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The Kona Dew Range - Street Hybrid Bikes From Kona.

2014-09-29 16:15:04 | 日記
All the designs in the Kona Dew range epitomize good value street hybrid bikes, from a well-respected producer, with loads of style.

The series is primarily aimed at the street bike market. There's enormous demand for bikes that will get you to work and also out and about for enjoyment at the weekend. How do the different versions compare?

All have frames manufactured from Kona's 7005 aluminium. The sloping top tube means that there is a safe standover clearance, what's more that all the models are unisex. The geometry varies somewhat through the series. All will take mudguards - possibly essential on a commuting bike.

They all have 700mm road wheels and all use Kona's own design Project 2 aluminium fork (with the exception of the FS suspension model). The triple chainset fitted to all models gives utmost overall flexibility on hills and for road speed.

Besides these features, there are improvements in the drivetrain, brakes and rims/tyres as you move up the series, as you would expect.

The Kona Dew City is the entry-level bike of the range:-

o 21 gears, Shimano components including EZFire shifters.

o V-brakes from Tektro - plenty of muscle and simple to care for.

o Kona Comfort saddle, flat pedals and wide 35mm tyres. A sensible, usable bike.

o Extremely competitive price.

The original Kona Dew is the next bike in the range. In many respects it's the same as the Dew City. But there are:-

o 24 gears in three slightly wider ranges.

o Slightly nicer front gear mech and wheel rims.

o More durable Tektro V-brakes.

o A really nice sensible and stylish bike.

Next up the range is the Kona Dew Plus. Changes to the brakes is the chief upgrade to this model:-

o Shimano hydraulic disc system for increased power and weather performance.

o More reliable gear changes from the improvement to a Shimano Deore rear derailleur.

Next up the series is the Kona Dew Deluxe:-

o The upgrade to a 9-speed cassette now gives you 27 gears.

o Improvements to the front mech, brakes, wheel rims and gear shifters.

o A major change to the frame which now has a gorgeous taper to the top tube.

o Narrower 32 mm tyres for greater road performance, maybe at the expense of some off-road abilities.

The Kona Dew FS is the only model in the series to feature suspension:-

o A Suntour suspension fork with lockout will help you to handle bad roads or rough ground.

o More shock-absorption comes from the suspension seatpost.

o The frame is modified as well, with even more slope given to the top tube.

o Lower gears to aid with the hills from a smaller chainset.

o Nicer shifting between chainrings from a better front derailleur

o Great value for a suspension bike.

The Kona Dr Dew is a bike designed with no compromise for rapid street riding and commuting:-

o Project Two aluminium fork, and incorporating the tapered-tube frame.

o Hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano for better stopping power and wet-weather performance.

o Shimano Sora road bike components feature more on this bike - showing that it is built with road performance in mind.

o Better wheel rims and a narrower saddle.

o The handlebar is smarter, the pedals as well.

o There's little doubt that the eye-catching graphics and paintwork will turn plenty of heads.

So the Kona Dew series has a bike that will suit just about everybody, with a superb choice of specifications and competitive prices.

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