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"dark energy" of the outer space may be mysterious energy of Great Spirit "Tairei"

2016年10月30日 | 大霊教/GreatSpiritism

I think that mysterious energy "dark energy" of the outer space may be mysterious energy of Great Spirit "Tairei". The dark energy begins to spring out from every place of the outer space and is mysterious energy inflating this space at an increasing tempo. With the observation equipment, it is still the mysterious energy that I cannot catch. However, it is sure that I exist.

The reason why I had such a thought is that it read a book of "Emanuel Swedenborg" which is famous for a description of spiritual world experience . According to him, there is brilliant existence called "the sun of the spiritual world" in the spiritual world, and it emits mysterious energy in the neighborhood. The mysterious energy is an essential thing such as the food for the people of the spiritual world. I think the sun of this spiritual world to be Great Spirit "Tairei". Because there is not such brilliant existence other than it in a spiritual world.

In other words it is such a thing. Great Spirit "Tairei" emits mysterious energy like the sun in a spiritual world. The mysterious energy  of Great Spirit "Tairei" is to flow out in the outer space of us. It is to reach our four-dimensional outer space from the spiritual world of the different dimension space beyond a dimension. I think that the mysterious energy  that Great Spirit "Tairei" gives off will be the energy that can be beyond a dimension. This is only my hypothesis, but such a mysterious thing may be taking place. It is thought that Great Spirit "Tairei" right makes outer space when I think in this way. I would be amazed, if outer space was made like that. What on earth are these mysterious energy? I look forward to an elucidated day.








幸せって何ですか? What is happiness?

2016年09月13日 | 大霊教/GreatSpiritism

What is happiness? If happiness is love, your mind will have to become love so that you feel happiness. How much can you be awakened to love in this life? How much can you practice love? This is the true purpose of your life. And it is sense of values of the spiritual world.

幸せって何ですか? 幸せが愛であるならば、あなたが幸せを感じるにはあなたの心が愛にならなければならないでしょう。 この人生で、どれだけ愛に目覚めることができるのか? どれだけ愛を実践することができるのか? これが人生の真の目的なのです。 そしてそれは、霊界の価値観なのです。


To Syrian refugees. シリア難民の皆さんへ。

2016年03月23日 | 世  相

الجميع اللاجئين سوريا، حياتك للتنمية في المستقبل. لا تستسلم.

Syrian refugees, your life develop from now on. Please do not give up.



Matter of the name change of this blog name ブログ名変更の件。

2016年03月17日 | お知らせ

This time, our blog changed the blog name from "The 9 laws of Spiritual Science" to "Taireism".

In future, thank you for your cooperation.




I went and worshiped in Ise-jingu Grand Shrine. 伊勢神宮に参拝して参りました。

2016年03月08日 | スピリチュアリズム

There was an opportunity in February and went and worshiped in Ise-jingu Grand Shrine. I was healed by the neat and clean appearance of the precincts, huge trees, a clean mountain stream and comfortable wind.



I came across a splendid movie. 素晴らしい映画に出合いました。

2015年10月19日 | スピリチュアリズム

I came across a splendid movie "The Mystical Laws." "Let's be awakened to the consciousness as the earthian!" chief character appeals powerfully at the last. I was impressed.

素晴らしい映画 ”神秘の法” に出合いました。地球人としての意識に目覚めよう!と主人公がラストで力強く訴えます。感動しました。


When bubbles of the life explode; a beginning of new personality improvement. 人生のバブル

2015年09月16日 | スピリチュアリズム

I watched the TV program that the bubble of the China's economy exploded. I thought to see it, the growth of the human personality may be a similar thing, too. The person may create various bubbles to oneself by own act. It is concealment, a falsehood, a deception, greediness or a social environmental change. And I thought whether it was a beginning of new personality improvement training when the bubble exploded. Do you not create bubbles?



What is the future religion? 未来の宗教とは何か?

2015年06月26日 | スピリチュアリズム

What kind of religion is the future religion? If I think, I believe that it is the religion that eliminated its own egoism as much as possible. In reality, there is egoism even in religion. Egoism of religion produces discrimination not to accept other religion and other denominations. And discrimination between the religion inhibits world peace. Therefore I think that the religion that eliminated this egoism as much as possible is required in the religion in the coming future. I think that conquest of egoism existing in religion is demanded from the present religion. And I think that possibility of the world peace increases when it was overcome. Nine laws that I think about aim at the future religion that is the religion that overcame its own egoism.

未来の宗教とは、どんな宗教なのでしょうか? 私が考えますに、それは極力自分自身のエゴイズムを排した宗教ではないかと思います。現実には、宗教にさえもエゴイズムが存在しています。この宗教のエゴイズムが、他の宗教や他宗派を認めない差別を生み出しています。そして、その宗教間における差別が世界平和を阻害しています。ですから、これからの未来における宗教には、このエゴイズムを極力排した宗教が必要とされるのだと思います。宗教の中に存在しているエゴイズムの克服こそが、今の宗教に求められていると思います。そして、それが克服されたとき、世界平和の可能性が高まるのだと思います。私の考える九つの法則は、その宗教自身のエゴイズムを克服した宗教である未来の宗教を目指しています。


Suggestion about the humanitarian support to African refugees アフリカの難民の方々への人道支援

2015年05月16日 | スピリチュアリズム

 It is suggestion about the humanitarian support to African refugees. It is with the problem that an accident of African refugees in the Mediterranean Sea and the acceptance of the emigrant in Europe are serious now. Therefore it is suggestion, how about Japan accepting African refugees as an emigrant?

 The acceptance of the emigrant becomes very difficult in the United States and Europe. It is only Japan now that can accept them as an emigrant. This will become the splendid humanitarian support, international collaboration for Japan. And I give them the work. It is work of the care. Then, Japanese is saved, too. The issue of future care will be relaxed, too.

 It is very significant for the various places of refugees and Japanese both sides that Japan accepts African refugees as an emigrant. I will be strong in that this can be realized. It is worth trying it very much. How about Prime Minister Abe beginning Japanese?




It is awesome enlightenment to realize true happiness.

2015年03月30日 | スピリチュアリズム

The true happiness is that all things help each other. But the human being is apt to still think about only the happiness that it is convenient for oneself. And it develops into even war. This earth still suffers from such situation. The people doing something like that do not realize true happiness yet. So, It is awesome enlightenment to realize true happiness. Do you realize this awesome enlightenment?




My Prayer / 私の祈り

2015年01月25日 | スピリチュアリズム

I appreciate Gods, Buddhas, Avatars and Gods of religions in all parts of the world.

I appreciate Great Spirits, Group Souls and Original Spirits.

I appreciate My Guardian Spirits, My Ancestors and All Spirits.

I appreciate My Father, My Mother and All People.

I appreciate Animals, Plants and All Living Things.

I appreciate Nature, The Universe and All Things.

I appreciate Great Avatars of All Things, namely, Oneness Being of All Things.


I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that all things become happy more and more and are saved more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that the facts and the truth become clear, our understanding are deepened and our problems can solve rightly more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that all things don't make a mistake, don't deceive and aren't deceived more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that all things can pick light, love, goodness, truth, fact, forgiveness, hope, cooperation, faithfulness and fairness more and more and get power to pick them more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that fears, cares, sorrows, regrets and hard deep attachments against death and losing are removed and all things can get started to live positively more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that all things don't pick darkness, hiding, lie, indifference and badness more and more.
I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that all things can realize that they are loved and can love rightly more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that all things can help each other rightly, can cooperate with each other rightly and can share each other rightly more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that purifying and improving personality and spirit's personality can make it and promote more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that The 9 laws of spiritual science reach all things all over the world and help happiness of all things and the world peace more and more.

I wish guardian spirits may guide us so that the whole world, all societies, all families and all hearts become peaceful and shine lively more and more.

I will make an effort, too.

Thank you very much.

























I realized that there were two kinds in telepathy. テレパシーには2種類あることに気づきました。

2014年12月16日 | スピリチュアリズム

I realized that there were two kinds in telepathy.

One is telepathy to feel as if I totally hear a voice.

It is a flash that is an inspiration one more.

An inspiration is telepathy if I think carefully.

Because I felt telepathy always to totally hear voices,

I didn't realize an inspiration being a kind of the telepathy.

An inspiration was an inspiration and was convinced that it was different from the telepathy.

I thought that I felt it as if I totally heard a voice with the telepathy so far.










TVドラマ ”マッサン” を見て思ったこと。/Having thought to see TV drama "Massan".

2014年11月29日 | 映画TV

TVドラマ ”マッサン” を見ていて感じたことがありました。













昔、”幸せって何だっけ?” と、ある有名人が言いましたけれど。 



”いろんな物やいろんな人を愛すれば愛するほど、人は幸せになります!” と。

I watched TV drama "Massan" and have felt it.

It's about way of life of mother of Massan.

Mother of Massan is not going to recognize Elly who is the bride of her son as a bride rigidly.

She hate that a bride is a foreigner very, and she suffers.

When I watch it and thought, but the person can't find happiness when the person can't love people.

When the person can't love it, the person can't feel happiness.

In addition, when the range loving something gets narrow,

I thought that it might decrease to feel happiness by just that much.

Loving is connected directly with happiness, I thought utterly.

Happiness is loving, I thought utterly.

The person have to develop a love of something to find happiness, I was made to feel utterly.

If we'd like to really find happiness,

It is necessary to have a heart to love various objects really over a wide area.

"What is happiness?" A certain celebrity said in old days.

I say present me in this way.

"Happiness is loving !"

"The more you love various things and people, the more you can find happiness !"


Faithfulness and Fairness / 誠実と公平

2014年10月10日 | スピリチュアリズム

Do you know Emanuel Swedenborg who it is a Swedish psychic medium of the 18th century, and is a scientist? I read his book "Heaven and its wonders and hell" now. When we keep faithfulness and fairness in mind for things, and we practice it according to him, our thought reaches God and the angel and is that they lead us to the direction of the good more and moreTherefore we seem to be able to reject evil more and more. Of course, God and the angel cooperate only for a fair act with faithfulness. They never cooperate with an unfair act with insincerity. For such thought and act, a demon intervenes in us. So I intend to keep faithfulness and fairness in mind more and more, and to practice it to be able to go ahead to the direction of the good more and more. May all people and all things can keep faithfulness and fairness in mind, and we can practice it more and more.

あなたは、18世紀のスウェーデンの霊能者であり科学者であるエマニュエル・スウェーデンボルグをご存知でしょうか?私は今、彼の本 ” 天界と地獄 ” を読んでいます。彼によれば、私達が物事に対して誠実さと公平さを心がけ実践してゆくと、私たちの思いが神や天使に届いて、ますます私達を善の方向へと導いてくれるのだそうです。それゆえ、私達はますます悪を退けることが出来るのだそうです。当然のことながら、神や天使は誠実で公平な行いにのみ協力してくれます。彼らは、不誠実で不公平な行いには絶対に協力しません。そのような思いや行いには、悪霊が私達に介入して来ます。ですから私は、ますます善の方向へ進んで行けるようにますます誠実さと公平さを心がけ実践してゆこうと思っています。すべての人々と万物が誠実さと公平さをますます心がけ実践できますように。


The photography start of the Ukrainian TV program ウクライナのTV番組の撮影開始時期。

2014年10月05日 | スピリチュアリズム


にほんブログ村 哲学・思想ブログ 人生・成功哲学へにほんブログ村

The photography start of the Ukrainian TV program (International Psychic Challenge) which there was a request of the participation to me was changed in July of the next year. This program should not be finished before I participate. Even if it is said that I participate, at first there is something like qualifier, and I cannot appear when I do not stay in chosen 12 people.