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18/08/2017 (Friday, morning) My Uncle Takeo YAMAGUCHI's birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Uncle Takeo!

He was a banker, and gave me some gifts which he gained from the bank called Tokyo Sougo Ginko or 東京相互銀行 Bank of Tokyo Sougo, it turned to Bank of Tokyo Souwa 東京相和銀行, and then, 東京スター銀行 or Bank of Tokyo Star.

He worked for mainly for Bank of Tokyo Sougo, and it was run by a president, a kind of dictator, and sometimes, this distator was providing interesting gifts for the clerks.

One of the interesting gift Miyuki gained from Uncle Takeo was a ball point pen with several foreign money echange rates, by manual rolling system. At that time, US$1 = 308 yens, and the before that period, the money was fixed at US$360, for so many years.

And Miyuki showed this gift to her closest friends, Makiko and IZUMI-san, and they all leanred that "YEN is higher" means "the math figure of YEN is lower".

We were primary school pupils, in a rural isolated village, at the age of 10 years arround. However, at least, we had a knowledge of this basic point.

Now, even financial journalists in OMANKO News Papers, don't know this basic knowledge. They should be hired!, Deligate their tasks to pupils! Terrible idiots write erroneous financial articles! State Economy should not be established by these big errors.

Look at an example!

Miyuki tried to explain the basic principle to her father of 85 years old, and he couldn't understand at all. This level of guys work for financial area. It is difficult to maintain State Economy, or rather, rate system is already ended up, and no expert exists any more.

for her, too too understandable. However, for others, not so much. And financial experts don't exist. Thus, she is targetted as one of the rare semi-experts on this field...We are not geneous at all. Basic to travel abroad. And the result, for amatures, too too difficult...

Kyorin Versity pupils learned at the system, and some of them did quick counting, applying this basic rule. Many of them, some hardle to pass on. Thus, economic society excluded this dumb type consumers. Only for quick kids...

Lack of effort, Miyuki yelled. For her, amusement. however, for others, not so much. So lots of training were needed to think like that...Clare said clearly. Too too difficult...For Miyuki, easy. because she was trained so much, with this concept. However, rural guys are not prepared for it...Basic!!!After one explanation, they should learn, and gain the difference of calculation. Anyway, this makes sense. Gain or Loss.

Thus, Miyuki gained. OMANKO journalism, yes! Who doesn't know economy's basic knowledge, like my father of 85 years old, wrote this article. Important information for rural economy, and big errors. Even though, rural faked financial activities move, without problem. It means, no economic activity at all in SHIRAKAWA and also in all over Japan.

Economic Idiots, not Economic Animals...Japanese didn't know the rule, and just did wrong, to the direction directly to INFERNO. Not animals, who were earger to earn, rather, "We want to continue wrongdoings, to show up our faked power, OK? foreigners!!!" was the rightous answer.

Easy and quick. How they can be trapped type. And now? For them, too too dificult. They established a confusional system, and they themselves were trapped by the system. Shame!!!

For kids, understandable its explanation is. However, with quickness, it is difficult. This is the difference. And Miyuki already proposed rather stable and more fair alternative, in front of Akio HOSONO, professor of economy of Underdevelopping Conuties, whose wife is beautiful Chillena, in KOMABA campus, in his seminor with TSUNEKAWA, whose major was Political Science in Latin America, and actual Professor of University especially for Graduate Course for Study of Public Policy Deciding, or 政策大学院大学, when Miyuki was a first grade of Graduate School of Faculty of Law, of Hongo campus, of Tokyo Versity.

The best proposal : Only one money unit should be used in the world

Miyuki got to know this super valuable idea, thus, she said spntaneously, and then...every audience got silent, including HOSONO...soon after, his following word..."Theorically possible, however, pragmatically, impossible, probably..." And he suggested ehe existance of international money deposit system called money drawal. Not money rate, rather, figure only type. Then calculate all in this system? However, dollar is so strong, and it reflects American Economy, so strong in the actual world.

Thus, now the chance. No economy experts at all, already. And American Economy is dead practically. Thus, go forward! Money system for idiots!!! For dumbs!!!

For her type, chance. However, Miyuki is not interested in gaining money like that. Just an exercise of mind. And thus, always poor...

MICCHIKU reigned under this level, and OMANKO journalism concealed the fact, and they put explanation on the errors which MICCHIKU had committed. And now, OMANKO pimps failed.

ミイラ取りがミイラになった or Mummy seekers turned to be Mummy. They themselves were trapped by their own created system, on behalf of themselves. Laughing gag again!!!

So short news, however, so important!! Quick knowledge is needed!!! And now, Miyuki is poor, as usual...

Not encountered with financial problem at all, however, never turned to be rich. She really wanted to be gourgeous, if she purposed to be rich. And her minimum desire is, "Jeep and safe space for parking".

No parking lots, safe and sound. They attack, as usual, and they says, "Because the guy invided our property" and killed. Biverly Hill's system for cheapish old rural messy dirty parking lots in Shirakawa. They turned to be so greedy.

Pet bottle, thrown on with a tap, would be punished harshly by the police, they think. For them, natural. They can kill, if they think, "The guy is nasty!" Idiocracy, it is. And Miyuki is so nasty. Since she was infant, "Why adults are so stupid?" was a big mistery. And she expressed in public. Thus, she was hated by adults.

In SHIRAKAWA, disliked guy No.1, always near her. Teachers are stupid, graduates of rural college so called Fukushima University. And most of them are really dumbs. We know so well, however, education is obrigatory. Thus, we need to attend to the class. Constitution for torture us!!!

Promissive kids need to learn their limit, thus, schooling as punishment...TAKAFUMI thinks so even now...Oh, promissive! 大器晩成 or TAIKI-BANSEI or a big flower grows so slow...

TAKAFUMI was so popular among Shirakawan female bitches. Tasty, he was for them all! Because, he was protected by Japanese Government financially, at the cost of US$900 thousand of his precious life. Who would enjoy the delicious fruits of US$900 thousand, was their interest. TAKAFUMI would be killed soon after the marrige.

Thus popular. And in case of single life, his parents...thus, he was protected by his parents, and also by his so thick financial wall of US$900 thousand...
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