YUKARI's End (45)

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06/03/2017 (morning) It's monday today. I ate anchovi pilaf, with soaked picles of shredded radish and cucumber in sake ferment called WASABI-ZUKE, given by my aunt YASUE, which was gifted by her son Joe HAYASHI.

  He is an independent CG graphic pruducer, who participated in various filmes in Japan and in foreign countries, including Hollywood and Shingseng in China, and so on.

  He wanted to go to National Art University of Tokyo, near Tokyo Univ. He tried 3 times and faied, thus quitted and turned into be a CG producer. Thus, he is high school graduate.

  He couldn't get any stable job. All he worked for failed. Oh, litmus test paper type.

  Oh! Oh, then???? His young brother Yutaka failed to enter into the versity, and chose to study in the night course of Chuo Versity, and he graduated from the graduate school of its versity.

  He participated in the activities in Afganistan under the rule of Mr.AKASHI, and worked for his organization. He also worked for Vietnum.

  According to Harusan, now he lives in YOKOHAMA, with his wife and a girl of 4 years or so. I didn't know he got married. He sent her mother a photo of his daughter several years ago.

  He is now working for Kansei Gakuin University, in a position of assistant. His major was politics.

  He once tried to be a major of an urban city, however, failed. From Democratic Party.

  I have not seen him for more than 20 years. I was given sometimes some gifts for my kids from my cousin Joe, and heard sometimes he visited his parents' house. Once a while, anyway. My mother said that he has a girl friend now. Oh, good! I also want to have several lovers!!!

  Even TOHOHO tribe (not physical meaning in this time) could get lovers!!! Good chance for me!!!

  At least, Joe exists, I believe. About YUTAKA, I don't know well.

  This morning, I have read an article of on line news that says, "1 bit coin is equivalent to US$1200."

  Oh, good chance to bit coin holders, including Alex. Go and change the bit coins for foreign money. US dollars or Euros. Hurry up, Alx, and return me the 200 EUROs notes, with 10 times of penalty. OK, now!!! Only now!!! And you are an examinee for high school. Tomorrow or after tomorrow, you should go to Business School. How do you behave in this time.

  Miyuki?? If I were you, I dash into the change shop now, and show the articles on the value and the exchange possibility to foreign money. Be obedient to the instruction. And go back with a lot of real notes to the house, return the stolen money with the penalty and ask her to forgive his wrongdoing. Showing your sincerity is the keypoint. how? You know, for her, money values rather than other people. Miyuki's US$1 is equivalent to US$1000 for the others. Show your sincerity. You would calculate the damage and penality to express your sincerity. OK?

  And with a safe feeling, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I would go to Business School to pass the exam. I am rich now, however, I need to go to high school, any way. My mother decided to put me to this school. Thus, I came here...At least, you don't lie. They would evaluate you, "you are honest. OK!"

  Business man should be quick. Slowness lose lots. YUKARI is an example. Only one YUKARI damages the society. YUKARI should be shamed for it. She is a betrayer and forgot the contract, thus, she behaves like that. But all of the proofs signify that she is DDM. Just a only DDM in Shirakawa now, however, a big catch for Animals Army.

  Alzheimer DDMs were concealed in the hospitals called YABUKI hospital and they vanished. Now, she escaped from it saying, "I am the sister of Miyuki SATO, a writer and gag maker in this region. She is famous for us. I am superior to you. Thus, you should discharge as soon as possible."

  She was so insistent to be killed in her house. And she did, according to her. Now she is gorem, lost her life all. Just a broken robot. Thus, she would live forever.

  She believed the strange story, probably she made several years ago, called "Home wife is better than outsider worker" Story. Home story, in abbreviation. Her declaration. And she isn't home wife, was not also. Just an abandoned figure, with Alzheimer disease.

  She sold the story to some publishing company and they made a society according to her. She believed that it was the real nightmare being a sister of Miyuki. Then, failed and was put into a custody. Her reign started again. Harsh experience for the parents. Again? This formidable dull idiots?!!

  Miyuki is assertive and good at reason, while YUKARI is negative and without reason type. Emotional only. Maternity instinct lovers. She dislikes to use her mind. For her too much tiresome. She was good at memorizeng things, however, she forgets lots. Learn lots and forget lots. Several remain. Miyuki Type memorizing system. Understandable. Kiki realy said, Oh, you, too?!!!

  She was a Testacles pet condidate however, KAWAMURA was too cold and formalizm only. Miyuki understood her coldness. Kinky. Strange.

  Kiki was informed her Grand Father's death form her mother. Then, she wrote a short notice to KAWAMURA to get absent her class.

  She participated it the funeral and returned back to normal life in Hachioji. And found a message from Kawamura, saying, "You should infrom it ealier and explain the situation in more detaled and polite way. You are not polite to me, thus, you should be punished."

  When Kiki said, "Thus, I quitted her Kawamura's seminer." Oh, I understood. Yeah, she is really kinky. Cold hearted. Quick message is too too polite in this situation. If I were she, probably, I wouldn't remember the existance of the seminer and after the case settled, just inform to her.

  KAWAMURA's strange behavour, she revealed. She was assertive to the participation of the pupils to the each event. However, pratically, she didn't do it type. She agreed and threw it all to some promissive Testacles pets candidates. She called it, "I did it by my will".

  Oh, AKUZAWA type. All things you can do under my control, type. This control depended on their flamboyant feeling. Some day, good, while another day, bad. Changeble, without any reason.

  The same thing happened to me related to KAWAMURA. She agreed once , and after, changed without noticing me. Every time. And forgot the promisse.

  Even Kyorin staff, she was a burden. OOYAMA confessed me that she had accused in front of the clerks in public because of her doing nothing system. And she decided to make a meature to be saved, only her. She confessed to OOYAMA, "I have a special information sistem to the president dilectly. Thus, if I refer to it, anyone could force me to do anything. Thus, I don't worry nothing. Now, I am strong."

  Oh, directly to hell. She herself went to inform the wrongdoing to the president. Good job!

  I remember that when I was invited to the interview with the rector ATOMI, he said to me, "If you have some claim on Hachioji Campus's management, send me e-mails as a report. As soon as possible is better. It would better writing the report today. Soon after this meeting."

  I felt strange. Now I am here and I want to claim on the management, why doesn't he listen to my voice here??? And I am too too busy. Why I should write another article for him? I already wrote some e-mails to him, thus you invited me to come to here. ???

  Anyway, I said OK. At least, I have right to inform the wrongdoing directly to the superior outside the campus of Hachioji. Better than nothing.

  I thought it were KAWAMURA's last measure. Thus, I wrote him as soon as possible the problems.

  After, he began to accuse me, saying, "Why you wrote so lots of e-mails, appointing the wrongdoings in your faculty?! You should be blamed for your wrongdoing! Shut up!!!", totally upset.

  YUKARI's symtom. Accusing others because of his own forgetful confusion. The rector abruptly changed his character in front of me.

  Brain damage was accelated rapidly at that period. Day by day change time. He called me , "kinky" because I ate sweet in front of him. I ate "quenee almand", after recommending to him to have one, giving one.

  When he accused me, he looked like having trained the remarks before meeting me.

  They are too too slow, because they need to exercise well before the performance. One month exercise for a meeting. Just, they pretend to be superior to others.

  Like ABE. He trained tremendous times to speak some short frases fluently. He couldn't do speak without training. Just reading was too too tiresome for his lost brain. And forgot to read. Reading faking. It took much time. And he couldn't even pretend to read. Short one frase, at maximum. His limit. Repeated one frase to pretend to read it. Ilegitimate!!!!

   "I can read" means I am superior to you. Miyuki thought that his reading were shame for him, however, for DDMs, a cool appearance. He did so well, they appreciated his brave activity. Pretension is the only way to save the life. He declared and vanish.

  Pretending vanishing, they said. Ali legend. Vanishing little legitimate price, descendend of Mahomed's relative. 12nd top sperior of Umaiya Reign. He was assasined by the enemy at his 5 years ago. However, the Chia tribe believe that he would appear someday in the future to save us. Bloody Sunday's Islamic version. A message of "You are betrayers. We would never forget your wrongdoing, forever!!!"

  Miyuki did know the meaning. Never forget!!! Of course, you can say, "For get me not!" like wild floweres. Of course, we will not forgive you and nor forget your wrongdoings, forever!!! We have agreed at this point, in any way!!!

  She and he were only broken robot at the lowest function. However, they wanted to rule the world. YUKARI's behaviour was too too kinky recently. She was in the last fase. It would be fine for her. No more shames until now. Miyuki suffered lots because of her. And more her family did. YUKARI didn't feel any pain at all, thus tried to have a bulb for it. Oh, she did???

  Oh, bulbs of MANJUSHAGE!!! A patient turned to be a bulb of it. It meant, "I love you as far as you love me." Thus, cut her. Easiest and quickest way.

  She wanted to have a coffin car for the reason. However, she was vanishing now. She recognized that her legs got so lean. Oh, good! It would be nice to put that Jeans I bought for Alex, and she put it. Now she turned to be boy Alex. She said to others. Alex gave me his pants. He lost one and I bought one for him. Thus, exchanged between us. In her own world, she was a boy Alex. And imitating him is a good job for her. Imitating him is her job, she decided. Thus, she would not be a bad girl. her father did know her habit and she adopted the role of others. She was a kinky figure for Miyuki and for DDMs, a magic hand girl. Imitation is so nice to her, however, Miyuki recognized the resemblance with the appearance with Alex and Clare. Why? Was she so influencial even after her vanishment from HACHIOJI?

  She insisted that she were the legitimate successor of the property. Now? In front of the possible succeeded persons????

  She did it in font of Miyuki and Miyuki recognized the danger of her existance. She really wanted my money. She would rob my money to her own dream. Terrible! No working, just doll, makes her a greedy monster!!!

  Miyuki didn't believe that Kyo cried that "She is the real IKKYOTO, watch out, MIYUKI!"and thought that YUKARI were just a dull paracile IKKYOTO like figure. Enemy, yes, however, in mind yes, however, in reality, she wouldn't probably.

  Kyo was ashamed of the story of IKKYOTO making process story. Obedience is enough. Superior to their own personality is enough. Spiritual contract. Some unconscious ones, however, most persistent, because they didn't recognize the existance of the contract.

  Thus, Miyuki was thought that YUKARI's teacher by DDMs. Miyuki taught her instruction to her YUKARI. And this was their common undertanding. OMANKO Power, they said. Oh, stressful life under the pressure of oppressed sexual desire. Just it should be called jelousy.

  Miyuki was right at this point. Inferior complex, it would be called also. Then, they want to rule the world to punish the really superior existance.

  Just applause and admiration. Why they couldn't. OK, some confusion happened. Admiration sometimes causes "I want to be like her or him". Thus, Miyuki's world. Oh, you too! Everyone feels that jonior high pupils are like neutral existance OJI-OBA candidates.

  Oh, we are already majority. Miyuki doesn't feel strange any combination between them. Friendship. Miyuki could metamorfose job. Mermo! Alice in wonderland, Already. In a short trip to the bottom, without any wound. Just dark. And on the top, blue sky. Thus, I dropped into the ditch.

  Miyuki was shocked at the experience. However, OK, I am all right. I have seen Kazuyo TAKAHASHI dropped like me, however, her case was worse. She dropped horizonetally. Not vertically like me. She was stack in the ditch. And she got slight wound. Better than she, anyway.

  Miyuki laught at the experience. Always like that. The process. OK, the globe goes arround.

  Miyuki believes the assitance and protection of our supporters. And believed that the anti-scientific magic like things shouln't be talked outside. Only inside, OK, to inform the fact or latent fact.

  Now, I could resolve the case of vanishment of my relatives. I have heard it from my Grand mother Ume-san repeatedly, however, I was in wonder whether it was the fact or not.

  Ume-san's family lives in URAYASU. The closest relatives were her sister and the daughter.

  They lived in the same house near the son and brother of them. Ume-san's nephew also. He was a fisher man.

   IRAYASU was developped for estalishing Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland is located in Chiba, prefecture, not in Tokyo.

   Ptobably, at that period of the development. The fisherman wanted to extend his house to the territory of his mother's house, besided his house.

  He threatened them to get out from their own house, continuously. And one day, they vanished. No information on them at all.

  "The fisherman was so rough, thus, he did beyond the limit, presumably. However, I believe, that they were wandering arround Touhoku of Norther Part region of Japan, because  they liked to make a trip to the region. Probably, they live there now."

  I thought that at that time, "We live in a judicial society anyway. My relative is a criminal of double homicide???? Can I believe it??? Some kind of confusion happened in her mind???"

  Thus, I said, "It would be, however, I don't know."

  But, when I visited her, she necessarily mentioned that, the exact way in delail. I thought, "Ok, I am in doubt now. However, I would investigate if I would have time in the future. At least, she said to me the strange, possible criminal case."

  And now, Grand Mother, it was real, unfortunately. The same thing as Mitaka exploration by Kyorin University. Squad, asked by the fisherman, killed them in their own house. Vacant, it went.

  I know that she didn't want to go to the familiy's house never, even visited URAYASU with me. I felt strange. We have relatives here. The closest relatives. However, she only visited the cemetery and I followed her. Not so busy place. In the bright hot sun shine. NEKOZANE, maybe. A calm resident place. Few figures appeared.

  Presumably, it was before Disneyland construction. We did just a short trip to cemetery and the temple. A modest wooden temple. Normal scene. And the smell of beach. I like the seawead like smell of ocean. With this smell, I feel, "Oh, I came to beach side!" and becomes cheerful and more positive.

  When I was in undergraduate in Tokyo Univ., Disneyland was established. We, my Shirogane tribe, went to visit together and passed a long waiting day there. However, we enjoyed the lining, chatting laughing things.

  Oh, line experts! OK, I would speak on it later. 

 I have visited Disneyland until now, 4 times.

 1st: with Platimun Tribe.

 2nd: with Yukari's colleague in the fundation.

 3rd: with my mother and my grand mother

 4th: with Clare.

   For the 3rd trip, I needed some explanation. I got two film tickets for free in Platinum Dormitry. Premium tickets were proveded by someone in the dormitory.

  There was a board of Swap change and events, gifts information and so one. Thus, sometimes, we could see the filmes for free.

  Miyuki had already watched the film Dick Tracy with someone. However, found a pair of free tickets of it, and I decided to give a benefit to my sister YUKARI.

  Then, we made a promise to meet and went to see the film. Where Waren Beaty and Maddona were casted. TBC, the esthetic company was the sponcer. After the TBC, there was a lottery and I got the first prize and got a pair of Disneyland tickets.

  Then, I decided to bring my mother and my grand mother to Disneyland. 2 tickets for them and I will buy one for me, to guide them.


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