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Possible Health Risk Eyelash Extensions

2017-06-10 14:49:57 | 日記
While eyelash extensions seem to be amongst the hottest trends out now, there are health experts who warn those curious about getting the beauty procedure done to consider the health risks associated with getting eyelash extensions.
Health risks associated with eyelash extensions can apply to almost anyone, including Hollywood stars and those who have certain allergies. Most recently, actress Kristin Chenoweth told David Letterman she had experienced an allergic reaction. She wore sunglasses during an interview shortly after the procedure because she was embarrassed that the procedure caused the opposite effect.
"It looks like I have lips on my eyelids," she told Letterman.
Synthetic fibers are typically used as material to make the eye lash extensions. These synthetic eyelashes are then glued to the natural eyelashes, often using formaldehyde-based adhesives. It is the adhesive, which experts believe causes the allergic reactions for some.
Experts from Consumer Reports are also warning women that getting the procedure done may not be worth the possible health risks involved.
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