty is not so bad for her, and we should survive by her money, thus a bit she should be punished, and we couldn't kill her, is their boss's advice to her, YUKARI. And she did it according to the instruction. And she got nervous. And she couldn't sleep now, because she should not lie down during days. She can use only at hight, and she is accused by her concentration on her work, free from her divine duty as mother!!!!

  Their contradictions were for us all, Japanese working mothers. I am being proud of myself, Miyuki said, and she prased her own body. Why not? And this is the prohibittion mong them. My body is beautiful, because I make effort to be kind to others. This is her killer frase. And they were killed by this reason. Why not???

  Too too natural for her, and not for DDMs. Jealous, anyway. They should not be prittier than I type DDMs are here and there. And they sold their spirit easily. Kindness is related wo much with the beauty.

  And now the fact. Miyuki should know her limit. And she is smiling now getting know her result. She found a lot of new fact and principles, and apes like her so much. Anyway, she is quick to learn their skills.

 Probably, Katsumi wanted to say that Miyuki was a kind of male, genuine type for him, thus, he said, "I like Miyuki rather than other girls. " For her, astonishing declaration. They were  kind of chaser and chased. Amusing at the same time nasty type. Always Miyuki, Katsumi and Takafumi were the same class, since they entered to Shirakawa III. For 6 years, completely.

  Takafumi is a tiny guy, with good gymnastic skills, and indifferent from any cram study materials. Thus, his grade is Marching Band, namely, 1,2,1,2,1,2,... And he got 2 also in his favorite and promissive subject namely gynastics.

  Miyuki got the same 2, on the same subject. She was the real mess in this material. The same. For her, a kind of apple polishing, and for him, disaster. In the bottom of the class, she was in this subject. And Takafumi, in the top class, however, he was short, thus, a bit handicapped yes.

  Takafumi likes Charly Brown, she remembered. Round head, he had. Tiny, and balanced body, yes. Short, but good in the total appearance, like a white spider monky. Quck in movement, however, totally not in his class room activities.

  Probably, they are all outside type, and Miyuki was put in an eternal jail called versity. Thus they failed. She was promissive, they all thought. And she agreed in a half. Better than any DDMs, yes, however, as the result, I and Takafumi are probably at the same level, yes.

  Oh, U2!, type shocking confession between them. Why they are so cruel?, was their common question. Why they could kill others so easily for their own ego-centric kinkiest cruelest sexual desire? They are already dead like King Ra or 羅王 in God Hand HOKUTO. And KISE-NO-SATO or 稀勢の里, a Japanese wresling power holder's favorite gained the champion belt with this KING RA! Dying message?, Myuki thought. "I am already in INFERNO", it meant probably.

  And they all fell down!♫🎶

 Miyuki thought so cool to deduce her original hypothesis, and got to know that they really want to kill her, because of their own desire. And for them, nothing at all type ordinary scene, probably.

  For Miyuki, odd scene, however, for them, one example of another wrongdoing. And Miyuki should be punished anyway, because of her complete cold attitude toward her kids???

  For them, strangiest to think that just a slight injury would not be a cause of absency of the class. Just a kind of consideration would be needed, and it was enough. And they sold their spirit, already yes.

  They are not satisified with their own situation, yes. And this is their ordial, Miyuki believed it. And they failed all in once. And Miyuki should be totally right to do so. Any DDMs, even in the house, or rather, especially ones in the house, should be punished harshly. Vanishing, yes, of course. And shames, of course!!!

  They allow forgery, was for Miyuki, slight shocking declaration from the criminals. And she was in the side. And she is not the kind of figure, I get along with, even we were mates in the same class. Thus, she was a kind of Takafumi, for them all.

 And Miyuki disliked her way of not respecting other's intention at all behaviours. Anyway, your chamber, boss, type attitude to her. And she relied on YUKARI deeply. YUKARI is a cocain user, and she was allowed to live here in the same house, and she provided her own meals usuall to themselves.

  Miyuki got upset with her violence, and way of abusing electricity, time consuming domestic working, occupation in the kitchen. And she enhanced her mode, as she liked. Why she is so strongly respected by them all?, was her basic question. She forged Miyuki's will as usual, thus, she was wrongdoer, they really thought. Always she thought, "Oh, if she were here, she would say..." however, if they were common people, they would not have believed her remarks at all. They already lost their sane mind, probably.

  Moraly degraded, they all, probably. And now, ordial and revenge. They shoud be punished so hard because of their false sympathy system.

  Miyuki was thrilled by them by her atomic bomb power, probably. She could kill us, however, she is rightous one, thus, if they were good, she would not do so. However, if they were faked kind ones, she should kille them at once!!!

  yes, of course. This is the reality. Thus, they couldn't eat her crackers. The kids also sold their spirits already. And they tried to persuade her to be their evil side. And they failed. Thus, they should be punished harshly.

  YUKARI is the evilest one among them, and the others, also. Thus, they faked a lot, and concealed the faces from her even after the system change, pretending that nothing is happening at least arround her.

  And Miyuki is too too right to say so. Suspicious, and if I needed, I must do so, type attitude. yes, we should survive anyway. Weeds are so strong to do our job. They should be weeds, like us all!!!

  Weeds, their teacher responsible said to them. "You should be WEEDS, because they are so strong to grow up after they were stepped on." And they liked her remark on weed.

  She was an old lean gymnastic teacher when they were in the 3 and 4th grades in Shirakawa III. And she was popular among her class mates. Every one liked her, except none.

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