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1Y0-253考古題代碼: 1Y0-253
題庫名稱: Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10.5 for App and Desktop Solutions
1Y0-253 考試資訊 問答數: 186
最近更新: 11-06,2016

1Y0-253 考試指南: >>1Y0-253 考試資訊

NO.1 Which two tasks must a Citrix Administrator complete to enable Client Certificate
Authentication on the NetScaler Gateway? (Choose two.)
A. Import all client certificates onto the NetScaler Gateway.
B. Enable the Client Authentication option on the virtual server.
C. Import the root certificate onto the NetScaler Gateway.
D. Create a pre-authentication policy.
E. Create an LDAP authentication policy.
Answer: B,C

1Y0-253考題 1Y0-253認證考試

NO.2 A penetration test has been performed against the NetScaler Gateway Virtual IPs (VIPs)
resulting in the SSL RC4-based ciphers being flagged.
What should the administrator do to address the vulnerability?
A. Assign Cipher Group 'HIGH' to the NetScaler virtual server.
B. Remove all the SSL ciphers from the virtual server.
C. Assign Cipher Group 'ALL' to the NetScaler virtual server.
D. Assign Cipher Group 'DEFAULT' to the NetScaler virtual server.
Answer: A

1Y0-253考古題 1Y0-253證照考試

NO.3 Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to update an SSL certificate that is currently installed
and configured. The administrator needs to locate the virtual server on which this SSL certificate is
Which option should the administrator select to determine on which virtual server the SSL certificate
is configured?
A. Cert Links
B. OCSP Bindings
C. Show Bindings
D. Details
Answer: C


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