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Often a friend complained about the types and styles of jewelry on the market so much

2016-12-20 12:03:59 | 日記
How do we choose according to their temperament and appearance of their own cartier Juste un Clou bracelet replica Jewelry it? In fact, as long as the master of some jewelry with the principle, we will be able to easily dress their extraordinary charm.
Jewelry is to capture consumer groups by style, here to correct a misunderstanding that there is no real sense of what the texture of jewelry for what age, the precious ruby, pearl stable low-key at the same time can be used with a lovely sweet shape. Dignified or playful, only the style is to distinguish their main features. Do not rigidly adhere to the jewelry material, bold to choose your favorite bar.
Age appropriate choice of jewelry: here to say is that the price and quality of jewelry great disparity. Young people choose a great dress, with a lot of jewelry for. Young people do not need to care about the texture of jewelry and other issues, as long as the color with a reasonable, the effect will be good. The slightly older women in this point is necessary to pay special attention to, try to select those fine jewelry to match, shape also try to choose some simple atmosphere, so better with clothes.
In fact, it is not difficult to match. For example, you have a replica Van cleef arpels long necklace Of the simple necklace, then you are with the clothes on the leisure type
Earrings of choice: In general, the neck is longer for hanging hanging earrings, so you can put the advantages of prominent decorative. The face is more round, short neck girl, more suitable for small earrings or earrings, this can be a round face looks fine. Special attention should be paid
, We usually wear big earrings remember not too luxurious shiny, and this will make your daily clothes look very shabby, but also makes people feel the overall dress with is not very reasonable. Appropriate earrings is the finishing touch of the overall shape, but it is also one of the most need to spend places.
Pay attention to the size of jewelry: Whether it is necklaces, knockoffs van cleef arpels alhambra clover earrings, rings or watches, belts, accessories, size is particularly important. In general, the ring according to the thickness of their fingers to measure, should not be too tight or too loose in the hand, and the size of the ring face is also highlight the personal taste of a
important step. Secondly, the choice of necklace also need to spend some thoughts. Too long or too short necklace will make us look strange overall shape, which with the principle of the main follow: clothes with a little exaggerated necklace, such as Tang Yu jewelry necklace. More colorful clothes with simple style necklace,
Silk texture of the material suitable for elegant light material necklace, low-key dull clothes for a shiny necklace and so on.
Long face shape who should wear a large round earrings and short necklace; sharp-shaped face who should wear a larger drooping rounded ears; long face shape should wear a long necklace; square face shape who should wear a beautiful curve of the narrow earrings and long necklace; Neck and long should be wearing a short necklace or multi-layer combination of the necklace; short hair and exquisite; necklace should not be long, not thick; Fake van cleef arpels jewelry Earrings can be set off with women's smart and lively; long hair and narrow earrings with a romantic style can be displayed. Professional women at work, should wear a solemn, elegant pattern of jewelry, should not wear exaggerated rough design jewelry.
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