Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (209)

2017-08-16 21:54:00 | 日記
Probably, she just wanted to hear Miyuki's wispering voice, to check "Miyuki's abnormal situation" and to inform it to her Alzheimer team mate HARUMI. Satanic technic. Steal the sound or, listen to the words spoken to others, not for them. Substitute of tapping. Watergate Case, in Alzheimer version!!!

Miyuki confirmed that YUKARI has a key of the office, for her own use. Her key has a small bell, thus, Miyuki perceives "Oh, now, she came!" And this key is not used usually. Her preference is use the bunch of keys for common use. And Miyuki is not allowed to use her own key at all.

Thus, Miyuki is no protection at all. Sometimes, they took two bunches of keys from the office, and left open the door, despite of Miyuki's sleeping. Terrible! For them, "She would be killed, by our mates, satans!" probably. However, for Miyuki, I want to protect myself.

And they started to accuse Miyuki, if she doesn't return the bunch of keys in the suitable position in the main land. HARUMI yelled, "Open the door! Toilet is basic necessity! Why you shut the door?! You shall die! Open now, you, bitch!" And Miyuki left her alone, as she liked. "HARUMI should go back to take the bunch of keys. She forgot to bring the keys. Not my failure. You are so forgetful, and so idol. Old bitch! Dir for now!" Miyuki laught at HARUMI in her belly.

Everyday, without exception, a bit a bit, she cut the plants. Reason unknown. Probably, a kind of ritual for her. Satans' repetition. They can't do any different thing more, not at all. And repeat the same life, forever. INFERNAL, it is for others. And for them, happy life, probably.

During OBON period, HARUMI was so happy to do her BLA-BLA-BLA with YUKARI. Now, YUKARI is calm mode. In turn? Terrible! Only a few use is OK, her faked doctor allowed her to use amphetamine, probably. Thus, she uses, and laught so in a loud voice. And she stole, in this mood. For her, all of the main house are hers. Thus, Miyuki's objects are in the danger of being lost by both of them.

Careless flamboyant ladies, from the beginning. However, they want to attract others by any way. Trapping is a kind of amusement for them both. They use the attractiveness of others. Old boys only type shop, Alex works. Dull, and goddamnit type, yes. However, a kind of training for him. They can't speak in corrective way. And just repeat the same frases. It is amusing to know the complements. Suveniour corner, he works at now. And No Man's Land. Any guy can steal type. Thus, why shopkeeper exists???

Unnecessarily Alex exists, and earns some money. US$50 per day. And it is better than doing it with two ladies in the main house.

Miyuki got upset, when Alex put warm heating system on in the office. Ridiculous! Stupid! Alzheimer transmitted! Confirmed!!!

Consecutive attacks done by Miyuki. Warm, yes. However, necessity???

For them, warming is a kind of training for heating up the brain. For Alzheimer. Thus, U2???

A kind of. Dull and monotonous days, with these two ladies. The main house has some magic power, probably. Not by the building, but because of your gramma and Auntie.

And they want him to be a breadearner, as soon as possible????

They changed their mind, completely. They wanted Alex to be a owner of the main house, and now, they want to hold the house. Oh, theirs? Miyuki didn't know it.

They can't recognize the difference between occupation and legitimate property. Alzheimer satans, they are. Confirmed, again.

According to their Alzheimer theory, yes. They are satans, idol and stupid. Alzheimer occupation, they do every day, believing they were the owners. They should vanish, immediately. GO TO INFERNO, HARUMI & YUKARI!!! Do collective suicide, you both!!!! Now! At once!!!

yesterday, Miyuki met a strange guy with a purple rain coat. The colour is not so unusual. However, this macintosh is only for his bicycle use. From the basket set in front of the cycle to his back, one piece covered all in a body. Yes, with this bicycle, only in case of his riding pose, OK, yes. However, after getting off the cicle, it doesn't work at all. So so special use type purple mackintosh. Specially for this Auntie type cheapish bicycle only???

Miyuki chased him to take a picture. Miyuki's camera was not good in function yesterday. Reason unknown. Thus, she lost some big shutter chance yesterday, because of this camera's slowness.

Howeve, several other big hits, she watched and could take some pictures.

At Beisia, in the parking lots, three men were standing, and made a conversation. One guy, in a white mackintosh, was a standing sweeper type mesure to mesure the disatance between the site of disaster and the vehicle, and a writing board.

Oh, they made a traffic accident, and the guy was called to produce the proof.

In Miyuki's case, two police men were called by a guy, who had been crashed by Miyuki. They came, and measured the distance, and wrote some papers to the insurance. Oh, they could put on Miyuki the suspect of murder or the criminal rather. Thus, they said, "Oh, you should be more cautious! If there were infant of two years, how you would have done? You are lucky to have escape from this kind of disaster, anyway!" Thus, Miyuki, with deep regret of her careless driving, said, "Yes, I think so in depth."

Why the guy called the police was Miyuki's big question. In the private parking lots. Private accident. Why the public power was obliged to come to be the monitor?

The guy, crashed by Miyuki called immediately the police, without saying anything at all. "You did it. I know well in this case. You stay here!" In his decisive mode. And his name, Miyuki asked him to write in her agenda, by his hands, with address and telephone number. He wrote them, reluctantly. Thus, if HARUMI and YUKARI didn't steal them at all, Miyuki can sue him, because of trapping Miyuki.

He popped out in the moment, to be crashed, probably. And his name was unusual as Shirakawan. And his address was みさか or MISAKA, and with address of one house, not appartment. Faked resident type. Slender, and good looking type. Lean 岩城滉一 or Kouichi IWAKI type. And insurance company was 日動 or NICHIDOU. The day was 4th of January, 2015. Probably, we could find the guy to ask, why he called the police.

One guy asked Miyuki, her name and age, and her father's age. Miyuki answered collectly, and he calculated her father's age erroneously, thus, Miyuki appointed, "Oh, your caluculation is one year different!" and corrected.

Not so arrogant way. Just Miyuki wanted to be correct. Thus, she said honestly.

Her calculation ability is superior to the police man. However, she was caught under the name of mentally illed one. Thus, Shirakawa police mem should be killed immediately!

Their information on Miyuki is all lies and lies. Accumulated lies. And they reported all of them to MARUNOUCHI police. And Miyuki was categorized mentally illed. How idiots, they are! Just jealous, they are.

They want to devastate others, just it. Todai versity holding is the seed of jealousy in this area. Alzheimer only land, thus, any human beings with common sense would be targetted. Every day, the same thing.

Today, in Benimaru-Showamachi, Miyuki encountered this type of skewed jealousy combined with "want to be superior to her" complex.

Miyuki was eating peach at the eat-in corner. A middle aged bitch appeared with a big cart, suddenly. and she yelled to Miyuki, "I want to pass back you. You should refrain from this place. Give me a place, drawing your chair, bitch!" Thus, Miyuki ignored her entirely. How she entered into this narrow place? And why she needs to pass here beside Miyuki? Both in mistery. And this bitch said to other bitch, old rural bug, "This bitch is deff!" and both laught at after the remark. And Miyuki remained there, eating peach, indifferent from their dirty words. The middle aged bitch changed the direction, and passed the other side, near the old rural bug.

from the begining, she should have do so. Miyuki was busy to eath peach, filled with sweet water, called あかつき or AKATSUKI, from FUKUSHIMA, the capital of the prefecture. It was difficult for her to move, yes. And why this bitches appeared suddenly?

And soon earlier, two boys did the similar action. Oh, they are team theaves. The technic is so primitive. One guy, approaches her, and induces her attention and another steals.

And another technic, she was experienced several days earler that today is, only one can do it type. Approaching to the target, and put the cart near the table, and extends her hand to take some object on the table, as if the object were hers. Easy and quick.

At that moment, her glasses were targetted and Miyuki could stop their crime at all.

No Man's Land, thus, the thieves do as they like. No guy stop their wrongdoings. Thus they came, and vanished, already, almost.

The left over is sold on the shelves of each supermarket. Thus, they should be punished. They stole, and they sold, and they tried to attack the victim again. Triple attacking done by left over.

yesterday, no car was left in the parking lots, in Shirakawa III primary school. And today, as casual wednesday, many cars appeared. however, only a pair was doing ball catch. In a slight rain, yes. However, why the cars came, as usual, in the middle of summer vacation, especially BON period?

Alex was ready to work yesterday at his part time job place in NISHIGOU area. However, the manager of the shop declared him, "today this shop will not open. You have no work." Suddenly, he called to him.

And today, he went there, and worked in the shop, namely, no consumer at all type. Thus, he could take a nap, during his working time.

Probably, in some places, Shirakawa residents show up as if this rural village would exist. Thus, for OBON only, Alex was hired. And did know that satans are so flamboyant, and ego-centric. However, they said that they would pay. Thus, he expects to be paid. However, he does know well, that the possiblity would be betrayed in high percentage.

A kid of bit. I came, and waste time in vain, in case of the refusal of the payment. If they want to pay, they would pay type non-reliable society, now.

Just an boredom, he gained. Alex wrote in his memory.


HATAMOTO or 旗本 is a SAMURAI, who served for 将軍 or Shougun, in the lowest rank, lived in EDO or Tokyo in EDO era. In case of necessity, they should work. However, almost all of time, they don't work. Thus, boredom.

They are paid by tax. And in Alex's case, he doesn't know. Anyway, they pledged to pay. However, Alzheimer is forgetful in every field. Thus, pledge doesn't work at all.

Kyorin, Todai, AOYAMA, all. Pledge, and forget, they all.

And Miyuki was a bit upset when she watched a long line of slippers of 5 figures in the corredor of the office. So tiny space, and now, in the vertical line, 5 pair of slippers apepared, from several days ago. As if, "You, Miyuki, we exclude you. Only you don't have slippers, OK? You are not our family!"

Miyuki likes to be out of their family, yes. However, for her, excluding from their family doesn't mean that they can kill or induce to kill Miyuki at all. They confuse it so many times, thus, she is in nasty feeling.

Always, just, "I don't like it" was their common words. For Miyuki, subjective declaration, thus, it shows their egoistic idiot only opinion, without any reason. However, HARUMI and YUKARI, the remark should be respected by any guy. Semi-Gods, in reality, recently, both are!!!

10 hours study time per day! One third only can pass the exam!!! Terrible threatening done by these kinkiest old ladies!!! Alzheimer got revealed like that! Who can deny it!!! They laught at so much!!!

Junior high directly to Todai??? Miyuki didn't want to mention to the name. Thus, FUKUSHIMA Versity. And almost all of the teachers of junior high and ASAHI were graduates of the versity. Thus, even you go to ASAHI, if you follow their instruction, you would be able to enter into FUKUSHIMA versity.

And now, you study so hard up to enter to FUKUSHIMA versity. When you enter into ASAHI, you are already in the same level of the teachers. Why you should go to ASAHI???

Gag, yes. However, you shall die for your all lie gag series!!! We are not so stupid to study so hard. Just faking to study! Worse! Don't study, and spend the time for more productive way! Play, Do sports, sleep, anyway, spend time effectively!

Faking is not a job. Just being a dull guy. And as always, Miyuki yells, "Don't be dull guys!" for both. Just not to be dull, is enough. The way? You decide. Not my work!!!

Being dull is difficult. Thus, Miyuki prefers living materially in satisfaction. Pursuing for happines, of her own. Satisfaction is the target. Thus, MIYUKI try as much as possible for the realization.

Miyuki got realize that satanic technic is unusually slow. They should be quick, at least. However, too too slow, thus, we could survive. However, total vanishing should be done by themselves on themselves. 全消失 order doesn't effect yet on Alzheimer slow type. Prontthaurus...Dead body, however, exists.

Prontthaurus is kind creature. Big eater. Thus, more primitive existance. Muck, in short.

Mutual checking system effects, they thought, and did it. and the result. Marvelous, they categorized. Miyuki yelled alone, thus, it showed "mentally illed" according to their categorization. She is training English. And they can't understand it. However, Alzheimer, they can hear, and get upset. Oh, they recognize it???

Forgetful, thus, they perceived, yes. Thus, Miyuki should yell in a loud voice more and more, "Alzheimer! Alzheimer! Alzheimer!" They think that they are so slow and forgetful. And they make some big mistakes. And they just feel, and don't think. Thus, it works!!!

Today, in front of 茶釜 or CHAGAMA-Ramen restaurant, at 16:00, Miyuki watched, "Today, we ended the service already" like discription on the door. "Oh, 16th of August is good to earn money for Ramen Shop, especially delivery type. Strange!"

And then, when she passed in front of them, at 19:00, "Today is Wednesday, thus casual holiday for us". This type, a shutter were closed already.

  And in front of KURIMURA, she watched a discription, "from day 14 to 16 of August, we are out of service. From 17th, we do work as usual."

and Miyuki felt strange, because she monitored yesterday, on 15 of August, this shop was open. Why suddenly it put the paper to inform the closing the shop, and put the past days, as closed? The shop opened on 14 and 15. Erroneous. Why?

Probably, as other shops, they can't recognize the figure, at all. Thus, they can't recognize the errors and just put it on the door.

Illegible. Forgetful. They can't remember the ritual at all. Who is our family?, they can't remember either.

Thus, any guy can live in the suitable place. Thus, open door system. And they provided all of keys to the Alzheimer residents, according to their request. They kill, yes. However, no way??? Why public sector don't kill the killers???

They should vanish, immediately. No category at all. God like existance. No limit at all. Just impulse induces them. Thus, their behaviours are so strange. Near Miyuki, attacking mode. Near Clare, seducing mode. Near Alex, obedience combined with monitoring mode. Between them, just like friends with BLA-BLA-BLA...

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