She came to work in Guangzhou for many years

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At present, suspect Zhao has been detained in Liwan police criminal law ,the case is still under further proceedings .The other workers say ,as Peng Genmei and the man thing ,she is not very clear ,but they know that several years ago to walk together .A Mei works at a shoe factory ,five or six years ago and Pengmou meet after intercourse ,cohabitation and gave birth to a son . Chen said ,Louboutin,Ah Mui looked in general ,usually also very low-key ,unattractive ,but their 4 year-old child,cute ,very like .
The reporter had repeatedly tried to comfort Peng Genmei ,but we always silent . Zhou said ,he often sees she took the baby to the market to buy food, I was not very familiar with, but listen to the workers say ,she ,also part of ,but can why she should do third ,the man was not how, I doubt she is Slicer Knife it right? Because children don that man ,the child is the most innocent .Sha Kok Street and earlier restoration of peace ,at the junction of grocery store card table gathered a few villagers ,morning accident has become the talk of the neighborhood .
Most should not just take knife wound person ,the child was dead, wife go to jail ,a family would be destroyed .
Playing 10 minutes,Louboutin Pas Cher,she didn fight back ,didn ,neighborhood to look not to the past ,to persuade them, later Zhao, your own way .Journalist Han Jingwei Liu Wen of reporter of report from our correspondent   ;a man cheated the collar 73 credit cards,malicious overdraft 460000 yuan.
Peng returned home, seeing that the boy was a lot of blood ,immediately picked up the child to the hospital ,but the hospital road ,the child stopped breathing .The previous day ,Ah Mui said child cold has not sent to school ,will take care of him at home . He knows, these things for their home ,feeling out will not have good reputation, she and the man is not a normal relationship .Living in the building 303 roomChen told reporters ,more than 7 in the morning ,he was lying in bed when I heard from upstairs ,the woman cries ,but before long ,can hear sound, he also didn . Zhou said represents a partial neighborhood views .In 2008 November,the accused Dong of alias Shi Hao ,to the Luoyang branch of China Construction Bank branch of a ,by the same means for 14credit cards.Dong Mou to get a credit card ,credit card consumption or to the succession ,overdraft 116000 yuan. When I heard it, lived upstairs she (Peng Genmei ) is the wife with a knife stabbed lover .Workmate :they together for several years at Peng Genmei hospital shortly after hearing the news ,her cousin and brother-in-law came to accompany her . She was stabbed two knife ,at that time was very heavy .Mistress and lung not out of the woods yet Peng Genmei stab, quickly by ambulance to the Guangzhou Medical College affiliated Third Hospital, finally saved .received notice came ,then ,you don ,said .
Her son died of his wound .The reporter was ward heard ,Peng Genmei quietly said to the nurse is very painful .
The doctor to judge, the weapon may be the first comparison point ,long tool .
She ( CHO ) is blocking the road ,waiting for a long time ,after seeing her with a child to come back to buy food ,she moves to block her said , shame on you ,rob their husband ,and then forced to Ah Mui kicked several feet ,while he scold .Subsequently, the overdraft 198000 yuan.Then finish the operation ,Peng Genmei was sent to the new hospital building observation ,but it remained stable .) ,she went as usual to the nearby factory work ,then the child from school to school ,and then take the kids to market to buy food, like the child is her whole life ,she didn the rest .
Miss Zhang a few years ago and Peng Genmei ,worked as a team ,they call Peng Genmei her workmates are ,her brother-in-law is here opened factories ,Ah Mui late last year in the factory workers, but a few days to go, because children to bring . Chen said ,neighborhood knows A Mei is the third person ,and her affair with a male Peng often went to A Mei ,and Pengmou wife Zhao will also often come to quarrel with her .Neighbor Mr.
However ,Peng Genmei co-workers said her brother-in-law is an insider .Residents said, Ah Mui in front of them have no embarrassment ( rarely and neighborhood .At noon yesterday ,the reporter in the hospital to see Peng Genmei .After the incident ,murderous woman Zhao surrender ,while lying in bed ,not out of the woods yet the mistress Peng Genmei except tears, silent .
Lee Dong use 39personId photocopy ,false River branch of the great proof Nose Bars of income ,housing funds receipt ,card application form and apply for credit cards .During the period ,the doctors and nurses from time to time to check the situation .
A Mei was just taking a child to go out with a knife ,Zhao Ying up, two people fight together ,A Mei left chest and thighs are classified two knife ,beside the child was also head injuries ,see the injury to the child , wife petrified ,sit on the ground of A Mei choked back pain take a mobile phone to call the man ,tell him to hurry home .Another neighbor words let them into silence .
The neighborhood had become inured to the unusual . Liu said .Ms.
The workers in the impression ,she very good ,feel she is very amiable ,her son was very lively and lovely ,tall and fat ,not the past years later ,this is not goodbye .Lai says the director ,Peng Genmei the left chest wall by a knife ,a punctured lung ,followed by pneumothorax ,and left thigh buttock position also took a knife ,wound is deep ,have can insert a finger ,soon touch the head ,the width of about two or three cm .
After some workers ,Peng Genmei also continued to go to the hospital to take care of her .
Yesterday, a reporter from the Luoyang city Jianxi district court to the court ,the defendant is Dong the crime of credit card fraud ,a judge sentenced the defendant Dong 7 years imprisonment,fined 300000 yuan .
According to the hospital director Lai ,they drive to the to the scene, Peng Genmei out of their own, but was covered in blood ,with his head down the stairs in a rented house ,at that time not to see other people ,she was the only one .
The residents are more misty-eyed .m.
In 2008 November,the accused Dong of alias Zhang Liang ,to the Bank of China Luoyang branch of a branch of the Henan University of Science and Technology ,pretended to be a staff ,as the unit of collective of worker of to apply for a credit card .Information Times reporter Xiao Jianing Intern Luo Zhifeng absorbs the edition the author information times reporter Xiong Xufan intern reporter Cai Shenglong Zhu Tufu Intern (   ;in addition to sign outside) Information Times reporter Xiao Jianing edition photography photo Intern Luo Zhifeng yesterday at 7 pm, Liwan District Bridge River village of Sha nine Lane Street No.
Peng Genmei cousin said ,although he also in Guangzhou ,but not often and cousin together ,the things I do not know ,9 a.
According to A Mei Chen introduction, 28 year oldA Mei from Jiangxi ,and her affair with a male Peng and wife are also from Jiangxi .Husband stayed out all night cause murder she said ,yesterday afternoon 3 when much,she saw Zhao handcuffs ,taken by the police to the scene to identify ,I heard her statement said ,take a morning person, she ran to a shoe factory in hiding ,later went to the police station to surrender .
seven of the rental house occurred together .
Ms.There are neighborhoods that ,Ah Mui knows Peng has married ,but also its birth as mistress ,destroy their family ,appear such result is also behoove .According to the suspect Zhao a confession,louboutin, the husband Pengmou ( 35 years old,Jiangxi province Pingxiang city) with fellow Ah Mui to maintain long-term relationships ,and a son ,both because of emotional disputes many dispute . She knew the man family ,we also tried to persuade her ,Louboutin,but she is one track-minded ,how to persuade not to listen .The police reported :emotional disputes caused 1 deaths and 1 injuriesinformation times dispatch ( reporter Tong Dan correspondent Li publicity Gong sun) Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau Liwan District Branch Bureau yesterday informed the media ,on the morning of 23, the Liwan District bridge river sand in the old market 3 buildinga case of intentional injury cases ,caused by a broken .
The man wouldn her money ,she still shoe factory works ,now living in the house is to rent ,the rent per month more than 200 pieces ,we villagers don wants to tell the man together ,she did not say .
The doctor said ,she is arrhythmia ,blood pressure is not normal ,can not be said to have no life danger ,because even the knife had stabbed in the chest inside of the great vessels .Yesterday afternoon 4 when make ,the site has been closed .
The child is 4 years old this year ,is reading in kindergarten ,she is sent to school ,Monday ,Sunday and then go home .
Late on March 22nd ,Peng to A Mei to overnight .23 days morning 8 when make,Zhao grudge, packed with a switchblade knife to the residence of A Mei ,A Mei and their 4 year old sonstabbed . Chen for fellow be outraged by an injustice ,the innocent child ,so small to bear grudges .Yesterday morning 7 when much ,because her husband stayed out all night ,Zhao with switchblade again blocked in her doorway .
Neighborhood :Po often block up playing mistress at noon yesterday ,the rental housing building neighborhood called ,the scene is in room 503 ,but this has closed the door .
While living in the first floor of Ms.Neighborhood sigh :innocent children become victims. Big woman took the knife to her mistress mistress ,seriously injured ,but innocent child died .

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She came to work in Guangzhou for many years ,my hometown in Jiangxi Pingxiang ,28 years old this year.
Ms Chan said ,Zhao will also have a two-year-old son ,Louboutin Pas cher,husband on Derailment has been to heart ,often come looking for her .
A doctor on the spot inspection found that blood loss ,Peng Genmei more, even started some shock .
A Meiin the hospital for treatment, in addition to tears, she said nothing .
Received the alarm ,the Liwan police to the scene quickly disposed of ,suspect Zhao ( female ,32 years old,Jiangxi province Ganzhou city) subsequently surrendered himself to the police .
However ,until the 9 pointsout, he saw the police have cordoned off the street .Peng Genmei also not language, said he was only came from Dongguan ,what do not know . She moved over more than a year ,often see her with child access ,meet is the Hello ,never said too much .
According to the relatives of A Mei A Mei say ,married ,in the hospital medical record is written married ,but this is unconfirmed .
Peng Genmei is the infusion ,looked tired and sad face ,eyes ,always with tears .
In 2008 November,the accused Dong of alias Zhang Jie ,to the Bank of communications Luoyang branch of a branch ,in the same way for the 20 card. Liu said ,CHO lived nearby ,the husband is West Street a shoe factory boss ,she tried several times to see Zhao to the junction with Ah Mui ,and impose fist ,but a recent occurred at the end of last year .Mr
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