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My new blog site

2006-09-27 01:48:40 | Weblog
I launched a new blog. I might not post here anymore. Some of the articles in here also has posted in there. If you are interested in, please drop there by.

Thanks for reading my posting always.

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Brokeback Mountain

2006-09-22 18:50:26 | Weblog
I finally saw Brokeback Mountain. I wanted to see it at a movie theater, but I could not make it since that had shown for a short period of time in Japan. It seemed like this movie was not very much popular and not accepted to Japanese people. Maybe that's because this is a gay love story.

My impression of this movie is "excellent". I just wanted to cry. They really loved each other, but they couldn't continue their relationship what they wanted to be because of they were the same gender. It is very easy to imagine that gay things are not accepted in the 1960's, in conservative South of the USA. If Ennis could be a little more confident, they could live happy lives.

Oh, this story is too sad..... But I was moved a lot. I know it is very difficult to live as gay. It is not important if the love is between different genders or not. Important thing is to live to be honest with your heart. Love is a precious thing.
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So nice! Madonna's concert!

2006-09-19 01:30:25 | Weblog
I went to a Madonna concert in Osaka. It was fantastic! Dance, dance, dance!

She was so energetic as ever. She was so cool especially when she was with a black guitar. She with a black enamel jump suit sang the rock tune, "I love New York". Last tune was "Hang Up". She sang "Like a Virgin" with a new arrangement. Totally cool!

She proposed to the audience that saving the children dying by ADIS in Africa . She blamed fuckin' politicians like George W. Bush. She used mostly sexy male dancers. Her dance was so indecent! Cool! Obviously she has affected to younger icons such as Britney and Christina Aguilera. Yeah, Madonna is the real Big Time!

The opening delayed an hour! What was she doing? Sleeping? Chatting on Skype? Except the delay, we really enjoyed the two-hour Madonna show. I hear she is already 47. I wonder until when she could perform like this. But I already am waiting for her next show. Thanks, Madonna!
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Busy! Busy! Busy! And Toothache....

2006-08-26 00:13:35 | Weblog
I've been swamped lately. Song writings and recording them, writing scores, piano recordings, preparations and making texts for music classes and so forth. I am in a high pressure. Only one way to get away from this is just finishing all of my work.

Plus a toothache! I've been having a toothache from last week. It is not by a cavity. A lower back teeth's root is decaying. That made the teeth unstable, There's a thin space between the teeth and gums. Some germs got into the space and caused pain. The dentist subsided the pain by cleaning and medicines. But this case would happen again. That was what the dentist said to me. If I want to get rid of this pain for good, the only one solution is just extract it!

I waited and saw what was going on for a week, but still I have a pain, of course far lighter than last week, though. It made me tired and nervous. I determined to extract the teeth! And I did it today.

It has pasted 11 hours now after the sergery, but still it hurts.... I hope this pain would fade away very early! Hopefully by tomorrow. This pain totally made me lose the motivation for working.
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Podcasting with Shashi Vol. 3

2006-08-21 20:50:34 | Weblog
Our third podcating show is about Blogging and English Learning.

Whenever I talk to Shashi, I never fail to be amazed at his hard working for English learning. I am lucky to have a friend like him.

I was away from English for eight days in my hometown. I was a little worried if I could speak English smoothly last night, but seemed like it was ok, still I made a lot of mistakes, though! I didn't read, I didn't speak, I didn't listen to any English. I wonder it would be nice if I could live in an English speaking country for a while. That's my dream. My life is totally Japanese!

Gonna take a summer break!

2006-08-10 19:05:18 | Weblog
Hey, guys! What's up? It is really hot here in Japan! I am half melting... I've been writing music for a theatrical play in Christmas time. It is damn hot in Osaka, but I am writing Christmas music! Crazy, huh?

I am taking summer break from tomorrow. Going back to my home town with my family and spending 8 days there. I will recharge my battery and hopefully get a breath of fresh air!

Last year, we were in Bali, Indonesia. It was a really nice holiday. We took a really nice massage, and bought some nice paintings, curved woods, inexpensive nice food, and so forth! Wow, I wanna go back to Bali.

Enjoy your holiday, guys! lol
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I got Madonna's tickets!

2006-08-05 14:12:05 | Weblog
Madonna is holding concerts in Japan in September. The tickets were sold in last month, but I didn't know when they were on sale. I hear they are sold out in 30 minutes or so. I totally regretted that I didn't check them out.

Fortunately, she is going to hold an additional concert respectively in Osaka and Tokyo. Today, ten in the morning, the tele-reserve has started. I didn't expect to be taken my call since I knew a lot of people were making phone calls. After 30 calls, mine was taken! Yeah, I got two tickets. I made it. The concert is on September 17th. I can't wait!
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The reason that my wife bought a new cell phone

2006-08-03 20:56:04 | Weblog
My wife bought a new cellular phone today. That is because of our dog, Indy.

Last night, I found Indy with a cell phone in his month. Our eyes met. I tried to catch him and he ran away. I yelled to my wife, "Catch him! He is biting your cell phone and running away!"

She successfully caught him and took the phone away from his mouth, but there was no battery in the phone. We found the battery under the table. It was very hot and didn't work anymore. Indy had bitten and made a hole on it. It had released the energy, which made it very hot.

He has ruined a lot of things such as cables, shoes, TV remotes, dishes and so forth. We hired a tutor for him, but she has taken a summer break now. I hoped she would discipline him as soon as possible, but she is going to come back in September..... sigh...
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Podcasting with Shashi Vol. 2

2006-08-02 02:12:51 | Weblog
The second episode with Shashi has uploaded on

The topic is "Summer Break"

Are you already on a summer break? I am not yet. Actually, I am swamped with my work. I am behind schedule for writing music...... However, I am supposed to take a summer break with my family from the end of the week after next. It is a vacation but I've got to visit my father in a hospital. His condition is not critical but we were told that there's no possibily of his recovery....... He wouldn't walk by himself anymore..... I was really shocked when I heard it. But......that's life. Anyway, we will enjoy summer in my hometown.

Please enjoy our podcasting, guys!
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Podcasting with Shashi

2006-07-27 09:13:23 | Weblog
Shashi in London and I in Japan had a skype talk. Shashi recorded and uploaded it on

If you have time and if you have nothing to do (laugh), please drop there by. We talked about English learning.

It was interesting to know that we have very different ways to be involved in English. Shashi learned academic and bookish English in the first place. I learned only casual English. His English is British and mine is American.

Anyway, please check it out if you don't mind my bad English! Any feedbacks are welcome! lol
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