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ear care is important

2017-05-20 16:01:11 | 日記
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This causes tiny little scabs (dried blood) to form. Not only does the scratching break the blood vessels, it can cause scar tissue and permanent disfigurement of the ear. In addition the cats ear mites saliva causes the wax glands in her ears to work overtime. This wax of course builds up.
With the wax build up this contributes to the worsening odor which is emanating from Majesty's ear. Furthermore wax build up can cause damage to the ear drum and the ear canal. This in turn will be contributing to permanent hearing loss and the possibility of other health issues for Majesty.
All of these problems can be taken care of quite easily with the proper treatment.
Very likely when you talk with Majesties vet they will want to see her. And actually that's a pretty darn good idea. The quicker your beautiful pet is started on the proper treatment the quicker she will recover.
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