MIYUKI's Report from Shirakawa (1)

2017-04-25 21:35:22 | 日記

Hi, everybody! We made a short trip westward today. And found lots of strange fenomenum, here and there. We took the pictures as proofs. Something was too too heavy for us all.

  Killing their own kids???!!! You would be astonished at, of course. however, in Shirakawa, and in every local town in Japan, probably, killing their kids are common.

  Astonishing fact, we discovered. And traffic accidents are the reason of their death.

  They were killed by their adorable parents.

  And Miyuki remembered that many shops had two locations both side, in front of each. For example, KAMEHEI, the old supermarket was this type, in MOTOMACHI street. And Grocery NEMOTO, in SAKURA-MACHI, also.

  Once, when Miyuki was 5 years old, she escaped from the fatal accident. She was sitting on the backward of the sadle of her mother's bicycle. Her mother was choosing the vegitables. And the bicycle fell and Miyuki got wounded. Her mother was astonished and said repeatedly "Sorry, Miyuki, it's my failure. I should not leave on the bicycle. The cars would have hit you, if they had come. At least, you were not been hit by car. I would not leave you on the bycicle again!"

  Thus, Miyuki is alive now. However, Miyuki remembered how she had been terrified at the moment.

  And now, we imagine the scene. Kids were in one side. Mother was in another side. Kids got to notice that their mother was there, and started to run, and the car came and hit them....A tragedy, yes, however, avoidable type. Adults would know the system. Kids were born to gain insurance for them.

  Why not?, DDMs would say. For us, astonishing fact, however, for them, parents can dispose their kids as they liked.

  "The right to kill and to leave them alive" was their explanation. 生殺与奪権 or SEISAI-YODATSU-KEN, in Japanese. Miyuki thought that this erroneous "right" existed in the feudal era, however, in modern age, not at all.

  However, old town in Shirakawa, figures think as they lived in the feudal era. And they failed.

  Probably, the kids, who appeared in her dream, as supporters in negative mood, when she was in HASEGAWA Hospital, were the victims of these evil diabolic parents.

  They were in the parade, and only several kids yelled, "We also are big!" to Miyuki. Miyuki liked their vivid way to express their protest. And the rest, they were in the malancholic atomosphare.

  Miyuki thought as if they were fatus, lost by their parents.

  Now, Miyuki recognizes why Japanese are so trelant to abortion. For them, before and after the birth, they can kill their kids, as they like.

  Abortion by the reason of economic difficulty are totally allowed in Japanese Law. And, probably, DDMic society thinks that even infants and kids should be killed on behalf of economic difficulty.

  Probably, our generation would do such kind of wrongdoing, Miyuki thought. Why they are so rich?, Miyuki would be in wonder. They lived in a big house, with a big dog. Miyuki earned US$4 thousand per month, and they? Akari's Father ran the rice shop and rice balls restaurant, while mother was a domestic wife. Single income, however, they had several cars and pretended to live a rich life.

  Probably, they were poor, just pretended, Miyuki thinks now. Why they played the role of rich family? No income family, they were. The rice ball shop had no clients, and the rice shop was unknown where it was.

  The father was a president of PTA in the primary school, and his wife was "someone" in the school.

  Miyuki remembers that the mother of Kensei YOSHIDA, who was her friend, ignored her in the day of the celebration of the entrance of her daughter Clare to the primary school, when she comlemented to her, as usual.

  She was with AKARI's mother, and  Miyuki thought that they were in the special relationship as the parents of graduates of Catholic Kindergarden.

  Miyuki sometimes made a conversation with her in the courtyard. Kensei and his parents played the baseball together, frequently. Miyuki did the same with their kids. Thus, she got along with them. However, she felt, when Kensei's mother was with others, she changed attitudes. Why?

  Probably, she knew the system, and she knew that Miyuki was different. Thus, only when they were alone, they could get along with each other, however, Miyuki should be excluded when she was with others.

  Strange system, Miyuki thinks. However, anyway, Miyuki is different type, they thought.

  No industry in Shirakawa, Miyuki thinks and thought. However, probably, some old connection made them earn at least sufficiently to live. And failed. No industry at all. They faked. Just actors. No man's land.

  Shirakawa is only one example. All over Japan, almost all of rural residents are faked ones.

  "Real life", Miyuki wants, and now, she realizes well. No economy, no industry, no diligent workers, no affectionate families. Just chains of faked relationship with others, they were in. Why they couldn't change their life? So boresome. Spooky.

  Anti-productive. Useless, sinful criminals, they are. Why so cruel they could be? Just working to earn the money for their family is enough. Why they refused to work as workers for others' necessity? Drivers for old people, messengers for whom lives far from the town, assistent to caltivation, cook substitute, cleaning substitute under the order of the others...there are lots of profissions or part-time jobs for us all. Why they chose the wrong way?

  Killing the kids is the last of the last resort. Why they took the measure at first?

  Kids for pleasure, yes. To play with, yes. Financial objective? Some protectionists could think so. Liberalists not at all.

  however, even protectionists, couldn't think of earning from their death. Protection for their lives, not for their death.

  YUKARI failed at this point. She pledged to earn money from them. The kids. She wanted to have her house. Miyuki refused to live with her. Of course! They all admitt that living with YUKARI means Miyuki's death. Miyuki hates her, because of her nasty choice. Illigical violence and arrogance. She should be punished for her wrong choice, Miyuki thinks so, in really.

  However, YUKARI thought that she protects Miyuki's kids. Her illusion, they think now. YUKARI should take care of herself, not the kids. She is mentally ill, in any meaning. Violent, and useless jealousy to Miyuki. Her conducts are all inclined to attack on Miyuki. No her own will. Just a spring dashing against Miyuki's conducts.

  They all recognize now. YUKARI is not reliable source of the information. She skews the fact as she thinks. All simptoms she represents mean that she is the real Alzheimer patient.

  She wants to have her own house, and Miyuki doesn't provide it to her. YUKARI should know the fact, they all think so.

  Miyuki herself has no house. She wants to have one. Not for you, YUKARI, for herself. She earned money for it.

  However, YUKARI can't change her mind. I will have my own house from her. She is rich, why she can't give me a house???

  YUKARI's ego-centric choice, they think. MIYUKI doesn't understand at all. YUKARI was betrayed by themselves, she thought, and now she thinks that MIYUKI is the cause of her unhappiness.

  She should pay for me, because of my unhappiness, was her opinion. She can't change at this point.

  Out of mind, they think so. Miyuki did pledge, YUKARI insisted. Not at all! All of Miyuki's attitudes represent Miyuki's decision. She doesn't exist for me, she shows in every minutes. Eating my food? Not at all!!! She is not my family. Theirs, probably. She is just a DDM, the dirty worm.

  And they failed. Miyuki would provide her at least some kind of house, they thought, according to YUKARI's request. Not at all! YUKARI dreamt so, and failed. Just it. No accordance at all. She is trash. Shameless bitch.

  MIYUKI thinks that YUKARI is a devil. Her way of life is LESS THAN ZERO. Wrongdoings, at all!!!

  And Miyuki wants to push away all of DDMs from our peaceful beautiful unvierse.

  Miyuki found an advertisement of Shirakawa municipality to open a cafe for Alzheimer patients. Chattering and sweets with drink at the cost of US$2. Oh, good, YUKARI would be hired to be "Companion of Alzheimer patients". YUKARI would think that "Anyway, I could work. and with Alzheimer patients, I can talk as I like, because they are forgetful more than I." and the other Alzheimer patients think the same thing of YUKARI. Musual treatment, under the name of case workers of Alzheimer patients. HASEGAWA Hospital was the evilest example. The patients should not occupy the hospital, however, they did, and punished Miyuki under their idiocracy.

  Even now, they think that they were medical staff. Alzheimer likd forgetfulness, they suffer from, Miyuki wrote to them, and they thought that Miyuki is not forgetful. Just a monky type. She tried new thing as always. Not conservative way. Always new fresh experience she needs, or, she would be rotten like YUKARI.

  Thus she wants to live with her chaps. Old one is most reliable. They know well. Daddy, they thought. She thought that her rabbit. However, she likes him so much. Big, and developping even now. He is intelligent rather than I, Miyuki recognized. A good news for you, four! Newly come one was talented, and a positive one. Chap, and wants to wear glasses, because he looks nice with them. Looks intelectual!!! Like his Daddy!!!

  Glasses wearing rabbits, they are. Boston type, and more round type for Chinkoro. And they are double commentators. Father and Son, like howks!!!

  Howks like to play with crows. They sometimes plays together. Howk is bigger than the crows, however, crows attacked howk, at their appearance. A kind of game, probably. Miyuki started to scold, and stopped. Anyway, among them, they played within the limit.

  Sometimes, a bit rough, however, they play. Yes.

  Now, Chinkoro was prased by his first job as a commentator. He did well, and they liked his way. Short, and adequate like his father Daddy Rabby. And he cried with the pleasure, and his eyes turned red, thus, he turned to Daddy's eyes!!!

  Nasty, they say. "Domestic Animals", they are called as usual. However, Rabby would be wild type with Albinion gene. First, they came to be a winter type, and got grown up well. And for being eaten, probably, in other region. They, in Japan, as pets they were imported. And the inclination to be bigger continued even after ...and Daddy he could get to be.

  Probably, he was so difficult to find his mate, at that time. Wild hare, not, however, pet type, not at all.

  However, finally he got his real son, wild type, now. The same profission, they are doing. Listening ability, probably.

  Today, Miyuki remembered her short dream, which came when she concepted Alex. She was in a space ship, a big one, alone. Anyway, she had to accomplish her mission in some place in the universe. However, the place was too too far, and she got so nervous and felt alone and sad. Thus, she cried and yelled,"I feel lonly! Help!" in a loud voice, and she could get up from the mesmarized sleep caused by injection of some anestesic shot.

  She got ashamed of her voice, surrounded by medical staff. They said, "You were dreaming, probably." yes, Miyuki replied shortly.

  For the first time, she took the medicine by shot, and felt asleep deeply. And thought that she could survive anyway.

  For her, most of all medicine are too too strong. Thus, she took care of the quantity, and tried to take the minimum. She knows well that her virgin experience with lots of things and fenomena. Shocking, like a suffering of disease. Virgin problem, they say. First time is too too important for her. Thus, she tried to be serious to every thing, as much as possible.

  Thus, in a loud voice, she prefers. Like a opera singer, she thought. A kinky school master of TOUSHIN High Cramschool man, who graduated from DOUSHISHA versity, proveded his strange talent of Opera singer, and held some concerts, according to his advertisements on the newspaper. Oh, thus, I can be a singer of Opera. Why not?

  And the payment system. For our friends, for free, while for DDMs, individuals, US$1 million per song, and for judicial persons, US$1 million multipled by 100 million per song. And this is the rule of live concert. Recording is prohibitted. Thus, in case of recording possibility, the prices get 100 million times higher than it.

  Thus, they failed. They couldn't hear her voice at all!!! However, they couldn't stop hearing Miyuki's inner voice. Because they set it long long time ago. Thus, Miyuki has sung lots of music until now, thus, they should pay lots more!!!!

  Songs from Miyuki, they regret. She adopted our system, they thought. KARAOKE goer, Miyuki was. However, not for singing, but for dancing.

  Miyuki didn't know how she was surrounded by IKKYO members. Alex did know it. Miyuki was not rich, however, she wanted to live at least with some common pleasures with kids. And lost a lot of money. IKKYO wanted her to pay lots, thus, they changed the system frequently. And when she asked, "Today is discount day for parents and kids, isn't it?", they denied.

  They failed, and they got to know that Miyuki just wanted to dance, not to sing. Thus, they informed to the police. The lady was dancing in our KARAOKE house. Too too strange. And the faked kid was her young lover, probably. Too too nasty. They said "We are families. Please make a discount!" And they failed.

  They induced with the advertisement, and changed the system in the middle of the play. And YUKARI did the same thing. She has no legitimacy to start the play and create the rule. However, she always says, "I want to use this place for my use, because I need it." and Clare asked, "Where is your chamber, Auntie?" and she replied, "My chamber is under this place. Thus, I need to change the place. I am not good at reading in the dark place. It would cause glass wearing for me. I don't use my actual chamber at all.thus, mother, you should move to the chamber downstairs." She declared.

  They thought that she is mentally ill totally. She disliked the second floor because of reluctance to get upstairs. Now, Alex said to her, "I think that you should know your limit. You have two rooms already. And Miyuki has no one. She would move to other place soon. And you? You used this house without any legitimacy for more than 20 years. You could use your own chamber yes, under the allowence of us all, except Miyuki. She is not our family at all. She stays here under our kindness, and she understands it. And she keeps the rule, as a short stayer.

  however, you, YUKARI, you are long stayer, and has not learned our rule at all, and enhanced your territory without any legitimacy. You lied a lot for it. Today, you said that you would be the real Alzheimer patients' president, and pushed your father from the office. He should avoid your attack because of your flamboyant moving mode.

  Miyuki ran away from visitor mode of the office. Fortunately, it was fine today, and she enjoyed her walking outside, as always. And you, YUKARI? What did you do? Just arrange your texbooks in the book shelves. Our text books, YUKARI! Not yours. You abandoned them. You forgot it, and thought that ours were yours.

  And Alzheimer patients club was held, by her own will, alone. And recognition problem, it was called. Alzheimer patient, you are. Any word replacement you can do. however, you should be away from our territory, especially, from the office of your father. You have no profission, however, he has. You are valueless old bug, YUKARI! You should vanish now! How shameful! You chose the way to be a real Alzheimer patient, by your own will. Spontaneous Alzheimer type, Miyuki classified correctly. Just idol dull figures can suffer from it type. And you are too too dull and idiot, as your old chams. You suffer from Alzheimer disease, OK, YUKARI. Wake up! You should face on the reality! You should get out of here from our house!!!

  And YUKARI couldn't understand the words at all. All of their persuasion fell in vain, as usuall.

  She can speak, however, she can't listen to others' remarks. She dislikes to hear the others' voice, and she closed her ears from the begining, and when she has some request, she speaks. Always, she repeated the mode. And she couldn't gain this time.

  Miyuki just ignores you, Auntie. She is totally right to do so. You lost, Auntie. We should imitate her gesture against you, Auntie.

  And Alzheimer YUKARI got upset, and started to scold Alex. Alemeimer YUKARI, they call her, and she got upset. How nasty kids, they are!!! And she started to occupy the kitchen again. Her preference is cheapy fluffy type, probably.

  Then, she found why Miyuki didn't want to wash her bowls at all. Miyuki hates her. Auntie, she dislikes you, as always. Not a shoking fact. Always she hates you, Auntie.

   And Alex went lost. Tiresome useless attempt he did, he felt, in really. Too too nasty feeling of wasting time. Non precious idol idiots eat his own precious time, he realizes now.

  And Alex couldn't put up with her expression to fake "cat taming voice". A kind of ANIME voice, he thought.

  Today, Miyuki felt that the same voice actors' work was too too amature type. Like a reading of the pupils. They lost the power to fake ANIME voice. MIYUKI's cute pretending is too too childish, and Chinkoro liked her so much. Oh, yellow flag! I use it when I cross the road! And took one, and did the pupil like walking with the flag, and politely she holded it and put in the rightous place into the box beside the signal. They were impressed. How charming she is!!!! Too too cute!!!

  YAMA girl with YAMA boy's mini skirt style, with childish arrangement. She did it!!!! They yelled!!! She wanted to know the dangerous places in the town, and found almost all of the road sides are too too dangerous for kids.

   Vast place, until to devastate forests, and put the house on the most dangerous part of the land. Ridiculous! And got to know, it was Japan. Killing kids for their financial safety was their common life.

  IWASAKI, her ex-pupil confessed that he was almost killed by his mother, when he was an infant. She pushed him from the window of the second floor. Fortunately, he bounced on some buffer, and saved his precious life.

  He explained, and Miyuki was shocked and in wonder. The real mother did it? Nightmare? She said, "I am not sure, it were the fact or not, however, I am pleased that you are alive despite of the disaster."

  Now, she believes that he said the fact. In ITABASHI ward, she felt that it would be, after watching the playground for infants just beside the parking lots. Intentionally, mothers kill their own kids, she grasped.

  And in a big spermarket in KOUTOU ward, she found that P&G sold a ditergent in the milk pacage similar one. Oh, baby killers, they are, and P&G provides the materials for it.

  P&G, my son worked for, Ken AOKI said. He liked high wheel PAJERO type car, according to the father. PAJERO for kill the kids, probably. In Japan, PAJERO was popular 10 years ago or so, when her kids were infants.

  And she rememtered the palody of Mad AMANO, a photographer, who used famouse snow skier photographer Yoshikazu SHIRAI combined with Bridgestone Snow Radial Tyre, the largest one.

  The coldest place in the world. The real situation happened in YOKOHAMA. A mother and a boy were killed by the big tyre, taken from the heavy duty vehicle, stopping on the slope. A tyre's bolt was loosen, and they were hit by the heavy tyre.

  Palody was realized and two people were dead. Mitsubish PAJERO is also big and high.

  SHIMPOU liked to use this car. He was two kids. They moved from KUNITACHI to YAMANASHI, because of Duch Oven.

  Miyuki thought that he liked camping, thus they moved, and he turned to be a president of PTA. Miyuki didn't know the system at all. They faked the family. In vain, Miyuki thought. For them, highly essencial. They liked to fake the role.???

  They were enthusiastic to play the role. Why they were not enthusiactic to do in reality? More interesting and productive. Why not???

  They wanted to understand Miyuki???? For them, impossible. Flat dimension type. No metaphor can be undertand by them type. They made a mistake on judging rightously. They were incapable anyway. Just YUKARI type, they were.

  And they failed again and again.

   Big tyres would hit infants easily. Thus, heavy duty vehicles are dangerous especially in the corner.

   Her generation was taken care of their parents, Miyuki believed. However, they themselves did wrong. Cruel, as devils. And they failed. By their own parents, they thought as if they have been allowed.

  The parents can do it, they thought uwongly. Anti constitutional and just a crime, morally skewed type. And they failed.

  No rescue at all. And they call the ambulance wrongly. To amuse, they said. No population at all, however, Miyuki hears and sees ambulance passing near her. Why they want to show that, she got in wonder, as usual.

  Miyuki found that each moutain was its own name. Oh, I know some names. The right triangle is called FUTAMATA-DAKE. Mine, probably!

  And she liked to learn the names. CHAUSU-DAKE is said the highest peak, however, her impression is different. it would be far, probably. And she found that some books are useful, at least, in a part.

  Now, Miyuki is sleepy and MARC should go to the chamber.


  See you tomorrow and good night for now!!!




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