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FIFA 17: Feeling about Playing the Top Teams

2016-07-09 14:01:44 | Reviews
I've had a really busy year, so I didn't play UT this season. Since my exams finished last month I have just been playing regular old Online Seasons. I'm still in Division 8.

My favourite team is Arsenal, I follow them everywhere, and as such I play as them online. This is the only reason I am still in Division 8. By the way, I think fifa 17 points so expensive, and I find that site have cheap fifa 17 points.

I play well, I have 55-60% possession and more shots etc.

I will play Juventus and PSG and get draws and wins. I will play against Real Madrid or Barcelona and lose.

The last game I played: Arsenal 1-3 Real Madrid

I thought I was very good, I had many chances and played well. I restricted them to three shots total, all on the counter attack from outside the penalty area. They resulted in 3 goals.

I hit the post twice from within the 6 yard box.

I thought this isn't fair, this isn't me.

I played my next two games as Barcelona instead, and they just so happened to be at the Santiago Bernabeu. I won the first 4-2 (after having a man sent off), I won the second 4-1 and intentionally missed two penalties because I felt they were gicen for bullshit.

Barcelona aren't that much better than Arsenal, or whoever, and neither are Real Madrid, not in real life. It just seems that in this game they are untouchable.
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