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18/06/2017 (Sunday, evening) Spooky cloudy today. And strangely to say, the afternoon hours were shortened and in the middle of the errand, Miyuki was obliged to go back to the house.

She was caming at 15:00 in MEGA-STAGE, and when she noticed, already passed 19:00 oclock, thus, she needed to return there at her dashing mode.

Whether was changeable already, however, DDMic devils probably changed time, and pretended not to happen to us anything at all.

"Beyond the limit" was their way of going. No ligical thinking, just impulse stimulates their acts. In this case, the morally degraded DDMic devils enjoy their total inclination of erotic sadistic world in reality. Jasons, they are. The uglier, the better. Killers, pederasties, all welcome world, they live.

Miyuki remembered that her ex-pupil TAKARABE. IWAMA and YAMAMOTO's class mate. IWAMA and yAMAMOTO were superior to him, in their performance in law material and basic knowledge, and physical appearance, prsonality, gymnastic ability and so on. However, they failed to be adopted by the police. And only TAKARABE could entere into Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

He responded in the interview in the final stage that "I want to be working for the department of attacking of people with armed forces, or, 機動隊 or KIDOUTAI", when he was asked by the interviewer, "What department do you want to work for?"

And TAKARABE confessed Miyuki that "My favorite movie junre is ZOMBI series. B class, yes, I know. However, I like so much it."

After his victory in the job hunting in the police, he said Miyuki for the first time, "I am the team leader of 少林寺拳法部 or Club of Chinese KARATE called Shao-Lin-Che." And Miyuki said to him, "Oh, I didn't know that you are the top of the members of the club."

Chinese KARATE club had a consultant of the training called Mr.UENO, a clerk of Kyorin versity. He was famouse to force pupils to call him, "Professor", and this was claimed by others, like Takao NAITO, a professor of acountability, saying, "Mr.UENO is liking to be a professor, although he is just a clerk."

Mr.UENO was the police related, thus, Chinese KARATE club memberes were more benifitted to be chosen to the police, was told to Miyuki, later. And also, in other business field, Mr.UENO was a kind of boss, to provide some cheapy positions to the pupils.

Almost 5 years ago, Kyorin versity adopted a strange female ex-police officer to teach for the candidates of being the police men. She was far from any intellectual activity type, just like a Ms.Responsible like only harsh character has type macho inclined strange kinky figure. Female UENO, Miyuki perceived.

These EX-officers were in the campus of Kyorin, a kind of special aristocrats, and in a certain meaning, superior to the professors. Stupid boss type, they were.

And Miyuki found TAKARABE's face in the poster of "Wanted, Mr.and Mr.Responsible!" on the advertizing wall of Detention of Shirakawa, the big building, which is bigger than tribunal court beside.

He looked like famale, and with downward face. Failed, and forced to turn to be a famale, and sold the spirit, and sold us all, like dark face of the loser, he had.

The same as the facial expression of the snyper transgender lady of Jon-nam KIM, of North Korea.

Forced transgenders, they are. They are so skewed, and triggered for us, and ordered to kill us all. Total devastation, they yelled, and their mates came from INFERNO, Muck Jasons, the cruelest and dirty version acompanied with pederasty inclination. Rapists with skewed sexual desires, who are always in the moode of doing it and killing it. Satanism believers, they are.

SATANS, they are. Satyre or Saturos, were called they, as origin. Rotten Satyres turned to be SATANS, thus Saturnus is so scandarous old erotic only bug, like actual Shirakawa faked residents.

No limit type. Saturnus should hold funeral party among each other, eating each other, killing each other, desserting each other, raping each other, drinking the blood each other, and so on. Banquet was called Wedding. Thus, collective wedding was chosen as the symbol of the religion.

Brides of Satan were searched in Shirakawa, and they found two. YUKARI and her mother HARUMI. They are so arrogant, because they are proud of being chosen in the special religious leader. They are prepared for moving with him to their suitable place, namely, INFERNO.

SATURN was a planet with a doughnut. It is located between Jupitor and Emperor. And Jupitor has two satelites, Fobos and Dimos...Oh, faked planet, in the reality, Fobos and Dimos, a twin with skewed ugly eathy faces.

Oh, 鏡音リン&レン, or Rin & Ren KAGAMINE, or No mirror with sound of bells, Ring-Rang. Gooooon...Carlos, added.

梵鐘 or BINSHOU, or Buddism Big Bells were stolen from so many temples in Japan, and Shirakawa is one of the example. They sold the iron products to ET or extra terrestral existance. Iron eaters.

My mother had iron lacking problem or anemia before. Recently, despite of her messy feeding, she doesn't claim any symptom of anemia. Oh, Iron drinkers they are. Blood drinking dracuras. Paracite Vanpires. Thus they want to absorb the blood of others eagerly.

They need to drink virgin blood, like Andy Wahol's "Vanpire". Impressibly big eyed guy plaied the role of the protagonist, and absorbed only virgin's blood, and he found that the victim was not virgin, vomitting, OEOEOEOE!!!

Uma Tharman like impression, Miyuki caught. Good actor, he was. And Miyuki watched some other films of him, coinsidently, in CINEFIL IMAGICA. Played the role of skewed but comical characters, in light way. Not so famous, however, not so skewed, as the description said. Rather, skewed type suitable player.

In the airplane, she watched a movie, of a plump girl's recognition of dancing ability. He played the role of her father, a strange however living family so much type. Some strange only maniac would buy type toys shop was run by him. Slender, and mainteined his body shape well, despite of his age, Miyuki perceived. Some short name, he had. Anyway, his face was so distinctive, thus, without knowing his name, we could recognize "Oh, he is the actor of the vanpire of Andy".

The desctiption said that this "girly faced guy was a lover of Andy", however, Miyuki thought that "Girly? Just big eyed handsome guy. Gay? Which is which? Friends, they were. Enough. Why they can presume they did it or not? Strange..."

Girly was used for some handsome actor. Why? He wanted to be called like that? For Miyuki, girly is a kind of comptecious word. If Miyuki is called, "Girly", she would like to correct. "Say campy. It's my line."

Campy means audaciously decoratively distinctive. As its own will, choosing to be it, was the nuance. Girly, was more passive pansy like impression Miyuki holds. Cute, Girly, Lady-like and so on. weakness including words, they are. Yes, we can use these words at a replacement of campy, generally. However, among us, "Not contemptious only" like understanding is included already as a limit.

However, among DDMic devils, no recognition of the significance of pejorative and mejorative. No exists the difference between good and bad. Thus, no difference between wrong and right. Any morality could not be established among this worst type of DDMic DEVILs. Only vanishing, exclusively type. Execution immediate!!!!

This morning, Miyuki watched the opening scene of KAWACHI Drugstore in YUUKI, near WASHIO Supermarket. It opened at 9:00, and from the begining, there were several cars in the parking lots. Just in 9:00, already almost 7 figures dashed into the shop. Miyuki counted the number of the vehicles. 8 cars. More than the number of the consumers. The clerks' cars were parked there, probably.

And soon, next to next, the vehicles began to come into the parking lots. And some faked families got out from the cars and entered into the drugstore.

Miyuki watched the scene inside through the windows. Some guys were entering directly to the some special chamber, which is located in the left side of the entrance. And almost empty, despite of their entering. When Miyuki tried to see more intensively, the human beings popped out into the scene like impression, Miyuki had.

And Miyuki heard strange sound from the inside of the right part of the box like warehouse stype drugstore. Like manual sow used to dissert the dead body like sound.

Since last week, IKKYO babies are inclined to cry relatively in a loud voice, as if, "I am in danger of being killed." Probably, they, the babies, were in the last stage of Seven Days Solomon Grandy Devils. Old age, thus they used the diapers. And diapers used means they should be killed so soon.

They confused napkins and diapers. Thus, Miyuki's napkins were stolen in HACHIOJI, and thought that she should be killed soon. And they set the D-DAY, and consulted the both in Shirakawa. They already turned to be Satans, after the ritual of eating human beings' shaped meat. Fatus, also OK. Satanists, they are!!!!

Too harsher, means too stricter. Too stronger, they wanted, because they wanted to be the boss of the next generation. Twin Boss system, they adopted, and got disliked by all of the followers. Satanism religious figures, they are. "Requiem of 13th Month" by Suzue MIUCHI.

Miyuki read this comic, without knowing the story, and disliked so much. Too too spooky, nasty, however, impressive. Once, she read, and remembered in her memory. and Kyorin Versity was the same taste organ. Rotten totally, and they were getting degraded each week.

They have no limit meant for the both, "We are superb rather than common people." Just KAMINARI or Alzheimer patients, they are.

SATANISM only world came, Miyuki didn't know at all. Devil Man was written by Gou NAGAI, and it was a symbol of strong man. Cuty Honey's male version with clothings breaking transformation scene. Anyway, nakid scene needed type ANIME. Like "時間ですよ”or JIKAN-DESUYO, or "Now in the time" written by Kuniko MUKAIDA.

Oh, MUKAIDA, U2! yes, 60 years old, she died with, by a disaster of the plane at TAIWAN airport. 中華航空 or Air China was used at that time. She was thought a kind of male, thus, in this age was set.

And Nancy SEKI, a talented eraser craft essayest, was killed so so early, almost at her 40 years old or so. She was fat, distinctively, yes. However, not so feeble. However, according to the articles, she ate BBQ and got nasty and failed and got dead. So quick version.

And Ramo NAKAJIMA, an essayst combined theatrical play writer. He deciesed so early. He was drunken, and failed on the step, and died, they said. Probably he was put the poison by them. Good sense of humour in his column, like as, common people would think so type response, in the colmun of consultance. The questions are such kind of "Only TOHOHO tribe experiences such an unusual thing. I am TOHOHO. What should I do?" like ones.

Just like Eigo KAWAHIGASHI, a singer of OOSAKA.

These guys were all family man type. Not skewed guy type like Miyuki. Father's Day means father killing day. Thus, they insistently tried to kill Miyuki today? She was almost attacked by an allay with grasses, like TOTORO road. Good trotting road.

Miyuki was singing the music of TOTORO, praising her mates weeds. Suddenly, a sound of metal came, and Miyuki turned arround, and found a man in sportive wear walkind rapid. Miyuki got so chilled, because this road was too too rural and no place to run away. And she watched a lot of faked candidates of witnesses. They were all in a body. So many junior high shool pupils faked ones were dashing from the another riverside toward the gateball centers. And Miyuki heard the voice of HERO atraction of theme park from the facility.

In the gateball center? Gateball is played by old guys. And on Sunday, the pupils above were weating uniform. And HERO shows were so childish and they were suitable for infants only type. Age, weekend or weekdays, they couldn't recognize, Miyuki noticed.

They were called to be watching Miyuki's dying scene, called Shirakawa's most famous HERO was commiting suicide under the wheel.

They prapered for the scenario and so many DEVILs were contracted to participate in the play. Only MIYUKI didn't know it. However, Miyuki turned and found the guy. Why jogger should bring some metal handcuff like object with him????

For them, fiction is non fiction. Players is also residents. Anyway, we should earn money, because Miyuki should pay for them.

Miyuki didn't buy anything at KAWACHI drugstore. Not she entered into the store. Just watched. And heard that old guy claiming, "I was obliged to pay US$30! Too costive!" The consumers were so many plastic bags, almost at the same value of the team mates. US$30 were paied for their performance, probably.

And Miyuki heard in another shop of liqour called YAMAYA, in MEGA-STAGE shopping mall. Some group said at the cashing corner, "They paied US$30 thousand!" Oh, YUKARI paied for them!!!

Father should provide money, thus she was obliged to pay the money. And she could pay for it, thus, now, she should be killed. She sold all of Miyuki's objects as she liked, and got accused by all of us, and said, "Miyuki agreed to do so." Total lies, of course!!!!

YUKARI is always loser type. She lost her precious things easily. and she is always with Big Disaster. Thus, Miyuki wants to escape from her existance.

Her elegant line should be damaged, they yelled. just jealous DDMs turned to be Jason Twins. Thompson Twins. Doctor, Doctor!!!!

Miyuki is a doctral degree holder, thus, they wanted to combine with Miyuki, and refused by Miyuki harshly, thus, they started to attack in December, already.

They entered into the SATANISM religion recently. They ate each others meat a bit, and cut it, and felt good. This is the ritual of the SATAN. And they put ointment after the ritual. ORONINE used for it.

Miyuki perceived how they degraded each. They tried to attack Miyuki with tools. Sythe, Motor Sow, Gardeners Sissors, Shovel, some agricultural heavy duties. They wanted to eat Miyuki's meat to gain Miyuki's doctral degree. Crazy guys. Without any effort, just killing and eating, your dream comes true, was their catch copy.

They wanted to be attack Miyuki independently. Thus, they played the role of each family members. However, they lost recognition abilities, and started to confuse each personality, and lost the game.

Miyuki recognized that it would be the final attempt??? Miyuki hopes, however, they are out of imagination type. Thus, Miyuki should go to bed and take a rest, and prepare for tomorrow's attacking!!!

See you on our blog!!! We are all supporting you!!!! Yuri like first name...some July related name, the actor is.

Gueller was not. He is a magician. Businessman, also.

VANISH! DDMs!!!! Ugly BUSU bitchs!!!!!!

Good night for us all! Rightous Team Mates!!!! We adore your surpurb imagination...Too too unusual!!!! Anyway, you escaped the fatal attack on the TOTORO road!!!!

From Septet CG-MARCK, including Carousel MAKI. Noisy, the word means. Thus, wispering voice is now traind...Plants claimed her noisy sound...Anyway, good combination this group. IGNILANDIA selectives. Celebrities. Just poor....Empress, OK, ladies. And Miyuki? Emperor. Guts? Emperors. ADACHI, CHINKORO, RABBY, also. Anyway, OK, as we declare. Another name, if you like, OK. The mission is the same. Queen!!! Princess!!! Prince!!! Little Red Colvet. Red, I wanted.

Price also died so early. Kinky Michael Jackson, or more loosen decadant nuance type Rocker. Probably U2 type.

From Septet CG-MARCK, with Big LOVE!!!!!

Tomorrow would be fine, we hope!!!!! As always, and...we just hope!!!!

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