Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (115)

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Thus, Miyuki sent a message to OOHAMA, saying the reason of non attendence, despite of her previous compromiss, in her so harsh- harsh mode. And she went to see NINOMIYA on the D-Day.

30 minutes earlier, ABE said to Miyuki that NINOMIYA was calling Miyuki in the chamber. And he induced her to there. And Miyuki heard him to say, "I am already in the first level of Alzheimer disease holder, as you know." Miyuki got astonished. "Yes, I know well, however, for me, so astonishing that you yourself said so in public." was her reason of surprise.

Probably, they, DDMs, already planned to be forgiven by our army. Incapability and inpunishibility, they targetted probably. And at the same time, Alzheimer disease would not be a cause of quitting at all, they presumed.

And the result was, they monitored that Miyuki is almost right to insist that we are in the all alzheimer society!!!! The three, Moriko and OKINO and Miyuki, at the same time, recognized their forgetfulness!!!! At the same time, it happened, probably!!!!

Miyuki bit on the divine ordial. If our inner world were really peeped by DDMs, they would be blind, or senseless, and in the final end, they would be killed.

They thought the same. Cruel crime, all thought. However, DDMs didn't think so. Gods would allow, because the wi-fi users' number is so big, thus, on behalf of their convenience, Gods would admit their attempt to continue to use their datas.

Miyuki's theory was so rightous, however, impossible, they thought. And the result. Nothing at all. Just ordial done.

And everyday's ordial's day came. Each day, the number of the residents reduced. Because of Funeral services, Miyuki thought. And clinics and hospitals related. They were the complex, they thought. From Cradle to Tumbs. Keinds.

For Marsus, polulation would increace according to food producing, and the percentage of increasing is so vast, thus it would be caused a hunger. However, as a matter of fact, food producing business is stuck, and no agricultural world already. Monoculture, and monopoly at all.

Monopoly is prohibitted and fainess of competition among business partners is highly important, we were taught. However, only Monopoly world in Brazil also. Lula wanted to crash the chain, however, couldn't. So resistent especially in North Eastern area. Not promissive area, exept some richest families. Sarney was one of them.

Rosa Sarney, she was one of promissve kids at her young age. however, rotten. And made a dealer of bitches. Provider of cocaine cartel. Sao Luis do Maranhao. Ilha, pequena, like a triangle between the rivers.

Oh, Sao Luis is a ilha! Her owner of the chamber exclaimed. Miyuki didn't know, thus, she was interested in the question, and investigated it next day. Oh, triangle area, Miyuki recognized.

Cocaine cartel? Politician? Miyuki would be in wonder. Always, in wonder. However, truth. Like KASUMIGASEKI. At first, Miyuki got astonished, and then, Oh, it would be, like, confirmation. Especially Lawyers' Inn started to smell marifana, Miyuki got astonished at.

And then, cocaine world. And L.S.D, and now amphetamine....They are used all in ABLIFY, anyway. Addicted inducing medicine, they were. Any addicted can be made. Seuxual kinkiness, eating, not eating, some strangest only one type tasks, drinking or so. All are the same effect in the final. Death with shames. Collection would be a marvelous scenerio to show to the future generations.

Non documental type would be fine, Edison adviced. She is good at writhing Portugues version, and Miyuki is the same line. After 30 years of training, she gained her own way of vulgar!!! Incredibly vulgar!!! She learned to be a naughty boy. Tokyo Versity was for it, in the end. Thus, naughty boys should stand up!!! You are diserving to fight against DDMic reign. And they thought...Just for it??? Why she should go to the vrsity after her 3 years of tourture of cramschool study...Too too stupid!!!! We, already, naughty boys, from the begining. And Miyuki, was the real naughty boy from the begining, and after her naughy boy days' passing, she turned to be her cramschool days. And the end...just a simple lonly wolf. returned to the start. SUGOROKU or life game...

Millionare, it would be. Slum Dog type. And she already provided her earning to the victims. Her real victim were almost all of the victims in the world. The victims like to watch her life long shame collection, including her own. Laughing stories, they really thought.

And found so so nasty result, that DDMs are the real Devils. Muck, or KAOS. The contrary of the universe, KOSMOS. Idiocracy came from the begining. They were set. A bet. Rightous or not. And each second, we should be polishing our spirit. Oh, Gold Ball Polishing!!!!

Miyuki said, 玉磨き or Guts started to wash it. And Miyuki, spitit. Important value, anyway. Physical and in the soul. And they both should be the creators, now. Only some few got allowed to be so. Oh, so honoured ones!!! Almost all of them refused of the important jobs. Miyuki's only worry is financial and physical problem. She agreed to be a sarrogate mother, within the limit. Heavy in the last three months, and for three years of diaper traning is nasty. Independent, she required. And OK for everyone!!!

She is ego-centric, they claimed. ???? Independent means so cruel for DDMs??? For Miyuki, natural cause. And for DDMs, just a cherish should be fine???

Legitimacy, OK. Why not? Economically independent. Ligitimacy for stopping econimic spilling. Thus, non related in our cases. For Miyuki, too too logical. And for DDMs, not at all. They are so thrifty to Miyuki's value????

Miyuki said, "I don't want to be a dumb." In the car moving from Tokyo Bay Detention to the HASEGAWA Hospital. And thought and why they wanted me to panish in the hospital, without any rightous ground. No reason world, Idiocracy itself, and it would kill any person easily by some kinkiest figures' flamboyant will.

Thus, now, we are in the ordial. We could not stop it. We thought that it would be fine to stop, however, it would be difficult. And our effort was so smaller than they expected. Thus, drastical measure should be taken. Just etremests could stop the chain of evil existance, they yelled. And how? Vanishing. Yes. And then, Creation. To compensation. Regain the power to generate.

And pledge? Which? Rightousness. As always. And another? Drinking? Provisional one. Until Chinkoro's adlescence. And flaffy inclination. Chinkoro's decision. A-sexual? I didn't.

Thus, they bit on Miyuki. Because, in these cases, who can do it? Just Alzheimer Patients. And Miyuki? Recently did know it, thus...curiosity, just it.

You are so lucky to leave from in the end of the ancient regime done by Devils.

DDMs are the real Devils. And idiots, against Miyuki's expectation. And Miyuki started to advocate the faked Devils. And they came...Jasons...By their own wrong interpretations.

Devils, they are. Unusual ways, they use. However, reducing. A kind of game. And ignorance is the best policy. For them, only one situation is enough. Thus, reduction in accelated mode. And the last one would be the dirty bitch type. And Miyuki's mother should be, probably.

Miyuki didn't know their combination. Recently, Miyuki recognized that they were already combined. And they appeared in turns, and they make a mistake in the sound producing. Thus, the last one is already done type.

And Miyuki felt nasty to be trapped every day. They forget their hypothesis. And try anyway, the already used and failed measures.

The time problem. Thus, we should know our limit. They want to kill Miyuki as Bride of Devil. And the representative of Devil is Miyuki. Miyuki would be contributed to Miyuki? Bride Miyuki, while Broom Miyuki. SELF????

Too too laughing story. Self Satisfaction. Mick Jagger & Rolling Stones.

According to Miyuki, Bride of Devil is Bitch Constitution. Thus, sacrifice for them. And already, they did rape her, and she liked to be raped. Already done.

And we all were trapped by our constitutions. Brazilian Constitutions were better than Japanese bitch, in function. However, some parts were totally rotten. Economy field. And they should be reformed. And they tried to reform, and each time, reduced the value...Devils took advantage of their failure, each time...sly monky business!!!!

Miyuki agreed to be a parent of all of rightous kids. Without exception, with the conditions above. And? Rewords? Friendship, probably.

Too too modest. Guts gained a lot of beautiful ladies surroud him. Oh, good!!!! I tried to gain, yes. Probably, I would encounter some suitable males!!!! Various!!!!!

Her inclination to be unique is genuine, and not to be trapped by majority caused a some anti-majority trauma. Anyway, refusal to majority, and concentrated on minority...I feel so safe when I am in the sade of strange comfort by being different from majority. Being so, inclination is...what? Some of them are flexible, and some of them are more stable, and some of them are childish prejudices, probably.

Thus, we are expecting to cultivate seeds of our kids, promissive ones. Rightous ones, OK!!!! And we have no kids rightous. Impossible!!!

Impo! means Impotenz in Germany. Medical use. Mainly, ED or Erection Difficulty it is.

And now, we should return to the problem of Promissive kids. Miyuki thought that the kids were trapped by some Japanese counterparts. They were tracing their ways of living now.

And some parts were now appearing a bit. The pond search, what means? Miyuki remembered that the pond near Holocoust Musium's pond. The investigators started to search the pond. And the result? Ha-Ha-Ha-Harman!!!

They could run away from the Museum's courtyard? They tried and got trapped, and tried and tried, and turned to be angels...And laught at Miyuki's underpants problem. Why???

Where are my pants? was Miyuki's crying. And now, there are my skirts?, happened. Intentionally taken. All. Hotpants, included. Why? Some kind of intention to avoid Miyuki's wearing.

Anyway, now, DDMic residue, including my mother, in the reduction. And in the dangerous moment. Thus, we should take care of the situation. Thus, Miyuki's costume is limited yes. However, after the situation, Miyuki wants to wear better, with more variation.

Anyway, I need to move from the house. Some combination of office and house. Separating profission and private life, of course. However, anyway, only stayer in a part of the chamber is nasty....

And they laught at it. She doesn't try to have one. I would try after this wave of Devils passing. Anyway, they came, and stayed, and vanished. Then, they appear, and vanish. Repeatedly. When I reach to the point, I start to move. Already I tried it in the center of Tokyo, and passed a harsh time. Thus, we should be more cautious. Chicken, yes.

Some targetted ones? Yes. However, we need to know which village or region should live. As precarious attempt, Miyuki needs to clean up Shirakawa region, including NASU area. Thus, among the range, we need to have some sites here. Now, only Shirakawa area. And probably, soon the end would come. Then we should choose the rightous answer to this matter, and continue our cleaning up job.

Today, we found a rescue type armed forced heavy duty vehicles were dashing into Animal Farm, and two big tracks with black cows. on the Route 4 to the farm.

And found various Jasons with jungle design wearing like soldiers. They are military type Jasons. Thus, we should take care of our life and body and soul and personality so carefully.

Now, Miyuki is sleepy. And she should take a bath now. And Miyuki believes spiritual colaboration among rightous existance. Somekind of change added reencounter with rightous existance.

Vanishing forever type exists, yes. And now? You should learn that they killed your families already...DDMs? They declared no! Thus, no.

Miyuki said as usual, if rightous ones should be say yes, OK, for us all? On which matter???

Personal change. For Miyuki, as an existance who choose to be a human being, impossible. However, only rightous is our requisite, and we should know the existance of the limit of knowledge of each one. Thus, at this point, we are in the middle. Rightous, is always key word.

For Miyuki, DDMic appearance was different from us all. However, for animals and plantas, it would be difficult to find. It happens. Too too similar. Even us, until resently, didn't recognize the difference, and Miyuki believed that they were kind. Thus, we are some kind of BEM-BELA-BELO. Thus, in the middle.

And sometimes, for wild flowers, Miyuki is a giant. Lizz and YOMIURI and Prussian Army.

For Miyuki, yelling from DDMis army was so nasty. And she learned to manage it. Replace from nasty situation to laughing situation. And for them, not putting up with this torture. Understand well, Miyuki says. Even now, repetitive loop like sound of cliches continues. This is the existance of DDMix torture. We should cut it, completely. Thus we are working for.

Weeker than before, however, they can't stop it. And locking or unlocking sound, increased. Forgiveness bgging.

And now forgiveness at all. Miyuki declared. Thus, they vanished. Your family included. Thus, we should know the limit of our existance.

Harsh, however, we should put up with. Thus, they came. From some other world, we thought. And we expect to have a happy end, of course. And this is a wave of an ordial. And provavly, the harshest because of our dirty cruel arrogant attitudes. Thus, Miyuki prepared for the D-Day.

And found a lot of gifts here and there. Plants speaks. Yes. Miyuki knows a bit. They responded. And marvelous!!! I am regaining power from the discoveries. A lot of teachers here and there. I like to see them, to make a conversation with them. Often, I fail, and I make some interpretational mistake. However, I could presume half of them, actually. And they are really pretty! Thus, they chose to be plants. They changed, and produced another varieties. Modifies so easily. Miyuki's discovery!!!!

Nobel Prize is not existing now. However, everyday, deiscoveries. Like to talk! And gift from birdies. You are already our mates, they dropped it. Only some favored one could be accepted it. And Miyuki received it on the left hand. And she, when she recognized, it vanished. For her, natural. Present or sign of acceptance. some "I love you love we love Miyuki!" like yell.

It means Miyuki is recognized as a kind of mates!!!! Birdies' honour medal!!!! Miyuki once thought of the possiblity to paint on the face, because Madoka bought it at the cost of US$9 to repair her dimble skin problem. Nightingall's one. Thus, it would work for some medical use, probably. And thought of energy use. Guana, in Chile. Some useful one, probably. However, this time, I forget the existance, after standing up, and when I remenbered, it already vanished. At least, I avoided to eat it...After knowing well, it would be...Or...Muck....

Miyuki was too too right to presume it. A kind of honour, like Sunkist. Thus, her flexles problem would be resolved!!!!! Oh, it would be!!!! Cream!!! To protect some nasty mark after the summer. Only summer, OK. However, after summer, just like a...dots in a face. Not pretty....

Miyuki likes to be prettier more and more. Thus, we are working. Long legs, at first. Always, she likes to watch the mirror. Today, a bit swallen, she felt, however, after eating fried chicken, she felt good. GUTs food is necessity for her. And they came!!! Oh, black hair Japanese Cow or Ox!!!

Miyuki thought that it would be fine to know how to cut? She found a good book on it. In the cover, like a french culinary, however, inside, like a bucher's text book. NATSUME-Company Publiching Corporation's work.

Thus, butchers, for a while. And learn how to dissert them. Sadistic not!!! How it moves, it would be fine to know in case of emergency. Dr.Duke, Miyuki SATOW!!!!

And Miyuki wants to be a foreigner, yes!!! Better than Japanese shema holders. And which? How many contries? IGNOLANDIA is OK??? Emperor of IGNOLANDIA, Dr.Miyuki SATOW!!! Foreigner from IGNOLANDIA. Now, registered. Thus, Constitution of Ignolandia.

Life, body, soul and personality are superior than financial value.
We respect others.
Only rightous ones should exist.
We pledge to push out all DDMs from the our peaceful beaituful universe.
We should take care of our own spirits.
Each one should be unique. Individualism only world, our land is.
Anyone's freedom should be kept, within the limit of common sense.
Inner mind is absolutely protected from any interference. Against it, the wrongdoer should vanish immediately.
We enjoy our cheerful pleasant life entirely.
We make all effort to be happy. Our happiness is of course individual. It means we need to pursue for our own happines each. Don't disturb others' happiness at all. In case of betrayal, it would be punished harshly.
We should colaborate each other for other's happiness's pursuing process, if others require.
We exclude any prejudice, as much as possible. We should pursue for being least prejudiced every moment.
Privacy should be protected at maximum. Privacy is a cradle of personality. Any intentional interference without previous information should be punished severely.
Any peeping TOM activities should be punished at maximum as rapists' ones.
Sexual rights should be respected as much as possible.
Land should be borrowed by Fauna & Flora only in case of necessity.
Private property should be guaranteed as much as possible.
Wrongdoings are activities against our fundamental rights.
Wrongdoers should be punished by total vanishing.
Proofs of wrongdoings should be kept in the masimum safety.
Wrongdoings should be informed as soon as possible.
At the same time, wrongdoings should be only limited in case of the violations of life, body, soul and personality and privacy, and value of proofs.
Monopoly is financial wrongoing. It would be punished so harsh also.
Pederasty wrongdoers should be killed immdiately.
We should be independent diligent workers each, except in case of difficulty of being so. In this case, we should help each other to gain independence as much as possible.
Paracite should not allow to live in our state.
We should be kind to others each other as much as possible.
Each one should be better than earlier before, as much as possible.
Each existance of our state is called EMPEROR, and each EMPEROR should obey this constitution and the universal rule of spirit of Law.
In case of necessity, EMPERORS should play the role ordered by our supreme comanders, namely, Gods of Justice.
We are existance who live in the universe or KOSMOS, or organized world. We coexist with other rightous existance in the universe, under the total control of our Gods of Justice.
In case of some doubt on this constitution, ask Dr.Miyuki SATOW, who will try to give a right answer of the problem each. And her Sixtet G-MARCK will provide all assistance for whom needs the consultation with common sense.
Sixtet G-MARCK is composed actually by Boxing Champiton Guts ISHIMATSHI, Dr.Miyuki SATOW, Doctoral Degree Holder of Judicial Science, from Versity of Tokyo, the paradise of Pimps of Idiocracy, assisted by its Bitch Constitution, Kentarou Kenny ADACHI, young leader of Team Angels, forcedly quitted from Kyorin Versty or INFERNO, Rabby, the Rabbit Tribe's Head Quater, Chinkoro, the promissve kids' leader, and Kabucky, the representative of weeds army, in his human being's transformatin, Miss Brazil Roberta Close.
Now, we are wanting promissive real guys for our state called IGNOLANDIA. Only rightous ones. No other requisite at all.

Thus, Miyuki can take a bath, and clean up her body and prepare for tomorrows fighting.
We are all in our side!!! All love you, Sixtet G-MARCK.
In the middle of stipulating Constitution, Miyuki should satisfy her necessity. Basic one should be priority. Total satisfaction should be needed.

Thus, see you on our blog, tomorrow morning!!!!
We should pursue for our happiness, as much as possible!!!!
VANISH! DDMs!!!! You are so ugly!! BUSU Bithes, you are!!!!!

From Sixtet G-MARCK, with Big LOVE!!!
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