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Get Your Flat Irons Ready For The Sleepover

2017-10-11 16:13:33 | 日記
Everyone will have brought their hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hair accessories. They want me to try out a new style on each of them. With some national entertainment magazines as guides, I can often mimick the hairstyle a star is wearing with enough hair product and some of the flat irons.
Dealing with all those heads of hair, I've learned a few tricks I can share. If you're going for sleek, straight hair then avoid drying it upside down. Yes, that will help add volume. But it seems to make hair "bigger" which can be hard to combat with some flat irons. If you already have nice thick hair, then just use a natural boar bristle brush to comb it straight with the dryer nozzle pointed straight down from the crown of your head.
Have everyone thinking you just stepped out of the salon by styling your layered hair sleek and straight. Now you can enjoy salon style hair at home by using original tyme flat iron. Do not need to worry about where can i buy a tyme iron, just place your order on official tyme hair flat iorn store to enjoy huge discount.

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