Sources of power for splitters are usually gasoline

2017-05-05 14:32:30 | 日記

If the supply of logs that you need is small, you can still find a suitable splitter. Every log splitter, no matter how small, is powerful. A small splitter can create a pressure of more than 10 tons and an industrial splitter can create pressures twice that.

Sources of power for splitters are usually gasoline or diesel engines. These machines are best suited for remote, on-site locations. Another power alternative is electricity. These electric wood splitters can be used indoors - a particular advantage during foul weather. And last, but not least, are manual log splitters. These do not have an outside source of power, but rely on the principles of mechanical leverage to split the logs.

Don't forget though, that even if you want a wood splitter for personal use - to generate firewood for your store, for instance - you will still need other equipment to complete the task. Before you can split the logs into nice, easy, manageable pieces, you'll first need a chainsaw to cut down the tree and de-limb it.

Safety must always be foremost in your mind when using a log splitter. Remember, they create a huge amount of pressure. If anything gets in between the blade and the log will be subject to pressures of over 10 pounds.

It cannot be stressed enough - safety first. The machine must always be operated with safety in mind. Children should not be in the area of a log splitter when it is being operated. In fact, since splitters do shoot out debris, it is a good idea to keep everyone clear of the work area. The operator should be using appropriate protective and safety gear.
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