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2017-08-17 19:01:45 | 日記
Miyuki made an errand trip arround Shirakawa, rural isolated area in Japan.

It started to rain. Today, at first, salty rain. And then, it turned urine sticky rain. Probably, first, they put natrium related particle as a core of artificial rain, and then, urine type.

Yesterday, it was cold rainy day, also, and so smelled shit. Urine related, however, less sticky.

Probably, any powdery product would be used as core essence for dropping rain. Satans can't change their life or rather wrongdoings, even after the big loss. As usual, was the impression which Miyuki caught today, on 17th, after OBON season.

Always normal, or faked working world, as before OBON season. However, slight change, Miyuki grasped.

The closed shuttered shops increased. Probably, satans couldn't provide any muck in skin bags so more. They closed at the begining of october last year, and then, closed forever, however, after Miyuki's arrival, satans started to open them again, unnecessarily, and in vain.

They were already dead shops, however, they gained money for the faking job. Thus, they continued to fake up to the end. terrible! And they allowed other satans to live in their own houses, or their relatives houses. Thus, they came, and stayed, and killed the residents, according to their contracts.

As soon as possible, they yelled. They contracted the life time insurance, and the earlier, the better, for Insurance Company. Thus, no choice. As a result of the effective thinking, Shirakawan satans were killed.

yesterday, Miyukii heard that even small kid did know the name of MITSUBACHI Insurance company, as a matter of fact, it is just a consuling business provider, on behalf of Insurance Companies.

Thus, North Koreans came to save the Insurance Companies, and killed almost all of Shirakawans, young and old both. Immediately, old guys reduced so suddenly. Then, younger Shirakawans. Then kids. Then, they faked as if they were Shirakawans.

Pyong Yang Tribe, they were yelled, because of their BUSU monn cake flat faces. Because of their ugly faces, satans were revealed as they are.

Today, so many cars wanted to hit Miyuki, in narrow allies. In the last, at YAOYA-CHO, one of the least populous block in the village, near Miyuki's house, 6 cars, consecutively, popped out, and passed beside Miyuki, who were wispering "Go to Inferno! Go to Inferno! Go to Inferno!" three times, for each car!!!

Two of them turned in front of Miyuki, and parked in the parking lots of ITAMI's residence. And from ITAMI meat shop, three BUSU faked families, with a faked baby, popped out, and they were induced into the last vehicle.

Why so many cars appeared at the same time? Just they wanted to stomp her.

And Miyuki watched two faked police cars, numbers 55-18, and 40-67, on Route 4. Near the cross with signals, Miyuki thought of training, expecially for waiting for signal change. Car Punching training. For common cars, light jabs or hooks, while for big dump tracks, long reach big punches. Miyuki trained so well, with this amusing training. And soon, the small van with number 40-67, popped out, and Miyuki got chilled. Again? Smaller, rather than she thought. Shrank???

This number is common use for FUKUSHIMA prefectural police. Thus, they can change car type. Thus, today, smaller type, appeared.

For them, catching game is some kind of seed of money. However, for Miyuki, just to be killed! Handcuffs were experienced for her, unnecessarily, by 6 faked polices in MARUNOUCHI police.

They are established to protect MICCHIKU property. Thus, no necessity for MITSUBISHI Property Management at all. Already deligated to the faked police. Why they continued to run the money consuming vacant paper company???

Tiem consuming play, they wanted. They can say, as they like, yes, however, no realization at all. All of their prolonging attempts are considered as betrayals, thus satans' debts increases like that.

Shirakawa was targetted because Miyuki was one of the rarelest guys who graduated from Tokyo Versity. Tairyu ABE was chased already, and died by his own mistake. He chose wrong, and wanted to be a governor of Fukushima prefecture...Miyuki didn't know it at all!

ABE thought that Miyuki would participate his activities. Why? Because Miyuki met him, at Administrative Law's meeting. Miyuki met, yes. However, why Miyuki was presumed to be considered as his team mate???

For Miyuki, meeting is meeting, participating to his side or not is another thing. Of course. However, he thought...

For her, government is not interesting job. She dislikes to order to others, and to be ordered by others, also. The last resort, obligation or duty should work. And now, for satans, for actual type, no measure except obligatory Total Vanishing.

Miyuki got astonished, when she met with YUKARI in the washing room. YUKARI showed her back, and Miyuki stopped entering into the room. YUKARI wore a primary school's gymnastic uniform!!!! Shocking!!!

Probably, YUKARI wanted to insist that "I am so thrifty to use my old uniform of my primary school. You should pay some money, because I take care of your goddamit kids, both, bitch!" to Miyuki.

In case of her own Big Mistake, caused by her forgetfulness, faked cute girl mode, while, in case of accusation to others, satanic rage mode. YUKARI's satanic change is probably in common among DDMs. "Girls are like that!" Miyuki hated such an explanation. BUSU priviledge, ADACHI yelled.

They didn't understand us at all, and they just took advantage of us, as always.

Miyuki remembered that TAGUCHI took advantage of Miyuki's, "Anyway, even she, my hatred No.1 guy, is a client, and Miyuki should provede some suitable educational service to her." attitude, as "I am your favorite girl No.1, am not I, Prof? Because I am so cute!"

Miyuki hated, however, as a business mannor, Miyuki avoided to show her real feeling in front of her. And she did so many mistaked, and showed some examples of DDMs for Miyuki. Thus, Miyuki could understand YUKARI's "I am cute! Thus, you should forgive me!" concept. Narcists, DDMs are.

Miyuki found an astonishing "Private Property. Don't Park!" advertisement plate, near Shirakawa high school. The plate says, "In case of parking without our accordance, your vehicle would be disposed by us, as we like!" Oh, worse than ENDOU Real Estate Company! Just the same as Beisia Manager's approach.

Miyuki found that the ally from in front of DAIKOKUYA confectionary to YOMIYAMA meat shop is real amphetamine road. Always Miyuki passed there, she felt strange fainting feeling, and from TOMIYAMA to BENIMARU-Yokomachi, LSD road.

And a guy, who popped out from the corner in a working uniform, smoke a marifana. Oh, my dearing, Marifana! ♫ Miyuki sang.

For Miyuki, Marifana's smell is not disturbing her appetite, thus, OK. Tabbaco's nicotine smell with tar is worse for her.

Addictive medicines, they consumed so much, and now, satans, they turned to be.

And they can't stop their habitual way of life.

today is 17th, however, the number of male guys, especially, younger and middle aged, were almost similar of that of female ones. Oh, they have no real work, and do their faking job in the casual mode, already, Miyuki got astonished. For them, working mode is like that! ADACHI yelled. Faked job only, Shirakawans did.

GUTS and KATSUMI yelled also. Miyuki believed that they did some small business, not wrongdoings...And failed. No industrial zone at all. Why they could pretend to be rich? Tax was used for it, and it caused No Man's Land. Insurance oriented society, rural version, yes. And they contracted so easily by way of MITSUBACHI Insurance Consulting Service Business.

For them, any Insurance would cover in whole your life, was killer words. Thus, they contracted easily, without knowing the evil side. And got trapped. Thus, chasing game, even now.

They believed that Miyuki catch would bring them so much money. A bunch of YUKICHI notes, or US$100 notes, in front of them all.

For them, when Miyuki dies in Shirakawa, they can succeed her deposit all in the bank. Thus, they try to chase, again and again.

Miyuki got in wonder, why when she used banks, Shirakawans started to unite to the bank, without exception. They wanted to steal Miyuki's bank money, Miyuki perceived, and disliked them all!!!

Non working, jobless. Why they came to draw some money from the bank?, Miyuki got upset.

Shirakawans don't know to work rightously. Thus, they were revealed as satans. No man's land, and just faked as if they were common guys.

YUKARI came to the office again, and started her "made" or "servant" job for Alex. Miyuki got chilled, by her way to open Alex's bag as if it were hers, and took some trash from it. She collected trash near Alex, and said to him, "I will come back soon." Trash collecting is her job, actually. She comes to some targetted guys, and starts her muck selling business or disturbing bisiness, depending on her temper. HARUMI's way. Good grief. Miyuki is free from anxiety now!!!

Miyuki today went to JA or Japan Agricultural Association's supermarket again. Today, only faked consumers situation as always. Just as same as before summer vacation. And most of vegitables and fruits' shelves were empty. And the plants in pots were so chilled and few. Fruits tree pots were only Blue Berries. And it was ritten "Blue Bery" like Thank you Bery Much. Shirakawan English. Shame!!!

Miyuki's English is also a kind of shame, yes. However, Shirakawan one is beyond the limit. Very is the same as Berry. They confuse in this level.

Miyuki remembered that in the preparation of the festival of harvest per two year, in YAOYA-block, and NENGU-block, a cooling pot, big type, was called Jugzi, like Bubble Jet Bath. Probably, the name came from some confusion between JAGUCHI or 蛇口 or Tap, and Jugzi, bubble jet bath tub. Because the pot had a tap as a barrel of wisky.

Some boss called it Jaguchi, and others took it Jugzi, and since then, the inferiors should be obliged to use this incorrect word to indicate the cooling barrel.

Such kind of special vulger language exchange was done so easily. In Tokyo, also. Ms.Responsibles were using such kind of words, and forced the immates to use them as obligation. Crazy guys, all of Room 14 laught at them, including Miyuki. 外人房 or GAIJIN-BOU, it was called. And Miyuki, as Japanese, was put into it, as a kind of honour...Miyuki felt so sorry for all foreigners in this special torturing detention room. And this is better than single type.

The single room was called VIP room, and Miyuki was threatened, by Ms.Responsibles, "Are you wanting to enter into the VIP room??? You, stupid!!"

Why VIP room is not a good equipment room? Miyuki got in wonder. And, then, VIP room is so near to INFERNO, Miyuki really got to know it.

A guy, non maternal language type, was killed there, after an abrupt attack done by Ms.Responsibles with iron bars.

Miyuki, alone in the room 14, because already Bianca and 814 were discharged, heard the sound of the bar hit, and thought, "Oh, as if the action scene of some films...However, with the sound of iron bar, hitting and dropping, the guy never made a sound, and two Ms.Responsibles ran away immediately. And Miyuki heard the sound of faked RZ 250's bike sound, going to faint...Spooky, and fearful.

Then, "May we call to medical facilities?" like panic mode, and scrumble hush-hush activities inside the VIP room and the near place.

They said anything at the matter to the immate. And next day, Miyuki had an oppotunities to pass in front of the VIP room, and found it was vacant.

The nearest the bay side, yes. Thus, it was easty to dispose the body, Miyuki thought. At the same time, the victim was also satan, and it vanished, probably, Miyuki presumed.

And now, garlic including amphetamine smell. Why???

Miyuki's blog was now destroyed, precariously, however, Miyuki felt chilled by satanic audacious continuous attempt. They vanished the vision of PC and tried to errase the article, this one, and failed. Miyuki got upset, and tried to recover all of the contents, and could do it, as much as possible.

Suddenly, they did their wi-fi attacking, as they liked, as usual. Casual attacking for them. Normal standard mode, for them, yes. However, system was changed. Thus, Miyuki could save the contents, entirely. good grief.

For them, nothing at all. For Miyuki, the result of several hours of her writing job. Why she should be obliged to write the same contents again???

Time consuming race, yes. And they are so persistent. Anti-productive. Always downward. YUKARI & HARUMI, are the image of actual satans in Shirakawa.

So jealous, and so degrated especially in their intelligence. All Alzheimers, they are. Thus, driving is a kind of Jason's work!!!

Miyuki was almost hit by a car came from her back, near Benimaru-Yokomachi, and the car beeped!!! It came in soundless mode, and Miyuki cross the narrow road in front of the car, without knowing the existance of the car, and the car beeped. So slowly, however, they required Miyuki to pay attantion to it. Thus, Miyuki got in rage, and yelled, "Go to Inferno! You should stop! Don't beep! Alzheimer! Vanish! Immediately! "

They came so persistently, and after the car, in the narrow road, popped out other cars, consecutively! Mad satans! No sense of strangeness at all!!!

YUKARI came to the office, and said, "It is cold today. It would be fine to turn off the switch of the air conditioner system. " Oh, she feels coldness! Miyuki got astonished.

Alex said yes, and he ordered her to turn off the switch. However, she was so in panic to find the remote controller, and unnecessarily she opened the drowals, here and there, as she liked. Alex appointed the place, on which the remote controler was, and YUKARI continued to seek in vain, and finally, Alex said, "There. I said there!"

YUKARI has a strange custom to start to open the drawals, when she can't find something targetted. Alzheimer panic, they yelled. Unnecessariy, she opened and closed. The remote controler has never been put in any drawal. Why YUKARI did open and close these drawars?

Just the same in seeking of fax paper in the morning. Anyway, she dushed to open the drawals, when she was obliged to seek anything.

Strange Auntie, for both, Alex and Clare. And to show her strangeness was their role. Exist such kind of strange maniacs? In SHIRAKAWA, so common. Thus, not so much, their special characters are catching attention of others.

No Man's LAnd, again, please. Better than satanic Alzheimer Wonderland. Boogie Wonderland, in reality. Earth, Wind and Fire!!!

For them, forgetting the names of the area is so common, thus, they put other names again and again. Thus, so ironical situation, here and there. 大町 or OOMACHI existed? 手代小路 or TEDAI-KOUJI existed, yes.

Unknown names, here and there, and they put confusional advertisement plates with totally erroneous discription on geography, without feeling any shame. Who would like to come to this rural village???

Today, Miyuki monitored that a vehicle entered into the tunnel for human beings only, and passed through, and the neighbour faked old bitch, doing gardening fake near, didn't say anything at all! Just a trapping, Miyuki thought, and got astonished, "Oh, this is pedestorians' deck, not vehicle use at all. The police put the plate saying, "No car use!" however, they passed. IDIOCRASY in traffic version in rural village called Shirakawa.

Miyuki has already seen some old bugs drove on the pedestrean only deck. They are Alzheimers. And in the tunnel, Alzheimer passed, as usual, without knowing the prohibition at all.

They should not drive at all! And no brand mark Jeeps here and there. The symbol of the car producing company was stolen, and they put as they like. For them, OK, because they can't think of victim at all.

And the cycle riders drive on the pedesterian deck, even it is narrow and only for walkers type, even.

For riders, no conception on the difference between bicycles and cars. Thus, they should pass on the vehicle road!!!

Monitoring jog only type, now in Shirakawa.

YUKARI put only her long used brown cotton shirt on her T-shirt type uniform, and short pants remained untouched. Thus, only so mini-mini one piece wearing like appearance now. To seduce Alex? To show her fat tieghs? Strange choice! She said, "Today it is cold." however, she wore like that. Erotic? Rather messy exhibitionist, for Miyuki, she is!!!

Why she wants to show her tighs in front of Alex? She appeared so many times, in front of him, in this strange audaciously "sexy????" clothings. Mad Dog turned to be erotic old satan. Like other old bugs in Shirakawa.

Alzheimer causes moral degradation, especially in sexuality. Thus, this is the result. In summer, she wants to show her dirty body, to others. and others dislike her exibitionism. Messy, however, no choice. She shows her body in public. Go to supermarket in such a "sexy" style!!!

YUKARI thinks that she is so messy and not attractive. Yes. However, she wants to show her body. To satanic team members only please!!!

And Miyuki confirmed the satanic couryard business is used sabon put luke warm water after the bath taking day. Even today in the morning, soap smell ejected from the courtyard between the office and the main house.

For them, courtyard service is one of their main tasks, and they want not to spend time to the service. Thus, don't touch the courtyard at all!!! Mad Dogs, they are!!! They don't want, however, they want to fake to do their sacred service. They don't touch anything at all. Just stay in the chamber each.

Now, the smell is chaged. Rather, LSD. Thursday Amphetamine festival ended.

Alex also felt strange at YUKARI's panic mode to seek remote controler. Drawers are not related at all. However, she was so in panic, and couldn't find the controler at all. She didn't remember how to use it, thus, she got in panic. How she manages the situation. Thus, she got into panic.

Why she asked Alex, "May I turn off the switch?" Thus Alex said "yes" and YUKARI started to get confused so much. Appearantly crazy!!!

Alzheimer patients don't feel the strangeness even in the emergency. Thus, they behave like that. Oh, frog experiment!!!

A flog, who are in luke warm water, would not get to notice, even it is in the hot boiled water. Senseless, up to the end.

Why she doen't put trausers, being using her short uniform pants??? And why she uses the same shirts only, although she has a lot of cheapish shirts?

MIKA the dirty had the same custom, yes. She bought a bunch of clothings in Shimamura, 5 big plastic bags of them, at all, and kept them in her chamber, and used only a pair of pyjamas, every day and night. Crazy, however,
for them, best choice!!!

Excessiveness is a symptom of Alzheimer patient. They have no limit at all. Non stopping mode. "I want to be free from everything" Masumi HAYASHI, a BUSU DDMic satan No.1 in her album for graduation in her high school days. Liberalist like expression, however, for us understanding, just leeway. No moral limit at all!!!

They start something, they can't stop. Thus, they are obliged to do something, and they can't, thus, frustration all day long, and start to attack others.

Miyuki is targetted so harshly. and now, beyond their target. They can't perceive Miyuki's existance, and for them, Miyuki's objects are treated just like, "Deciesed Miyuki left for us" type treatment.

Miyuki exists? Where? They ask so many times. And they think, that Miyuki is different from their tribe. Good grief. Miyuki is not satan, anyway, they feel "different from them" by impulse. Better than being thought as if "Miyuki should be like us all!" situation.

Any particle would be fine to produce a core of rain drop, Miyuki found. No necessarity Anmonium, Urine related product, beking poweder, lemon acid, and so one. Kuen acid, it is called. Fruits produce it. And sugar rain existed. Sweet, it was. And today, probably, natrium related product, like salt or Clor Natrium or Bycarbonate Hydrogen Natrium. Rain drops taste differently. Doctor Miyuki SATOW found, after her nasty rainny walking.

Sticky rain is nasty, however, without stickness, not so much. With some suitable rain shoes, she can walk even in rainy season, with her usual good mood.

Red rain boots, she wants to have. Long London Boots type. Kinky boots, should be. For her, common rather cute type, Miyuki really thought. Why these so common plain type would be the symbol of campy culture??? Too modest!!!

For Miyuki, American Campy's degradation. Not impressive. Just cute. Regressed!!!

Jean Paul Gorchie, where are you??? No more promissive acute line at all in the world? Miyuki liked Tokyo Mode School's MATSUYA's advertisement, in 2015. Almost only one impressive fashion exhibition at that moment. No mode at all. Fashion died already earlier than economic sinking...

Should be promissive! Acute, as much as possible! Thus, fashion designers challenged. And now? Just remake and one patternalization or monotonous unitarian style only. Spooky dirty dark colours and cheapish materials. No mode in Japan...Miyuki got dissapointed.

And in 2016, Miyuki visited the cocoon building, the site of the Tokyo Mode School, near 工学院大学 or Versity of Technology in Shinjuku. No interesting event at all. And empty in the higher floors. Messy, rather than high fashioned.

Probably, already, art also died. Miyuki encountered with a OPPABU-BABAA type graduate school pupil of art versity, and her ex-mate, also versity graduate. The latter was more interesting young girl, who are interested in her mate's graduate school life.

The art type said, "I do an assistant job for my prof. He uses me in case of necessity" Assistant, and she was satisfied in the position. She herself didn't criate at all. Just prepared for the prof, according to his instruction. Sly forever smiling, and no fashion sense at all. OPPABU BABAA like so comon style, which would be liked by old guys type clothings, she wore, Miyuki remembers well.

The counterpart was finding a job, at that time, and she was earger to know her mate's activities. However, no concrete response at all. And she couldn't chase her so much, because she needed to respect her mate's privacy. Thus, "Oh, I adore it! You are lucky!" Honestly, just a luck, Miyuki thought at that moment. And they came back from Tokyo to some TOUHOKU region. Shirakawa dialect, they didn't have. Probably, AKITA or MIYAGUI or so.

Now, Miyuki did that the bitch was just Versity OPPABU BABAA, young version. Thus, not because of luck, but because of her bust, she was hired as assistant of the prof.

U・Fu・Fu. Naomi CHIAKI. they smile in case they want to avoide more search on the matter. Kyouko HASEGAWA, YUKARI, KAKISHIMA=TERAO, and so on. The famale satans use this technic. "I will kill you" inside their belly.

"Oh, I had a bed friend, he was 20 years younger than I. No problem at all!" When Miyuki said in her so normal mode, KAKISHIMA did this smile. "Why she laught at my remark?" was Miyuki's primitive question. Misterious smile, yes. MonaLisa. Frank Sinatora.

Again, YUKARI came and picked Alex's left trash from the desk. Alex's special sweeping job offerer, she is now. Strange custom, they adopted. Alex is rather "I want to organize my precious things" type. However, they ordered YUKARI to push his trash away after his leaving.

Miyuki thought that Imiko WASHIO was quick and effective type. And her face was similar to MonaLiza. Rather bauncing robust type. round, in short. KATSUMI liked her also. Calm, and cool. And she doesn't get involved in nasty trouble type. Not effective, not at all! Rather kind guy, however, not so positive to do naughty work.

She is good at memory yes. And more modest point getter, yes. She can do resolve the problem, however, she is not to eager to gain the point. More effective course, she would have chosen, Miyuki presumed.

According to HARUMI, she studied in Public College in AIZU, or 会津短期大学 or AIZU-TANKI-DAIGAKU or 2 years type versity. And then, she worked for post office, which was already run by her family, and got married with some suitable guy.

After, Miyuki didn't know. And Miyuki didn't find WASHIO 3 sisters, her nieces, in three different characters each. Alex and Clare's friends, and Miyuki played with them all. Our courtyard for all of them, Shirakawa III primary school's ones.

YAMAZAKI 3 brothers also. Miyuki watched a boy, so similar to the third boy at YAOYA-block. They thought also that school courtyard was common use for us all.

Kensei YOSHIDA, would be relative of some KOISO family, whose member was my father's cousin. Rouji KOISO was the cousin's son, and he was the same age of Miyuki, GUTS and KATSUMI. Once she went to sea fishing with him, with his father's white Laurel, when they were 7 years old. Miyuki wrote her first long long composition of 20 pages, and 95% was spent for the preparation before the departure.

She liked the driving, and remember it was summer or autumn, because RINDOU or りんどう was blooming along the road. Miyuki never was with him in the same class. GUTS probably did know him.

Kensei was a good mate of Kentarou, who lived near his house, and MAKIKO's house. Kensei was short and slender, and KENTAROU was big and robust. The same age, however, looked like big elder brother and small younger brother.

They also played in the courtyard. Courtyard was common place to play. Not training center of IKKYO believers. And their education is so skewed. Gymnastic only, or adult voice chorus team. No individualism at all, and all instruction world. Obedient non moving kids only in the courtyard. They are too too slow, and descategorized as kids. Old guys, they are! Too too slow, and they can't throw a ball more than 5 meter. Anyway, non active. Worse than Miyuki...They dislike to move. And they appear so early in the morning. And they always wear uniform. Even in their coming back hour, they are in uniform, and almost all of them come from 松風団地 or MATSUKAZE DANCHI or IKKYO Complex near NANKO Silver Lake. Not Shirakawa III area, rather Shirakawa I area. However, they come on the way from the complex, 30 figures or so, in collective, with 4 or 5 adults figures, mainly females.

Miyuki needs to take a shower tonight, because she got a sticky salty rain outside.

Have a nice dream, Rightous Brothers! See you on our blog!!!

With big LOVE, from Uncle Miyuki and her team mates called 8 MEN.

VANISH! DDMs!!! Ugly Bitches!!! Satans!!! Alzheimers!!!! Go to INFERNO!!!

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