Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (54)

2017-05-13 22:05:48 | 日記

  Some quick news. Now DDMs found how to commit their collective suicide called Terra Death.

  This OMANKO writer has not question of the "Etraordinary Super selling" of Cookloarchs.

  Why not? Because she knows well the reason, and too too natural for DDMs. Hypothesis (1)

   Because for her, any odd things are not interesting at all. She is out of any curiocity type. Hypothesis (2)

   H-(1) represents her identification as a genuine DDM.

   H-(2) represents her intellectual idioticy evidently.

   Which is which? The reply is both, as usual. She knows it well, and for her, any odd things are reluctant to investigate further. Journalist without any intention to imform the important reason at all means ALZHEIMER writer, she is.

  Oh, it transmits impulse, thus, G zone, sensitive body area, feels well, when it were put, they expected on the products.

   however, cheap type common clock with low quality. Thus, they would be left in the stock backyard. And then, someone would sell in the same price. And they would be left again. Not interesting plain products are why popular among South Eastern conutries? Because neuro marcketing is used in this zone. The top of these countiries approached to Japan, and failed. They sold their people, in a whole. Check their carrer and presume when they sold their spirits!!!

  Oh, Japan starts the atomic power used electlicity generating system on 17 of this month. No necessity at all, however, Judiciary doesn't care of the national policy at all. Mad dog turned to be a dumb cat now. Both, useless and harmful.

  OMANKO writer uses their own strangest terms, not to be understood by others at all type. For them, Mitsubishi Trust Bank combined with MITSUBISHI UFJ Bank, and the former deligated 200 figures to the latter, jult for judicial persons responsibles of each 2600 MITSUBISHI related companies.

  Double responsibles system? Why they combined altogether? Usually for reduce their human resources. However, for the MITSUBISHI related, just to absurb the laft over to give some financial benefit under the same names. Oh, combination to gain the value of the lives of the 200 figures? Unnecessary, however, we could take advantage of these laft over clerks.

  And these banks do their business just for their related companies. For them, too too natural, and OMANKO writer didn't matter on the others' interest at all. just for these faked MITSUBISHI related companies, the OMANKO writers did their writing business. No value at all for us, common peoples' side.

  Autofagy Economy they supported and now, they reduced so much after having eaten their own legs. Terra Death in judicial figures version, they commited, they wanted to inform anyway.

  And we are forced to use these evil bank as a recipient of our precious money. And JP bank, the megalomaniac bank among them, was revealed to have done the antomatic benefitting system under the name of "tax", got to be destroyed immediately after Quartet MARC did their own job.

  How should I do?, Miyuki thinks. Anyway, my deposit is under the limit of US$100 thousand, thus, all of my deposit should be saved, anyway. She already prepared for it. She predicted the Terra Death of the judicial figures, including Banks. Especially banks, because the rest exist just on the paper. Paper companies, or MITSUBISHI PULP FICTION.

  Quentin Talantino would like to produce another movie. In this case, Miyuki would be called to play the important role of Misterious Lady to break all of the judicial figures in Japan!!!! Uma Tharman, she would be!!!

  Anyway, she wants to be bigger, thus, she would accept the kind offer!!!! She would play the role of Colombo, the investigater, or Paddington, in her detective mode. OK, we all accepted it!!!

  A girl, whose sexual identification and age is too too misterious to others, challenges the biggest errors in the evil Japanese Companies called MITSUBISHI PULP. She was a resident of the evil town, a rural one, called SHIRAKAWA, and soon after the descharge from the Detention and the evil mental heal institution called HASEGAWA Hospital in Tokyo, she was totally concealed in a coldest place in the world, and Oh, she got injured so much, especailly in her feet!!! Chilblains!!! Oh, she is in the danger of frostbite. however, her families left her in the coldest place, and she should survive by herself.

  Cinderella, she would be! Her younger sister YUKARI the broken Robot had more than 4 rooms for her own, and Miyuki, her real name was descovered now, should sleem under the foot of her evil mother, in the mother's chamber, without being informed the reason. Why I couldn't get out of my mother's chamber to other place?, she got in wonder. And finally she discovered the fact, because her mother just wanted to stomp her.

  She had no place to sleep, however, any one could help her, because she is perfectlly concealed in Shirakawa area. She is traced by other residents at 360 ° perfectly every day and nights, and they continue to pretend the evil game, just for their own satisfaction. Why she couldn't get out of the nasty evil cold-hearted cruel rural town called SHIRAKAWA?

  No industry at all. However, in the shops, the residents faked to buy some foods, and they never paied by cash at all. And only Miyuki paid by cash, because she doesn't have any credit card.

  They want the real money, thus, they did the faking business to induce her consumption. However, she is thrift so much. Traps and traps!!! Who would gain more money from her tight wallet? How she was persuaded to use her precious money to the evil shops? She is so poor not to live in a big city called SAITAMA, famous for the urbanized rural skewed city beside Tokyo. Who would save her from this evil rural town called Shirakawa?

  In her town, any idiot can do as they like, and can abuse others as usual. Just threatening is enough others to do as he likes. No reason is needed. Thus, even her family do the same thing on her as they like.

  She is the doctral degree holder of the best university in Japan, and she wrote a lot of letters to obtain the versity post, however, any versity responded her seriously. She sent full of information on her, personal life included, however, always, without any reason, the versities refused her kind offer to be hired in the modest value of money, or just ignored.

  Why? She always asked to others, and others didn't reply at all. Why they could put up with such a kinkiest situation at all? She searched the right answer, and discovered the fact. She is now medical doctor of the rural town, and her response is:

  Oh, this rural town called Shiraka is entirely suffering from moral and intellectual Alzheimer disease, and all of the residents forget each other, and the past wrongdoings at all. And they continue to do wrongdoing as business, because they can't recognize the difference between RIGHT and WRONG. For them Right is Wrong, and more Left!!! They confuse the direction aften, thus the vehicles crash as usual, and they traces kids, especially infants to chase to hit intentionally, in search of their insurance benefit. Offense from stronger to weaker is the best strategy, according to the kinkiest residents in Shirakawa. Thus, infants, and foreign students, were easily killed by them, and they continue to keep the secret to others, threatening them by their squad system or TON-TON-MACUTE in Japanese style.

  I had already passed severe time in many countries, including USA, yes, however, in Japan, the harshest time, now I am passing, and anyone wants to help us all. Only Fauna & Flora, and their supporters assist us completely. She is discommunicated with her dearest friends, without being noticed the fact at all. Why they were so evil, and the disease transmit so rapid. Now, in her family, she, her two kids are exposed in the danger. No foods service at all. The kinkiest violent existance called YUKARI always attacks her and the kids, however, YUKARI's mother smiled when YUKARI atttacked Miyuki, without reason, spontaneously, as if, she wanted to see the scene. Sadistic Alzheimer they are, Miyuki finally recognized it. And now, anyway wants to treat the two in the rightous way. Today, YUKARI did wrong to her jewel daughter called Clare, however, after 30 minutes, they forgot the evil case, and YUKARI started to behave as if anything happened between them. Why YUKARI is so nasty and cruel? Because she is a cocaine user, already her mind is perfectly broken, however, her parents treat her as normal existance, and thus, the three are always in danger, and anyone wants to help them at all. Why Shirakawa residents are so cruel from the top to the bottom? Because Miyuki is liberalist, and individualist also. For the evil ego-centric residents, the three are the target of jealousy, and they should be abused whole their lives in this evel rural town called SHIRAKAWA, because they are rather attractive than others.

  They want to be refgees and seek the evacuation place to live at least temporalily. However, anyone want to help them at all. Her old class mates, she wanted to visit, however, she couldn't. Only one she could see was her closest friend called IZUMI-san, however, she never wants to write her again. Why? Why she should be so lonly in the office of her father, in Shirakwa, the evil rural town in Fukushima prefecture. Why anyone wants to help them????

  And now her cleaning up time. And she should take care of her health, in mental one, of course, not to be YUKARI, the cruel child abuser. She should take care of the two kids, yes. Now, she is their real responsible. And they should encounter with the fact. Forests, forever, are alive!!!!

  Miyuki will smile finally. We all are your friends. We could know your situation all! They didn't want to cut wifi, only because of their own ego-centric reason. And they didn't want to believe that this is the divine ordial, including their family. For them, habitual ordinary days and nights are enough, even they are so evil and out of mind type. Thus, the end.

  We should be kind to each other, or nothing exists. Miyuki learned a lot, and now gained a lot of real friends!!! Including boy friends and girl friends. They are always near and the new ones will be so nice to get along with yes!!!!

  We should be kind to others, however majority wants to kill them for their amusement. They did it, as they liked. IDIOCRACY, in the sadistic style. They wanted to see the scene of violence like Quentin Trantino style, however, Miyuki disliked the Kyorin version called, "Real Hide and Seek." And now, "Family Game", she encountered. And she recognized that they even faked to be kind to others. Cruel, however, they said, "We do so on behalf of you, MIYUKI", like as Kyorin staff.

  They wanted to catch Miyuki and her promissive kids, however, they couldn't and should not survive, Gods of Justice decided. Thus, we are safe, as usual. We, Fauna & Flore, and our supporters, yes!!! We should survive, and they, the evil nasty forest devastation wrongdoers should die immediately. Why they released YUKARI, and why she went to the backward just to kill her family? Because they wanted to see the evilest situation in the family. And YUKARI, as always, forgot her object to come to backhouse, and Clare got upset. I am sleepy, old bug, why you came here? And YUKARI, kept silent, draw her plate, like as the inferior as usual, and put it on the tiny table in the living room, because Miyuki was in the kitchen. For Miyuki, YUKARI is nothing now. And for three, she is a kind of transparent man. Non existing type, anyway.

  Why YUKARI is so spooky and changes always her character day and night, and forces to eat only foods cooked by her? Because her evil mother ordered her to do so, to make Miyuki seem incapable, because she wanted to be superior to the doctral degree holder of the best university in Japan. For her, her degree is nothing, or rather, more vomitting nasty title. And Miyuki behaved to be an inferior to her, and found that she is not good at anything at all. Just a dumb, who can't understand any rational or logical reasoning at all. DDMs she is, Miyuki sighed at this fact. And ADACHI really is so. He belived that she would the last one to sell Miyuki, however, she sold her spirit, and failed immediately. And Miyuki got to know it, already.

  After selling their soul, they shrank, and got slender. Oh, leaner? I did, however, I look taller rather than before!!!

  And she likes to amuse the situation, using her own imagination. This is the source of understanding and sympathy. And now, she is getting another kids!!! Oh, quickest naughty ones???? OK, let's play! however, I am a kind of challenged, compared with you, quickest type!!! However, good for my shaping up of my mind!!!! And they laught at!!! This lady like man did know it, and already prepared for it!!! Thus they should treat her as their mate!!!! Good!!! TOHOHO yes!!!!

  Again???? Only TOHOHO army we are. OKOKOK, I am TOHOHO now, and for more some time, probably, against my desire...TOHOHO, yes! I like to play with you, entirely! TOHOHO plays well type amusement, I know some, and you know more!!! TOHOHO only type, yes!!! And they....pledged....Oh, Oh....Chinkoro would get pleased with your participation. Oh, Already playing! OK, Miyuki would recognize more the danger situation, they will tell you tomorrow. She would learn much more from them. TOHOHO, however, basic, yes. And we should be kind each other. And first impression and continuety is important for us all!!! We can play with you as always type approach Miyuki likes, and with them, of course, yes!!! They can talk in Portugues, yes! And Japanese, Engilish, Spanish, OKOK, any language, and sugestion, gesture, simbols OKOK!!!!

  And now, she passed the hardest exam. And she relies us all. And now, bathing time!!!

  VANISH! DDMs!!!!

  We are always with you!! With BIG LOVE, from Quartet MARC and our supporters. What is their name? Team TOHOHO...OK, from TEAM TOHOHO!!! 

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