Though there are hundreds of brands that manufacture knifes

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Though there are hundreds of brands that manufacture knifes, nothing but Gerber knife will do when it comes to selecting one that stands apart from the rest. The automatic models that are manufactured by the competition can be taken as a example.25 inch blade of the Firestorm.

Hence if you are working in the snow, or if you are operating any machine where wearing of gloves are mandatory, you shall not be able to open those knives.

Its polished pear handle compliments the premium grade stainless steel used to manufacture it. One more added Paper Cutting Knife function is the safely lock. For example the Freeman Hunter which is a hunting knife. Search the net for many more models. In the year 1910, Joseph Gerber, the founder of this company, decided to manufacture knives that were different from the others. Their fame lies in the fact that they are crafted to perfection and also because of their unique design. Seven decades and more have gone since the company manufacturing this knife was established. He sought to gift something unique to his clients and appointed a knife-maker for the duty. However, the extra large trigger button built into the Gerber model makes it easy to operate, despite the thickness of the glove. Their small trigger buttons are impossible to operate if you are wearing thick gloves.

These knives that are available in ranges like automatic, survival, pocket, and spring loaded, and their quality is borne by the fact that they are also used by the military, where there is zero percent tolerance for error. From then onwards, they have been actively involved in manufacturing high quality hunting, cutlery, and multipurpose knives.


Gerber decided to quit his job at an advertising agency and start manufacturing knives because they had become extremely popular. You will find out the difference between Gerber and the rest, only when you use it. Surgical stainless steel is used for the . If it is moved to the safe position, it will disengage the trigger. The razor sharp blade's beauty is improved by the polycarbonate scales that also give a firm grip on the steel handles. An extremely sharp and durable edge fixed in an unbreakable handle made out Paper Converting Knives of fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic comprises the Magnum Camo Jr. Lots of planning and research goes into the manufacture of these sharp cutters
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