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2007年12月31日 | カトリックとは
Ave Maria!

Ode of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ

WHEN Jesus first appeared on earth
A babe in Bethlehem,
The winter midnight of his brith
Did fair as noontide seem;
Ne'er shone the stars so bright
As on that wondrous night:
Swift to the East the brightest of them all
Darts through the sky, the Magi kings to call.

Awakened by th'unwonted light,
The startled songster birds
Broke the lone stillness of the night
With songs like angels' words;
While chirpring in the field,
The grasshoppers revealed
The joy of earth: "Jesus in born!" they cried;
"Our God is born!" the warbling birds replied.

Fresh, as when washed by summer showers,
Now bud the roses sweet
And thousand, thousand fragrant flowers
The Infant Saviour greet;
While e'en the arid hay
That in the manger lay
Decked out with leaf and bloom the poor abode,
And kissed the infant members of its God.

In fair Engaddi's flowery clime
Now blooms the fragrant vine,
And ripening grapes, are nature's time,
In purple clusters twine.
Sweet Babe! divinely fair!
Thou art Love's cluster rare!
Coolness to burning lips Thou dost impart,
And warmth of love divine to fronzen heart.

Now gentle peace reigned far and wide,
In joy and liberty;
The sheep and lion side by side
Were pastured happily;
The kid, with frolic gay,
Near tiger fierce can play,
And ox with savage bear secure from harm.
And lambkin near the wolf without alarm.

Joy, too, awoke at Jesus' birth,
And roamed creation free,
In heaven, in every tribe of earth,
O'er every land and sea;
And many a sleeper smiled
As when a little child,
And felt his heart rebounding in his breast,
While dreams of gladness mingled with his rest.

The watchful shepherds kept by night
The flocks of Bethlehem.
When, lo! an angel clothed in light
Appeared, and said to them,
"Good sheperds! do not fear,
Our gladness didings hear;
For peace and joy upon the world arise,
And sinful earth become a paradise!

"To you this day in Bethlehem
A Saviour king is born;
The long-expected, -- to redeem
And save a world forlorn.
Then hast, and you will find
The saviour of minkind,
An infant, swathed, and lying in a stall,
Amonst the poor, the poorest one of all."

The angel choirs in glittering throng
From heaven to earth descend,
And in one sweet melodious song
Their countless voices blend.
"Glory to God above!
Born is the King of Love!
Peace be, on earth, to men who have good will;
Let grateful concerts earth and heaven fill!"

Each shepherd's heart within his breast
Bounded with love inflamed,
And eagerly unto the rest
His ardor thus prclaimed:
"Why longer thus delay?
Come, haste, away, away!
For ah! I languish with desire untold
My Infant God and Saviour to behold!"

The shepherd o'er the hill-top hie,
Like herd of startled deer;
With joy they soon the cave descry,
And to the crib draw near;
They see the Infant sweet,
With Mary at his feet,
And looks of love all beaming from his eyes
Appear like rays of bliss frim paradise.

Astonished, raptured, and enchained
At this great sight they saw,
Long time the shepherds thus remained
In solemn silent awe;
Then sweet and loving sighs
Deep frim their hearts arise,
While mingled tears and words their love confess,
And in a thousand fervent acts express.

Then entering the poor abode,
With knees devoutly bent,
They humbly to the Infant God
Their simple gifts present;
And Jesus does not scorn
The poor and lowly^born,
But raising up to them his tiny hand,
He smiles a blessing on this humble band.

Then do the flames of heavenly fire,
Which in their bosoms glow,
Such tender confidence inspire
As love alone can know.
They venture to embrace
That Child of heavenly grace,
And on this hands and feet -- O happiness! --
A thousand times their fervent lips they press.

Then in their pipes these oyful swains
Such heavenly music breathed,
And rivalling angelic strains,
With tuneful Mary wreathed
In sweetest harmony
Such soothing lullaby,
That slumber o'er the infant eyelids crept,
And Jesus closed his lovely eyes, and slept.

The lullaby these shepherds blest
To Jesus sung was this;
Which gently, softly, lulled to rest
The Infant God of bliss.
But while I now repeat
This cradle-song so sweet,
Think that with them beside the crib you kneel,
And pray the ardors of their love to feel.

"Gentle slumber, from above,
Hush to sleep your heavenly king,
Born an Infant for our love!
Hasten, sleep, soft slumbers bring!

"Lovely Jewel of my heart!
Would that I could be the sleep,
Softly, swiftly, to impart
Closing eyes and slumbers deep.

"But, if love of men to gain,
Thus a babe Thous deign'st to be,
Love alone can sing the strain,
Which can slumbers bring to Thee!

"Since, then, love has power on Thee,
Lo! my heart and soul are Thine!
Yes! I love Thee, love -- but see! --
Sleep has closed those eyes divine.

"Thee, my God, alone I love!
Treasure! Beauty! Love, I ... "
* * *
* * *

etc. etc.

Per la Nascita di Gesù.

Quanno nascette Ninno a Bettalemme
Era nott', e pareva miezo juorno.
Maje le Stelle - lustre e belle
Se vedetteno accossì:
E a cchiù lucente
Jett'a chiammà li Magge all'Uriente.

De pressa se scetajeno l'aucielle
Cantanno de 'na forma tutta nova:
Pe 'nsì agrille - co li strille,
E zombanno a ccà e a llà;
È nato, è nato,
Decevano, lo Dio, che nc'à criato.

Co tutto ch'era vierno, Ninno bello,
Nascetteno a migliara rose e sciure.
Pe 'nsì o ffieno sicco e tuosto
Che fuje puosto - sott'a Te,
Se 'nfigliulette,
E de frunnelle e sciure se vestette.

A no paese che se chiamma Ngadde,
Sciurettero le bigne e ascette l'uva.
Ninno mio sapuritiello,
Rappusciello - d'uva sì Tu;
Ca tutt'amore
Faje doce a vocca, e po mbriache o core.

No nc'erano nemmice pe la terra,
La pecora pasceva co lione;
Co o caprette - se vedette
O liupardo pazzeà;
L'urzo e o vitiello
E co lo lupo 'n pace o pecoriello.

Se rrevotaje nsomma tutt'o Munno,
Lu cielo, a terra, o mare, e tutt'i gente.
Chi dormeva - se senteva
Mpiett'o core pazzeà
Pe la priezza;
E se sonnava pace e contentezza.

Guardavano le ppecore i Pasturi,
E n'Angelo sbrannente cchiù do sole
Comparette - e le decette:
No ve spaventate no;
Contento e riso
La terra è arreventata Paraviso.

A buje è nato ogge a Bettalemme
Du Munno l'aspettato Sarvatore.
Dint'i panni o trovarrite,
Nu potite - maje sgarrà,
E dinto a lo Presebio curcato.

A meliune l'Angiule calare
Co chiste se mettetten'a cantare:
Gloria a Dio, pace 'n terra,
Nu cchiù guerra - è nato già
Lo Rre d'amore,
Che dà priezza e pace a ogni core.

Sbatteva o core mpietto a ssi Pasture;
E l'uno 'nfaccia all'auto diceva:
Che tardammo? - Priesto, jammo,
Ca mme sento scevolì
Pe lo golio
Che tengo de vedé sso Ninno Dio.

Zombanno, comm'a ciereve ferute,
Correttero i Pasture a la Capanna;
Là trovajeno Maria
Co Giuseppe e a Gioja mia;
E 'n chillo Viso
Provajeno no muorzo i Paraviso.

Restajeno ncantate e boccapierte
Pe tanto tiempo senza dì parola;
Po jettanno - lacremanno
Nu suspiro pe sfocà,
Da dint'o core
Cacciajeno a migliara atte d'amore.

Co a scusa de donare li presiente
Se jetteno azzeccanno chiano chiano.
Ninno no li refiutaje,
L'azzettaje - comm'a ddì,
Ca lle mettette
Le Mmane ncapo e li benedicette.

Piglianno confedenzia a poco a poco,
Cercajeno licenzia a la Mamma,
Se mangiajeno li Pedille
Coi vasille - mprimmo, e po
Chelle Manelle,
All'urtemo lo Musso e i Mascarielle.

Po assieme se mettetteno a sonare
E a canta cu l'Angiule e Maria,
Co na voce - accossì doce,
Che Gesù facette: a aa...
E po chiudette
Chill'uocchie aggraziate e s'addormette.

La nonna che cantajeno mme pare
Ch'avette a esse chesta che mò dico.
Ma nfrattanto - io la canto,
Mmacenateve de stà
Co li Pasture
Vecino a Ninno bello vuje pure.

"Viene suonno da lo Cielo,
Vien'e adduorme sso Nennillo;
Pe pietà, ca è peccerillo,
Viene suonno e non tardà.

Gioia bella de sto core,
Vorria suonno arreventare,
Doce, doce pe te fare
Ss'uocchie bell'addormentà.

Ma si Tu p'esser'amato
Te si fatto Bammeniello,
Sulo amore è o sonnariello
Che dormire te po fa.

Ment'è chesto può fa nonna,
Pe Te st'arma è arza e bona.
T'amo, t'a... Uh sta canzona
Già t'ha fatto addobeà!

T'amo Dio - Bello mio,
T'amo Gioja, t'amo, t'a...".

Cantanno po e sonanno li Pasture
Tornajeno a le mantre nata vota:
Ma che buò ca cchiù arrecietto
Non trovajeno int'a lu pietto:
A o caro Bene
Facevan'ogni poco ò va e biene.

Lo nfierno sulamente e i peccature
Ncocciuse comm'a isso e ostinate
Se mettetteno appaura,
Pecchè a scura - vonno stà
Li spurtegliune,
Fujenno da lo sole li briccune.

Io pure songo niro peccatore,
Ma non boglio esse cuoccio e ostinato.
Io non boglio cchiù peccare,
Voglio amare - voglio stà
Co Ninno bello
comme nce sta lo voje e l'aseniello.

Nennillo mio, Tu si sole d'amore,
Faje luce e scarfe pure o peccatore:
Quanno è tutto - niro e brutto
Comm'a pece, tanno cchiù
Lo tiene mente,
E o faje arreventà bello e sbrannente.

Ma Tu mme diciarraje ca chiagniste,
Acciò chiagnesse pure o peccatore.
Aggio tuorto - haje fosse muorto
N'ora primmo de peccà!
Tu m'aje amato,
e io pe paga t'aggio maltrattato!

etc. etc.


2007年12月31日 | 聖ピオ十世会関連のニュースなど





トマス小野田圭志神父(聖ピオ十世会司祭) sac. cath. ind.

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2007年12月29日 | カトリック・ニュースなど

 もうご存じのことだと思いますが、ブレア前英首相、カトリックに改宗 (時事通信) - goo ニュース、とのことです。




 Damian Tompson は、Telegraph 紙に "Tony Blair the Catholic: what happened?" というコメントを寄せています。



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2007年12月29日 | 聖ピオ十世会関連のニュースなど





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The Nativity Hymn To the Infant Jesus

2007年12月29日 | トマス小野田神父(SSPX)のひとり言



Hymn "To the Infant Jesus"

Fair Chrild, how beautiful Thou art!
No greater can Thy sweetness be.
Thou hast possession of my heart;
It burns with love alone for Thee.

Thy littleness, O tender Child!
Is like a dart of love divine
That perces with Thy seetness mild,
To-day, this hardened heart of mine.

My only Good! Thy tears I see,
And Thou art trembling now with cold,
My heart that has been charmed by Thee
Is sad as I thy grief behold.

Oh, may my heart Thy home e'er be,
My Love, my Conqueror Thou art.
Oh, take the food I offer Thee,
The food of love within my heart.




2007年12月28日 | 聖ピオ十世会関連のニュースなど


 先月11月25日には、デ・ガラレタ司教様 (Bishope de Galarreta) が韓国にまで来られ、聖伝の儀式による堅振の秘蹟を15名の方々に授けて下さいました。


Bishop de Galarreta's talk (Seoul, Korea, Sunday, November 25, 2007)

Bishop de Galarreta's talk Second Part (Seoul, Korea, Sunday, November 25, 2007)

Bishop de Galarreta's talk Third Part (Seoul, Korea, Sunday, November 25, 2007)

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2007年12月28日 | 聖ピオ十世会関連のニュースなど



Le Forum Catholique : Photo de Benoit XVI-cardinal Castrillon & Mgr Fellay
Audience du 29 aout 2005 a Castlegandolfo, photo Mari.

M. Arturo Mari
Photographe de L'Osservatore Romano
Via del Pellegrino

Telephone: +39-06-698.84797
Telecopie: +39-06-698.84998

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私たちの主の御降誕のお祝いを申し上げます。Merry Christmas!

2007年12月28日 | トマス小野田神父(SSPX)のひとり言


 拙ブログ Credidimus Caritati をご愛読下さり、深く感謝します。これからもよろしくお願いいたします。

Dresdner Kreuzchor



ルフェーブル大司教様のアンシーにおける講話(1987年9月27日) 【カトリック資料

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12月23日の晩課:マニフィカトのアンティフォナより O Emmanuel

2007年12月23日 | カトリックとは


O Emmanuel, Rex et legifer noster, exspectatio Gentium, et Salvator earum: veni ad salvandum nos, Domine, Deus noster.


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12月22日の晩課:マニフィカトのアンティフォナより O Rex Gentium

2007年12月22日 | カトリックとは


O Rex Gentium, et desideratus earum, lapisque angularis, qui facis utraque unum: veni, et salva hominem, quem de limo formasti.



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2007年12月21日 | カトリックとは


O Oriens, splendor lucis aeternae, et sol justitiae: veni, et illumina sedentes in tenebris, et umbra mortis.




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2007年12月20日 | カトリックとは


O clavis David, et sceptrum domus Israel; qui aperis, et nome claudit; claudis, et nome aperit : veni, et educ vinctum de domo carceris, sedentem in tenebris, et umbra mortis.


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2007年12月20日 | トマス小野田神父(SSPX)のひとり言

O Radix Iesse, qui stas in signum populorum, super quem continebunt reges os suum, quem gentes deprecabuntur : veni ad liberandum nos, iam noli tardare.

 兄弟姉妹の皆様、ラテン語の os には、口という意味と、骨という意味があります。以下に、口という意味に解釈した場合の訳を掲載します。


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2007年12月20日 | カトリックとは

 待降節第三主日の書簡より(Epistle for the Third Sunday in Advent, Philippians iv, 4-7)

Fratres: Gaudete in Domino semper: iterum dico, gaudete. Modestia vestra nota sit omnibus hominibus: Dominus prope est. Nihil soliciti sitis: sed in omni oratione, et obsecratione, cum gratiarum actione, petitiones vestrae innotescant apud Deum. Et pax Dei, quæ exsuperat omnem sensum, custodiat corda vestra et intelligentias vestras, in Christo Iesu Domino nostro.


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2007年12月20日 | ルフェーブル大司教の言葉


 1987年9月27日、ルフェーブル大司教様(Archbishop Marcel-Francois Lefebvre, C.S.Sp. †)のアンシーにおける講話の続きをご紹介します。


Conference of Archbishop Lefebvre at Annecy (France) on September 27, 1987.

 音声ファイル:Mgr Lefebvre: Ils l'ont decouronne or
Presentation de son livre " Ils l'ont decouronne" a Annecy





 教皇様のアメリカ訪問のときになされた新聞の記事を御覧になるだけで充分です。アメリカではどこまで行っているのかを知るのに。アメリカのカトリック信徒たちは同性愛を擁護しています! こんなことがあり得るのでしょうか? 教皇様が同性愛にノーと言ったとして、アメリカのカトリックは教皇様を攻撃している、ウソのような話です。アメリカの司教たちは司祭の結婚を要求しているし、女性司祭を求めているのです。アメリカの司教たちは! 私たちは一体どこにいるのでしょうか? 教会に何が起こったのでしょうか?







 教皇様が私たちの信仰を守らないなら、私たちの信仰を助けようとしないなら、そのことにおいて私は教皇様に従うことが出来ません。残念です。しかしこれは、家庭の父親が子供達に、デパートで物を盗んでこい、と言うのと全く同じです。例えば食べ物が必要だ、デパートでかっぱらってこい、と。子供達は行かなくてはならないのでしょうか? いいえ。盗んではなりません。盗むことは禁止されています。同じことです。




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