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我々は不定期的に割引コードを提供することができます。受験生たちはNCLEX-RN 模試エンジンを準備するとき、NCLEX-RN 模試エンジンが必要です。だから、安い問題集はあなたにとって重要です。我々の安い問題集で、あなたは順調にNCLEX-RN 模試エンジンに合格することができます。我々は受験生たちの合格を祈ります。

NCLEX認証に伴って、この認証の重要性を発見する人が多くなっています。最近仕事を探すのは難しいですが、NCLEX-RN 模試エンジンを取得して、あなたの就職チャンスを増加することができます。あなたは試験に合格したいなら、我々のNCLEX-RN 模試エンジンを利用することができます。

IT業界で働いているあなたにとってのNCLEXのNCLEX-RN 模試エンジンの重要性を知っていますから、我々はあなたを助けられるNCLEXのNCLEX-RN 模試エンジンを開発しました。我々はあなたにすべての資料を探して科学的に分析しました。これらをするのはあなたのNCLEXのNCLEX-RN 模試エンジンを準備する圧力を減少するためです。

試験科目:「National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX-RN)」

>> NCLEX-RN 模擬資料


NO.1 The nurse is assisting a 4th-day postoperative cholecystectomy client in planning her meals for
tomorrow's menu. Which vitamin is the most essential in promoting tissue healing?
A. Vitamin B1
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin D
D. Vitamin A
Answer: B

NCLEX-RN 通信   NCLEX-RN 体験   
(A) Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential in promoting wound healing and collagen formation. (B)
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) maintains normal gastrointestinal (GI) functioning, oxidizes carbohydrates, and
is essential for normal functioning of nervous tissue. (C) Vitamin D regulates absorption of calcium
and phosphorus from the GI tract and helps prevent rickets. (D) Vitamin A is necessary for the
formation and maintenance of skin and mucous membranes. It is also essential for normal growth
and development of bones and teeth.

NO.2 One of the most reliable assessment tools for adequacy of fluid resuscitation in burned
children is:
A. Skin turgor
B. Fluid intake
C. Blood pressure
D. Level of consciousness
Answer: D

NCLEX-RN 合格率   NCLEX-RN ダウンロード   
Blood pressure can remain normotensive in a state of hypovolemia. (B) Capillary refill, alterations in
sensorium, and urine output are the most reliable indicators for assessing hydration. (C) Skin turgor is
not a reliable indicator for assessing hydration in a burn client.
Fluid intake does not indicate adequacy of fluid resuscitation in a burn client.

NO.3 The pediatrician has diagnosed tinea capitis in an 8- year-old girl and has placed her on oral
griseofulvin. The nurse should emphasize which of these instructions to the mother and/or child?
A. May discontinue medication when the child experiences symptomatic relief.
B. Discontinue drug therapy if food tastes funny.
C. Administer oral griseofulvin on an empty stomach for best results.
D. Observe for headaches, dizziness, and anorexia.
Answer: D

NCLEX-RN 実際   
(A) Giving the drug with or after meals may allay gastrointestinal discomfort. Giving the drug with a
fatty meal (ice cream or milk) increases absorption rate. (B) Griseofulvin may alter taste sensations
and thereby decrease the appetite. Monitoring of food intake is important, and inadequate nutrient
intake should be reported to the physician. (C) The child may experience symptomatic relief after 48-
96 hours of therapy. It is important to stress continuing the drug therapy to prevent relapse (usually
about 6 weeks). (D) The incidence of side effects is low; however, headaches are common. Nausea,
vomiting, diarrhea, and anorexia may occur. Dizziness, although uncommon, should be reported to
the physician.

NO.4 A 10-year-old client with a pin in the right femur is immobilized in traction. He is exhibiting
behavioral changes including restlessness, difficulty with problem solving, inability to concentrate on
activities, and monotony. Which of the following nursing implementations would be most effective in
helping him cope with immobility?
A. Having a volunteer come in to sit with the client and to read him stories
B. Providing him with books, challenging puzzles, and games as diversionary activities
C. Stimulating rest and relaxation by gentle rubbing with lotion and changing the client's position
D. Allowing him to do as much for himself as he is able, including learning to do pin-site care under
Answer: D
(A) These activities could be frustrating for the client if he is having difficulty with problem solving
and concentration. (B) Selfcare is usually well received by the child, and it is one of the most useful
interventions to help the child cope with immobility. (C) This may be helpful to the client if he has no
visitors, but it does little to help him develop coping skills. (D) This will helpto prevent skin irritation
or breakdown related to immobility but will not help to prevent behavioral changes related to

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