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Mascara VS lash serum, which will you choose to enhance eyelashes. Here is the detail. Mascara is just a cosmetic that gives an effect of longer eyelashes. cheap latisse serum is a lash growth serum useful for intraocular treatment. It boosts the growth of eyelashes multiple times and you can achieve wonderful results in just a few weeks. Women have observed as high as 25% growth in the eyelashes generic latisse buy online. Studies have revealed that it doesn't produce any harmful effect on the body. And if you want to get naturally longer eyelash, you can try the later one.
Catherine Zeta Jones, the Welsh bombshell enjoys staying beautiful for her husband Michael Douglas. She swears by some of her grandmothers home remedies passed through the family, that to this day she practices daily. Catherine has one of the best smiles in the industry, so to keep it perfect she brushes her teeth with mashed up strawberries. Strawberries contain all sorts of acids and antioxidants, but what is most important is malic acid found in strawberries that act like an astringent when mixed with baking soda. One of the other tips Catherine has to share is using castor oil to keep her hair looking healthy and shiny. She brushes the oil through it like ancient Egyptians used to.
Julia Roberts known by many as America's sweetheart continues to be known for her genuine, flawless smile. But one of her secret beauty tips has to do with her nails! She regularly soaks her fingertips in olive oil for several minutes at least once or twice a week. Olive oil helps moisturize the nails without weakening them, and it also helps soften your cuticles too. Rihanna is a musical sensation brought to us courtesy of Barbados. With a punishing tour schedule, it is a wonder how she continues to look luminous and fresh. One of her secrets has to do with making sure she gets plenty of rest and drinks lots of water. Every moment she is in the spotlight, she is always looking radiant and seems to glow. Well she is glowing because before she jets out, she lightly dusts gold bronzer onto her cheeks and brow to give her the added shine we all envy.
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