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Improve Your Home's Appeal With Cheap and Easy Improvements

2014-11-10 17:41:45 | 日記
There are a few things you can do to improve your home's appeal when you are getting ready to sell or refinance. Many people don't realize how much difference a few minor improvements can make. The first thing to do is to experience your home the way a potential buyer or the appraiser would, from the moment they drive up in front.

When you start at the curb, does the lawn look well manicured, free of weeds and cracked sidewalks? If your yard needs a good trimming, weed-pulling from flower gardens and lacks flowers or shrubs, it can detract from the rest of the home. The first thing to do is make sure that you have attractive landscaping, even if it is a few bushes and boulders. Pull any weeds, mow and trim edges and rake any leaves. A nice yard is more inviting and landscaping enhancements like fountains, ponds or statues can add value and appeal.

When it comes to the front door area, it should include freshly painted trim, front door, a new mailbox and new, bolder house numbers for modern appeal. Make sure the sidewalk and porch are free of debris, cracks and other detracting features. You can seal cracks very affordably which will prolong the life of the walks or porches, keeping moisture from causing a tripping hazard as the crack becomes worse.

When you first enter the home, the entryway should have a fresh coat of paint, a nice clean floor and feeling open and spacious with a few decorative features if there's room. The livings spaces should be freshly painted or the walls scrubbed and clutter should be minimal and organized. Of course, a thorough cleaning can make a big difference, so consider having carpet shampooed.

When you walk into the kitchen, countertops should be free of appliances and clutter and the faucet shouldn't be dripping. A new faucet is under a hundred dollars and cleanliness is important in the kitchen, so make sure the stovetop is free of cooked-on food and the refrigerator doesn't have a bunch of fingerprint smudges and food dripping down the front.

The bathrooms can be transformed easily with a new shower curtain, area rugs and a few matching accessories. If you have dated plumbing fixtures, it can be easy to update them yourself and you can usually do it for under a couple hundred dollars. Re-caulking the tub and sink can make it look fresh and newer, besides protecting the home from moisture damage and it's less than ten dollars to do by yourself. Thoroughly clean the tub and sink, of course.

When it comes to bedrooms, make sure that clutter is boxed up and that bedding is clean and window treatments are attractive or show good views. Closets need to be cleaned out and look well organized. Fresh paint in neutral colors can add value and the appearance of more space.

When it comes to basements and garages, less is more when it comes to extra items you don't use often. Consider a garage sale to get rid of as many things as you can to make more space, de-clutter and raise money to help with your home improvement projects for the quickest sale or the best appraisal.

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