Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (61)

2017-05-18 19:41:03 | 日記

18/05/2017 (Thursday, afternoon) Miyuki went arround the South Sake, because her father's mate Mr.OOTAKE visited his office, and she was forced to go out from the office.

 On the way back from the walk, she recognized that the road, cut by the two road roller asphart cutters, had 12 nombers sign in the colour of red, and the exactly in front of our office, they faked workers put yellow sign beside the number 4 in red. What does it mean???

  At least, this office is the target of some attack of them. Only one yellow put to mark something. And no.4 is the hatred for Ikkyo believers, because of the pronunciation resembles DEATH for them all. Thus, as Miyuki sent several photos of parking lots roughly made of them just for showing up have no No.4 and No.9.

 9 is for them also nasty number because of the sound. Agonized, it means for them all.

  Thus, obviously, they want to rob our house as they like, introduced by their Alzheimer leader called YUKARI to earn some cheapish money to sustain their smoking life. Cokaine smoker's league, they established now. Thus, YUKARI is so active these days.

  Miyuki didn't meet her at all all day long. And only in evening, she appeared after Clare got to the house. YUKARI dashed toward the room of Clare, as if she wanted to do something too eagerly.

  Oh, they, all men members, want to do it with Clare, while Clare dislikes them at all.

  Thus, they should die now. Like male bees. If Queen dislikes it, it should die immediately. Miyuki did know well however, now YUKARI is replaced by male IKKYO believers. Thus Clare should get so stronger to protect herself. Anyway, I am OK, Clare signed soon before YUKARI's dashing. And Miyuki got relaxed at all.

  For them, just a refusal is enough. No, Auntie. You are so ugly. BUSU!, in Japanese. This is the key frase to kill them.

  Miyuki already killed them all in one. She should do it again and again. They increased the numbers, and vanished soon after their refusal. Just a laughing game, we thought of. DDMic army got upset of this system, adopted by Femi-Les Army, of their own.

  They called it "Courtesy", Oh, this frase was used frequently by French academism in Todai KOMABA school. "Discourse in Love" was written by some of them. French Literature majored one. Not so promissive type. Just adoration to non TOHOHO type TOHOHO called OTAKU. Thus, they failed all at once!!!

  In Miyuki's case, sometimes, eye catch is dangerous, because they interpretate it as fighting pose. Male Miyuki version. And Clare tried it again and again, however, she couldn't do it. Probably, her legs, Clare was consoled by us all.

  In Miyuki's case, someone thinks her in fact as if she were male, by instinct. This is the key point. She has no maternal instinct. It means man for IKKYO believers. For Miyuki's laughing, sometimes, they confused Miyuki with Clare. Thus, the man was attracted by old male MIYUKI. On Monday, a black car chased her in YAOYA-CHO block, and suddenly stopped just beside her, and one, abruptly got out from the door, indifferent form the other, the driver's stopping order. Thus, Miyuki competed him with the hight, and she was slightly higher than him, and did her winning smile.

  A blue worker faked one with a white towel. Oh, YUKARI was a provider of the towels for them all???

  Why in this house, towels vanish so easily?, Miyuki really felt after she started to stay here on 25 of November. Any Towl. Including toilet ones, Kitchens, of course.

  And the shocking fact. yesterday, Miyuki used a toiled towel written "東京海上火災" or Tokyo Marine Fire Insurance Copany". And today, she watched the same one, or the same named one, in the kitchen. No discription of Kitchen use, or toilet use, or the names of some family members.

  The mistery of Vanishing Towels, Miyuki wanted to write. Always vanishing stories arround her. Too too strange, however, Miyuki changed her mind, deciding to think as if Colobocle, small Thumkin type dwarfs made some nasty jobs. And they took advantage of Miyuki's fantasy land, and called themselves "fearies", like some romantic fantasy. For Miyuki's understanding, thinking them as thieves, Miyuki got nervouse, even it is the fact, thus, as ironical calling, Miyuki called them like that. Just thieves, yes. However, they are protected by evel judges in Japan. How we should protect us?

  And Miyuki stopped to call them Colobockles, and started to call them in the exact names. Then, her mother started to attack her directly. They are thieves, however, they should not be called so by us type advocacy done by her.

  They steal yes, and return sometimes. And sometimes, they return rotten foods to the fredge direcly. And they left the smell. Nasty rotten meat smell. Miyuki felt several times already. Human figure's meat? Or fatus's smell???

  Oh, that's it. Miyuki remembered that the same smell...I felt it bafore...where? I smelled several times...Too too nasty one...Oh, ugly bitch fatus smell, it meant.

  Of whom? Miyuki didn't know the fact at all. For Miyuki, not at all. And oh, my chicken borns were stolen!!!

  yesterday, Miyuki ate 4 chiken bones to nurtsish herself. And after eating them all, she left them inside the dish, to make a bowlful of soup. Even ADACHI had not such an efficient cooking experience. Her habit to take advantage of all of the juicy extra of Chicken bomes. Miyuki bought them for it. Or, it costs too expensive.

  And for her, too too natural, and for others, especially for IKKYO believers, odd things. "She ate the meat of chicken leggs, sucked the end, and then, she kept them for the soup stock. How nasty for IKKYO believers. Who is the nasty sound producers?!!! They thought. They forgot to swich off the circuit, they explained. And they should do it right now, yes. And now, YUKARI was alone because of her nasty sister's rotten Chicken bones. Anyway, Miyuki ran away from the smell. Only YUKARI left in the kichen, and did her casual time consuming kichen job, and ate some of them, without being nasty at all.

 Miyuki is all clean, however, too too efficient at this point. And Cris of Sao Paulo adviced her, "You will lose your friend because of your too too rational choice..."Thank you, Cris! She is right, yes. however, I like to be an extremest!!! Showing off type!!!! Thus, Cris stopped criticising her. Miyuki is crazy, as always. Thus, she is normal for us all.

  For her, why she is so thrifty was a good question. And realized that a kind of poor play she likes. Yes, gourgeous play, she would like to play in someday, especially, in the near future. Like Naomi and Grace Jones appeared in the exiting shopping mall all together, and started to buy all of the things they want as they like type extravagance!!!

  A book called, "I will take you, thans!" was written by some journalist to impressive consumptious inclination of cereblities. For a night, Miyuki wants to buy all of the things as she liked in a big super elegant shopping mall, she wanted to do to show up what is the real extravagance!!!!

  Diamond nobs, natural ones, 28 stones, with the biggest type. Money? My cotributors will provide you later!!!

  however, her contributors are not so rich type...we should get along with her extremism and real poverty. As a result, extreme poor mode, she is set now. Thus, she licks the bones, and keeps them for later use. Why you didn't do it, Auntie? She is now so poor subjectively. She wants more and more than she earns now. Why you are so luxurious even now, Auntie?

  Clare got upset at her treaty. Why she is forced to go to clinic to spend Miyuki's forced medical treatment covered semi-public sindicate's insurance? This incurance should be paid by Miyuki 30%, and anyone could gain the money either at all. Just they paid 70% of the medical treatment's value, and Miyuki should pay for them. And YUKARI took them to the clinics, when she wanted to earn some money from Miyuki, and lost etravagant money for it. For her, too too natural casual mistakes, however, for us all, not at all type luxuary or extravagance. And Miyuki was not informed the usage at all by them, the evil two old bugs at all. They just contributed to their promotors called IKKYO believers. They were treated in the highest ranking wrongdoers among them. They repeated to kill Miyuki to end up her nasty jobs. Cooking in her own way, was their common prohibittion. And making delisious foods was also another. And being thrifty is the third prohibition. Thus, they should vanish right now.

  For them, Miyuki is always nasty existance. Miyuki didn't know her mother's intention to kill her at all. Just felt, "Oh, she dislikes me as always" type casual feeling Miyuki has as usual. And they failed. Miyuki dislikes her mother, yes. Thus, we could take advantage of it at the final end. Good choice! And Miyuki is the evilest existance to all DDMs, as we know well.

  Just a revised version for Miyuki only type attempt. Why Miyuki is so nasty to call us Bitches??? And her way of singing!!! In a low voce, "Bitch, Bitch, Shabu, Shabu, Ran, LAN, Ran away!!!"♫🎶

 Oh, they could hear my beautiful faked soprano voice???

  For her, nasty, however, at the same time, amusing day, today. Nasty, because, Many promissive kind common South Eastern kids were killed in the evilest town called Shirakawa, and she was feeling their emotion of when they came back from school after class room to home. Evilest parents treated them as trash, and they wanted to go back to their home land, thinking of their real families. They were adopted from them, because their parents would have believed that in Japan they would have been educated better than in their home countries. However, Japanese faked parents stole their spirits, and sold them to IKKYO believers, and they killed the kids, cruelest ways. Abusing, as their own toys, and threatend them by their own wrongdoings. They, IKKYO believers should be killed in the most harshest ways with the most shameless mode.

 For Miyuki, fatus eating is a nasty habit. however, for IKKYO believers, common habit as usual. For them, anyway eatable is the best way to live. Even in this moment, Miyuki is semi-suspitious on their really cruel habit. They ate it while they were alive. Good for their health, they were taught, and believed, according to YUKARI. And her mother wanted to conceal the fact exactly. And thus Miyuki's mother lost her spirit forever in vain.

  YUKARI's shame should vanish immediately, they yelled. And her mother would like to protect her by her own feeling of dishonour. And she did the pledge. For anything including Miyuki's assasin, she would do it, she pledged. And Miyuki laught at it. Thus they failed.

 Just concealing YUKARI's accumulated shame, she sold me? Oh, Alzheimer patient, in exact meanings!!! She couldn't count the difference between important things and trifles. Thus they failed.

 Miyuki laught at them all yes. And they are all in common in this meaning. They believe that their shames could have been concealed anyway. And attempt again and again. And they should vanish immediately.

  The colour was marked by IKKYO believers when they killed the kids. Yellow, brilliant type was the sign of vivacity for us all, and for IKKYO believers, that of assasin markings. Whus, today, she was traced by them and so many sart light cars chased her so long, and they tried to pass her on or hit her. Miyuki was cautious and had a lot of time to wait. And she really thought that margarets, white type are probably the kids' symbol. Especially near Shirakawa Primary School I, the floweres increase the numbers. Beautiful and western style. Recently they increased so many. And the orange butterfly took a rest on the white margaret. The contrast was beautiful, and Miyuki took a picture, saying, "At least you liked the flower, anyway!"

  Always yell type, she is. Even after their death, they are agonized by the astonishing facts, probably, because they were downward eyed, in her parade dreaming. Now, a better. At least, Miyuki pledges as always, after her nasty experience. Always, "Oh, worse than I imagined. Just inferno in this evil rural town she passed."

  Why Shirakawa residents turned to be so cruel and nasty? Because of only insurance, why they sell their spirits???

  Probably, in human beings' case, the developping period is too too long and could not put up with it by other species type, Miyuki thought of. Thus, Chinkoro felt so nasty at first. However, Miyuki kindly offered his multiple game at the same type amusement. Chinkoro liked her quick sense of putting up with her slowness. Chess, oriental and westernized types, both, all together, Ma-Jong, also, and he jumps the rope with her together. Meanwhile, he plays with his adorable Daddy in their reformed version of King Tickling! together. In this reformed version, they can replace the position sometimes, and Chinkoro could use his recent aquaired floating in the air. Multiple play at once, Chinkoro could do it. Thus, Chinkoro liked Miyuki so much. Flexible, anyway. And understood his situation as soon as possible rather than Daddy. "Oh, at first, I felt so. however, time made me so stronger. Thus..." And Daddy now appologyed his failure, honestly. Humanised rabbits they are now. Not so bad. Anyway, we are more happier than before!!!

  Thus, Miyuki should nurtrish her body and soul now. Her new fredge is here, and it is so tiny. however, it would be fine to think the combination use of the limited space. 3D mind would be needed for it. More difficult rather than using vast fredge.

  And the fredge would be concealed by the sliding door. Thus, YUKARI would not recognize Miyuki's foods probably.

  Why IKKYO believers are so concious of the word "stealing" "Theif" "Robbery"???, Miyuki did think at first, and then, she really thought that IKKYO believers did the wrongdoings as their professions, done by public authorities. Terrible facts are here and there. And Miyuki is as always too harsh to them all.

  Miyuki likes to think her extreme situation anyway. Thus, they hate her for the reason. Imagination, she has. Yes, we all has, and probably, MUCK has no. Thus, brainless acepharos they are.

  For Miyuki, they are just trash. However, especially who were obliged to live together with them, they were serial killers yes. Thus, abandon them in once!!! Vanish! They should be killed immediately! They vanish, exactly after our pledge for the real Gods of Justice. Immediately, in some cases, and within 48 hours, almost in all the cases.

  Inner DDMs, they were called. And Miyuki got stronger because of it. Just take advantage of their way. The road is open to us all. Even in their way, they are so erroneous, and can't recognize the merit from demerit. Thus, we have chance to survive, and then, we can attack them. MEGA-DEATH, GIGA-DEATH, TERRA-DEATH, we passed. And now? Mou-Nai-DESU!!!

  No residue at all, it means. Chinkoro really liked his linguistic workshop. He is a teacher now. Oh, yes, he is this type!!! Good to learn, and good to teach to others his own skills. And he is fast to do it. Shifting type. And he likes to work more and more, with much more experiences!!! Oh, me too!!!!

  And Miyuki liked the way of life more western style. German common type is straight and normal for her. Why Japanese versity professors taught the kinkiest versions as their models? For Quartet MARC, good to amuse them type strangest figures here and there.

  Miyuki chose Herdaring to compare with Greek philosopher born in Cicily in her second grade of her philosophy of law. Magic users, they were called. The latter, was good at sense of emotion, like Media, however, not DDM at all. More natural science believer type. And wild, like south Italian herbs, probably. Punched! Strong liqour type.

  And Herdering was a 19th philosopher, and writer, and said to be turning crazy after his some writing, declaration type novels on the greek philosopher above.

  Nitze is the similar type. However, he sufferd from Syphlis. Disease anyway. In Herdaring's case, why he should be not so promissive in his country???

  Abrupt change of the personality is caused by syphilis, sometimes. however, everyday change? Miyuki didn't know it at all until recently. And they did it yes. They changed suddenly as they liked, forgetting their roles. Why they could change their roles so easily was Miyuki's question. Just by her own feeling. Always feeling. Why they can't learn anything in the organized way? For them, organized way means empty. Thus, they like to vanish. Thus, they regret. They should vanish now. And then, no any chance. Of course. This is the fact. DDMs should vanish now, and we should fight againt until to kill the last one.

  This is our pledge. And Judiciary was for it, Miyuki believed. We did believe, because teachers taught it. However, when they claimed, they should find that any teacher responsible wanted to help them at all. They are IKKYO believers at all. Full body change, they were ordered by their religious leader, and they didn't do it. They are just reluctant to work type.

  YUKARI didn't recognize the smell at all. Marking process, they did. Miyuki always ate the chicken bones, and kept them in a package. This was Clare's nasty dream, they said, and accused her because of it. And Clare denied the fact. Why Clare? She didn't use the fredge at all. Miyuki or Alex, yes. however, why Clare????

  And Clare was accused to have eaten bone foods against her pledge?????

  for Miyuki, just nasty strangest life they lived. And now, they should leave all together.

   All of them got relieved. Why they marked the smell? Because YUKARI should know the limit. She didn't know the limit at all, everyone criticised it. Miyuki is the real victim of her behaviour, and she was not informed of the facts at all. Why? and since when? How?, Miyuki could presume. However, as additional knowledge, if we have some time, I would like to know.

  Just faking to be her own mother, they said exactly. YUKARI wanted to replace her position, thus, they agreed not to say the fact. YUKARI is the meat eater, yes. human meat also. Probably. And fetus, yes. And she did it in front of them. Eat it! So nice to eat it! Alex tried to trap her, and when she is good in mood, she did it. Oh, all depends on the mood type.

  Feeling, they said the situation so. Beyond the limit situation. and for YUKARI, everything is eatable at this exact moment.

  Hungry, she feels now. Fatting process again and again. They stopped to take her medicine, because it is not good for us all. And she took it a bit a bit, everyday. COCAINE with chocolate, today, Miyuki felt by her acute nose. Mixed one is not genuine Cocaine, she explained to them all. Miyuki is far away from her, because for Miyuki, a kind of red handcarchierf on the fighting bull. When Miyuki appears, she started to move anyway. Why she is so cautious on Miyuki's conducts.Every conducts, YUKARI responded, like a jumping flog. Too too nasty to say, however, Miyuki's description is too too rightous to say that YUKARI is a cocaine abuser.

  Everyday, morning and afternoon, recently twice, smells from stove in the office. She is prohibitted to use fire by IKKYO league, because is likely to lit the fire on her own house. Thus, she got upset at her, and she replied, "Oh, mother, you didn't say so me at all. I didn't know it. At first time, I have heard it."

  Oh, the conversation on it? Miyuki thought on the evacuation paper. And for YUKARI, the families are so light as the paper, they really felt so. Junky, she turned yes. And!!!!

  See you soon. Miyuki is really hungry!!!!

  VANISH! DDMs!!!!

  From Quartet MARC! With BIG LOVE!!!!!!

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