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2017-07-12 19:41:08 | 日記
12/07/2017 (Wednesday, evening) Miyuki came back from her dairy walk at 19:20, and she was obliged to take a shower soon after the arrival.

Sticky rain, she caught. Why? She remembered that from spring until now, her long hair has stuck so much and made a nest of birdy so many times. Oh, because of this sticky rain, Miyuki recognized.

Oh, the enemy even now control the weather, taking some special measure against the nature.

And ph sesponse is acid. It was reveiled by the plants' damage. Some plants turned to reddish, because of the rain, like AJISAI or seasonal rain flowers. And in Miyuki's herb garden, Lemmon Baum suffered a lot. And also, rasberry's leaves turned to be chilled, with reddish mark. Some weeds also. They put some ingredient with sticky character.

Each rain drop needs core, and the ingredient is so called seed of rain. Clouds are normally produced by distrillization of water from the earth or ocean, river, ragoon, or water side in short. Usually, they themselves turn to be core and surrounding. In case of snow, the center of the snow mark ❄ is produced by the icicle.

In sticky rain's case, artificially some products were put. Miyuki remembers that today, at the bigining of the rain storm, a big thunder rang loudly. Oh, Zeus's anger!!!

Miyuki immediately thought of that ZEUS is really female, not male, as it were considered traditionally. Anyway, jealous, at the same time, poligamist, and flamboyant, easy to get upset, and gave a birth to some juniors, like Athen. Oh, FEMI-LES family, with insest, ZEUS & HELA established. How nasty!!! Thus they were so crazy and addicted to do it!!! Mad Dog Alzheimer syndrome, they suffered from from the beggining.

Not only Hela, but also Zeus and their kids and relatives are also the same disease holders. Thus, they was degraded so wildly, and KAKISHIMA wanted to replace Aphrodite...Oh, Alzheimer Gods, they were, and now, just Alzheimer Lilis's Family. Alz's Family. Not ADAM's.

And also, Raidean, or 雷神 was such a kind of. Anyway, in rage, he ejected thunderbolt, without necessity. Oh, Miyuki's hypotheses!!! Miyuki identifies her as human being, and she always sais that she is erroneous, thus, productive, she should be, and produces lots of hypotheses. 100 hypotheses were put by her, and her right answer percentage is only 1%. Thus, according to Miyuki, Doctor of Law, if she produces 10,000 hypotheses, she would gain 100 rightous answers. Thus, she has right to propose lot of hypotheses. It works, Miyuki believes.

Thomas Edison agreed her way. 99% made of sweat, only 1% of inspiration. It worked.

Miyuki read a comic short story on him, and got to know that he read almost all of the books in the public library, and "Oh, he is me! I read almost all of the books in the school libray of Shirakawa III."

Thus, Miyuki was not necessary to go to versity. Considering to the situation, not at all. However, Miyuki believed that to be a somebody, going to the best versity in the country is the shortest way...And failed.

Miyuki is always short cut type. The sooner, the better. ADACHI liked her way so much. She is always in hush- hush mode. And amusing. Always when he wispers, she agrees and starts the most naughiest job in the world. Some kind of challenge, she accepts.

Now, the seed is discovered from the facts. Suger. Oh, thus sticky...AMENBOW-RAIN. Cotton Candy Insect Rain.

Miyuki licked her hands with rain. However, could feel any sweetness at all. However, ingredients consumed by the chemical product. Thinner also uses the suger. Naftalin Tribe. Oh, Sayumi always said that BENZEN core is the essential to learn phermaceutical study.

For Miyuki, the Hexagon was a magic box. Not interesting to remember the names of each combnation. However, to be a scholar of Pharmaceutical study, it was necessity, she exagarated. And Miyuki thought, "I liked Chemical experient, however, I was relieved not to be a natural scentist's candidate anyway. Remembering such boredome names of essencials is not my strongpoint. Good grief."

Sayumi got in anger that Miyuki didn't not recognize that she was already dead...Why she wrote like that? She was in danger of Dead or Alive. In the slightest way, she expressed that she was beeing monitored and they wanted to catch her, only.

And Sayumi's case was not told by anyone, including her parents. Her parents thought that she were alive, and waited for her arrival in vain. Megumi YOKOTA like situation.

Miyuki really liked her. She is more stable, and more reliable. Beautiful and matured, and knew well the urban cultures, music, taste of new foods, life style and so on. She wanted to buy One Plate type Breakfast Plate in ISETAN, a traditional department store, and she and Miyuki went to there one Sunday together. It costed US$1.4, and for Miyuki, expensive, however, a good for her, Miyuki thought. Once washing type. All OK. Like a medical use type. And more pop type simblisim, the plate had. Modern ware.

Sayumi was brought to Ohta, as his prize. Irias's Apolo, this ugly fat swine was????

Miyuki thought that their relationship was a kind of "predissesor and junior" type. Like NAGAO, the retired old guy in the messy apartment in Edo Era, and MIYUKI, a vulger but active younger guy, in the same residensial flat collective house, called NAGAYA. KUMA-HACHI, Miyuki called herself in her message in e-mail to NAGAO. 熊&八 or KUMA-san combined with Hatsan, the two most popular names in RAKUGO world. Male, of course.

At first, they were the same repationship, in case of Miyuki, the KUMA-HACHI and NAGAO, the GOINKYO.

However, he changed suddenly, and said, "I want to give up our relationship." Oh, give up, old guy! Give me more chance to get along with other males!!!

Sayumi thought the same. And she said so. And he said, "Oh, you contempt me?" ???? He said, "No, more!" and she said, "Oh, no!". Win-win! Why they chose the wrongest way?

Miyuki is so nasty to ask it. Sayumi herself was in wonder. He got upset, in rage. He wanted to be chased by girls????

He said to Miyuki, "Sayumi daredly came to my house in USA, however, I refused her". How nasty! And Miyuki was in wonder, of course. Why he said so? Even in case of the fact, he would not choose like that!!! Thus, with the suspition, yes, however, "Anyway, cruel! Only one chance, for this ugly fat swine! And he lost the bet intentionally! And came another chance, unucually, and he lost again, and said, "I am happy" with sad face!!! Crazy! Stupid!!!"

Not believed the situation. Probably, he modified in his most indulged dreaming narsistic way, Miyuki felt. Thus, probably, Sayumi, in case of traveling, coincidently, got to know that he was in USA, and as a kind of old mate, she tried to visit him, or he tried to meet her, and he himself was refused Sayumi, or couldn't meet her, by some his own error. He is not attractive, anyway. Thus, at least, not totally he said the fact, Miyuki felt like that.

Almost in the line. However, he tried to be attractive, in vain...Miyuki did know him, personally, at least. Thus, it was difficult to believe his words in his line...Too too difficult. Thus, lies included, Miyuki felt, however, anyway, he could gain some information on her, better than nothing, and Sayumi was alive, good grief, Miyuki thought. "Oh, she was USA, anyway." Miyuki said to him, directly. "I didn't know it!" Miyuki put it.

Anyway, she was in USA, was enough to her. Anyway, USA, means in different appearence. OK, better than in Shirakawa.

Probably, better than in Tokyo. And OOITA? NAKATSU? Fukuzawa's land...諭吉の里, or Hometown of Yukichi FUKUZAWA, Founding Father of KO University. Muck Versity No.1!!!

Clare disliked the versity, anyway. Miyuki showed the example. BIRI-GAL is a good example that "Stupid bitch could enter into the versity with money or personal connection". Too too harsh for other kids. Clare said the same to them, to explain why she could not go to watch the movie with them. "My mother dislikes the versity!"

For Miyuki, amusement to attack KO versity, however, for Clare, a kind of dream. Money, no. Personal connection, a lot of, unfortunately. In this case, Clare was in the middle. "OK, guys, I will go, however, I have no money. You should pay. My mother is so poor to refuse the ticket buying." And she was disliked by all of them. Poor Clare, they yelled. Yes we are so poor. Especially, my mother is absolutely poor. And I am a bit richer than she, however, we both, are extremely thrifty. Thus, you can call us two, poor, yes. Thus, give us money!!!

Nasty, they are. Always, "Give me money!" And Miyuki's case, as necessity or as indemnization. Too too logical. Thus, Miyuki is always poor. Gods give you a lot of amusement, however, not richness, especially, financial one. OK, however, pursuing for happiness, basic necessity should be provided. In this situation, we are not provided the minimum one. Luxuary? Flower in the high cliff. Richards.

Miyuki thought that "we are so so poor, like orphans! Ooops, poorer than orphans!!!" And always said to the faked consumers, "Oh, how audaciously you are buying such a kind of ready made precious foods? Why so many? "Almost full basket of foods, they were buying. Why they are so rich? Miyuki is wondering the isolated idyllic rural village, searching cheaper foods.

Recently, Miyuki found that a carton of Cafe au Lait, with 1 little, costs US$1, at Beisia, while at Benimaru-Yokomachi, the nearest supermarket from her house, the same costs US$2. Thus, on the way from her house, she was obliged to walk more than 4km. Good exercise, yes. However, it takes time and energy, and she gets hungry and thirsty up to reach there, and she gets lean more and more. Skelton, literally. With smiling face.

Today's Miyuki's line up was, "Sanpei, the boy fisherman, wearing Mini-Skirt, Girly and fashionable type, and audaciously sexy high heel sandals, nude colour. With Ribbon Back no sleeves tank top, with big dots design, and a big strawhat, as the symbol of Sampei."

Too too confusing riddle for them all. Extremely lean, yes, and she was so serious to do her exercise, and used two 5km crom foiled iron weights, one hand each, to make her skinny upper arms to look more muscled ones. Her image is, Leonard da Vinci's masterpiece. Which? Disserted old bold man.

Chinkoro liked the joke. Not a joke, Chinkoro. Exact description, in this case. You should refer to the picture. And Chinkoro liked more and more Miyuki. Too too objective, and she likes it. Mechanically beautiful. ADACHI confirmed it. Morally, joke. However, intellectually, the fact. She is such a guy!!! Not an advertisement, ADACHI!!!

Miyuki lost so many chances to meet boys because of ADACHI...Too too male, she is, and she wants to do it, he introduced her to some of candidates. And only few got interested in Miyuki...Oh, I predicted already. My type is difficult. Especially, for human males, some kind of challenge. And they all failed... Presumably.

Too too rare, for them, to think of her type. Skewed, at so many points. For Miyuki, too too honest desire, and probably, few guys would attend my demand...

ADACHI tried to persuade them, frankly. Always, "Miyuki is such a guy that..." And their reply was always, "No, thanks, kid!"

Miyuki did know well that westerners were inclining to hug more fatty type. And Miyuki herself doesn't want to change her lean beautiful shape at all!!! More beautiful, yes, however, with this lean line.

Thus, they refused. Yes, they have right to refuse me. Thus, they did. So so ligical. Thus, no one. OK, I respect the result of your search. Thank you ADACHI!

For human beings, Miyuki's request is so so difficult, they all think so. And Miyuki is not so concealed in human beings' world. Thus, gained a lot. Yes, thank you for your colaboration. And I want more and more!!!

And now, a serious matter. Miyuki confirmed at least three houses and buildings, took the nest of swallows, intentionally, wiping the mop with long stick.

Yesterday, at Beisia shopping mall, Miyuki monitored a fat clerk wiped the facet of the drugstore called TSURUHA, or ツルハ with the mark of crane. She wiped the already cleaned up wall, without nest.

Today, in the shopping mall AEON, in front of entrance, at a high attick with arched ceilling, no more nest at all. Terrible. The store put a warning that "Now swallows have babies. Please allow them to live here!"

For Miyuki's mate, swallows were the real occupiers, legitimate, in this case. Thus, the leader, young one, was so proud of being so, in the center of the entrance.

Now, only one nest beside the entrance. All of the rest were taken, and some guys were without nests, and ramained in the attick.

Terrible. Everyday, they attack us. Without any rational thinking. Cockroach satans' impulse induced evil avandonment. They reside inside the supermarket, and do wrong, as soon as they find us.

Miyuki was almost attacked by uniformed guys in the 3rd floor. First, by a guy in a physical working uniform, and second, by one in a security service's uniform.

And Miyuki found a foldable wheel chair on the same floor. And there were two elevators, and one of them was out of use. They were accustomed to attack some guys in this place, and they prepared to move these guys into the concealed place.

There, the scenery was so so evident to monitor the big tall white and red smoke tower pole. It was the symbol of Mitsubishi Paper Mills Company. And unnecessarily big. Miyuki already has known that it doesn't work as smake ejection at all. Just an inducing point to kill who were promissive. Outside the pole, there were steps to climb up, and some stories to take a rest. So so attractive for some promissive guys.

And too too distinctive from outside. Probably, some promissive kids were killed like that. And some promissive workers, inside the company, also got killed, after being forced to climb up the pole. And in the latter case, who accidentaly got to know the case, was also killed, as Miyuki discribed above.

Nasty, however, the fact. Mitsubishi electric service was the real evil company. Oh, the stupid company! Recent so so stupidest product, which was advertised as genus invention by themselves, was an Air Conditioner, which could split the air into who likes warm and who likes cold. One machine is used for two types figures in the same chamber, the narration explained.

Too too stupid! Air would be mixed up soon. Why only the separation of air would be the reason of introduce it in public, as new creative product? A proof of dull work, accomplished by themselves!! Own goal!!!

Mitsubishi is such a kind of company, they said. Already dead, it means. Residue of Muck.

And all of the supermarkets are inclined to do the same way. When Miyuki appears, they starts to appear, and in case of Miyuki's cashing, they unite in the cashing counter immediately. Thus, in front of Miyuki, long line, with faked consumers with a backetful of foods. And after Miyuki, no man's land, where only silence reigns.

Why they want to disturb Miyuki's working, in this so so shortest sighted way? Always in case of Miyuki's cashing, some faked clerk enters into the process of cashing from outside to delay the process. Always.

And why they are so rich up to buy so such amounts of ready made products? And why, from the morning, already at 9 oclock or 9:30, they are standing by waiting for Miyuki's arrival? And why, the generations, who are suitable to be workers, are just doing errand, not working? Expecially, faked parents and kids type family are always staying in suparmarkets?

Yesterday, Miyuki watched that a girl with a uniform of junior high was with her faked family at 10 oclock in the morning.

Recently, in Shirakawa, several different type of unnusual uniform designs are used, like a catalog of uniform, called 女子高生制服図鑑 or Reference Book of Uniformes of Each High School, worn by Girls.

This book fained popularity among Japanese old erotic figures. Cockroaches like to wear like others. Thus, all blacks, with short legs, with long antenas. Rumour oriented, the antena holding signifies.

They suddenly change, according to the boss's instruction. Today, YUKARI wore like Alex, namely, with T-shirts and Bermuda pants. And her hair was totally rough bloom like black fat dirty one. And she wore glasses, and looked like Gramma, spooky nasty type, with her usual downward eyes.

She stopped to wear Black Sweater and trousers, today, and was ordered to wear more summer like, according to her mother's advice. She herself is not able to recognize the temperature at all, thus, Black is her favorite. However, so so nasty to see her in fat clothings in winter style, thus, her mother HARUMI instructed to imitate Alex, and YUKARI followed.

YUKARI is abnormally ugly, HARUMI thinks and she likes it. HARUMI is ugly, thus, it is so difficult to find others with ugly fisiolonomy and body shape. And YUKARI is this real rare jewel for HARUMI. Thus, HARUMI protects YUKARI, so much.

BUSU is the keyword for them both. We BUSUs should survive, anyway. Thus, others should be killed. Every day, BUSU meeting, without exception. Always they pledge their loyality to others, in the kitchen. And they forget after it.

 And today, in the river side of YANTA, near the minicipality hall, Miyuki found a baby swallow got killed and crashed by a vehicle. Flat, he turned. For him, so contemptious, yes. However, Miyuki took the picture of him, as a proof of their continuous wrongdoers' damage, the real one.

And Miyuki watched a house, called OPPUBU type pink wall and french windows type, was wiped all of the nests of the swallow. They attacked by several tools, like chemical one, mop, physical attacking, and then, thraw into the ditch. Just they want to do it on Miyuki. They are always doing it. And now, Miyuki thought too too nasty at Cockroach satans' audacious play. They have no stopper. Always they try and they fail. And the victim appears like that.

In Baby Swallow's case, we welcomed him in Ignolandia. Miyuki is coolish, thus no sobstory type, thus Chinkoro treats him as his superior, and failed. Too too baby! Childish. Anyway, new member. Thus, Wild 7 plus one. He would turn to be the more matured one, and then, he would decide to reside here or there.

Chinkoro is busy to take care of him. According to Miyuki, they are playing. However, Chinkoro's advice is always betrayed???? Miyuki is too too nasty to accept the damage. We can't put up with the wrongdoings any more done by Satanic Cockroaches. No More!!! Hiroshima.

Nasty, however, the fact. Thus, Miyuki did know well that it is the fact. At the same time, if the cockroaches were no more existing...She starts to think.

They can't understand, and do continue the wrongdoings.

Without necessity, they pave the road in Nishigou area, in Squad. They came far from here, like IWATE prefecture or so, and did their evil jobs. They are all Alzheimer patients, yes. They left their cars, leaving the door of their private cars open. 30 meters far from their construction site. For them, open door is safe, as closed one. Safe or danger, they can't recognize. Thus, they attack easily by impulse.

they are already prohibitted to attack us all. However, they can't recognize what is attacking to others. Thus, they should vanish all in a body.

Everyday, they shrank, yes. However, a baby swallow is a symbol of the new generation. Sob story is Miyuki's disliking. However, it's difficult to change the mood. Big damage, it is considered by us all. Flat, thus, we should recuperate him in 3D mode, yes. However, he refused???? Oh, as it were, he accepted. How audacious! Brave. The real guy. He showed the real death. They were so cold hearted. Dried up.

And Miyuki found yesterday, a birdy, with flaffy yellow brest, died in front of the courtyard of the company called ねじの草武 or SOUBU, the Company of nails. As a matter of fact, the name of the advertisement plate doesn't represent their faked working. Thus, on the beside of the same building, there are lots of advertisements, which says, they deal with various kind of gases, like Helium gas, NO2 gas, Hydrogen Gas and so on.

Strange company. It is so difficult to image nails with gas...Explostion with pulling a nail? 手りゅう弾 or Pinapple Bomb to throw into the enemy's territory???

And Miyuki could not judge that how he died. Stomped? Clean, it was. And anyway, pledged the revenge, and took a picture, as always, and left so early. Because it was put in the territory of the company, and it was difficult to bury him in the other place. An old faked worker was monitoring Miyuki, with cold eyes.

Snyper type eyes, Miyuki felt. Sturn type. Shirakawa residents are this type. Males, and most of females, also. Why they increased so much? When Miyuki's kids were infants, not so much. Many of the residents were more cheerful, and didn't show their sturn phase at all.

Miyuki, Alex and Clare were all lucky to think so. And Miyuki, at the same time, when she made an errand in the main street, sometimes, encounterd with such harsh type, in the commercial facilities.

Sturn and senseless. Gorgo 13 type. With no facial expression. And did wrong. No pleasure in their own life, thus, giving a damage to others is only one pleasure for this type.

YUKARI and HARUMI were this type. It was difficult for us all to understand their psychology at all. And Miyuki really thinks that their only pleasure is attacking others, by instinct. Sadists, probably.

Sadistic lines exist. Lilis, probably. And Miyuki has the same, against the enemy only. The oldest type and the most childish one. And now, they turned to be so.
In the last moment, creatures show up their reality. And for them, as always. HARUMI was stupid, as always, however, now so harsh to others. And dispite of her stupidity, she likes to attack others.

Zeus's family is Femi-Les inclined insest group. And all 12 semi-gods combined into one character, thus they were so degraded and ugly. The same as Kyorin Versity. The most degraded situation would be common among them. And the degradation process was so accelated.

Davide, the jewish hero had mercury's winged hat, like AKANE-chan by Dr.Slump of Akira TORIMARU.

And Vellochio was Miyuki's David Image. Miyuki watched the masterpiece in Japan, when the exhibition calld Great Vatican related Masterpieces. Youth, lightfoot, and slender. Who killed the Goliate, the monster. More, girl or boy shape body holder, he is.

and Miyuki couldn't like David, of Michaelangero's studio. A nasty combination between big head and rather slender long armed body. And Michaelangelo himself can't comment at all. Someone dislikes him...Miyuki is the someone. Anyway, failure, he admitted. Unbalanced, anyway.

When Miyuki watched the statute's photographs, always, "Oh, he should be more beautiful. In this body, I would choose the common Italian guys...better then this stone head!"

Miyuki, you think so too too reasonably. However, any art admirors didn't mention to this point of unbalancing, rather, they treated it as the most wonderful masterpiece of Michaelangello. They have no eye to criticise it rightously? Who categorized it at the highest place, despite of their deformated existance???

Strange, we thought. And said so. And they tried to kill us all. Oh, who? Just criticism triggered the assasin?

Michaelangello itself would like to kill them both. Who? The Medicis. Oh, who was thrify and ordered you to do tough work to the ceiling of the dome type on the Vatican palace, and who...patrone business Medici?

Miyuki, Vacican means Pope, yes. And business one is the who ordered the beautiful trair called Day and Night?

So so beautiful, and erotic, and stimulative. At the same time, not human beings, but rather stairs. Archtectural object itself. Perfect. Miyuki would like to take a nap on the stair, after her sufficient Italian lunch.

Stimulative, thus, academic. And the both are too too long and beautiful. However, object, not human beings. For Miyuki, this two statutes combination is much more perfect and should be categorized his masterpiece. Miyuki felt so good to watch the photos, on the contrary to David.

Beautiful gods like existance, the statutes are. And Medici's stairs. Not suitable for the family MEDICI, however, for Italian people, a space of popular alter like existance. Want to sleep there, was their common desire!! U2!!!

Miyuki's dream is so so nasty to them all. Always caution to her. and their patch worked memory should be recognized まだらボケ or MADARA-BOKE in Japanese. Sometimes, cleary, they could remember, while sometimes not. And they thought all in the positive way. They both thought that others were all enemy, without any exception.

Yes, they did, thus, "Shiiiiiiiii, the neighbours were monitoring us. They will make a rumour on us all!" was HARUMI and YUKARI's attitude, up to recently.

However, after almost March, they changed. At least, HARUMI started to rely on KOJIMA, so easily.

What happened, Miyuki thought. Hidetoshi KOJIMA, the enemy No.1 turned to be the good old fellow, with total reliance. HARUMI is now in her eariler age. He was kid, at school. Oh, Miyuki's same age's ex-mate, yes. And Miyuki is not so cute like him...He is not so cute, I am sure, Miyuki affirmed.

for Miyuki, old Alzheimer guy, he is. However, for her, young promissive guy, and Miyuki is not. Messy old bitch, as always. Thus nasty. Only males turn to be younger in her confused memory, probably.

She is a kind of oppressed sexuality's existance. She is not beautiful, and didn't know how to be attractive at all. She didn't make effort to be beautiful at all, and just criticised for others to do so.

Miyuki is the target of their attackings again and again. She is so nasty. She is arrogant. She is disliking us both. She should be killed. As always, and HARUMI and YUKARI are so so similar at this point.

Miyuki's recognition ability is normal, we tried to persuade them both, however, according to them, she is so kinkiest in the world. And she should not be existing without their accordance.

Laughing stories again and again. Always they produced strange stories with Miyuki's characters. Watching TV would be better for these Alzheimer patients, like HASEGAWA Hospital.

Watch TV, anyway. Thus, they watched, and got tired of it, and started to attack others. Conceal them both in the main house. Don't interfere other's peaceful life any more!!!

Their BLA-BLA-BLA is worse than Miyuki's. Miyuki is anways rightous, and logical. Anyway, better than they, wicked witches. Killing others because of their own feeling was their ordinary ritual. Just "I hate it!" would be fine to trigger to others.

Girls' abusing of others. The wrongest type. PTA's faction's leader type. Alone, trash. However, with teammates, in collectiveness, turn to be killer SQUAD. IJIME or abuse.

Alex should be 5 years old, and Hidetoshi 15 years. They thought like that, because they want to be attractive to such a kind of males. Oh, YUKARI, try to get married with Hidetoshi! Good Alzheimer non-working Jason couple, they would turn to be!!!

Miyuki would be fine to do so? Including the death on the belly, on the night of the wedding, yes!!!

Miyuki, they thought of it, and they started to attack him. Oh, good! How amusing!!! Old nasty figure Hidetoshi turned to be an idol!!!

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