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Make Your African American Straight Hair Look Fuller

2018-02-01 17:05:55 | 日記
Lank and lifeless locks don't enhance your looks. Those with straight, fine hair must deal with this issue. Most black women naturally have curly hair or wavy hair rather than straight hair. To get the hair straight generally involves using a relaxer. That can make the hair even thinner and removes some of the volume. Learn how to make your African American straight hair look fuller and more stylish
Visit a hairstylist. Get long layers cut into your hair. Make sure to tell your stylist that the goal is to add fullness with the layers and thus you only want long layers. If she cuts short layers into your hair it will make it look even thinner.
Lift the hair at your crown with a rat-tail comb. Spray that section with hair spray. Hold the comb at the back of the hair, at the roots, and tease it by moving the comb up and down. Smooth the hair just in front of that section over the teased hair using a brush. Pin it in place with a clip or bobby pins.
There’s a new hot tools kid on the block which promises unreal salon-results in the comfort of your own home. So we felt we had to do what we always do and conduct a thorough investigation! nume curling wand a flat iron that curls and straightens. buy visiting nume official store, just using their own brand heat protector and specially designed paddle brush to achieve the best results.

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