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Dream Lash Review

2018-01-29 16:18:50 | 日記
So my girlfriend saw the commercial for Dream Lash on the television. we all know commercials are made to sell products, so it did seem a little exaggerated. When she ordered it she did not expect the results as shown in the commercial, nevertheless she did hope to see some good results.
The instructions that come with it say that you should apply your mascara first then apply the product, and then follow it up with mascara. You can put as many coats as you want to, but you want to begin each one and end it with application of your mascara.
In order to test if the product really worked she first put on one coat of mascara. She got a lot of body but no length with that application. Then she went on to put two coats of Dream Lash with four applications of mascara. It is very important to remember to apply while each previous applications is still wet.
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