Stainless steel chopsticks good or bad chopsticks daily use precautions

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Stainless steel is now more and more widely used, because of its special attributes and loved by the vast number of consumers today Xiaobian Jiugen we talk about stainless steel chopsticks, then the following please follow Xiaobian footsteps together to understand the next stainless steel chopsticks better Good with the daily use of chopsticks note it.

Stainless steel chopsticks is good


Many people would like to know the stainless steel chopsticks okay? But for this problem that is not good enough and not accurate, depending on the production of stainless steel chopsticks to determine the quality of the material.

Stainless steel composition is composed of iron, chromium, nickel and other components, now China can be used to process food grade stainless steel including 300 and 400 series stainless steel, we usually can buy 2-3 dollars a pair of stainless steel chopsticks can certainly not The use of these two series of stainless steel production, are generally produced by 200 series, this steel is not in the national standard, containing heavy metals, if people use this material for long-term production of chopsticks, it is possible to absorb more heavy metals, The body's liver and kidney damage, even if the rust to eat more, can cause acute enteritis and other symptoms. So cheap, there is no information such as manufacturers of stainless steel chopsticks must be unqualified, it is recommended not to buy.sleep headphones amazon

Stainless steel chopsticks used in the production of steel models we can not see the naked eye, but we can see the workmanship, good workmanship, polished stainless steel chopsticks, not easy to rust, small workshops of work is not up to the requirements, so some Chopsticks are round, no chopsticks at this process, the other is not recommended to choose solid stainless steel chopsticks, not only the problem of Shen, solid chopsticks process is simple, the general small workshop may be solid.lid and spoon rest

Therefore, if the general said that stainless steel chopsticks are not correct, this is the key in the production of stainless steel chopsticks, but recommend that you choose a good brand reputation of stainless steel chopsticks to buy a big brand, big brand products mature technology, Material by the more stringent supervision, more secure.lid and spoon rest


Daily use of chopsticks Note

1, not a long time in full bloom salt, soy sauce, soup and so on. Because these foods contain many electrolytes, if a long time in full bloom, the same stainless steel will be the same as other metals, and these electrolytes from the electrochemical reaction, so that toxic metal elements are dissolved out.


2, can not be suffering from stainless steel utensils traditional Chinese medicine. Because Chinese medicine contains many alkaloids, organic acids and other ingredients, especially in the heating conditions, it is difficult to avoid without a chemical reaction, leaving the drug failure, and even generate some of the more toxic compounds.

3, do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals such as soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc. for washing. Because these substances are electrolytes, also with stainless steel from the chemical reaction.


Stainless steel chopsticks is that we prefer to use the money, environmental protection easy to clean, very suitable for use in the home, but in the purchase of stainless steel models we should pay attention to, as far as possible choose the big brands, production process qualified products.usb endoscope inspection camera

After reading this article on the good use of stainless steel chopsticks with the chopsticks attention to the article after the article whether you have a certain understanding of it? Want to help you.
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