Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (194)

2017-08-09 19:55:15 | 日記
09/08/2017 (Wednesday, evening) This morning, Miyuki suffered her night mare.

She dreamt like that:

She was forced to make a document according to a format for apllying to some versity. She was obliged to do correction so many times, on some parts with trifle errors.
She did the job, for some hours consecutively, and she got exhosted so much.
however, she could end of the process, anyway. And she put this document, so important, in a plastic file, to keep untouched by any guy. And put the file, in suitable place on her not so much organized office room. On the books, in short. And she took a rest outside the office, for a while.

When she came back, she looked for the document to hand the guy who were waiting for, saying, "Don't haste. We have a lot of time."

Miyuki, remembered the place she put on, got astonished and in panic! No document! What should I do??? She searched the office, for long hours, and got so tired.

Her office was located on the first floor. On the second floor, YUKARI was there. And she said to Miyuki, "You, stupid! You are disorganized! That is why you lost the document!" with so arrogant contemptious smile.

And Miyuki perceived that she stole the document by herself. Thus YUKARI accused her because of Miyuki's losing the document, so harshly. She wanted to show as if she were superior to Miyuki, and thus, she stole to confuse Miyuki, and to make Miyuki waste her precious time.

Miyuki got up from the nightomare, and understood that YUKARI is the real representative of DDMs, and on behalf of these DDMs, Miyuki was obliged to lose her precious time and big chance.

"What a nasty dream! So similar to my real past. And how in vain and anti-productive it was! Good grief, now I am free from such kind of anxiety at all! My work is now so precious, and could feel real fruitfulness from my work.
Yes, even now, satans remain, and they give us a great agnony and damage, in reality. However, at least, I am not obliged to these tantalos like infernal tasks any more! How nasty it was!"

Thus, Miyuki appreciated the sytem change entirely! We are living in the better age! After all satan's vanishing, whole the universe will turn to be paradise! Vanish! DDMic satans! Only you are the objection of our precious happiness! No satan world is the real paradise. Thus, we need to accelarate process!!!

Today, Miyuki did a philosophical discovery. For her, the reason of satans' movement was totally mistery. Why they like to disturb my work, in such a trifle cheapish method?, Miyuki asked so many times.

And today, she found the rightous reply, in the end! Inferiority complex induces them to behave to be superior to Miyuki, in any way.

"In any way" and each guy does as their instinct or impulse pushes him.

For example, some guys passed Miyuki through, and went forward. For them, "Anyway, I passed, thus I am supeiror to her."

And some guys came near Miyuki, and picked up some foods, in front of her, with no thinking what it was. For them, "anyway, we grasped the product earlier than she".

And some guys talked in a loud voice, when Miyuki passed beside. In this case, "Anyway, we are two, and supeirior to her in figure."

And some guys threatened her with their monitoring mode. In this case, "Anyway, we are able to inform her to the police to be caught. We are stronger than she."

Outside the supermarket, Miyuki met an old lady who were walking beside the bicycle. "Anyway, I have a bicycle and can ride it."

And for the drivers of DDMic & satanic cars, "Anyway, we can move faster than she with the car, and the car use is superiority rather than her non car situation."

All of their choice of the conducts depend on how to be superior to Miyuki. Stupid, yes. However, this came from their impulse related Competitivety. Miyuki understands up to this point.

Miyuki herself is so competitioner type. However, she does it mainly inside her mind, and it dousn't cause any material harm to others.

On the contrary, satans do the useless and selfish competition in public, in front of Miyuki. Without Miyuki, they lose the intention to attack her. Just in front of Miyuki, only.

They are Alzheimer patients, and as domestic animals like sheep, they are induced by remote controle system, using wifi-sound system. Thus, in general standard mode, they are quiet and obedient, yes.

However, even with their total loss of judgement amility, they have some complex, and are frustrated to much. Thus, they are sometimes so agressive to others.

One reason of agressiveness is sexual frustration. They are allowed to do it, in case of the bosses' remote admission. Up to the time, they should be keep their sexual cleaness entirely.

And to eject their skewed desire, monthly couple sexual party is allowed. It happened on 6th of August, this month. Full moon was used for this reason.

Miyuki watched the scene at 22:00 almost, in the center of Tokyo, in July, 2016. Now the rural version.

And another reason is "spontaneous responce against different existance." Miyuki is the center of this type of target. Anything she is different from us, and so nasty, is their words inside the mind.

Miyuki analysed this complex and attacking system.

According to the domestic animals' instructional value, fat, plump, short, white, young, plain, non destinctive, slow, inferior to male, bob cut, non athlete type, stupid, obedient, calm, quiet, ready to be raped, ready to accept any requrement, inside the chamber type, not working outside, just waiting for the only one male, non graduate holding, empty liking, just getting along with female friends, and so on, they, dodomerdic satans are superior to them, yes.

In this case, Miyuki presumes that win-win for both sides, namely, DDMs and Miyuki. Miyuki is contrary to these values at all, thus, inferior to DDMs. And Miyuki thinks that these are nevative values for her, thus, "inferior to DDMs at these values! is the same as, "Miyuki is lean, slender, long, dark skined, 54 years, distintive in her fashion and body shape, quick, superior to all males in Shirakawa, long hair, athlete type, clever, non obedient at all, noisy, talkative, anti-rapist, any unreasonable required should be refused by her type, outside goer, especially under the blue sky, working outside, human male is denied any more because of their incapability, doctral degree holder, various hobbies and their related subjects fulfil her chamber type, wanting male and female friends both, and so on." In short, for Miyuki's understanding, she is superior to any DDMs in the world in every meaning.

Thus, win-win, for DDMs, Miyuki is inferior to them, while for Miyuki, DDMs are inferior to Miyuki. No conflict at all, in this sense.

However, DDMic satans' inner mind doesn't accept the male oriented DDMic values. Thus, as their superficial understanding, Miyuki is inferior to them all, yes. But, in their deep more internal or impulse related sphare, they recognize that Miyuki is superior to any of DDMs.

Thus, DDMic satans feel primitive inferiority complex inside and as impulse oriented attutude, they started their "Anyway, I will show the supriority to her!" mode.

YUKARI's impulse oriented rabbit dushing from her chamber is this type. And Miyuki remembered a laughing example, which she experienced in HACHIOJI.

A lady, which Miyuki nicknamed Hiromi HANAZONO, lived on the 3rd floor, and Miyuki's residence was under her one. She thought as if she were superior to Miyuki, because of the location of the residence! Ridiculous, however, it was the fact.

This apartment was used by IKKYO believers, and they changed the residences each other, so often. Thus, this apartment was the site of WASEDA related stupid graduate degree holders. They did wi-fi using stealing job and stole Miyuki's precious files from her PC. Rohibittion No.1 of academic society, however they did it, and thought as if they could do it, because they lived above Miyuki's apartment!

Young Alzheimer patients, IKKYO believers. Thus they lived in collective, adopting the system of mutual care giving. "Don't leave me alone" by Kazuo ISHIGURO's horror comedy version, in reality!!!

Miyuki remembered Yasuo HASEBE liked ISHIGURO, and wrote the revew on this book. Oh, he was one of the planners of this "Big Shop of Horrors".

Miyuki wanted to play the role of the narrator of the theater play, because she wanted to wear leather suit, like Marlane Dirtlich. She is even now earger to play the role! More commical version, yes, at the same time, so so terrible and dreadfull!!!

However, already Miyuki did know so well, that in fact, her leather hot pants wearing body is rater...kid in his athletic festival...With Bische, also made of leather, probably, it would same as the happened with Cris of Sao Paulo, in Cris's tailor of wedding dress's fitting room.

Another atraction for audience, however, for her, not so amusing experience. Takako SHIRAI fenomenum, again.

Thus, she needs a transparent plastic lace on the shoulder for the bische.

Chinkoro also wants to play the same role. Double cast!!!

For two, some amusing show, yes. For others...kid's theater, or Matinee...

Kids version, OK, however, we want to wear leather pants and bische!!!

In the chair, Miyuki sits in her legs crossed. And she wears nit stockings, yes. We have some stocks!!!

And black stockings, thin semi-transparent type, yes! ADACHI'S ex-dean KURODA liked to wear them! Miyuki remembered it! Even short guys, can wear it! Slender leggs effect, it has!!!!

For Japanese guys, wife is the substitute of kid girl. This is the fact. Thus, male Japanese wants younger and shorter wife. Strange tribal habit. Satans, so skewed version.

Miyuki yelled that Tokyo Versity pimps are worse than Malf, the bad politician in Brazilian History. The reason? Maluf liked only rich guys, and he in public said, "I hate poor guys, and love rich guys." Oh, CACO, he is!!!

And Todai pimps said that "we are in favour of unbenefitted guys. We are rich boys, however, we are rightous and we have power to manage the financially unbalanced society. Thus, poor guys, rely on us! We are your friends, poor guys!"

And Malf and Todai pimps, both did the same. They both trapped poor guys, induced to be killed, and gained the money from the disasters.

The deeds are the same. however, Maluf confessed his cruel belief honestly. Todai pimps were skewed even in their confession of the belief. Always, "On behalf of you, poor guys!" mode. Terrible betrayers, they were!!!

Thus, Maluf should be punished less than Todai pimps, at least.

yes, both should vanish. And both should be punished of course. However, Maluf is less shameless than Todai pimps, thus, his punishment should be less than theirs.

Relativeness works. Malf stole, however, worked, was total lie. However, at least, he showed his eargerness for greediness, frankly. Not a hero. Dirty hero, he was.

Todai pimps played the role of white nights, and under the white tights, he wore dirty punts. Smelly also!!!

HASEBE wanted to ruy away to Great Briten like ISHIGURO. And his team mate KARUBE could gain a post in OXFORD, yes. Why OXFORD, non existing university, in material meaning, could continue to hire him? KARUBE lives in INFERNO also, and because of his Alzheimer disease, he calls it OXFORD. Like Kyorin staff.

For Miyuki, in short, Kyorin was INFERNO. However, they put the advertisement as Kyorin Versity, instead of Kyorin INFERNO. Thus, Miyuki came, and got hired. They faked the position of the facility. They should declare the fact to Miyuki, before her getting job. She lost almost 14 years there! Shein teorie, again. Thus, Kyorin need to pay her as versity, not as INFERNO!!!

How our life is so misery? Why she needed to gain less than Shirakawa residents, all high school degree holders??? Why Shirakawa residents could do a family trip for HAWAII or IKINAWA so often?

Clare responded negatively. Because they wanted to kill the kids there. They wanted double insurance gainings. Life insurance, and traveler's insurance.

Why Miyuki is necessary to go to make a bisiness trip? Was the kids' question. Miyuki didn't know the fact at all. For Miyuki, "I was categorised as excellent scholar. Thus, I need to do the trip, to be bigger!", whole for kids, "In the summer vacation, only she was making a trip. Why we couldn't?"

Miyuki planned to go to Saipan, for the kids' cultural experience. however, both refused finally.Oh, BANZAI beach, for it????

BANZAI cliff, it was. Japanese soldiers were killed there. They were obliged to throw their precious body from the cliff. And now, kids version is popular!!!

Oh, Lemmings' geno-suicide version!!! Oh, satanic suicide in the process! There is a lake! A lot of big ponds, here and there! And ditches and ditches! Rivers, also! MEKURA-KOROGASHI, SHIROBI-SAKA, KANZARASHI-BASHI, here and there, spooky cruel old names, we can find!!! Any spots can be used for their geno-suicide!!! Mega-Tombe!!!!

Today, in Mega-Stage, the number of the kids waw so few. Why? Already done? The earlier, the better!

And Miyuki found a golden principle of family faking business. The colours should be similar to the members, at least, in a part.

Today, in gymnastic park, Miyuki found a strange couple and a kid of 8 years old or so. A boy, wore blue T-shirts, and a karki or graysh light blue bermuda. A mother role player wore white blause and blue pants. And a more older female bag, wore white shirt and karki pants. Triangle family. And the older, at first, tried to play the role of the father of the kid, and failed and turned to be a grand mother immediately.

The change happened when Miyuki presumed, "Oh, femi-les couple with a boy" fake? For Shirakawa, unnusual. however, nice try! Miyuki laught at their urban mode instruction's failure.

And the boy didn't wanted to play inside the kid's park not at all and the boy and the mother both faked presumably were waiting some guy outside the park, for more than 30 minutes.

And a male, middle aged worker type, came, however, he was disliked by both of them. Then, the older female appeared, and they allowed her to play the role of their family. Then, the boy entered into the park, and the adults chased him. And these strange couple just monitored him, 2 meters distant from him, and did nothing. And after 15 minutes, they left the park.

After this couple and the boy, Miyuki started to notice the colors of each faked family. Oh, team colour system, they adopted. Thus, they need to unite in the morning. Then, they put their coloured T-shirts, and pants, and start the bad performing job.

The boy with 8 kid only try to play in the park, despite of other many kids there? Miyuki noticed the boy, because of his disliking of playing with other kids. And he disliked to be played with the kinkiest female families, either.

Recently, the parents role players' Alzheimer symptom progressed so much. Thus, so so selfish, and easy to scold the kids, the adults are. And in case of their forgetting, they just laugh to make others to believe as if this error were just a joke.

A father, tall type, yelled his kid boy, and the father himself started to walk, alone. After him, with 5 meters' distance, a kid, only one year old appeared!! Oh, killing in parking lots in Commercial facility type, this faked parent and son is!, Miyuki really sighed.

So so evident, the result is! And yesterday, near the police department of the prefecture, Miyuki found a strange house, with a distinctively yellow faked sports car, has a lot of parking lots in front of the courtyard. Almost 6 cars, it is for. In front, Self Defence Force recruiting house, in so so female mode. Oh, Serpico, in Japanese Fire Fighting version! Al PAchino? A bit of PAchinko???

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