Clare Came Back Home

2016-12-31 19:09:49 | 日記
31/12/2016 (evening) My daughter Clare came back from Tokyo. She visited her friends, Maya and Ayuna, in Hachioji. She enjoyed her short stay in Tokyo with her frinds. She went skating, shopping in Harajuku, played at an amusement park, saw a movie. She was so pleased with her fiends' families' hospitality. I also thank them.

Since June, this year, I had handed a part of my salary to my kids as their living costs. Clare economized the money, buying cheapest ingredients, like raw sardine, chiken meat, low fat milk,etc. She diposited money and consumed in this trip. It's a wise way to enjoy her life. She will start economize money again until spring.

I declared to my kids that I would not suppert them financially when they enter in versities. They should earn their money and if they want to study in versities, they by themselves should pay tutition.

Alex is an indulged boy. He dislikes to study and can't manage his time. He sleeps during day and is up, watching ANIME TV programs during night. He is not diligent student at all. Nevertheless, he insisted to go to versity, with my financial assistance. So I refused, of course. I don't want waste money, throwing it in the ditch.
He cursed me. He said, "Only so few pupils can go to versities. You studied at versity. Why I can't go there?" "Because you are not diligent. You don't like to study. I was that one of the few gifted pupils. If you want to go, should be one of them. "
His opinion is totally illogical. I think that I would like to support more diligent talented kids rather than Alex, if they are poor. It's the rightous usage of money. Alex is my son. However, he doesn't deserve superior education. For his sake, he should learn to be a diligent worker rather then to be a vapid versity student.
I dared to say him, "I have no money to make you a candidate of NEETs."

He has a bad example near him. His aunt and my sister YUKARI. She graduated from RIKKYO University and worked only for 3 years in Tokyo. After, she came back home and she herself identifies as a assistant domestic householder. However, in effect, she is an old NEET. One day she arrogantly insisted me, "I can't work outside of my house. Why you don't understand it? I need money US$300 per month to pay for Insurance Company, which will provide me US$1000 per month after I rearch 60 years old. Some other family member should give me the money, because I can't earn money." I didn't understand her logic and her philosophy on life, and even now, she is a big mystery for me.

Maybe, her ideal life is that of DoDoMerdas. She lost chance to get married until 25 years old and came back home as a loser. She want to conseal her existence as a loser from local society. Probably she thinks that she can't work as a blue worker, because she graduated from versity.

She totally forgets that our family isn't rich. Crazy, I think. For her, being an assistant of domestic householder is natural. For me, it's ridiculous. Worse is, as a matter of fact, she does every domestic task wrongly. She cooks so bad. She only cooks in instant and easiest way, without thinking of taste. Her recipes are limites, not over 7 or so. After her 25 years' experience, she only can cook potato salada, curry and stew, using easy instant semi-prepared cooking ingredients, tuna salada or so. She doesn't develop her ability at all.
Nevertheless, she wants to take care of my kids exessively as a protectionist, against my will as a liberalists. My kids are young adults or teenagers. However, she prepares all their intimate wears and pajamas in a box before they take a bath. A strange intervention. She doesn't prepare them for our parents, mother at 78 years old and father at 85. I don't want her to indulge my kids. I feel offended by every her act.
Unfortunately, my son Alex is influenced by her and think that he would go to versity in vain.

When he was in a kindergarden, he said to me, "I don't want to work outside. " I replied, "You should work, when you get an adult." Alex raised an objection to me, "But my aunt doesn't work. She's always in our house. I want to live like that." Terrible!!! His life model is his NEET aunt!

If he want to follow his aunt and to go to versity, according her recommendation, his aunt should pay for it, not I. I don't contribute to their DoDoMerdic vapid life. I don't want to sustain these idol figures. They are DoDoMerdas inside my family.

However, Alex is young. He has chance to turn to be a diligent person, yet. I hope that soon he gets to notice his error and finds his own right way. I expect that he would not be indulged by his vapid aunt any more.

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