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2017-08-15 09:16:19 | 日記
15/08/2017 (Tuesday, morning) Surrender of WWII was declared in Japan from the voice of SHIWA Emperor on the radio, 72 years ago today, on 15, of August, 1945. Big Loss was accepted one day earlier than this day by Japanese Government, however, no govenmental public servants, including Prime Minister, had no bravery to admit the cristal clear fact in public in front of pupil. Thus, powerless Emperor was obliged to declare it with his voice. It is called 玉音放送 or Gyokuin-Housou or Broadcasting in the Imperial Bell Ringing. Losing Bell...Amin. Not President, but girls band in Japan, whose member, one of the band, is AKEMI's school mate.

Today, it is raining heavily. These 4 consecutive days were all rainy with low temperature. Extremely low. Just like already came Autumn Rainy Season, called 秋雨 or AKI-SAME. Shinjuku Shark?

Why this year has so few days, with hot red sunshine, which Miyuki would love to play under???, Miyuki got in fury. Too strange, and the explanation done by OMANJO journalism is "Storm is comming" as always.

No rainy season during early summer, and now, probably, rainy seasons, 梅雨  or TSUYU and AKI-SAME got combined. Satanic weather change, again. Wetty Aunties Climate change, probably!!!

Wet ADACHI cried for it. For FLORA & FAUNA, it is a drastic attack. They need to make a plan. They are different from flamboyant DDMs, who live to watch TV and chat in their chamber or living room. We need to work. Why because of this nasty cruel mad ladies, we, diligent workers, should get obliged to stay in the house, without working outside???, Clare yelled. Get out from our beautiful universe!!! Satans, you are!!! DDMs, go to INFERNO, right now!!!

In HACHIOJI, and in the center of Tokyo, and in MITAKA area, Miyuki experienced strange seasons in 2015-2016. No insects, no flowers. No animals, no birdies. Only few she could meet. Selective guys, only.

Miyuki encountered with white water snake, near West HACHIOJI, along the River, called ASA, the maternal river for the region. Satans changed the stream of the river. However, on July, when she was attending to a meeting among animals, on the way, she encountered with him. 1.5 meter or so, white silver, and so slender, and looked young, and he was talking with a crow, who came so near to him, and Miyuki met them both, at the same time.

Oh, water snake, you are alive? For the first time, I met you! Water Snake was only for ocean, Miyuki thought at that time, thus, oh, in the river, exists?, was her big surprise. Anyway, he is alive, and probably, he is a metamorphose of the River God of ASA, like 千と千尋の神隠し, or Hide and Seek with SEN and CHIHIRO, by Gibre Studio.

Why the same girl called CHIHIRO was obliged to be called SEN?, was a big question. Miyuki's answer was, 尋 was so difficult to write for Alzheimer old satans, thus, only 千 and they decided the pronunciation as they liked. IDIOCRACY, even in kids world.

And CHIHIRO as SEN were forced to work for the public bath. Oh, OPPABU! As a lowest rank slave, she worked!!! Kids OPPABU, they ran, probably, and erotic satans were clients there. Thus, so spooky!!!

Miyuki, when she was a kid, watched the long scene of this visual image, as dream. At least, three times, the same dream Miyuki dremt. Why? No CHIHIRO, however, the public bath's scenes were exactly Miyuki dreamt!!!

Miyuki got astonished, why the ANIME did know the image which I did dreamt when I was a kid????

Miyuki could remember several so impressive dreams, mainly spooky type, so clearly. Special skill? No. Spontaneously, and such type of dream is repetitive. Exactly the same, Miyuki could dream.

Strange ability, yes. And Miyuki presumes that probably, we don't lose any memory in our life at all. Just some remembering disturbence exists. Without it, we can remember almost all of the scenes in our life.

Astonishing, yes. However, not so, "Oh, U2!" like shocking. Again, I found that I am not so common like others, type, recognition. I can dream some "predictional dream", and it happened already sevral times in her life.

For example, the scene of MACAO. Mear the church of Jesus Sindicate of Monks. Miyuki dreamt a big complex with commercial facilities, in the oldest type. Where? Why this unnusually mixed cultural place in Oriental-Western type appeared in my mind? So clear image. Miyuki watched the scene as a dream, when she was a pupil of versity of Tokyo, under graduate. And more than 30 years, she encountered with the exact scene. Oh, here! I have already come, when I was sleeping! This is the place! Oh, MAKAO!

And another example. Church in CHIYODA Word. She dreamt it when she was in Graduate School, and 25 years after, she encountered. Vacant, cheapish Stained Glass Window, for residential stye. She thought it were some sample of her residence. Not her line! Too too cheapish, and famanine.

She encountered with it in the KARAOKE video in KARAOKE-KAN, or OKE-KAN in short. KAN-OKE, or coffin in Japanese. Mainly the movies were produced with several male-female, in feminine OPPABU dress. She thought, "Oh, they have not so much chance to work, thus, they are obliged to work like that. Substitute of female." And they were better than females, at least. OKE-KAN video's female heroines were too too BUSU or ugly, in short. Thus, at least, their, the campy or femenine lady like guys' leggs were slender and longer...

The location is so limited. Thus, the church appeared. "Oh, I know this building! Why???"

And then, this is the standard model of OPPABU IKKYO CHURCH, and one of distinctive examples is which Miyuki entered in, in CHIYODA area. Vacant, and on the first floor, the seats for believers, and on the second floor, monitoring big glass window. Christian church not at all! Miyuki did know well Latin or more Catholic type traditional type so well, because Cris said to her, "Miyuki, you can do three favors, when you enter in a church, new to you!", thus, as believer of Cris' remark, Miyuki is accustomed to do it.

Her prohibittion was, not for herself, rather to my family, distant from me, who are making a trip. Thus, in short, for Alex and Clare, Miyuki prayed a lot, asking protection for them.

Now? Miyuki needs to pray for herself. Alex and Clare? They should pray for themselves!!! Each guy, itself is the first matter!

Miyuki's way works so much. And they are so selfish. Thus, they do as they like. Thus, they have no chance to survive. Their choice, yes!

Miyuki needs to be informed the system change, and got informed by our team mates. Thus, Miyuki did know well. Thus, she is living, as she believes. Thus, she works every day for our team. Rightous brothers, yes!!!

And they? Alex anc Clare? Miyuki doesn't know. As they like.

And they? Miyuki doesn't know at all!

For Miyuki, not so much, however, for satans, so much. Miyuki is abnormal, and they want to catch again. They like to do it. And forgetful. They are repeating every topic, it was spoken so many times, with the same guy. For Miyuki, just time consuming anti-productive BLA-BLA-BLA, and they want to have new member. Oh, neighbours? Or, YUKARI wants to have a baby??? Dogs, like YUKARI?

Sarcastic way of saying. Miyuki said that YUKARI wants to buy a bog dog for her. And she forgots what to do, thus, Miyuki was servived. Now, the nightmare again. She wants to have some seed of inspiration. Thus, she needs to buy a dog. Mad Dog's mad dog. Alex is feeded for it???

Miyuki is so nasty to say so. And they watched Alex, and unfortunately, so. And now, three, each generation represents their degradation process. Miyuki lost appetite at all to the three satans. Repetitive. No other new information, nor any new idea.

Just doing it type. Bitch. Thus, no interest at all.

Categorised like that. YUKARI is prevalent inside the Alex. Thus, done.

Miyuki needs change. And family is not her matter. More individualist. Now, it rains less. Thus, Miyuki would go out, and watch the town, and how they celebrate the Big Surrender, the second.

For Miyuki, nasty midsummer rain. And for ZOMBI's cool likable weather, probably. They don't think of agriculture, and farmers, faked guys, insist in a loud voice against TPP, to get poor and poor. Non working Alzheimer farmers, JA members are! SHIRAKAWA NOUKYOU SHRINE!

Just like KABUTO SHRINE beside Tokyo Bond Market. Newly established Shrine, and Miyuki took a picture, and was chased by some evil guys, despite of that it was Sunday!!! River side, it was located, and found some motor bouts to run away from Tokyo Bond Market, and a High Way, curved intentionally near this place. Just for runaway, Miyuki presumed. NOSFERATU, they are!!

They came along water front. Because they are wetty. Muck, wet type! Diarrea, in short!!!

Mud lovers. Thus, their mind is so confusional, and no recognition ability at all. Kyori, Todai, also. Shirakawans, yes! Japan is ideal site for satans!! Obedience, feudal faked morality, illogical, male superiority believers, machinery lovers, erotic game only world, wetness, sticky affection, pacience, unhappiness collectors, sobstory makers, superficial politeness only, compliments lovers, idiots superiors should be respected world, idiocracy is absolute reign system for them conception confirmed, cruelty like SAMURAI, sword lovers, no real material mature culture at all type, formality only society, apple polishing lovers club, sweets and rice eaters, eros only for men in public, and eros for female should be concealed however, even with payment OK type double standard society, Testacles Pets welcomed society like Todai pimps, lies are the proof of superiority society, and just rich should be rich world, and tax should be paid by only poor society, and so on, and so on.

Satans love it, of course! Colony of INFERNO. Thus, satans enjoyed their whole life here in Shirakawa, with total assistance of Shirakawan satans.

Thus, a short old Shirakawa satanic guide did a guidance trip to three big boy type satans from foreign country, or the real INFERNO, near Shin-Shirakawa and Route 289 area, and the satanic big boys pointed the big house for them.

Thus, SHIRAKAWA failed completely. Miyuki did exact scenes of their degradation. They sold their spirit, as they liked. Thus, one more big gift for Miyuki's team. A big boy class team mate, whose name is...Black Dog???? Boxer??? Mohamed Ali???

Boxer is handsome also. Black and quick. Flat face like Pug, however, handsome. Like oriental face toward westerners. Calm, in casual mode. In case of fighting, he is strong, and reliable.

German Shepard, Boxer are similar to Dovelman type. However, Dovelman type is short tempered. Unfortunately, easy to lose temper type. Not so bad. Not Mad Dog, however, like TOSA dog, they were breeded to be so. Not their failure. However, we need to take a bit caution to get along with them. Easy to lose temper is in Japanese, 短気 or TANKI.

And for Miyuki, the boys of her class were misterious. They themselves expressed as 短気, and for Miyuki, they are so so tolerant. Why TANKI?

In short, slow for her. Slow to respond. Thus, why so late? Too late, too late, too late to act for idits under idiocracy. Why now???

Shirakawans think them TANKI, and for her, too slow. Different. Probably, compared with old grand fathers of thems, they were TANKI, however, for Miyuki's TEAM, too late...

Prontthaurus like HASEBYO staff. Miyuki trapped them so many times, and they responded so slow, or didn't respond at all, because they didn't recognize the trap. And they, just felt, nasty, and attacked Miyuki, with any reasonable explanation.

Now, this is YUKARI's situation. YUKARI and Clare met in the courtyard, near the courtyard. Probably, YUKARI said, "You are smelly!" to Clare. And clare asked, "Why you said so? You sensed the smell?", probably. And YUKARI said, "I don't accuse your personality.", in her loud more upset voice. Clare asked more, "You said you are good at "sensing, rather thinking", didn't you, Auntie?" YUKARI remained secret. And then, "I amd good at sensing." And Clare, "Then, you can say that "I think smelly" to me. You think, thus, you are right, acording to your opinion, don't you, Auntie?" And Clare left the battle field, and YUKARI remained in the office, and started to make so rough noises here and there, unnecessarily.

And she started to clean up the water front of the office, using lot of water. Consumption as Substitute of Inferiority Complex. Clare won the battle, thus, YUKARI lost. YUKARI didn't what she had lost, and just nasty feeling remained, and started to attack objects.

八つ当たり or YATSUATARI, to eject her inferior complex causing frustration.

Thus, in any supermarkets, when Miyuki entered into, the clerks started to produce BANG BANG sound with paper boxes, some products, with their tools in hand, with their unnecessary conversation and so on. Why they started to produce public nusance, abruptly after Miyuki's entering??? Rough sounds they produced, as if they were saying, "I want to kill you, MIYUKI!"

They can't put up with express their hatred, more impulse oriented type. Alzheimer Priviledge, they provided, and the result was so many victims. The faked police themselves were wrongdoers, yes. Miyuki watched that the police car stopped near the south west side of NANKO lake so many ten minutes, and monitoring something. So rare, because they are always moving, mainly on the national roads. Some several exceptional places are all where Miyuki frequents. For example, Gymnastic Park. They strol several times so slowly, as if they look for the target. And also Beisia, in the parking lots area, mainly in the afternoon arround 15:00. To buy sweets???

It started to rain heavily again.Thus, Miyuki changed her mind again. Sufficient foods in the fredge. Thus, she would hear the sound of the block YAOYA cho. She waits SIREN. at least, SIREN should be played at noon. They do or not????

For them privacy doesn't exist. Thus, if faked idiot power holders said, "You should install monitoring system in the toilet, especially for female toilet, because many kinky guys are easy to attack them. We need to protect their sexual cleaness. This is public hygine. Thus police power, yes.", they obeyed.

Just obedience is OK for authority type were trapped so easily. Quick test for Alzheimer disease holdings. Thus, they failed. In Japan, monitoring system up to the private chamber and toilet. Even socialist country didn't do it, or rather, didn't think of it. Pioneer, in the most sarcastic way.

And for them, then, more and more, we need to show our power! We can make effort on this field. We, academitians can survive with this field of eroticism, like Jorge Battaille. Thus, artificial self production of sexual ANIME business. Combination. Sigma, or Σ, the best.

And the tried to produce it, in each campus of versities. Miyuki found AV editating room in AOYAMA Gakuin versity's newly established HALL with scholary chambers, in the center of the campus.

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