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How to Handle the Trouble with Passing

2016-06-23 14:58:31 | Guides
Recently, I have had a lot of trouble with passing. It seems that the man on the ball has too much pressure on him to make thoughtful passes, passes are being intercepted, and there just doesn't seem to be anyone open to make a pass. Any tips?

Maintaining possession and effectively passing while being pressed is extremely challenging. It's everything in this year's game though in my opinion. Mastering it is ultimately what separates the top players from the rest. You gotta relax and look for the opening. It will come., the best in-game service provider, offer the Cheap fifa 17 coins for sale. You buy cheapest fifa 17 coins safely and enjoying our fastest delivery at!

If it's heavy pressure, here are your options when receiving a pass:
quickly take a couple touches away from the pressure into space (backwards)
hold ground and shield with LT
first-time pass back
quick 1-2
dummy (LB)and hope he runs through
fake shot/scoop turn
Obviously you probably shouldn't attempt to dummy a pass to your back line or CDM. I do suggest trying all of these though and learning when and where on the pitch each is most effective. Do not attempt to turn into your opponent especially in your third or the midfield. You're just asking for trouble. Take what's given to you and wait. Just be calm and use the ball roll, drag back and reverse body feint when he gets too close and attempts a tackle. If he's running directly at you (in a line) and slide tackling, the roulette can be effective as well. Ideally you want to get rid of the ball before any of that's even possible... especially in your half. Giveaways here are what cause most conceded goals online.

Keep the ball and be smart with your passing. Be sure to set your tactics to short passing (<30) in custom tactics and use quick passes + lob switches to get him spread out. When you finally get a little time on the ball, turn and go. Don't hesitate. Learn how to no-touch dribble and chain a few quick 1-2s to get the attack started. It has to be fast though. You'll begin to see huge gaps opening up as your opponent scrambles to reorganize his opened up defense. If you can get enough of your teammates forward quickly, a driven pass to someone running at his back line will often get you a chance on goal. Don't use a through pass unless your teammate is wide open with plenty of space in front of him (although if he's clearly bending/angling his run and he's around the box, a through ball can be effective). More often than not you'll just end up giving it away as the ball will be played too far in front and the AI auto sends your opponent's goalkeeper out ridiculously early to intercept.

Honestly, the most difficult thing for me to learn was how to turn away from the rushing defender. Just take a soft touch and walk backwards with it. Roll away from the press and get rid of it. Keep doing this and you will see space open up. It's getting past those first 3-4 passes that is key to breaking high pressure.
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